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{Special} College!AU Minhyuk
  • major: dance education 
  • minor: biology 
  • sports: archery club 
  • clubs: wanted to join an on campus band but he actually isn’t that good at playing guitar…….so instead he gets lessons from joshua whose in college choir and now he can successfully play……..one song
  • minhyuk is the shining star in all of his classes because no matter how many times he messes up, no one can get angry because his smile is blinding and his intentions are never bad
  • like literally his clumsiness is out of this world and his memory fixates on one thing and forgets about everything else so when he shows up to bio class completely prepared with the notes he took down for chapter 7, even though you were supposed to read chapter 6 like,,,, the teacher lets it slide and everyone in his group helps him out 
  • because like he wants to do his best he’s just prone to ,,,, mixing things up
  • but don’t get me wrong he works hard and studies hard, his grades are better than jooheons (which really bothers jooheon LOL)
  • and sure maybe coming out of lab covered in the ethanol he spilled on himself is a bit……
  • or when the teacher refers to a salida and he can’t stop giggling because god it sounds like salad right- right???
  • can make him seem goofy and silly but that doesn’t mean he’s not serious when he needs to be
  • like he even tutored some of the kids in his class in bio because he’s actually really good at it, no matter how clumsy he comes off in lab, like he knows his stuff
  • because more than anything he wants to learn how to be a studious teacher who doesn’t only bring joy to his students through dancing - but also learning how important exercise is to the human body
  • kinesiology minor seungcheol is always lending minhyuk his textbooks because minhyuk wants to know even more on the science of body movement
  • and no one gets how minhyuk finds reading that stuff so damn entertaining, but at the same time minhyuk is too cute to say no to
  • like to all students and teachers alike, like i mentioned this before but seriously his smile and his happiness is contagious 
  • he’s the campus happy virus 
  • and whenever he gets to see younger kids like when he goes to competitions with the archery team and he sees like the middle school division he’s like
  • pulling on a fellow teammate shownu’s sleeve like hYUNG LOOK THEYRE SO CUTE AND SMALL
  • and shownu is looking down at him like: you’re also small
  • minhyuk: ):< am nOT
  • says the adorable boy whose bow is covered in like stickers of puppies and flowers and whenever he gets a perfect ten he throws hearts at the audience
  • and if someone throws them back he pretends that the hearts pierce his chest and he like puts his hand over his heart and makes a cute face
  • like c’mon he is the CUTEST campus happy virus ever
  • also he thinks love is cute. like minhyuk loves love he thinks couples are the best and parents with their kids make him excited 
  • and whenever him and the guys go out to eat and like karaoke or whatever minhyuk always points to couples sharing drinks or holding hands and he’s like ~~~~Soooo ROmanticcccc
  • and hyungwon is shoving fries into his mouth like huh and kihyun is like yo minhyuk i can hook you up just tell me i gotchu bro
  • except minhyuk is like kihyun No Offense but i Dont Trust You
  • kihyun: im gonna pretend im not offended but just know that i aM offended and this severing of our friendship is going down in my diary tonight
  • minhyuk: what
  • but basically minhyuk is an angelic boy who is always trying to see the positive in everything and probably dances to music when he’s out at the mall and everyone in his friend group is like we don’t know him but the cashiers can’t help but smile like what a CUTE kid
  • not a kid he is in college but you know what i mean everything and anything he does is endearing from singing bio terms out loud to remember them to staying up past 4 am to practice his own dancing, sweaty hair pulled back and determined eyes….ok we’re getting off track
  • but yes you know minhyuk because he’s your neighbor in the off campus living house
  • and he lives directly next door and the building is like 70 years old the walls are as thin as paper so every night between the hours of 10 and midnight you hear some kind of music coming from his side of the wall
  • and for a while you were like,,,,,,,why the hell does he listen to the same song on repeat for two to three hours???? is it like his studying mechanism???
  • until you saw the poster of the seoul ballet recital hanging off his front door right under it the iconic photo of michael jackson’s moonwalk and you were like
  • “oh. dance major.”
  • and tbh you don’t really complain,,,,the music he dances to is actually not as bad as you thought it would be. like sure one night it’s jazz, the next it’s hip-hop, then you can’t believe it but is that,,,,,clogging music?
  • but it kinda becomes a habit of yours to stay up, glancing at the clock when it hits ten and you can hear minhyuk moving furniture around in his room to make space to practice and then you always get a neat surprise when he turns on some kind on new music
  • although you have to admit you almost spit all your coffee out when you heard the cotton-eyed joe song 
  • you think it is really cool how hardworking and dedicated minhyuk must be to dancing
  • but it’s kind of funny because like,,,,you’ve never seen him
  • LIKE you don’t really know what he looks like because you have no classes in the dance major and your schedules never cross because like
  • you’re on campus for your classes and then you have work and you’re sure minhyuk has class and then practice or whatever
  • basically you’ve never ??? like ?? seen him in the hallway of your house or even down in the communal kitchen 
  • but the fact doesn’t bother you because you’re not friends with his friends you guys are just neighbors that like,,,,,,never talk LOL
  • until one night when you’re settling in with your coffee, textbook open, hoping that tonight’s music selection by minhyuk is the waltz or something so you can actually concentrate 
  • and to your luck that’s what it sounds like and you smile to yourself as you start taking notes and slowly swaying to the music in your seat
  • but then,,,,,all of a sudden,,,,,,the music cuts off
  • and you turn to look at the wall with your eyebrows furrowed because - this has never happened
  • so you wait a bit,,,but ten minutes passes and,,,,nothing,,,,,,,,,
  • no music no sounds,,,,,,
  • and you don’t know why but something inside of you tells you that something is wrong 
  • and although it’s probably awkward to worry about someone you know close to nothing about it is neighbor courtesy to take care of one and another
  • so you venture out of your apartment and over to the next one and you knock on the door, putting your ear to it and trying to listen but ?? there’s no response
  • so you lean closer and put your hand on the doorknob and??? the door just opens like it wasn’t locked at all
  • and your fear about something being wrong heightens by like ten fold
  • and you call out an “I’m sorry for disturbing you, but can I come in?”
  • and then you hear it, a faint groan of pain and the voice of someone asking for help
  • and you run down the hall to see a boy laying on the floor, clutching his ankle in pain and you’re like oh my god??? and you rush over to him and you’re like
  • “what’s wrong??”
  • and he looks up at you and even with his face twisted in pain he’s still,,,,like wow,,,,,like he’s handsome
  • but now is not the TIME and you’re like ???? “should i call an ambulance? get the med student from floor 5????” and minhyuk’s like shaking his head and pointing to the door like
  • “ice, from the kitchen downstairs……” and you’re like ICE OK ROGER WAIT HERE DONT MOVE
  • and minhyuk is like “i??? can’t??”
  • and you’re like rIGHT r i ght one second 
  • and so you rush downstairs and get a bag of ice and back upstairs and as you’re running down the hall you’re like in your head you’re like
  • okokokok if anything is broken we should go to the hospital - but can i carry him? would that be ok? should i ask him? also why didn’t i at least comb my hair i look so bad and he’s so cute - wait wait don’t think that!!!
  • and finally you barge back into his apartment and run over with the ice and you’re like “is your ankle broken??? i think i should call-”
  • and minhyuk is like again shaking his head
  • and then when he looks up at you, he somehow even manages to break into a smile 
  • and you’re like hOW aren’t you in pain
  • but he just takes the ice and applies it to his ankle and he’s like AHH IT HURTS and you’re like !!!! but then he grins at you like “just kidding, i mean it does hurt but not a lot the ice will help in no time~”
  • and you’re like “it’s not broken???” 
  • and minhyuk’s like pFFT nooooo it’s just twisted!!!! and he gives you a thumbs up
  • and you’re like “i didn’t hear the music from next door and then i heard you fall so i thought i’d come in here and you’d be like bleeding from your nose-”
  • minhyuk breaks into laughter, but winces a bit but he’s like “no!! dancers should all know how to fall to make sure they don’t break anything, it’s like the first thing you teach the kids too”
  • and you tilt your head like ??? the kids
  • and minhyuk’s like “oh, im a dance education major not a dance major” and your eyes widen a bit because wow you,,,didn’t know that
  • but somehow it fits even more afterall here he is laughing off twisting his ankle, keeping bright and sunny even though most people would be ): right about now
  • you can’t help but think such a good personality is perfect for teachers
  • but anyway you nod and you’re like “oh, i didn’t know - that’s cool!” and minhyuk’s like “sO you’re my neighbor? you must really not like it since you have to listen to all my weird music”
  • but you shake your head and you’re like “not at all! actually i always look forward to ten o’clock because i know you’ll play something interesting and it doesn’t bother me - if it does i just go out and hang in someone elses apartment, but really - i have grown fond of it”
  • and minhyuk kind of looks at you funny and you’re like “what???” and he’s like chuckling like “nothing, just the neighbors across the hall hate me for it. he’s always chasing me around campus when he sees me like ‘i need to study for my finals!!! not listen to tango music!!!”
  • the mental image makes you giggle and minhyuk extends his hand for you to shake and he’s like “it’s nice to meet you, neighbor who actually doesn’t hate me”
  • and you shake it and grin like “nice to meet you too, neighbor who i don’t actually hate”
  • and you guys both laugh this time and it’s really not awkward at all
  • finally, minhyuk’s twisted ankle is ok enough for him to get up and he mentions going back to practice but you’re like are you nuts no you’re gonna twist it again just go rest and minhyuk is like fiiiiiiine and you laugh and say that you’ll be going then
  • and as you shut the door to his apartment behind you, you notice this fuzzy warm feeling in your stomach
  • and you’re like oh no,,,,,,don’t,,,,,,don’t get a crush on him oh no o h no
  • but too late 
  • you get home and crawl into bed and all you can think of is that bright smile of his, his sweet voice,,,,,,,,plUS the fact that he works so hard not for himself but to be a good teacher for kids LIKE IS HE AN ANGEL
  • and you try to cover your face with your pillow and be like stop. thinking. about. minhyuk. 
