i dont know how to describe it

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I have this friend I have a crush on and its really weird because, they really want to present and identify as male but their parents wont let them, so theyve been calling themselves a girl for so long and even before i found out ive had a crush on them i couldnt describe. i was so confused because i know im gay and i feel bad knowing they have a crush on me too but they really insist on people calling them female and it breaks my heart knowing someone i love cant identify how they want to. ;~;

aw man, thats really difficult. seeing loved ones having 2 deal w stuff like that always hurts.

but tbh!! if they know theyre male, and u know theyre male, i dont see why u two couldnt try it out!!

-Mod Finn

can’t reply to your post about it but if you want a really entertaining trainwreck of a movie freddie as fro7 is a hell of a ride. the whole thing’s on youtube


Freddy the Frog/as F.R.O.7 is a wild ride and the first 30 minutes is one of the most unpredictable experiences Ive ever had while viewing a piece of media. Its such a hot mess I dont know how to describe it

I’m watching Jenn Damiano’s American Psycho vlogs and tbh I’m having the biggest celeb crush I’ve ever had in my entire life…

I knew she’s been beautiful but she’s even more beautiful now?!?!