i dont know how mads does it

idc how up her ass y'all are but white ppl can’t write characters of colour without giving into stereotypes i can’t believe i actually expected any better 😷😷😷😷 literally mutta never even speaks and the one time he does he’s portrayed as misogynistic and his entire character is ruined, real cool man

and then a whole ramadan is reduced to 72 virgins? what the hell is that about?? what’s with 4 muslims boys being reduced to insensitive misogynistic violent asses ? yikes

then there’s also the infamous MoC Chooses White Girl over WoC Storyline™ and making it seem like sana is literally crying b/c she’ll never be as good enough as The White Girl …….. which is just really not cool? anyways


Okay let me tell you bitches something because I really need to get it off my chest. So if you guys have watched The New Edition series on BET or whatever than you would recognize this man. And let me tell you, I been feenin for this nigga for a whole ass week and I don’t know how to stop. This nigga is too damn fine and I just don’t get why is he so fucking fine? like w h y me why does this always have to happen to me? why couldn’t I have grown up in a strict christian home? I wouldn’t have to deal with this shit all the time, but I’m not mad because at the end of the day I will always have the energy to put this pussy on him any day, any time, anywhere you fucking name it. I dont care. I would let this man spit in my mouth. I would let him slap me in the face and call me a bitch. I would let him choke me. I would let him slap his dick in my face. I would let him eat my ass like it was his last meal. And I know he got a big dick he maybe 5'6 but that dick prolly like 6'5 and this throat is 12'47 so holla @ me. Every time I see his face I am weak. I mean, I am WEAK. I am SWV-Weak. I am 6 WEAKS pregnant. I am 3 WEAKS late of paying my bills. Fuck you. I don’t care.

can you please say this can you please say that he’s not your fucking puppet doll just appreciate that he’s doing a live because he sure as hell just couldn’t go live and try to like. make you happy. instead you make him uncomfortable by asking him how old he is (he answered a gazillion times), if he’s gay (it’s none of your fucking matter), to say this in your language or that in your language like ???? what do you get off of it when he says “hi” in your language like wow you know how it sounds!! it’s your language congratuations!! fuck i dont understand this shit and also like asking him if he wants to be your husband or fuck you or whatever the fuck are you ???? honestly ??? so stupid ??? 

I’ll be there (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

Request:  I might have asked this already but can you do an imagine with Zach where the reader (girl) has an eating disorder or has had one and he helps her💙 it would mean a lot but if not I understand.

Words: 865

A/N: Hey I’ve got this request and tried to write something. I hope not to disappoint anyone. let me know what you think :)

Warnings: mentions of eating dissorders and dont forget that english is not my mother language so i’m up for you pointing out my mistakes.

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anonymous asked:

ok, i really need help so I hope you answer this.I have a boyfriend, and he doesn't talk to me at all for a week.He says its because his friends and stuff like that. He said he s going to a party friday, and I'm a little suspicious he's cheating on me. But my friends says that he's in love with me, and they can see that in his eyes and that he's always looking after me. I dont know how to feel, im really sad he isnt talking to me, but I know his friends are complicated, and im mad idk help me

Ok so I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I’m going to be completely honest here. Anyone who ignores you for an entire week is not a reliable person to be in a committed relationship with. ESPECIALLY if he does that often. He is obviously not willing to put in the time or effort because guess what? When you love and care about someone and you want them to be a part of your life, you MAKE the time for them. There’s no excuse for being that absent from your life. And I’m sure your friends mean well and perhaps they’re right, but also be aware that some people are really good at putting on a show. It can be hard to accept the truth that people aren’t always who you think they are, but it’s important to do what’s best for you and know what you deserve. Maybe you just need to get him to communicate with you better and the problem will solve itself, or maybe he just isn’t the right one for you. I’d say that you should try to talk to him about it first and make things work, but if it doesn’t work out the way you want it to, don’t stick around waiting for him. Because the first time is a mistake. All of the times after that just prove that he has no intentions of changing. Good luck! Hope this helps. :-)


Requests by anon: 

1.Can i request a scenario where you & jimin get into a very heated argument that leads him to slapping you and you storming out and getting into an accident. Happy ending ♡ gomawo :DD

2. Hi! Can you do a scenario with Jimin? Where he gets really angry at you? With happy ending~

So I kinda tweaked it cos I didn’t wanna write too much drama in one scenario haha, hope you enjoy it. Both these requests were similar so I did it in one scenario, hope you don’t mind

-Admin Kitty

Originally posted by oh-suga-suga

Do you know what it’s like to witness the best and the worst in a person, but still love them like air loves lungs, like you couldn’t, wouldn’t function without them? 

It feels like nothing. 

Like nothing you could possibly explain. That inexplicable amount of comfort couldn’t be held in words, in letters, in syllables.And that’s what Park Jimin was for you. 