  • but you can’t and tbh,,, on the otherside of the wall he can’t stop thinking about you either and you’re both lying in bed like two dweebs smiling to yourselves because “oh my god who know my neighbor was so DARN CUTE”
  • but again, you and minhyuk’s schedules are solar systems apart so you never bump into each other but then one day you hear a knock on your door and you open it to see this tall lanky looking guy with a book under his hand and a shorter more visibly excited guy and they’re both like
  • “minhyuk said you should come over, we’re playing a video game and we need one more person for our team”
  • and you’re like UH,,,,i don’t really game- but hyungwon is like “me either, yet these losers are making me so let’s go”
  • and that’s how you end up sqaushed into minhyuks side on his couch playing some video game as kihyun shouts at the screen and that guy hyungwon presses random buttons on his controller
  • and the other two, changkyun and jooheon are both about to chuck their controllers out the window
  • and it’s so crazy and loud and minhyuk leans over at some point and he’s like
  • “sorry to drag you into this mess, our friend shownu is picking up or other friend wonho from the airport after his study abroad and we need a minimum of six people so,,,,,” 
  • and you’re like AH don’t worry about it!! sorry i suck tho
  • and minhyuk is like “oh it’s because you don’t know the controls, here let me show you”
  • and you think he’s just going to take the controller from you, but instead he puts his hands over yours and he’s like “ok so you press X to dodge and then B-”
  • and you’re trying to concentrate by his hands are so warm and so big covering yours and you’re nodding absentmindedly but in reality you can’t hear anything he’s saying
  • not until you hear the door open and in walk in two more boys, one with a suitcase in hand and you look up and you guess this is wonho and shownu
  • and wonho is like “I’m back!! I see everyone’s the same - oh hello, are you minhyuk’s significant other?”
  • and wonho’s eyes focus on you and so does everyone elses in the room and you’re like UM
  • and minhyuk quickly takes his hands off yours and he turns cherry red and you’re like !!!!!! trying to gather your thoughts until you just blurt out “he’s my neighbor!”
  • and wonho is like huh do neighbors usually cuddle on couches like you two are??? and you’re like WE’RE NOT cU DD Li ng,,,,,,,but i mean you are practically halfway into his lap with minhyuks arm looped around your shoulders so mayb it looks like that but minhyuk is clearing his throat like ANYWAY HOW WAS YOUR TRIP
  • and that’s enough to distract everyone and you get up like i think,,,,,i should go?? and minhyuk’s like what no you should stay-
  • but you’re like bowing as you leave like iT WAS FUN BYE
  • and you’re back in your room so you don’t hear how all the boys abandon the talk about wonho’s trip and are like MINHYUK YOU LIKE THEM DONT YOU
  • and minhyuk is like yES BUT U IDIOTS RUINED IT FOR ME
  • but,,,,,,they totally didn’t 
  • because the next day as you’re heading for your weekly study group you bump right into someone and??? it’s minhyuk??? and you’re like “i never see you in the library??” and minhyuk is blushing again scratching his neck like,,,,”y-yeah but hyungwon knows this kid in your study group who knows you and they told me you’d be here anyway um i kind of want to apologize for you know,,,being a noisy neighbor and also for my embarrassing friends last night-”
  • and you’re like looking down at your book in your hands trying not to smile a bit because you can kind of tell where this is going
  • and minhyuk takes a breath and he’s like “-but also i came because i wanted to know if you maybe want to,,,,,,,goonadateliketogetsomeicecreamorsomething some time…..”
  • and you almost giggle, but you look up and you’re like 
  • “id love that. want to meet after my study group is over?” and minhyuk lights up like a goddamn christmas tree he’s like YES ill,,,,,be waiting
  • and you nod and head toward the table where your group is and minhyuk steps into a random aisle to do an excited little wiggle dance that the student next to him sees and is just like eyes emoji about
  • but yeah you and minhyuk do go on this little date
  • and you guys eat mango ice cream together and minhyuk talks about how he’s recently thought about quitting archery so he can make more time to apply for this job at a local dance academy
  • and you tell him about your studies
  • and even though your fields are miles apart minhyuk is still so interested and supportive of everything you’re telling him, like he’s more engaged than some of your friends when you tell him and like it always feels good to have someone acknowledge you
  • and minhyuk is that kind of person. he never lets a conversation die
  • and like you get your ice-cream even though it’s pretty cold out and minhyuk is like “are your hands cold??” because when you walk out of the cafe you’re blowing on them 
  • you’re like a bit,,,i think i shouldn’t have ordered a cone and held it-
  • and then suddenly minhyuk is taking your hands in his and slipping them into his coats pocket and he’s like ^^ is that warm??
  • and you’re like ohmy ogdo,,,,,but also you’re like yes ;; and you can feel minhyuks fingers link with yours in his pocket and you’re like 
  • gosh he’s so cute H O W 
  • and after that you two go on many more dates,,,even though sometimes your dates get interrupted by minhyuk’s many different friends (most of all though monsta x magically appears at the like movie you two decided to go to ‘by accident’ and won’t stop teasing minhyuk about how c*rny he is for taking you to a romcom but then you’re like shut up you all bought tickets to the romcom JUST to make fun of us but i saw jooheon cry!
    jooheon: sniffing DONT COME FOR ME blows his nose)
  • but you don’t mind minhyuk’s friends and you don’t mind minhyuks loud music, loud laugh, loud personality aT ALL in fact you adore it
  • because he’s so lively and nothing is ever awkward with him
  • minhyuk makes you feel like you’re always welcome to tell him anything
  • to put it simply minhyuk, very quickly, starts feeling like home to you
  • and speaking of home you spend like 50% of your time over at his apartment
  • instead of listening to him practice through the walls of your room you actually come over and watch him dance
  • and he’s always like ‘score me’ and you’re like ‘10′ and he’s like nOOOO u said 10 yesterday TOOO and you’re like sorry you’re perfect and i love you 
  • and minhyuk gets embarrassed like DONT say you love me so easily 
  • and you’re like “too bad: I love you I love you I love you I l-”
  • minhyuk shuts you up with a kiss and then covers his face like AH CANT BELIEVE I DID THAt
  • and you’re just giggling because it’s cute how he gets embarrassed of himself
  • but also minhyuk knows the perfect way to get you flustered too whenever he’s practicing he will sometimes pull you up on your feet and be like “dance with me!!”
  • and you’re like oh,,,babe no i SUCK 
  • but he puts his hands on your hips and tries moving you this way and that or holds your hands and twirls you around and you’re always like min!!!!hyuk!!!! but he just laughs until you go along with it
  • and you two get tired and collapse on his floor and minhyuk rolls over to smile at you with his sweaty hair in his face
  • and in that moment everytime you get this rush of emotions and you’ll move closer to kiss him a little more passionately than usual and minhyuk always kisses back
  • but he also pushes away first and curls up into an embarrassed blushy little ball and you pout becuase you’re like minhyuk come back,,,,,come back let me kiss you again !!! and maybe do more
  • and minhyuk is like oK but let’s get on the couch at least-
  • such a gentleman even when he doesnt have to be hehe
  • you once came over and you couldn’t find him and then you heard the shower running so you were like ok!! ill join him
  • and when you did you damn near almost gave him a heart attack but he was thankful and it was cute you washed his hair and shoulders
  • and also did some other things which i will not discuss in detail (-:
  • but yeah you think minhyuk looks the best in his sweatpants, dancing diligently along with the music
  • you can see the passion in his eyes and the love he has for it and sometimes he gets down on himself
  • because people pass him off as some kind of airheaded kid who probably doesn’t try hard in his studies
  • but you just hold his cheeks and kiss his whole face and you’re like “you know you’re going to prove them all wrong - you’re going to be a great teacher.”
  • sometimes you get texts from changkyun whose like “your boyfriends a lab safety hazard he almost lit the lab plants on fire” and you’re like “isn’t he charming <33333″ changkyun: “………..no”
  • minhyuk telling you random facts about your bones and like how they work and you’re just like lol imagine if all my joints were made of jello and minhyuk is like oh my god that’d be cool though
  • hyungwon: what the hell are you two talking about. like ever
  • but also you two are so heart-warming to see because minhyuk adores you to pieces and he’s vocal about it with his friends and sometimes someone is like “why are you smiling at your phone?” and minhyuk’s just like “im reading my conversation with y/n and they’re so funny and stunning and amazing and lovely and -”
  • you too tbh someone is like what do you like about your boyfriend and you have like a power point slide ready at hand you just
  • you both just love each other so much and so whole heartedly
  • the neighbor who complains about minhyuk’s music comes over one day pissed off and you’re just like 
  • apologizing on minhyuks behalf and you’re like “maybe we can go practice in my room since its further away?” and minhyuks like ok!!!
  • but it’s not the best idea because he almost knocks over your lamp and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • i love you but also back to your room if the person complains again we’ll just turn off the music and pretend we’re not here LOL
  • minhyuk keeps telling you that for your honeymoon he’s gonna take you to disneyland and you’re like first of all) honeymoon? since when-
  • and minhyuk blushes like YOURE RIGHT we’re only in college i shouldn’t push marriage-
  • but then you giggle and you’re like “ok, but you have to promise me we can take a photo with goofy. he’s my favorite”
  • and minhyuk just gets all smiley again like ok!! i promise 
  • minhyuk finally learns how to play a full song on the guitar and when he gently sings along with it in front of you you’re like ,,,,,,everything about you is so amazing already and now i found out you have the voice of an angel-
  • and minhyuk is like iM not amazing,,,,
  • but you’re like “hush come here”
  • and you like kiss him until he’s falling over and laughing against your neck 
  • and you two have the cutest inside jokes and weird nicknames for each other
  • and when you’re all out to eat one day jooheon is like “so……is minhyuk flexible (;”
  • and you’re like “yeah he’s a dancer” 
  • and jooheon’s like “yeah, i bet he has some crazy movies in be-”
  • shownu shoving rice into jooheon’s mouth: he meant to say doesn’t minhyuk have some crazy moves on the dance floor
  • you:
  • minhyuk:
  • you:………….yes jooheon he’s flexible in bed
  • the whole table: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • minhyuk: i love you so much but you’re so e M B A RR A S I NG 

