i dont know how many times i watched this tbh

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🌠 relationship status: signle lesbiam

🌠 favourite colour: earthy colours , dusty pink , n a certain shade of yellowish orange tht i Do Not Know How 2 Describe

🌠 lipstick or chapstick: depends!

🌠 last song I’ve listened to: bøjet - i need u

🌠 last film I’ve watched: black swan :0

🌠 top 3 TV shows: i dunno tbh but misfits is an all time fave! i dont rlly have the time 2 watch shows atm but when i do i wanna finish shameless

🌠 top 3 characters: he tian from 19 days Thats My Man Bitch! also i love sooo many naruto charas but im just gonna say temari cos shes hot as fuck

🌠 top 3 bands: foals, two door cinema club n manyy more i cant choose

🌠 books I’m currently reading: does naruto count dhsjshdhsjff jk im about 2 start reading the color purple!

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