He was the whole world and more, even at his worst. When you thought his worst was how needy he got when he was ill, how tetchy he got when men talked about you, how fiercely protective he became when someone hurt you.

But now his worst was…when he hurt you.

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just a list trashy aus to consider

  • “i play literally the straightest character to ever straight on television which is why everyones super surprised when in reality i came out with my boyfriend/girlfriend bc what do u mean your gay now / well im not my character” au
  • “im not saying you cant be a stripper and that youre lying im just saying you act like too much of a ball of sunshine to be a stripper so i might need to see physical proof of this job” au
  • “so we bumped into each other in the dorm hallway and some how i picked up your dvd full of porn and you picked up my favorite romcom, so this an awkward exchange” au
  • “we just spent 20 minutes fighting over whether or not advanced algebra is important to know in society, in french class” au
  • “how am i supposed to be a good new roommate and not act annoyed when you buy store brand greek yogurt what are you a savage” au
  • “i want to blame my young child from accidentally breaking your window with a baseball, but it actually was in fact me, and i was aiming for your roof i am sorry” au
  • “listen i didnt mean to walk in on you trying on lingerie but i want you to know that is not your color, pls try this on instead, also if you have any other questions, im at the cashiers desk ok sor – oh my god pls put that back its our worst thingin this story, ok no im sorry im sorry im leaving pls dont be mad at me” au
  • “sorry i accidentally time traveled from the future and ended up some how transported into your shower while you were actually showering, i apologize but your hair does smell nice” au
  • “so i stole a car and you were asleep in it, still, oops” au
  • “im not telling you i found a baby dragon, but i found a baby dragon, and i cant just hide it in our shed so i need you to help me hide it, i’ll trade you that potion youve been asking for this help, liKE LOOK HOW CUTE” au
  • “my kid might have stole your wallet/purse, and then spent the money in there on candy bars while i was checking out, im so sorry, let me buy you coffee to make it up for it?” au

i just wanna talk about this for a sec because I LOVE LUCAS FRIAR and this is a huge reason why. riley literally says to his face that she doesn’t know if they are going to stay together, but she KNOWS her and maya will. his girlfriend told him that she doesn’t think they will last. but what does he do? he SMILES. he isn’t upset. he isn’t mad. he accepts how riley feels without a fight. in fact, he agrees with what riley says, that no matter what, riley and maya will be together. and that gives him hope. riley and maya give lucas hope.


A/N: this is not all the requests, but y’all wanted info on what i was working with/plan to and here you go!!! if you really wanna see something else for ANY group ( girl groups too ) then tell me, this is just whats in my notes as of now, will continuously update 


  • Gender fluid partner has a nightmare
  • Kai CEO themed elevator smut, it’s wild postponed for now in memory of my Kai hoes
  • Luhan + facesitting smut
  • Dating Kris would include
  • Sekai threesome (chicken boy and limp noodle)
  • Yixing + BDSM + blindfolds + public teasing (aka all the traits my son dont have yall makin me sin)
  • Doggy daycare!jongin au (postponed for my Kai hoes until yall get better)
  • Baekhyun daddy smut (plot twist hes the one calling you daddy)
  • Chen + jealous professor smut
  • Ksoo + BDSM (natural)
  • Ksoo + face sitting + squirting + daddy kink
  • Sehun + how to kiss (fluff probably)
  • Yixing being dorky and trying to cheer you up fluff
  • Chen + nsfw!catboy au
  • Chanyeol + very awkward strip tease and beet red ears
  • accidentally sent the wrong text message to you and it was a picture of my dick but you dont seem too mad so hey with sehun 
  • phone sex with minseok because our schedules are terrible and youre halfway across the world but i need to get off
  • au where chanyeol doesnt know how to talk bc hes mute and fuck how does he tell you you look so pretty today if he cant even say hi to you on the bus in the mornings??? fluff
  • ksoo + jongin threesome in which they find out you can squirt and it turns into a fucking competition and youre running out of panties


  • College professor Jaebum smut (fuck me u[p)
  • Dating jinyoung (jr)
  • Dating youngjae
  • Romantic/smutty married morning with husband Jackson (he burnin some pancakes but you still give him pussy for effort)
  • Jackson + orgasm denial
  • Jaebum competition with jacksons extra hyper friend smut like yall going in on competitions like “i bet i can run faster than you” but then hes like “bet i can make you come in less than 10 mins” and its wild 
  • Mark + bath bombs “wow look its fizzing what the fu-”
  • Got7 orgasm competition on you smut (2nd place winner)
  • Jaebum fluff, teacher!au (this gonna be so cute….)
  • HIGHSCHOOL!AU where jackson makes it his senior wish to take you to prom featuring an unreluctant you and some help from chess player!youngjae, apperances by jock!jaebum and others 
  • au where jinyoung is your super harsh boss and fucks you just as harshly against glass windows 