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Dating Tony Padilla Would Include (Male Reader):

hey guys sorry it took so long! last week was ap testing and my phone broke this weekend and ive just been super busy but now im back and ready to get some stuff out for you guys! thank you for your patience! this one is a little less angsty than my other ones i feel, but its still pretty angsty bc im incapable of not being dramatic as hell. i hope you guys like it!

(also btw i just made up tonys siblings names based on names that i have in my family that i love bc i couldnt remember if his siblings names were ever said. hope that doesnt bother anyone!)


requested by @totalwhovian

Originally posted by fakehelper

  • you meet tony for the first time when youre five years old
  • the two of you were in the same kindergarten class and you sat at the same table
  • you were a shy kid, always keeping your head down and hoping no one would pay too much attention to you
  • that, of course, meant tony had to pay all of his attention to you
  • he smiled at you wide on the first day of school and asked if he could be your friend and didnt even look at you weird when you started crying
  • he sat with you everyday and shared his animal crackers during snack time and even let you use some of his crayons
  • (he had the 96 pack bc he was just that cool)

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Wedding Speech - Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N - Hi can you do a Joe one where it’s the reader and his wedding and the buttercreams do a really embarrassing speech for them x If you don’t want to or can’t that’s fine ❤

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride” My smile grew even bigger as I felt Joes lips on mine. Hearing everyone around cheering and clapping, I felt the tears building in my eyes. I finally married my best friend. 

Walking down the aisle hand in hand with my now husband smiling and waving to all our friends and family. My feelings right now wouldn’t process. I am literally over the moon with happiness. All I could hear were people cheering “Yes Sugg” “Go On My Boy” and a few faint cries. I still cannot believe this is my wedding day. The wedding day I have been planning since a little girl. I was now living it out. Everyone else was gathered into another room with champagne, me and Joe were guided around the building for photos. We had photos on the stairs, in arch ways, in the gardens, and in front of the country side view. We were then joined by the bridesmaids who happened to be my sister and Zoe, the groomsmen Caspar, Josh, Oli, Jack, Conor, Mikey and our parents. Lastly We had photos with the whole group and I stood there being grateful to be surrounded by the people i love most. 

While everyone moved to the reception room to take their seats, me and Joe waited back a bit giving everyone time to settle. 

“I cannot believe we did it” Joe turned to look at me with a beaming smile. 

“I’m still in shock, I’m generally so happy” I smiled back taking his hand in mine. 

“After 6 years of being together and 8 years of friendship I can officially call you a Sugg” 

“I finally fit in the Sugg family!” I cheered laughing. 

“You’ve always been classed as a Sugg babe” 

“But now we have it in writing”

“This is the happiest ive ever been, even though we’ve been in a relationship for so long, our next adventures start now”

“Our honeymoon, new house, new projects. Im so excited”

“Same love, it’s going to be something to treasure” 

“I love you” 

“I love you too”

“Are you two ready to go in?” The staff member asked. We glanced to each other and nodded. We followed the member of staff and waited behind the doors until we were told to go any further. 

“Can i have your attention” The staff member started. “We’re all there to celebrate the newly weds, so please put your hands together for Mr and Mrs Sugg!” We walked in and everyone was on their feet, cheering. Glad we got someone to film this day, I can look back and remember this moment for a life time. We took our seats in front of everyone while they all settled down and allowed us to get comfy. After all the food was served and drinks were topped up Zoe got out her seat to walk in front of the table with a microphone in her hand. 

“Hope you all are having a good time!” A few yeah’s and whistles flew around the room. “To kick off this evening, we are now going to move onto the speeches” Zoe turned to smirk at us both while i groaned and Joe nervous laughing knowing how embarrassing this was going to be. We watched as Josh took to the stage first also smirking as Zoe handed him the mic. 

Joe placed hand on my leg and lent in close. “You know this is going to be interesting” 

“I’m dreading it” I laughed turning to face Josh and linking my hand with Joes.

“I get the pleasure of starting this off. I remember meeting you Joe for the first time then i didn’t leave your apartment for months. I basically followed you and Caspar round like a lost dog. You used to get grumpy when i finished your milk or i didn’t wash up after myself. I can clearly say you haven’t changed. You’ve been a good friend buddy you’ve helped me through a lot of shit and i’m grateful to have a friend like you. I’m glad you found a girl like Y/N, she’s kept you in place but at the same time you’re still the Sugg i first met. Y/N you have a lot of work now that your married, he’s going to become even more lazy. You’re a talent women and you’ve been there to listen when i needed someone to. You’re like my sister and I wish you both the best for the future. Ill be round soon so you can cook me food” I’m glad Josh went first because he wouldn’t embarrass us. He’s the nice one out them all. 

Next was Mikey. 

“Cor i get to do a speech. I’ve always been the target and now i can target you two. You’ve been good friends to me over the past few years. Despite the bad things Joe has made me do or forced me to do such as having a leaf blower in my face to wearing tight red lacy boxers to trying to light my farts. I’ve even had to eat dry protein powder ruining one of my many black t-shirts. Joe your crazy ideas make you as a person, you’re one heck of a guy and you are very lucky to have Y/N, anyone would be. Y/N thanks for looking after me making sure i have eaten. No wonder i cant shed weight. I look forward to raiding your new sweets draw by the way”

Next was Conor. 

