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Hi, I'm so sorry, but can you do one where Kise overworks himself to a really bad state because of school, modeling, helping his siblings, etc, and he collapses (can you make this more serious than fluffy? Overwork is a big issue and I don't want it to be taken lightly or anything...) His crush then has to take care of him in bed (nothing dirty! :3) and then while he's delirious, he confesses, and then she likes him back? Or you can change this because I know you want to write angst right now...

Aww, this is very cute. :D Also, this is kinda long, so I put like half of it under a read more. :)

Kise was certain that he could live off of coffee and little to no sleep; he’d done it before. But with the rising pressure of being the basketball team’s ace, modeling, trying to keep up with school work, and also making time for his family… it was a lot harder than it had been in middle school.

He tried to hide how sleep deprived he was, but Kasamatsu was able to see how his performance lacked something. He kept a close eye on the first year, and he could tell that Kise was pushing himself too hard. He supposed that Kise was probably trying to put everything he had into everything he did, and that’s just not how it works. He’d seen Kise push himself past the brink after he’d injured his foot in the Touou match, and he knew that the blond wasn’t one to back down. But that just wasn’t going to fly and Kasamatsu was going to put his foot down.

“Kise, you need to take time for yourself,” Kasamatsu told him one day. “You’re not at one hundred percent.”

“What are you talking about?” Kise demanded. “I’m always at a hundred percent!”

The captain ran a hand over his face, trying to figure out how he could try to convince Kise to take a day off. He knew that that was the last thing Kise wanted to hear, but honestly Kasamatsu was getting a little worried about the blond kid.

“Look, Kise, I get that you want to be at a hundred percent all the time, but you can’t do that. I need you to be the best you can be, and right now you’re…”

He stopped when Kise’s eyes glossed over. Time seemed to move in slow motion as he saw the ace’s knees buckle and he started to topple. The other third years noticed as well, and they moved quickly to catch him.

Kasamatsu wanted to kick Kise so bad, but he was worried about him in all honesty. Thankfully they’d been near the end of practice so Kise’s fangirls were gone, but you’d stuck around, doing homework. Being next door neighbors with Kise had its perks, and you’d been friends with him for a while, since you walked home with him every day after practice.

You’d stood up when you’d seen Kise collapse, and worry was etched into your features. Kasamatsu looked over and realized that you’d be able to take care of Kise better than he’d been taking care of himself.

“Hey, ____-san,” the captain called you over. “Would you be able to take care of Kise for a bit? I mean, just for a little while. Obviously he hasn’t been taking good care of himself, so I guess he needs someone else to.”

You nodded, biting your lip. Kise really was a very good friend, and you didn’t want to see him like this. “Absolutely, I can definitely do that,” you agreed. “Um, but… I won’t really be able to carry him home by myself…”

Kasamatsu sighed. “Yeah, I’ll help you with that, don’t worry.”

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hey what r u gonna do if tumblr goes down and yahoo pulls the plug? im actually kinda worried cuz tumblr is legit my only outlet ;_;

OK ok so, i’ve also seen that post going around, with another counter-post going around as well. The latter talked about how people shouldn’t panic as tumblr in general is a really big internet outlet that would make it hard for it to be just shut down. I’ve been on this site for a good amount of yrs (unfortunately lmao) and every yr theres seems to be a diff reason for tumblr to be “shut down” with posts telling others to jump the site to a diff one. So maybe this is another to not fret about??

I dont know if this is something similar to ‘the boy who cried Wolf’ where this might be the one warning that’s actually real. But, for me personally, I’ll probably just completely move over to twitter since i feel good about posting just about anything there, and for more art-based stuff, I’m trying out instagram. 

Tru, tumblr is better for like, reaching out to bigger crowds. But that’s why its good to test out the other sites before anything happens? So you can have a good foundation if something does happen and it won’t be too much of a change to move between sites?

you all made your choice a while ago. you didnt want to talk about it. you didnt want to ask what happened. you wanted to jump to conclusions and ruin things

and you obviously didnt want me around

i spent so long desperately trying to suck up to everyone, hoping that there was still a chance that i could sit down and talk about what was up, you know, like how people are supposed to handle things

i spent so long desperately hoping that you would let me come back and it would all go back to normal

but that couldnt happen

so i let go

…is that really a surprise?

im not going to wait around forever in the slim hopes that one day you’ll let me come crawling back to you

you left me in the dust and you know what? i dont care. i honest to god dont care anymore. i got up and brushed myself off. i dont feel bad about not having a “squad” anymore

i unfriended/unfollowed everyone and moved skypes for a reason you know

im not going to play games anymore

i’ve closed the book and let the story end

and you should too

now please leave me alone

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you dont have to be so condescending to people who disagree with you on politics

oh boy this

i agree with you to an extent. when it comes to people supporting trump, im not going to have respect for those people, i could never be friends with someone who likes donald trump because supporting him means you have a really messed up set of morals and inherently go against most of what i stand for

but when someone is like “i hate both candidates, im going to vote third party” or something…i dont hate people like that. that just comes down to a disagreement of how this awful political situation should be handled rather than a disagreement between me and someone who is a hateful bigot. you know what i mean?