  • Taehyung breakup + makeup idol!au
  • Bts reaction when you’re a makeup artist and they have a crush on you
  • Namjoon sub (maybe idk I am not big on writing other ppl besides me as a sub lmao)
  • Angel!jungkook au, where he watches over you plus lots of fluff and maybe some wild angel sex and a sarcastic demon!namjoon 
  • Jin + blowjob in the supermarket while hes looking for cheerios 
  • Jin + jhope threesome
  • Serial killer!jin smut (trust me on this itll be good)
  • Yoongi rapper!au + diss battle + confessions
  • Yoongi + fingering + bath
  • hoseok + shower sex
  • Jimin make up sex
  • Jhope + back room sex
  • Jin + “stop grabbing my butt, Jin”
  • Yoongi x namjoon x reader polysmut + fluff
  • Fighter!jungkook au (smut, fluff) (we all know this boy gonna cry if he even gets pushed but lets pretend) 
  • Jhope + first date at a circus (no hes not part of the act)
  • Bangtan face sitting circle w jungkook, Jimin, and taehyung ( LORD HAVE MERCY )
  • mission “get jungkook to tell his older sisters bestfriend hes fucking in love with her’ + noona kink 
  • “what do you mean you don’t like this chain? 3 dollars” sarcastic yoongi and some terrible roleplay that gets even worse 


  • Jun + using my wifi for porn college au smut (fuckin nasty, prob got some weird kinky porn on there)
  • Fluffy morning with woozi (plus a blowjob like come on can i not be nasty)
  • Vernon + being protective of his girlfriend (chan is too touchy for his liking)
  • Skater boy!vernon au “wanna see a wicked kickflip tho?”
  • Dating Jun would include (grease)
  • Mingyu + kinky spooning
  • Foursome with Seungcheol, jisoo, and jeonghan, + voyeur seungkwan
  • Jeonghan + breathplay ( WINNERRR)
  • First time with Vernon
  • Wonwoo makeup sex after angsty/emo fight
  • Woozi + handjob in studio
  • Woozi + shower sex (y’all want me ded???^)
  • seungkwan is really rude to you but he just likes you alot and has no other way of communicating his love and he has to tell you before you leave to america for the summer au fluff
  • “this isnt a hickey” fluff where scoups tries to explain to the kids that you and him didnt do anything but you walk in wearing his tshirt with wild hair like what whats going on
  • “giant maknae” dino au in which he really wants you to take his crush seriously but you keep fucking having heart eyes for joshua and he has to do something fast
  • mingyu + sex in your old house while youre over at your parents again featuring a guilty mind on your part and neediness on mingyus 
  • meanie + you getting it in real quick before they have to go film for one fine day and youre not gonna see them for like 2 weeks and hurry up and come mingyu theyll be back in 8 mins


  • Dating literature major!taemin
  • Dating Jonghyun
  • Press your number!au + sugar daddy taemin (im the sugarbaby)
  • dating onew (loml)
  • Dance instructor!key (a fav of mine./…..,,,yes)
  • in which you let taemin and minho babysit yours and onews kids and this is the wrong fucking kid oh my god 
  • backseat sex with key while minho grimaces in the car next to yall cause youre at a fucking drive in
  • taekai +you and a puppy date 
  • skype sex with minho he wildin


  • Leo + neck kisses
  • Leo and a movie night date (boring movie, getting the nasty on ensues)
  • N + movie night also but like way cuter bc hes fucking cute
  • ken + him serendaing you outside your door and fuck my parents are gonna wake up dude you gotta go


  • Dating sunggyu ((((;;;;


  • P.o + facesitting (wild/…//..)
  • zico not enjoying the way jaehyo looks at you so he teaches u a lesson ( even tho it wasnt ur dmn fault)


  • Au where you have bad social anxiety and himchan takes you back home after an event to comfort you all cute an fluffy
  • dating yongguk


  • Cuddling GD after him being on tour for months (sweatyau)


  • Shownu daddy smut (y'all wildin w this daddy shit)
  • Monstax as boyfriends (im doin them alll……but mostly changkyun…mi nvio)


  • Dating mj would include (REQUEST MORE LMAO)


  • Dating jay park (this…..this is,,,..,,,noo words)


  • Snsd reaction to being in love with their girlfriend (◕‿◕✿)
  • taeyeon watching you struggle to get something down the cabinet and she tries to help but fuck shes short as hell too just fluff with two super cute short gf’s


  • Hwasa smut (I ain’t gonna fail you y'all you boutta get suffocated by ha thighs)
  • Clingy + needy moonbyul
  • Striptease au w moonbyul but you embarrass yourself like omg no but she into it and y'all fuck


  • Krystal smut (not postponed y'all this for me)
  • Fluffy Amber scenario (my boo)