“I would like to thank Y/N for introducing me to Joe, because of you i made a great friend and because of Joe I made even more. Y/N i would like to thank you for staring in so many of my covers and even on my album. I mean i still say i have the better voice but I’m not going to judge. I cannot believe you two are married now, I’ve seen your relationship grow these past years and I look forward to having something like this. You two are literally a perfect match. Joe i dont even know what to say about you. You are one of the most hilarious down-to-earth guys i know. You deserve to be happy. I’m glad it’s Y/N who has to deal with your strange ass. I’m surprised she can handle it. She has to wake up to you farting, coming home drunk but then again thinking about it you are both as crazy as each other. I remember coming round once and you both swapped clothes pretending to be each other. That was a weird sight. I wish you both the world of happiness you both deserve it” 

Next was Jack. 

“Suggy got married! To a gorgeous girl also i should have started youtube sooner maybe i could of snatched her. Im joking im joking. Seeing how happy you two are together makes me want this but it also makes me sick but in a good way. You are both good friends to me i couldn’t ask for better people in my life. Well sometimes i could replace Joe after what he’s made me do. Clamping my hand, sticking sellotape to our heads and ripping it out our hair and daring me to run down the street naked. I hope you enjoy people licking your ears Y/N because Joe will be doing that a lot when he’s drunk. trust me. I remember Joe telling us he was going to propose and how nervous he was. You should of heard the other plans he had. They weren’t as romantic. Y/N thank you for appearing in my videos to give me more views. Thanks for the many shout outs too. Like i said, you’re a beautiful women inside and out i know how happy Joe makes you. You’re both weird and I’m glad i know you. Hears to the future”

Next was Oli. 

“Mr Joe Sugg? The Joe i know is actually married now! It feels so weird saying that. I’ve known you for so long and you haven’t changed one bit in a good way though! You both have helped me through a lot over the years with projects, videos, and life in general. I do appreciate it. Joe you are an absolute nutter. Seriously. I couldn’t ask for a better friend what friend would draw penis’ on your body or do jump scares every time we meet or would make me stay up will ridiculous times in the morning to set up pranks. I mean what friend would have a cardboard cut out of me? You better move that into your new home. I’ll always be watching then. Your relationship is probably the strongest i know. You’re both so open and that can be taken in different ways. I’ve seen them both naked. It was a few strange moments. Some moments i wish i could take back because i can still see them imagines in my head to this day. I also remember when i turned up at your apartment Joe was wearing this horse costume and Y/N was dressed like a cowgirl. I didn’t want to ask what went on. They said it was for a video but i dont believe that. I dont like to think what goes on in their minds. Moving on, Y/N you are one in a million you’ve been that one friend i can always rely on even if i’m in a bad mood you put up with me and i can speak on behalf of the other guys as well. You have so much patience and i respect you for that. You have a wonderful mind and a heart of gold. You are both lucky to have each other and im glad to call you both my best friends” 

Lastly, Caspar. 

 “I would like to start off with thanking Y/N for breaking my heart, you killed jaspar. I’m joking jaspar will always be round. I have known you both since we all started Youtube together. Remember our gang when we first started? The 3 of us, Zoe, Alfie, Tanya, Jim, Marcus, Niomi and Louise. Then it grew bigger. But look at the two of you now, i know you both never expected to get this far in life. I respect the both of you because you don’t take the famous title seriously, you just see yourselves as normal human beings doing something you love. It’s been amazing watching you both grow and seeing the success you’ve achieved. I couldn’t have wished it on better people. Joe, You are one or the bestest friend i could ask for. You are also one of the craziest dudes i know. Very spontaneous also. I could stand here all day and tell all our stories but i don’t want to bore you. Thank you for being my travelling buddy over the years. I’ve had some of the best memories with you such as doing Hit The Road. What an experience that was ay?  and for everyone’s information i am still the best pizza maker here. Im not thankful for the pranks though. Filing my room with cups of water, setting many alarms, posters of my face all over the walls, filling the room with balloons then Oli popping out with a clown outside and the best one turning my apartment into a slip and slide. I’m also not going to miss seeing you naked when i walk into your room. I am defiantly not going to miss hearing you and Y/N have sex either. You loud buggers. The amount of times i’ve walked in on you both, i still do it today it’s like a curse! Y/N, i still remember meeting you for the first time. You were so shy and timid and now, now i cannot get you to shut up. You are like a boy only when it comes to burping though. Ive seen you when you only had a few thousand subscribers and now you are the top female Youtuber in the UK. I am so proud of your achievements. You seriously deserve it. If i ever needed cheering up i knew you were and still are the person to text or call. You are a positive soul. You and Joe have always been perfect for each other. You are literally the same person. I hope you both the best as a married couple. I love you both.” 

I continued to wipe away the tears which were flowing from my eyes. I couldn’t of asked for better friends or a better husband. 

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dUDE. jackcrutchie where crutchies having an Anxiety day and jack comforts him

Okay. I’m sorry this took forever and a day but I wrote it!! :D

In which Jack (and Davey) come to Crutchies rescue and make sure he’s safe and happy:


Davey: Do you know what’s up with Crutchie? He was acting super weird in English.

Jack: is he ok??

Davey: I don’t know. Maybe he’ll talk to you because he hardly said a word to me in class.

Jack: k ill go n find him

Davey: Please use punctuation, and spell words out, Jack. How many times to I have to ask?

Jack: a zillion i still wont use it just 4 u 🤓

Davey: Just go find Crutchie.

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okay the namjin + tampons thing KILLED me, and i was wondering if you could do yoonjin + "dad, i think i'm on my period but i dont know how this works. could you help me?"


“Yeah honey?” Yoongi asks, not looking up from his computer screen, where he is in the process of paying this month’s bills. 

“I think I’m on my period.”

Yoongi’s fingers freeze on the keyboard. “Huh?”

His daughter looks stubbornly at the floor as she continues. “Um. I don’t know how this works. Can you help me?”

He and Jin have trained for this. He has rehearsed this speech a dozen times, he has done his research, he has purchased the necessary supplies, knowing that one day soon, this time would come. And yet, all that comes out of his mouth is a terrified, “Huh?”

He’d always kind of assumed it would be Jin who would handle this. Jin who is sweet and casual and way better at this awkward shit than he is. But Jin’s not here. Jin is many, many miles away on a business trip.

“Never mind, I’ll ask daddy when he gets back,” his daughter mumbles as she tries to retreat from the room, and Yoongi finally snaps into action, scrambling from his seat and gently placing his hands on her shoulders to keep her from fleeing. 

“Wait wait wait,” he mumbles, guiding her towards a seat at the kitchen table. “Just wait a second. I’ll be right back.”

He returns, huffing a few minutes later, arms full of colorful boxes and several poster boards with diagrams and illustrations. 

“We’ve got this,” he assures her with a nervous smile, then clears his throat, turning to his first poster, and when he speaks, his voice is unnaturally loud and stilted, and it cracks mid-word. “CHANGES.”

“So what did you two get up to this weekend?” Jin asks him as he slides into bed, still slightly damp from his shower, glasses perched handsomely on his nose. 

“She started her period.”

“WHAT?” Jin screeches, and Yoongi hushes him. “Fuck, and I wasn’t here. What… What did you do? Is she okay? Did she cry? Did you cry?”

Yoongi rolls his eyes, offended. “Have a little faith, will you? I remembered everything you taught me. She’s fine. I was fine. We were just fine on our own.” Jin plops down onto pillow with a slight hmph, bottom lip pouting slightly. Yoongi leans forward and gently kisses it. “But I’m sure you would have done like, a million times better.”

Jin looks mildly appeased at that, then he seems to realize something and has to stifle a laugh. “Did you actually use the anatomically correct terms this time or did you still call it her ‘special flower’?”

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Everyone was born with a word-or just random letters- on their arm. For James Madison the word was Serendipity. But he came from a family of unmatched.  People who didn’t have soulmates who found their own love. So when he discovered his tattoo he tried to hide it from his family, but they found out. They wanted him to embrace the fact that he was destined to be with someone but he refused to. So at school he would always wear hoodies, change in the bathroom for gym, pretty much never show any skin. 

Then there was Thomas Jefferson. Everyone knew his word, Serendipity, and everyone figured that the person who had it had to go to a different school, because who in their right mind would hide from Thomas Jefferson? James had known that Thomas and him were soulmates for years now but he never spoke up about it. He knew all the torment Thomas and his friends put him through would end but it wasn’t worth it. 

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im going to a concert soon any tips???