grayson and i do this thing, and i dont know HOW i encouraged this to be learned, but basically whenever i hear him trotting behind me (because if im alone in the house he basically just follows me wherever i go) i’ll wiggle my fingers as im walking magic-fingers style and he will just SURGE FORWARD and butt my fingers with his lil head on his way to surpass me up the stairs/down the hall/into my room/wherever im going.  sometimes he also will mouth at them with his lil jowlies on his way past.  its v cute and v crazy and i love it. U___U

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@the other anon, a lot of people use twitter and i think that's where we're going if they close tumblr

i dont think everybody likes twitter i know i hate it lol i dont think everybody will go to u know there i was just saying where i will go bc like i said idk how i will know where ppl will go if they shut down tumblr?

Music Tag

Okay so I was tagged for this twice, by the wonderful @fine-garbage and the amazing @cowthetiger. You guys are awesome and I love ya, pst  you should go follow them..

Anyway I don’t know how the heck this will turn out so I’m just going to wing it. Put your itunes/ipod on shuffle. For each question, press the next button and the title of the song is your answer. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS

1. Describe Yourself                                                                                                Lion - Hollywood Undead (Okay well I am I lion and I want to be free XD I don’t even know, maybe I’m fierce and strong..not really)

2.What do people feel when they are around you?                                                     The Silence - Mayday Parade (I really am lost on this one, maybe they feel I’m too quiet because I’m shy)  

3. Describe Your current relationship                                                                           Pompeii - Bastille (I’m single and happy but this is what I imagine it would be if I wasn’t xD)

4. Where would you want to be right now?                                                                 Shameless - All Time Low ( I don’t want to care what people think, just be shameless I guess. That’s all I got)

5. How do you feel about love?                                                                                   Just Forget About It - All Time Low ( Just forget about it, yep)

6. What is your life like?                                                                                                 Madness - Muse (This is perfect, I was honestly worried what it would be xD)

7. What would you do if you only had one wish?                                                       Miserable At Best - Mayday Parade (Really? that doesn’t answer my question, I guess I’ll just be sad for some reason)

8. Say something wise                                                                                                    Gold - Sleeping With Sirens ( We made our mistakes, we had to learn the hard way)

9. How would you describe yourself?                                                                          Fun - Coldplay (ahaha no)

10. What do you look for in a person?                                                                          Birds - Coldplay (oh god no xD I don’t want birds)

11. How do you feel today?                                                                                           Queen of Hearts - We The Kings (I’m feeling like a queen)

12. Whats your life’s purpose?                                                                                     Satellite - All Time Low ( I don’t even know, I will just have bad luck and mistake stars for satellites, and have a very bad car)

13. Whats your motto?                                                                                                     Kids in Love - Mayday Parade ( why)

14. What do your friends think of you?                                                                 Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At The Disco ( I don’t know if this is good or bad) 

15. What do your parents think of you?                                                               Psycho - Muse (probably, thank you for insulting me music xD) 

16. What do you think about very often?                                                              Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance (DON’T TEST ME)    

17. What do you think of your best friend?                                                            Party By Myself - Hollywood Undead ( Noooooo oh god xD I do love my best friend, this doesn’t mean anything)     

18. What do you think of the person you like?                                                      Backseat Serenade - All Time Low ( the previous one would have been perfect, I don’t actually like anyone)

 19. What is your life story?                                                                                     Circles - Soul Coughing (This is so old, and I only like the first like minute and a half. I don’t need to walk around in circles)      

20. What do you want to be when you grow up?                                                  That Girl - All Time Low (alright)

21. What do you think of when you see the person you like?                               Hear Me Now - Hollywood Undead ( I thought we already had this one?)

22. What will you dance to at your wedding?                                                       Break Out, Break Out - All Time Low (eh)

23. What will play at your funeral?                                                                       Amazing Day - Coldplay ( such an amazing day, I mean it is kinda slow enough, not horrible)

24. Biggest fear?                                                                                                   Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots ( Yeah, whole song pretty much)

25. Biggest secret?                                                                                               Far Too Young to Die - Panic! At The Disco (Okay I don’t understand xD)

So that is my weird song selection, some make no sense, and some actually fit, anyway I tag:  @httpphansnuts  @procrastinating-tooru @impossiblesyndicate @jordansgreenshorts @uraniumstingray @kit-kattery and anyone who wants to do this