  • Ilhoon + facesitting bihhhh


  • Minho name kink as discussed with @xiumindotjpeg where  in he’s not ur bias but he sure as hell gonna fuck you until his name the only one you’re saying
  • Mommy!with exo au where you have a day out with your children (children being your kid + a member)
  • Mingyu + school nurse au where he visits you everyday with his unrequited love that you don’t return until he comes back to work there 2 years later and damn is that mingyu?? Featuring relationship maker lee chan
  • Minghao + a cloudy day in China au where you both find things to do around the house since y'all bored as hell
  • Blind date!au where you’re about to give up but oh hello seokmin comes in and it just so happens his blind date stood him up too
  • Jaebum is your cousins older boyfriend who you’ve been pining for years for and he finally comes around and sees you as a woman and not a little girl and hey you tryna fuck?
  • “I’ll guide you” au where you’re very inexperienced and cute and jeonghan convinces jisoo to take advantage of a great situation
  • Hoshi!theatre au where you take over as his co lead and he’s super salty but wait what the fuck why is he feeling things what is this
  • Wonwoo au where he wants you to stay away from Mingyu because you a highkey hoe but then you seduce him and fuck now he has no choice but to keep coming back pussy too bomb
  • Au where joys the cute girl at the cafe and you go there everyday and draw her until you leave one behind one day and hijinks courtesy of baekhyun ensue
  • Changkyun’s the really emo boy who rides his bike down the block alone all the time until you decide to go outside with just a bikini to check ur mail n holy shit did he just fall
  • Kai + seductress in the club au
breakin stereotypes

aries: these strong, healthy powerlifters eat more taco bell than anyone else

taurus: THEY DONT EAT/SLEEP ALL THE TIME WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK THIS?? these stubbotn bulls are huge softies, don’t let them fool you. every one of them cries @ the titanic

gemini: they don’t have a personality disorder guys, and they arent just random weirdos. they are clever beings and they mirror the personality that U are fronting.

cancer: idk why everyone says yr so motherly tbh. one time i read a post that said you’d be the one to bail your friend outta jail or take them to the hospital when they got injured doing something stupid and you know DAMN well you would laugh your ass off before doing anything

leo: yr not as solipsistic as everyone thinks kiddo, i know exactly how insecure you r and just how much you cried over greys anatomy


libra: why does everyone think you dont know how to make decisions? you know exactly how to spot a fuckboy within a 10 mile radius and u got some of the best style bbyg dont let anyone say otherwise

scorpios: well

sagittarius: you dont flirt with everything that moves. you actually have mad high standards and it takes a lot for you to have intetest in someone–though impulsive you pull some sherlock holmes style deductions out of your ass about everyone you meet

capricorn: everyone thinks yr suuuuch a boring, structured control-freak but little do they know that u shaved yr legs in the bathroom sink this morning after u overslept bc yr life is out of control and u stayed up all night wondering what went wrong

aquarius: eh yeah youre as weirdly intelligent and vaguely otherworldly as the posts say

pisces: ok some of you dont give a shit about anything and some of you feel way too much and just dont know what to do with it, and everyone says you’re unpredictable but youre an asshole because of one of those two reasons and there is no mystery to it

What not to do when calling a call center

AKA: how to make a call center rep your worst enemy

9 times out of 10, we’re wearing headsets so if you talk very loudly, it’s gonna hurt our ears. Of we can’t hear you, we will tell you. Don’t assume.

If you’re ordering, don’t just start listing off what you want. This isn’t Burger King and there are a few things we need first, like your name and shipping address.

Seriously, it’s just rude and your mother taught you better. Interrupt us when were literally in the middle of a sentence and you automatically become the douchnozzle of the day.

I don’t care how mad you are, we are not going to let you talk to the head honcho about your trivial issue. That’s what we have customer care for. You don’t really expect to talk to Bill Gates when you Microsoft, do you?

PS: the line “Does (insert owner here) know how his company is being run?” is seriously overrated and we’ll hate you more for asking it.

We package the order, we give the shipping company the address to send it to, and we pay them to do so. From then out, it’s out of our hands. Their policies now. If they want to leave it on your doorstep, or won’t deliver it til someone signs for it, that’s their choice. We cant tell them what to do. So don’t get mad at us because you weren’t home to be there to greet the UPS driver.

We do not need to be asked “Are you going to heaven or hell?” and we don’t need a ten minute preaching about Jesus or God. It’s especially annoying when we’re not even Christian. (And if I tell you so, do not try to fucking convert me) You have your religion and we have ours, let’s not bring it into business.

Not everyone shares your opinion and it’s the last thing we want to talk about at work.

It’s not our fault if we don’t have an answer for your asinine question, and there is absolutely no reason to call us stupid.

It might work the first 2 times, but then we’ll put a note in your account/name so everyone will know NOT to give in to your demands. And the line “But I always get…” will do you jack shit.

If we said it’s not free shipping, it’s fucking not free shipping.