  • [Standing] wear comfortable shoes but also ones that wont get lost and can provide some amount of protection from people stepping on your feet
  • dont wear something really warm unless its really cold
  • [Standing] get there as early as you can
  • [Standing mostly] eat before and stay hydrated as much as you can !! i wouldnt recommend eating right before it starts if youre gonna b pressed against people real close
  • [Standing] touching, theres a lot of touching, theres tight spaces and sometimes you can barely move so if you deal with claustrophobia i would be wary and if you get too anxious just get outta there, you can enjoy the concert from a bit back still
  • most venues (at least around me) don’t allow bigger than a purse or messenger bag in so i wouldnt recommend taking a backpack
  • [Standing] even if they do let backpacks in dont take a backpack because thats a dick move
  • check around bc you might be able to meet the band/singer afterwards if you stick around long enough
  • make sure you have your phone, emergency money, and anything else tucked away somewhere safe, ((i’ve been told dont put ur phone in your bra bc i guess that can cause breast cancer and i’ve also been told thats a myth so heedy hoody hada do whatever u want idk sometimes i put it under my shoulder strap))
  • also money for merch, you need a lot of that, going off like every concert i’ve been to posters are like 10$, shirts 25$, jackets/hoodies/crewnecks are like 50$, but if i know im gonna buy merch i just take like 40-60$, idk how much prices range from different locations and bands/singers and shit. I didnt check the prices at the maroon 5 concert so im basically going off pop punk/rock/indie band merch? i guess? just take a lot of money
  • figure out parking before you get there is a good one, if its a venue you havent been to before i would at least check info online or like look at the surroundings on google earth or whatever you can
  • if youre getting dropped off make sure your ride knows the area youre gonna be in, tell them before or text them after the show 
  • also figure out a spot to meet up with whoever youre going with in case you get seperated, merch tables/[venue] bars/nearby well-lit places (stores like walmart basically/right out the front of the venue can work well, or if youre standing you can just stand on the floor until mostly everyone shuffles out and then find each other
  • [Standing] don’t shove?? unless theres a mosh pit or whatever just dont shove, people are there for the music and if everyones pushing forwards thats different but dont be that dude that shoves people to get closer, no one likes that dude, its annoying
  • ear plugs? i havent actually tried this but APPARENTLY ear plugs work great because you can still hear the music but your ears wont be ringing or damaged afterwards
  • try to make friends! talking to the person in line next to me usually works, but also talking to people in the crowd is nice too. If someone doesn’t respond/is a dick, move on, try not to get discouraged, there are always willing people to talk to
  • make sure you make plenty of space on your phone/ipod/whatever, delete pics and apps and shit before you go so you have room to take pictures or videos for the concert, also charge that shit and try not to use it before you go in if you wanna take a lot of pics/videos/etc
  • be careful if you have epilepsy or any similar kind of problems with lights because a lot of shows these days have bright flashing lights and shit, make sure you have your emergency info/medical ID on you in an easy to find place (wallet/bracelets/etc)
  • thats all i got rn idk

so here’s a traumatic story from my childhood that i just remembered:

the year is 2005, i am nine years old and i’m OBSESSED with hilary duff….i would’ve died for her honestly i stanned hilary duff so hard. i was still reeling from the 2004 ending of  lizzie mcguire and the great hilary duff-lindsay lohan feud of 2004. and my 11 year old sister (who was equally as obsessed with hilary) befriends aliana lohan, lindsay’s sister because ali was on my sisters soccer team. so i wasnt exactly.. . lets say as mature as i am today and i had like all posters from j14, tiger beat, bop and the like all over my wall as one does in 2005 but i SPECIFICALLY had one section of one wall in my room designated for celebrities i HATED and i would like draw mustaches and unibrows and blackout their teeth like a crazy person and, because i was a loyal hilary duff stan, i had like 4930029 posters of lindsay lohan with like blacked out teeth and stuff on this “wall of shame” as i called it. so ali is about to come over but i didnt know and it was the first time she’d ever come to my house and my moms like opening the door and i hear ali’s voice and i look at my sister and im liek…. oh my fucking god AND I HAVE TO SPPRRRIINTNTN up the fucking stairs before ali can even like think about going upstairs bc when yorue that young and having a playdate for whatever fuckign REASON THE PERSON GETS LIEK SOME GRAND TOUR OF THE HOUSE so ali is lITELRLALY about to go into my room where VANDALIZED PICTURES OF HER SISTER ARE LINING THE FUCKIGN WALL….BECAUSE IM A PSYCHO…. and i litelrlay,, int he most fluid of motions RAN ALONG THAT WALL AND RIPPED EVERY POSTER OFF OF THE WALL LIKE WALL OF SHAME PICTURE OR NOT and jsut sprinted to my bed posters in hand sHOVED THEM UNDER MY PILLOW JUMEPD ON MY BED AND PRETENDED TO LIEK. . IDK LIEK FUCKING READ OR SOMETHIGN i did this all in maybe 3 seconds and ali like pokes her head in my room to say hi looks around and is liek “:) nice room” and im sititng there….sweating like “:-) haha.. thx” and she leaves like literlalyl the whole encounter lasted .5 milsiencdos and i never ever ever had any posters on my wall after that bc i was so fucjing traumatized from STRATEGICALLY RIPPING DOWN the vandalized posters of lindsay lohan and every poster of hilary duff in case ali would find my stanning of hilary duff offensive…the end. i cannot stress how traumatizing this was lik e to this day i dont decorate the walls of my room because im so shaken from the experience it has been over ten years aaron carter basically nearly fucking ruined my life

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High school AU!! How would RFA and V and Unknown ask MC to prom?!

i will now attempt my longest yeah boy,ever



  • be cool Yoosung just bE COOL
  • “Yoosung, you alright? you’re acting kind of weird today”
  • ffffuck, he wasnt cool enough
  • “y-yea MC! i’m fine! i’m like, totally cool. cool as a cucumber”
  • cool as a cucumber?? what the hell is coming out of this kids mouth right now i sWEAR
  • Yoosung was walking MC to their third period like he did everyday
  • side by side, the back of Yoosungs hand brushes MC’s
  • he yanks his hand away, feeling jumpier than normal
  • “okay seriously, whats with you? did my skin sting you or something?” 
  • “NO! no, no i swear”
  • Yoosung wipes his palms off on his pants
  • okay, this was it
  • Yoosung knew that on the board in MC’s classroom it was going to say in big letters
  • it was gonna be GREAT
  • Yoosung opens the door to MC’s classroom, ready for the big reveal
  • “thanks, Yoosung! i’ll catch you at lunch!”
  • wait….the board is totally blank??!?
  • “yea….cya then…”
  • Yoosung takes out his phone and dials Sevens number
  • “hey, tiger! howd the promposal go?”
  • “it didnt! Seven, i told you to write the message on the board for today! what the heck happened?!”
  • “i did, i did! room B-134, right?”
  • Yoosung smacks his forehead with his free hand
  • “no, you idiot. room D-134. D as in dog”
  • “oooooh…..uh-oh….”
  • this is the last time Yoosung trusts Seven with anything
  • Yoosung pokes his head into MC’s classroom, thankfully the bell hasnt rung yet
  • “MC, i need to ask you something”
  • “whats up, Yoosung?”
  • “well ive been wanting to ask you think for awhile now and i had this big plan with a cute message but stupid Seven ruined it and well i-”
  • “Yoosung, you’re rambling again”
  • “right, right. MC, will you go to prom with me?”
  • MC’s face turns bright red at Yoosungs sudden proposal
  • suddenly they’re even more of a nervous wreck than he was
  • “um yea i mean, i’d love to, Yoosung”
  • score


  • thank god Zen had some acting skills under his belt
  • he’s a nervous wreck right now, but thankfully he knows how to hide it
  • unlike a certain smol blonde boy
  • “hey, MC! how about you let me drive you home today?”
  • “are you sure thats alright?”
  • “of course, cutie! it’s on the way to my place anyway”
  • so Zen and MC enjoy a short car ride together, in which MC sings along to all Zen’s favorite songs loudly and out of key
  • in case you were wondering Zens favorite songs are chained up, growl, blood sweat and tears, and sometimes hard carry
  • he just laughs at how adorable they are and tries to refrain from dancing while he drives
  • “thanks for the ride, Zen!”
  • “the pleasure was all mine. i’ll walk you to the door”
  • MC says goodbye to Zen, unlocking their front door and opening it
  • they turn to walk inside and see a pathway of rose petals lit up on either side by rows of small candles
  • it smelled like vanilla…MC’s favorite scent
  • “Zen, did you-”
  • “just follow the petals, sweetheart”
  • Zen was smiling sweetly, his face lit only by the light coming from the candles
  • MC walks along the path of red petals that led to their bedroom
  • their room was lit by dozens of candles
  • and on their bed spelled out in rose petals was the word
  • “PROM?”
  • MC gasps and covers their mouth
  • they turn to Zen, whos still wearing the same sweet smile
  • “oh, Zen…”
  • “what do you say, MC?”
  • “yes!!”
  • Zen probably didnt know this
  • but MC wanted to go to prom with Zen more than anything


  • stabucks study session with MC
  • only this time, Jaehee has a trick up her sleeve
  • she’s doing something when MC walks through the doors
  • “hey, Jaehee! let me just grab a drink and i’ll be there in a sec
  • Jaehee gestures to a mug sitting across from her
  • “i got your drink already, MC! chai latte, right?”
  • “you’re the best, Jaehee”
  • MC pics up the mug and notices some writing on it
  • “I must ask you a question…”
  • they turn the mug around to look at the other side
  • “…drink up!”
  • “whats this, Jaehee? a hidden message?”
  • “why dont you finish your latte and find out?”
  • while MC and Jaehee study, they slowly drain their mug of its contents until it’s finally empty
  • MC moves the cup away from their face, peering into the bottom
  • “prom?”
  • “oh, Jaehee!”
  • Jaehee reaches across the table and grabs MC’s hands
  • “well, what do you say?”
  • “yes! yes, of course i’ll be your date to prom!”
  • Jaehee smiles
  • this is her first time having a real date to prom


  • Jumin was just going to ask MC to prom
  • like just a casual “please be my date to the prom” over lunch or something
  • but when he started talking to Jaehee about it
  • “im thinking of asking MC to prom, Jaehee”
  • “oh, thats so romantic, how? are you going to get flowers? chocolates? presents?”
  • “i’m just….going to ask her?”
  • Jaehee has never been more disappointed
  • “Jumin no…just..no”
  • so thanks to Jaehee, Jumin has a great plan to ask MC to prom that they HAVE to say yes to (according to her)
  • tbh Jaehee and Jumin fought a lot over how he should ask MC to prom before finally coming to a compromise
  • he planned a study session with MC on saturday
  • they came to his door, backpack slung over one shoulder and a couple textbooks held next to their chest
  • “good morning, Jumin!”
  • “good morning”
  • MC waslk past him, throwing their backpack and books on the floor
  • “wheres my cute Elizabeth 3rd on this fine morning?”
  • MC scans the room for their favorite feline friend
  • “last i saw she was resting on the couch. why dont you go greet her?”
  • Jumin smiles
  • he loves the way MC is so good with Elizabeth
  • he stays behind to collect MC’s belongings while they rush to say hello to Elly
  • “oh? whats this?”
  • he hears them say from the other room
  • MC removes a small piece of pink paper that was attached to Elizabeths collar, reading it out loud
  • “MC, i think you would make the puuuuurrfect date for Jumin at prom. dont you agree?”
  • Jumin comes into the room when he hears MC read the note
  • they stroke Elly gently on the head, speaking in a quiet voice
  • “to be honest, Elizabeth, i completely agree!”
  • MC looks up at Jumin
  • “i’d love to be your date!”
  • wow, Jumin kind of cant believe he just pulled off his first…
  • oh, what did Jaehee call it…
  • promposal?


  • “boo!”
  • “gah!”
  • MC was fiddling with their locker combination when Seven decided to scare the shit out of them
  • “geez Seven, why do you do this every damn day?”
  • Seven leans against the locker next to MC’s: the picture of a chill high school boy
  • he really tends to overdo it though
  • he leans closer to MC
  • “cause it’s funny every damn day”
  • MC rolls their eyes, pulling their combination lock down to open their locker
  • “hah-hah. Seven i swear, sometimes you’re just too much-”
  • MC opens their locker door, and are bombarded by
  • a bunch of…giant raisins?
  • the things spill out, it seems like hundreds of them, all over the floor where MC stands
  • alright, what the fuck
  • when all the over sized raisins are done pouring out of MC’s locker, the only thing remaining is a single note card
  •  MC, deciding to ignore all the fruit that just cascaded out of their locker, picks up the note card
  • i mean, when your best friend is 707, you’re kind of used to some crazy shit happening every once in awhile
  • they bring it to their face, reading the small, sloppy lettering
  • “will you be my date to prom?”
  • MC looks down at the scattered fruit on the ground
  • “ooohh….these are….”
  • they look back at Seven whose still leaning against the locker, but now holds a single rose
  • he wears a big smile, cheeks red
  • he doesnt speak, but raises his brows excitedly as if to say
  • get it?
  • MC takes the flower from him
  • “of course i’ll be your date, Seven”
  • his smile gets even bigger
  • “but only because we make such a great pear”
  • suddenly Seven wishes he had asked MC to marry him instead of just be his date to prom


  • V has never really been the best at…puns…
  • or grand gestures…
  • which are both the main elements of a promposal
  • but he wanted to take MC to prom so badly
  • so, with a little help from joke master Seven and romance master Zen
  • V finally had the perfect promposal ready for MC
  • they came home from school one day to find V standing among dozens of colorful balloons
  • like, their living room was stuffed
  • “V, what-”
  • he holds up a sign that reads
  • PROM? it would really BLOW if you said no!
  • MC starts giggling when they read the sign
  • they cant believe V would so something like this for them
  • “V, you dont need to fill my living room with balloons to convince me to go to the dance with you”
  • V’s face turns red
  • “i-i know…i just wanted to do something sweet for you”
  • and it was so incredibly sweet
  • but what are they going to do with all of these balloons?


  • promposals are sappy and lame and the stupid puns people use arent even funny just
  • even prom itself is overrated HONESTLY
  • but according to Yoosung, a good way to let someone know you like them is to ask them to prom
  • so Saeran has to do this shit
  • but honestly, it would be nice to slow dance with MC…
  • aNYWAY,
  • Saeran sits down at lunch and everyone is there except for MC
  • “so, Saeran, i heard you were going to ask MC to prom”
  • Seven smirks at Saeran
  • he glares at Yoosung
  • “sorry, Saeran…you know i’m bad at secrets…”
  • he rolls his eyes
  • “yea. what of it?”
  • “well, how are you gonna do it? a big poster?”
  • “god no. too tacky”
  • “write them a letter sprayed with a little bit of your cologne?”
  • “what the hell, Seven?”
  • “hey man, i’m just spit ballin’ here”
  • “i suggest you both shut up. MC’s about to sit down” Jaehee cuts in
  • MC greets everyone as they approach the table and sit down next to Saeran
  • “so, MC! have a date to the big dace?” Seven immediately says
  • “uh..no. not at the moment”
  • “have anyone in mind?”
  • “i thought we were all going as a group…?”
  • “well yea but dont you want to have like a date?”
  • MC tilts their head
  • “Seven, what the hell-”
  • “Seven….” Saeran growls at him
  • Seven quickly shuts his mouth
  • “alright, am i missing something?” MC crosses their arms
  • ……….
  • “i…i wanted to take you to the dance”
  • “what?”
  • “prom. i want to be your date for prom.”
  • “Saeran?”
  • “what?”
  • MC was smiling brightly
  • “i’d love to go to prom with you!”
  • Saeran looks up and starts to smile too
  • they…they really wanted to go to prom with him!
  • i mean prom was totally lame but…
  • nice :)


thank you

the sawamura eijun fanclub

characters: miyuki kazuya, okumura koushuu, kuramochi youichi, furuya satoru, haruichi kominato
theme: CRACK. sawamura eijun love.
- i have no regrets. who are the other members in this club? i’m certainly one.

“What’s this.”

“Exactly what you think it is.”

“I don’t know what to think about it, honestly.”

“Why don’t you open it and see for yourself?”

“.. a wolf mask? And.. Is this a joke.”

“I assure you, it’s not.”

Sawamura Eijun fan club? Why am I given this nonsense.”