11. ALSO…
There is no 5 or 10 percent discount just because you’re “a good customer” If you want a membership discount, go shop at Sam’s Club

It’s disgusting and I didn’t think I’d need to put it on this list until it actually happened. (I was gagging in disgust throughout the call and had to finally tell her to “stop chewing her food and talking at the same time”)

If you stay the call off by immediately saying “I’ve been a customer for years and know how things are done there” we already know you’re calling to complain about something. And no, you don’t “know how things are done here”, you’re not an employee.

Don’t call customer care to place an order, or call order dept to file a complaint or ask questions.

How Does It Feel?

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 1,519

Request: Kookie smut(like he eating you out) but very fluff pls (cause is your/reader first time)?(If You are okay with writing that) :3 :3 i feel such a pervert!!! Im sorry i dont know what Im thinking! Hope you dont get mad ! Byyeee 🍑👍🏻☺️😇😇😇😇😇😇

You were hoping to rid yourself of your good girl image once you got to college. Everything had seemed like it was falling into place. Your relationship with your parents was better than ever. You managed to receive many scholarships from your hard work in high school. You even had a job working at a radio station, which allowed you to have a stable income.

Although most of everything pretty much worked in your favor, you were still self conscious about one thing. You were still a virgin, and although you knew that it was perfectly fine to be one, your curiosity had gotten the best of you. You kept hearing stories from your friends about how they would have the best sex ever, whether it be at parties, in the dorms, or even in cars.

You did a good job with keeping quiet in these situations, in fear that you would be chastised for being a virgin.

It was 5 am and it was still dark outside. The rain gave the atmosphere a sinister mood as it had still been raining from the day before. You were getting ready so that you could take the first (and only) morning class you had on Friday’s.

As you slid your shirt over your head, you heard a knock at your door. You called out to see if your roommate was awake, but once you entered your room, you found her empty bed decorated with disheveled sheets. ‘Probably sleeping somewhere else after drinking at a party,’ you thought.

Another set of knocks ensued as you hurried your way to the door. You opened it and shivered from the cold, wet droplets that were now viciously falling from the sky.

“Hey, is it ok if I stay here till the rain stops? I was doing my morning jog but- the rain got too heavy.” It was Jungkook, your best friend. You were able to come to him for advice about anything. Nothing was too taboo when it came to him.

“Yeah, you know you can always come crash for a bit,” you assured. You quickly closed the door to shield the rain. Jungkook walked over to sit down on your coach as you shuffled into the kitchen to start some coffee.

“You want anything to drink?” You asked politely. You looked over to see Jungkook staring at the pictures of you and him above your tv.

“Nah, I’m good,” he replied thoughtlessly. You walked over to the couch where Jungkook sat and began to stare at the pictures along with him. You looked over to your side and studied his features. His hair was damp and clung to his forehead, his jawline clenched from what you assumed was his focus on his current daydream. He had no morning classes but enjoyed exercising early in the morning. You looked over his side profile; you had to admit, he was pretty attractive. That then gave you an idea.

“Kookie, you know how you told me I could ask you anything, right?” You reluctantly asked.

“Yeah, what’s up?” He turned his head to face you now.

“Well, I was wondering if, you know- if you’ve ever eaten a girl out before.” You quickly shut your eyes as you realized how dumb your question was. You knew he was far from pure, especially from the stories you heard from him.

“Yeah, why do you ask?” He lightly chuckled through his question.

“Umm, I just wanted to know….how it felt, you know? I mean you totally don’t ha-”

“You want me to eat you out?” He questioned with his familiar smirk on his face. You slowly nodded as you fiddled with your fingers. He brought his hand up to caress the side of your cheek.

“I want you to say it,” he commented lightly. His index finger was stroking your cheek in an up and down motion.

“I want you to eat me out,” you forced yourself to say. Your voice was soft and full of embarrassment as you spoke. His right hand grabbed the back of your neck, and he leaned in to kiss your soft lips. You could feel the gentleness of his lips on top of yours. He sucked on your bottom lip and bit down on it softly to gain his tongue access to your mouth.

Your tongues danced together at varying rhythms, and before you knew it, his hand was unbuttoning the jeans you had just put on. His fingers slid underneath your peach colored lace panties and ran the tips of his fingers up and down your folds. You gasped at the feeling, the sensitive nerves becoming so receptive to Jungkook’s touch.

“Do you like the way it feels?” He cooed next to your ear. His warm breath travelled down your spine as you nodded your head along with an 'mmhm’.

His fingers came back up to rub circles into your clit. You could see from your peripheral that he was watching your every movement. Your gasps had become heavy with each touch on your sensitive bud.

Jungkook suddenly released his hand from under your panties and unzipped your pants to slide them off easily. He was now standing in front of your wide spread legs and lifted them to swiftly remove your jeans, followed by your panties in one quick motion. He crouched down so that he was on his knees, and lifted your legs so that they were resting on his shoulders.