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AU ideas that nobody asked for
  • ‘i have no pockets or gloves to stick my hands in on this cold winter day in the city but you just gave me your mittens to use until i got off the train and shit youre really cute and the gloves are still warm and oh my god were going to the same place shit fuck shit’ au
  •  'i eat way more pastries than i really should because the guy who owns the local bakery is really cute and i dont know how else to talk’ au 
  • ‘i was trying to call my friend to rant about my dog biting my furniture but your number is one digit off and i just spent three minutes ranting about how dumb my dog is to a total stranger, im so so sorry’ au
  • ‘i lost my phone in the city so i called it from my friends phone and you picked up, lets meet at a local cafe so i can get it back’ au 
  • 'instead of drawing the model in our art class ive been drawing you instead because i think youre really cute and oh my god all my papers just fell out of my folder and you saw them and oh my god theres hearts on some of them please kill me now’ au 
  • 'i was trying to pass you a note in class that said i liked you but it got intercepted and now the person that sits next to you thinks i  was trying to give it to them, and oh my god why do you look so upset and disappointed???’ au 

  • 'when i was 13 i told you i liked you the day you moved away and you never gave me an answer and now im 21 and you moved back and now i realize youre still just as cute as you used to be and im STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU?? so how about that answer’ au

  • 'the guy whos playing the piano at this ritzy hotel at staying at for a business trip is SUPER cute, and im going to die and 'OH SHIT THEIR ROOM IS RIGHT NEXT TO MINE’ au 

  • 'we live in an apartment complex and i almost burnt down our whole floor cause i was trying to make cupcakes at 3am, sorry’ AU
  • 'we made a pact that if we were still both single by 30 we would get married and ive basically been ditching every date i get because i have a huge crush on you, im 29 and youre 30 and my birthdays in a couple weeks but oh my god you have a s/o now??? what the fuck???’ au

  • 'i was looking through the posters at walmart and i was staring at the my little pony one for WAY too long but i swear to god im not into that i was thinking about buying it for my little sister, please understand’ au

anonymous asked:

gansey realizing he's not completely straight. Gansey asking if he can talk to ronan alone and there being an awkward silence for a few minutes while ronan patiently scratches chainsaw on the head, extremely curious as to what has the group's golden boy in such a tizzy. Gansey beating around the bush until ronan just tells him "look, dude, there's nothing you could say to get rid of me. spit it out" gansey biting his lip and asking if ronan can be his first kiss.

okay, i just got another ronan/gansey ask so im gonna go with this first because i was saving it for a time i could pay attention to it. 


i usually think of gansey as a person who knows hes not entirely straight. however, i will bend that this much because i like this concept. however im gonna put it before adam meets the group, because that way it doesnt have the problem of gansey feeling like he cant choose favorites. 

here are my thoughts on this:

  • gansey and ronan living alone together in monmouth. ganseys never actually spent this much one on one time with someone his age before, much less someone he gets along with so well and feels so natural and at home with. 
  • gansey admiring how attractive ronan is, gansey feeling really proud of knowing ronan, gansey conflicted by how much he admires all of ronan’s attributes even though he knows so many of them are the result of trauma
  • gansey a little too curious about some of the posters in ronan’s room, gansey paying too much attention to some of the jokes ronan makes, gansey who cant sleep until ronan has lumbered out of his office-bedroom to join him in insomnia, until they both fall asleep on ganseys bed or on their relative seats in the pig after a long night of searching 
  • it feels so natural being with ronan, theyre always touching each other, shoulders bumping, knuckles knocking, elbowing, heads leaning, torsoes layered, hands dangling against one anothers
  • if nothing else, gansey eventually has to admit hes Curious
  • it feels so safe in monmouth anyway, its just the two of them, surely it wouldnt be wrong to see what would happen a step further, they were always just inches away
  • but chickening out so many times because what if he fucked up, what if he didnt mean it right, what if he wasnt good, what if ronan wasnt into it, what if he would just ruin their friendship
  • still he cant feel satisfied with himself not addressing this part of him so eventually he sucks it up and, in his own dramatic manner, declares to ronan that he needs to Tell Him Something 
  • ronan is anxious for minutes as gansey paces and wrings his hands, thinking that like, he is gonna be kicked out of monmouth or gansey has to leave or something bad has happened or something 
  • “spit it the fuck out, indiana” 
  • “ive been noticing that im probably…….. um, not straight”
  • a pause as ronan processes, then “oh. oh, um. all right.”
  • “right. yeah. anyway, i thought it just ––”
  • “i dont care. i mean, like. sorry, go ahead. i was just gonna add like. i dont care. be… whatever.”
  • “right, no, right, yes, of course. im –– im grateful. i was just… well, i was wondering, i guess, about you, personally.”
  • “…about me.”
  • “or, you know, not. its just that what with the whole sudden interest in kissing boys, i was just sort of thinking––”
  • “…dick gansey the third, are you trying to ask if i would kiss a boy, specifically, if that boy was you?”
  • “……………..” (here is where the lip biting and blushing comes in)
  • “… yeah, sure.” 
  • “oh. yeah?”
  • “yeah. i mean, dont go telling everyone. but if youre gonna kiss a boy, it might as well be a pretty one, right? i wouldnt want you to settle for less than the best-looking.” -smirks-
  • gansey half laughs half sighs in relief and punches him on the arm 
  • “fuck you, lynch”
  • “now, that, you’ll have to negotiate for”
Stand by me.

Silence filled the room.

“Ugh, please say something.” Yuuri groaned loudly against his hands, the same shaky and sweaty ones covering his flushed face as he waited for a reaction from the younger boy standing right front of him, inspecting the piece of jewelry carefully as he was asked to do, reading the “Stand by me” inscription over and over with his lower lip between his teeth.

“Well, you two idiots have my blessing.” Yurio sighed heavily, shifting his weight into his other foot, making a blonde strand of hair slip from his messy bun and fall against his face. The simple thought of how much the younger boy started to look like Victor at his age being more than enough to warm both Victor and Yuuri’s heart. “Don’t forget to send the invitation.” He said matter of factly, clicling his tongue as he closed the small black box and handed it back to Yuuri, already on his way towards the door when the man finally snapped back into reality.

“Wait! Is that it?” Yuuri raised his voice, hurt.

“What else you want me to say?” The blonde turned around to rest his body against the door frame, bored expression written al over his features.

“I don’t know!” Yuuri panted violently, immediately sitting at the edge of his bed when he started to feel like the room was spinning, hands shaking and tears filling his eyes as his voice broke. “A congratulation, an advice… anything.”

If he was being honest it sounded more like a cry for help than a request.

Noticing the change on the man’s emotional state, Yurio decided to proceed by walking slowly towards the bed and take a seat next to him, the little box being the only thing separating them.

“If you’re asking for love advice to a teenager you’re more desperated than what I thought you were.” He tried tentatively, nudging him with his elbow playfully, watching attentively for a reaction from Yuuri.

But nothing came.

“Hey… you oka-”

“What if I’m making a mistake?” The man bursted suddenly, face agry red and fists white in the sheets, making the teenager jump back with a hand over his heart and his hair bun fall wildly over his shoulders. “What if its too soon? What if he changed his mind? What if he doesn’t feel the same after all? What if-?” 

“Now listen here, pork cutlet bowl!” This time was Yurio’s turn to yell, standing in front of the older boy as he tried to hold back his sobs, right hand clutching the box like a lifeline. “Opposite to what your disturbingly large amount of posters hidden in this very room may suggest, I have known Victor for a longer time than you have,” The blonde boy chuckled smugly when Yuuri’s face turned even redder at his words, “and let me tell you I have never seen that old man so happy in my whole life.” He smiled wholeheartedly as every memory of Victor since the very first day they met came to him in flashbacks, like a movie. Every laugh, every tear, every fall.

“Not even in the ice.” Yurio mumbled under his breath without even realizing he actually said it out loud, the small gasp leaving Yuuri’s now bitten raw lips being the ony thing making him aware of it.

“I don’t know shit about your story together, okay? Don’t care either, so don’t bother. You gonna have kids who actually care one day.” He actually barked a laugh at the mix of confusion yet fondness in the older boy’s face as he looked down, taking his glasses off to wipe his eyes and looking up again to meet the blonde’s green eyes, smiling weakly as if to encouraging him to keep talking. “But the way you talk to each other, the way you look at each other, the way you just breathe around each other for fuck’s sake. I don’t know how to put it into words, you know?.”

He knew neither of the older men liked when he swore but drastic situations required drastic measures.

“Yuuri, if what you and Victor have isn’t love… I don’t think I want it.” Yurio walked slowly to take place next to the older boy once again, not daring to meet his eyes. “Are you making a mistake? Course you’re not, idiot.”

Silence filled the room once again.

“Um, I think its your turn to say something.” The blonde laughed nervously scratching the back of his neck, lazily braiding the ends of his hair as he waited for an answer.

“You called me by my name.” Came amusedly from beside him, making him snap his head up as realization hit him, the older boy already looking at him with a smug but still somehow sweet smile, a thank you shining behind his glassy brown eyes.

“Yeah?” The teen between the two said, looking away when he felt his own green ones starting to water. “Well, don’t get used to it, pig.”

Words to Live By

Hi again! Another anon request for Hinny in which Ginny finds a journal from her younger days with Mrs. Ginny Potter. I know that I’ve read one about this from someone else, so I hope I am not copying any of that. Written for hpshipweeks. Hope you enjoy!

Harry juggled two bags of takeaway on one arm as he pulled out his wand and tapped the door of Ginny’s new flat in Holyhead. The lock clicked and Harry bumped the door open with his hip, and kicked it closed when he entered the room.