Again, he ran his fingers up and down your folds, while his mouth had gone dangerously close to your slit. You looked down at Jungkook and noticed that he was completely focused on his early dessert waiting in front of him. You watched as he licked your wetness in one kitten-like stroke of his tongue.

“Wow, you’re so wet,” he commented seductively. He looked up at you with hooded eyes, then continued to use his fingers to stroke you.

“I’m gonna put my fingers in, ok? Tell me if it hurts.” You then felt his finger fit inside your tightness. He slowly moved the digit in and out of you and your mouth opened in a silent 'O’. Just as you were about to tell him to add another, he did just that.

You moaned as you felt yourself become wetter by the second. If this is what his fingers felt like, you could only imagine how his mouth would make you feel. You slowly felt a third finger enter you, and you felt yourself stretch around his digits.

“Jungkook,” you sighed. “It feels so good.” You couldn’t believe you hadn’t had someone do this you you earlier.

Jungkook released his fingers from your wetness and started lapping at your slit. The feeling of his tongue satisfied you in ways that were unexplainable at the moment. All your body was doing in response to his actions was breathing heavier and moaning louder.

“This feel good too, Y/N?” You heard him mumble against your entrance. The mixture of his motions on your clit and the movements of his tongue on your pussy had your hips bucking widely at him. His other hand came up to hold you down as you couldn’t contain your excitement to feel the tension in your lower stomach burst.

You moaned and gasped as Jungkook’s lips were sucking your lower ones. You could hear the sounds of him slurping the juices that were dripping from your pussy.

You once again felt two fingers enter you, this time pumping faster as you held on tight to Jungkook’s hair. You urged him to go faster and to lick and probe your hole rougher as you were starting to relieve the built up tension.

Before you could even warn him about your upcoming sensation, you felt yourself release against his lips. You looked down in amazement as you saw Jungkook eagerly cleaning you up. When he was done and lifted his head to look at you, his chin was shining from your sweet juice.

“You just squirted,” he said with a smile on his face. You covered your face with your hands in embarrassment. You felt so vulnerable to him.

“Hey, don’t do that. Don’t be shy,” Jungkook assured . He had put your legs down and rose to sit by down on the couch. He closed your legs together and pushed you up on his lap, giving you ample amount of room to bury your face in his chest. You said nothing in response as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Aww, you’re so cute. I hope you know I enjoyed that.” You heard him say. You felt his arms wrap around yours as you lifted your head to look at him in the eyes.

“You’re not mad at me, right?” You question anxiously.

“Why would I be mad? I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now.” You relaxed as he planted a chaste kiss onto your lips.

“Thank you for helping me, Kookie,” you commented. You then nuzzled your face into the bottom of his neck, completely forgetting about your morning class.

also all these people involved with the movie (rian and kk and etc etc) keep talking shit out of their asses to build suspense without revealing anything. like when rian says “ye i named my movie the last jedi but i never thought that people would want to know who the last jedi actually is” like what does that even mean it doesnt make any sense shut up. if you dont want to reveal anything just shut up instead of wasting our time.

anyway im tired, so here is how i’m going to proceed : i have absolutely 0 expectations, the bar is set on the floor so that i don’t get my hopes up. i’m gonna stop listening to these assholes because obviously they don’t know how making a trilogy works. i’m gonna get my ass to the theater in december and watch the damn movie. i’ll either be mad/disappointed or satisfied. that’s it. i’m tired of getting angry and hurt over dumb racist people.

why is every single thing making me irrationally angry like i Know i’m over reacting to it all but i’ve gotten extremely mad at like three different things in the last like. hour and a half. and i never get angry, i dont know how to deal i just wanna tell a load of people to fuck off right now for the most petty reasons and while i realise that all these things are stupid and can do one

16) “Stop hiding yourself”

Sammy’s POV

Good to be back in Los Angeles. In my own apartment, in my own bed, the good weather, but the only thing that’s not good about being back here, is not being able to see y/n every day anymore. I sighed as it was a day off and everyone went back to their own places. People randomly barged into my apartment, “what are you guys doing here?” I looked at them, “we’re going to the beach, let’s go.” J said. I got up, changed into a tank top, beach shorts, grabbed a bag to put a little football in it, extra clothes, and everything. We hopped in the car, “This isn’t the way to the beach.” I stuck my head in the middle between the driver and passanger seat. “We are missing one person, duh.” G said through the rear view mirror.

We barged through the door, not even knocking or doorbelling, and walked straight into the living room, where y/n was sitting. She looked at us with wide eyes, “i almost had a heart attack. I know you guys have a key, but damn. A little warning would’ve been nice. What’s up?” “Beach. Let’s go.” Nate demanded. “Uhh, I’m okay, thank you.” “It wasn’t a question princess,” J said. “it was an order.”

I scrunched my eyebrows at them knowing that they are forcing her to go and i know she does not want to go. She was insecure about what she looked like. She wasn’t the skinniest girl like the models, she had meat on her bones. She was a little thick. But she didn’t like her body like that. “I just don’t feel like going guys.” As she adjusted her glasses on her face and looked down to the floor. G and J went upstairs for i don’t know what and i sat down next to her and rubbed her back. “It’s ok.” I whispered into her ears.

“OK, let’s go we got everything.” G said walking down the stairs. My eyes lifted up as i looked at them. G and J went to the car with a bag in their hand and started the car. Nate told me to move, and lifted y/n over his shoulder. “Nathan, PUT ME DOWN!” “No way lil mama, you’re coming with us, even if it means kidnapping you.” I huffed out knowing y/n does not want to come at all.

Nate strapped and held her down till we got to the beach. “How dare you guys kidnap me like this.” with her arms crossed and a mad expression on her face. “We are here.” G pulled into a parking spot in front of the beach. They all got out, except y/n and I. “Sammy,” “I know, i know. it’s ok. We can stay in here if you want.” “I,” “It’s ok y/n. You don’t have to leave the car.” “Oh yes she does,” G said unstrapping her and throwing her over his shoulder now walking toward the sand. “G, please!! i dont want to be here.” She started whining and hitting his back hoping he would put her down. He walked her to the dressing room/bathroom area, as i followed, putting her down, “here, put these on. you’ll thank us later.” He threw the bag in the room and closed the door behind her.

It took her awhile till she finally came out, revealing herself in a 2 piece bikini. I never felt myself more physically attracted to her in a long time. “See, you look beautiful love. let’s go.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her toward our spot on the beach. A couple whistles from distant men on the beach and i just turned to look at them with a disgusted look. As we reach the boys, J and Nate whistled at them. “Now that’s what i’m talking about.” Nate said rubbing his hands together. She sat now on the towels, as the 3 boys went into the water and threw the football around. I sat down next to her,

“Sammy,” She said quietly. “I know i know. You don’t even have to ask me once.” I said as i took off my shirt and gave it to her to put on. “Thank you.” She put it on and it looked nice on her like a dress, as all her curves filled it in nicely.

“You should really stop hiding yourself, Y/N. You are beautiful and you know that. You should flaunt that beauty.” She sighed, “I know, I just don’t feel comfortable showing my body. But thank you Sammy, for having my back.” “Always” I pecked a kiss on her cheek as i got up and went to be with the boys.

The Silent Treatment (A Young Remus Lupin Oneshot)

I was incredibly angry. So angry, in fact, that I had tears of frustration running down my cheeks. Remus, of course, was trying to wipe them away.

“No! You are not allowed to touch me right now, Remus! No.” I snapped, and Remus let out a long groan and clentched his fists.

“(Y/n),” he stopped to take a long shaky breath. “I absolutly haven’t got a clue why you are mad at me. I do not want you helping on full moons! It has nothing to do with how capable you are or anything of the sort, you know that.” I rolled my eyes, frustrated even more. How is it that he is able to stay so calm right now, how is that fair, I wonder.

“Then what does it have to do with, Remus? If I’m so capable than why are you still being such a worrywart?!” I ask, my voice never loosing its previous edge. 

“It’s that I dont want you to! Its that I dont trust myself, (y/n), and if you don’t understand that why don’t you just leave!” That was it. Remus has finally lost his cool. 

“Remus, if I leave now, I am never coming back.” This time i was the calm one, my voice barely above a whisper. He turns away from me, and I can already tell he is regretting what he is going to say, but that doesn’t stop him from saying it.

“Then leave, (y/n). It’s for the best, anyway.” My eyes close against my will and I’m crying again, just not out of frustration. So I turn around without another word, and exit the room of requirement. 

It was exacly eight days after Remus and I had broken up. The full moon had passed six days ago, and I almost thought that afterwards he would come and find me, tell me he was sorry and that he loved me. He never did though, and so eventually I stopped hoping. It was at dinner, in the great hall that James, Sirius and Peter surrounded me. James and Peter sat to either side of me while Sirius sat in front of my, his chin resting on his knuckles. He sighed. 

“You, (y/n), broke our friend. We are going to need you to revive him right about now.” Sirius says, and i grimmice. Remus is the one who hurt me, not the other way around. So i let out a shrill laugh and shake my head no. Now, its apparently Peters time to try.

“Come on, (y/n), if you spoke to him just once it wouldn’t hurt right? He has been moping around all week!” I purse my lips and take a deep breath through my nose. 

“That’s where you’re wrong. I think it would hurt very much, Peter. Besides, he is the one who broke it off with me.” I say as quietly as i could over the rumble of the great hall. He gives me a sympethetic smile, a geniune one which I do appriciate. James on the other hand laughs. 