His girlfriend had just moved into the small, one bedroom place the day before, and the evidence of that was scattered around the living room in an array of cardboard boxes stacked into towers.

Harry could hear sounds coming from the bedroom, so he placed the food he had brought over for lunch on the kitchen counter next to a box labeled tea things and wound through the maze of boxes to the doorway of the bedroom.

“Hey, Ginny, I picked up some…” he trailed off when he got a good look at the room before him. Crammed in the tiny room were an unmade bed, a small dresser with all its drawers open, and a huge cardboard box almost as tall as Harry. Ginny was apparently searching for something in the depths of the box, for she was standing on the edge of the bed and bent double into it, leaving her legs, bum, and muffled curses the only signs that she was there at all.

Harry leaned against the doorframe with a grin. “Now that’s a nice view,” he said, crossing his arms and admiring her denim cutoffs.

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He Finds Your Tumblr

Masterlist | Request 


It’s a normal, peaceful day. Your boyfriend Ashton is on break from his tour and is currently sitting in your living room whilst you’re making lunch for the both of you. 

Ashton’s laughs echo through the open door and you stick a head round the frame to see what’s so funny.

“What’re you laughing at?” Your words only make him laugh louder so you narrow your eyes. “Seriously, Ash, what’s going on?” He abruptly stops laughing after hearing the seriousness in your tone and looks up guiltily. “What do you have there?” you grin with curiosity and start walking over. He slams the computer screen down and you glare at him. 

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Ancient traditions (short fic)

I have… no way to explain this, other than you should all blame  @miraculousturtle

WARNING. This is stupid and not edited. I feel no shame. 

Summary: They have been a part of this for more than five thousand years. There are ancient traditions that need to be respected. 

Ladybug and Chat Noir had been around for more than centuries; thousands of years going back to the most ancient cultures in the history of human kind. Each Kwami, guarding their own miraculous, would find a human worthy of its power and they would lead them into the right path, to protect their cities and the world from the dangers ahead.

Plagg and Tikki, were guardians for the Chat Noir and Ladybug miraculous, and they took his job seriously. Their charges would fight against dark forces, and so they needed to be prepared.

Every single time, when they were called to duty, Tikki and Plagg would choose a human; and they would talk about them to each other, making sure that their decision was the right one. They were usually people who knew each other, or were bound by fate to cross paths.

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Truth or Lie (Part Six)

Part One

Part Five

A/N: Part Six finally! I have planned out the entire story, and I’ve gotta say it’s quite a ride. A long ride. Thank you tons for the support! I never thought this story would be so highly accepted. Unfortunately, I’m starting college soon, so I have no clue how my writing schedule will be. Guess we’ll see?

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language

Word Count: 4464

Tagging: @sammyxorae @dont-hate-relate-pls @spnackleholicswainer @robbenedictxreader @totallysupernaturaloneshots @just-antiyou @snow-leopardfetishist @i-voted-crowley @robbenedictandco @paddy1219 @your-not-invisible-to-me @fab-notfat @sdavid09 @thatone67chevyimpala @officalprincessjasmine @baritonechick @ashiewesker @mint-and-pastel-pink @lynn-bane @another-stupid-ape @lamthetwickster @just-a-touch-of-crowley @alexa-ann-winchester @bellastellaluna @lexie-loo-2000

Originally posted by gifandmemeammunition

“Man. It’s not even a good picture!”

You laughed quietly at Dean’s remark, your eyes zoning in on your phone screen as the episode “Skin” played. You had some free time that day while Rob was off making fans’ dreams come true, so you started the Supernatural series. Admittedly, it was pretty good, and now you were curled up in a chair behind Rob watching another episode while he signed autographs with Richard.

After scribbling his signature on a photo op picture and flashing that trademark smile of his, Rob turned in his seat to smirk at you, an intrigued look crossing his face. “What’s so funny?”

You pulled out your earbuds and tore your eyes from the screen, focusing on your boss as he gazed at you with curiosity. “Just watching an episode,” you replied, shrugging dismissively.

Rob broke out into a huge grin at the fact that you took his advice and watched the show. “You’re watching Supernatural? Gosh, you’re gonna make me cry, Y/N. I’m so proud,” he gushed at you overdramatically, his hand rising to wipe away fake tears.

You heard some of the fans laugh at his comment, your mouth twisting into a wicked smile. “Mock me all you want, buddy. I’ll take you down again,” you warned him quietly, reminding him of your takedown in the hallway earlier when he had decided it would be funny to pick you up and swing you around like a toddler.

“Again? You’ve gotta tell me that story,” Richard commented as his hand moved in loops and lines to create his signature.

“As your cruel, capricious boss, I demand you not to tell him,” Rob told you, looking over his shoulder to shoot you a wink before turning to talk to a fan.

“Oh, man, I’m so scared. Have mercy, sir,” you pleaded mockingly, making your voice shake dramatically.

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College Dorm Room Checklist

-two sets of sheets twin XL
-duvet cover or comforter twin XL (or both for options)
-pillows (two is ideal)
-mattress topper twin (3-3.5 inches is best. anything less won’t do much and anything more is overwhelming)
-mattress protector (it’s a little sheet that goes over the mattress the school provides to protect ya from any lingering germs in there)
-and of course any decorative pillows or blankets you like!

-Shower caddy (they’re like $3 at target. Get the big one with different compartments… you’ll thank yourself)
- shower shoes (the $1 old navy ones work flawlessly)
-two towels

Toiletries: *don’t stress too much about this because your campus store has all of these if you forget anything*
-extra toothbrushes
-extra razors
-face wash, shampoo, body wash,etc…obvi
-a first aid box full of : cough medicine, cold medicine, bug bite relief if your school has that issue, allergy medicine, bandaids, tums… All the things your mom so handily has for you at home that you might need over the course of a year away. It’s saved me a million times.. Do it!)
-always have lady supplies on deck. Running out suckss (although ladies in your dorm will probably have your back)

Laundry materials:
-a hamper
-detergent wise, Tide pods are the best and easiest to use.
- dryer sheets
- a little portable iron board and iron (anna has one and I’ve used it more than I ever ironed at home.. It’s clutch)

-DONT OVER DO IT. I brought way too many clothes my freshman year and all I really wore was my athletic gear. Below is how I wish I would have gone about it:

-one tote full of t-shirts, both casual and slightly more stylish, and crop tops
- 3-4 pairs of jeans. Two high waisted, one normal, one boyfriend.
- only my favorite shorts that I know I’ll actually wear. If you didn’t wear it at home, you probably won’t in college (I sure didn’t)
- one tote full of nicer dresses to keep under your bed for when you need them
-under 10 well put together, a little dressier outfits including blouses, skirts, fancy pants,etc.
- keep your warmer winter clothes separate from summer clothes, and switch out the wardrobe when the weather changes
- lots of yoga pants, sweatshirts, and comfortable clothes, and easy to throw on dresses in a warmer day. (The less effort required the better)
- a few pairs of wedges, 1-2 heels, as many sneakers and flip flops as you wear on a regular basis.
- 2-3 pairs of comfy pajamas you would feel comfortable wearing around your dorm. (Victoria’s secret has my favorite sets/ loungewear)

Decorations (my personal favorites):
- #1 most important thing: LIGHTS. I prefer the white Christmas lights, or galaxy lights from urban outfitters
- a tapestry for the wall
- get your favorite magazines to cut up and collage on your wall. The cheapest way to get rid of the ugly white wall space
- your favorite books
- a desk light
-a colorful rug to brighten up the ugly college carpet ( about 4ft by 7ft at most)
- something to hold your jewelry (I have little boho bowls and plates I out my bracelets and earring in/on)
- a little basket to hold your snacks
-a dry erase wall calendar to keep you organized
- any fun posters or photos you might like (Carli made me a photo strand on twine string with clothes pins of all our favorite memories)

Other luxuries:
-a mini fan for hot nights/days
-mini fridge
-mini Keurig
-iHome or speaker for music

These are all the things I find most helpful to have in your dorm room. Tip: if you’re not sure, bring it. You can always bring it back home at some point. Better safe than sorry. Hope this helps! Xoxo


Meeting Him: (S.coups) FanFic

A/N: So here is a little project I have been working on, its an experiment to see how well i can do with plot twists lol. and yes i used my name as the girl’s name… dont judge meh… IT WOULD MEAN A LOT TO ME IF YOU COULD GIVE ME FEEDBACK!

Summary: Fan’s and idols aren’t supposed to be together right? But what if a certain pair was just simply meant to be? And what if a certain fan gets way more that she bargained for? 

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