“Bloody hell (y/n), who knew you could be this stubborn.” James said, as he glances over the rest of the gryffindor table. “Lets take a walk.” He suggests, and i agree with a quiet murmer of “Lets” as i see Remus staring at me. 

We walk around the halls for a little bit, myself quiet and the boys fooling around, exchanging quick banter back and fourth. Finally, they stop walking and all three turn to me. 

“Are you sure you won’t give him another chance? Positivly, absolutely, one-hundred-percent sure?” Sirius asks and i shake my head now. All three boys sigh.

“We didn’t want to have to do this, (y/n), but you’re being so damn stubborn…” James chides and suddenly I am alarmed. Do what? But before i can actually ask they shove me into a broom closet that we had oh-so-convienently stopped in front of. Then, they close the door. It’s locked. Oh god, I’m screwed. Why didn’t I take my wand with me to breakfast, oh god how stupid could i have been.

Sit tight and we’ll be back in a moment!” I hear Sirius yell, muffled slightly by the thick wooden door between us. It indeed, is only a little bit before I hear a confused Remus asking questions about where they are going and a smug James reasurring him that they are going “Absolutly no where.” i place myself so that i am standing directly facing the door and I glare at it, as if that is going to do anything. But still it brings me comfort to know that the first thing Remus is going to see is my angry expression. The door opens, and an even more confused Remus stumbles inside. Then, the door closes and I am once again trapped inside a broom closet, just this time with Remus. Oh those boys, one day they are going to get whats coming to them, I think. Remus gives me an apolegetic shake of his head. 

“(Y/n), this wasn’t my idea. I promise.” He steps forward. “But it’s probably my favorite idea that they’ve had in a long while.” He gives me a shy smile, one that I have so missed the past week, but i shake my head and don’t say a word. 

“(Y/n), I messed up. Really badly, and if I were you I woulddn’t forgive me either. I just hoped… You’ve always been so different than me, so much more kind, and forgiving that i thought maybe… Well yes, I can’t ask anything of you. That was unfair, i apoligize.” He looks down at his shoes, and I bite the inside of my cheek. Why does he have to make everything so difficult, I wonder to myself. After a few more moments of standing in an awkward and tense silence he speaks again.

“I don’t suppose you have your wand?” he asks, before clarifying “So that we can get out of here?” I shake my head no and he nods. 

“That was a stupid question. We would have been gone by now if you did. Hell, you would have been gone before I got here if you did.” More silence.

“I am going to kill those boys, I swear. I’m sorry for their actions, they had no right to try and force you into talking to my sorry-self.” Now, instead of staring at you, he is glaring at the door. Just as well, as you could feel tears demanding to fall. When he next turns around, he sees my tears, rushes forward and envelopes me into a hug. I struggle against his warm embrace, wishing silently that it was not so comforting to me. 

“No, no (y/n), you don’t need to forgive me, but just let me hug you. You deserve a hug.” And he is almost begging, which is making it even harder.

“For fucks sake, I forgive you Remus” and it is all too muffled by his chest, but he hears. I know he hears, because suddenly I’m being squeezed much too tight for my liking and there is a wet kiss being placed on my cheek. 

“Brilliant! Oh (y/n), you won’t regret- I, oh I’m sorry” he mumbles the last part as he has suddently realized how tight he is holding me and he takes a step back. “Thank you, (y/n). I don’t deserve you.” and he is smiling with that familiar fond smile that I know so well and I think that this will be good. Very good.  

Please Calm Down

I wanted to reblog this, but I couldnt do it properly.

Now, its okay if you dont like the show, thats your own, but please do not slander them with no proof what so ever. I  do not like putting people on the spot, which is why i left your username out, but I do want to voice my thoughts on this. Its okay if others dont agree.

We all know that the writers of the show and the creator himself get ideas from us, you should of thought it through before sending the letter. They did not steal your OC design.

She has bluish skin.

She does have spots on her yes, but that still does not mean they “stole” They probably took some ideas from some fans OCs yeah but thats how they get their ideas, from us, and that should be okay, we shouldnt get this mad about it calling them ass holes.

FYI, they are busy, like really busy, putting episodes together for us, so yes of course they wont respond, they’re not ignoring you on purpose.

Calm down and take a breather. I think you’ll be alright. Like i said, you can hate the show, but dont slander them without proof.

just stop.

Im sorry for putting you on the spot like this, and to those who want to hate me, then fine, but im not gonna put up with someone slandering them and talking about them like this with out actual proof.

If you wanna come to me in a respectful manner, then go here.

If you wanna hate on me and waste your time them go here.

Anyways, ive done my damage, you make up your own opinions, sorry for those who feel offended. I guess. This is why you dont tag this kind of stuff in the main tmnt 2012 tag. Just saying.


this is your OC that nick supposedly stole the design for Mona Lisa


I am nice, but i will call you out on your BS. 

(((This is why im not fond of OCs sometimes….)))