i dont know hot to spell it

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as soon as michael sat on geoffs lap i thought two things 1. gotta gif this and 2. MIRANDA iS GONNA DIE


Tarot Spell - Welcome to the Community

Originally posted by giantmonster

This is a spell to help newcomers to this community, or any, and really feel comfortable. Know that this spell is to boost your confidence to say hello, or to feel at home in a foreign place.

You will need

♡ten of cups - that welcoming factor
♡your favorite hot beverage, I truly mean any beverage. Your favorite way possible. If you want check the ingredients for witchy meanings, but dont worry on that too much. I highly suggest hot cocoa because chocolate represents happiness. (But seriously you do you)
♡signifier card - your current state
♡ace of cups - represents a new friendship
♡a sigil that is attatched to the bottom of this post, also need a pen and paper to draw this
♡a white candle. Can be a tea light candle
♡match or lighter for the candle

First, think about the community at hand. Really focus on what you want out if it-experiance, friends, world donination, take your pick (I’m just kidding about the world domination bit, feel free to settle with a new friend).

Now set your print of the cards to either side. The candle should be paced on top of the signifier, and the other two are placed on either side.

Stare at the flame. Focus long and hard. Find your own “keep calm” message, your inspiration. Speak (or think-you do you) clearly, make your intent know.

“As a member of the *name of community* community, I find open arms. May I find those willing to guide me, support me, watch me grow, and be a friend. May this large community not feel so lonely and cold, but welcoming with warm smiles.”

Write the name of the community onto the card printouts and positive messages about yourself and the community.

“May the flames please release this energy to the universe, who hears my plea and supports me” (saying please is only the nice thing to do.)

Burn the cards CAREFULLY (I am not responsible if you burn yourself or your house down. Be safe with fire guys, please). Write the sigil onto the signifier card, and CAREFULLY pour the wax onto the print. Once it dries and cools off, keep it in your person at all times until you feel you no longer need this.

Once you got what you want, place it in a fireproof bowl, say thanks (be kind) and set the print ablaze in the bowl safely.

I got tagged, alright

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Name: Alexa

Nickname: Potatoe, Tato (only people online call me these)

Gender: Female

Star-sign: Libra

Height: I think 5’3”??.

Sexuality: Bi??? Straight??? Dont heccing know

Hogwarts House: I dont heccing know

Current Time: 4:24 PM (EDT)

Average Hours of Sleep: I dont even know, man

Cat or Dog person: I LOVE BOTH

Number of blankets: 1, but its hot as balls in my room so I dont use it

Dream trip: Somewhere peaceful

Dream Job: Dont know yet

When I made this blog: July of last year??? Cant remember

Followers: 44 as of now (where did yall come from?)

Why I made this blog: One of the youtubers I liked made a ask blog and I wanted to be part of the askers

Reason for url: For my Youtube account name, I wanted to have “Potato” as part of my name and my dumbass didnt know how to spell it so I legit looked it up and clicked “potatoes” but because it was in plural form, I thought the “e” was part of the word. I had the user, Short_Potatoe, for a while until it became a.smol.potatoe, then it just stuck with me

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More about Ferdin: Literally the first time he saw Nick he screeched and nearly fried him with a Shock spell because the only robotic thing he's ever seen was a Dwarven Centurion when he went in a Dwarven ruin to find one of Hermaeus Mora's Black Books, and even after Nick repeatedly establishes himself as non-hostile, he's still paranoid as hecc and waiting for Nick to do that awful steam breath thing and singe his eyebrows off and ajmddnsvdsks my boi is a hot mess ;3;

i dont know anything about skyrim but this Poor Guy lmao



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Can you post your favorite Sarah pictures? Pls & thanks

i dont even kno my favs but ill try :0 which basically means go thru all my sarah pics and just pic my favs atm djfjghjkj

edit: i just finished and this is more of a spam and i get less coherent as u get further down i am                    so sorry

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The signs according to my sister

aries - air *i personally think aries are hot headed shits*

taurus - that pokemon thats like a bull thing and it has like whippy tails and maybe a gem on its forehead

gemini - uhhhhhhhummmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh i think gemini um they just dont exist to me

cancer - bad and tragic. my brother is a cancer

leo - small little spit fires that lash out and then pretend it never happened

virgo - thats me and im perfect

libra - the candle from beauty and the beast, i dont know. he could be a libra

scorpio - little shits that are obsessed with feminine looking men

sagittarius - hard to spell. what month even is that? thanksgiving time? thats selfish that we have to deal with you during our time of thanks

capricorn - isn’t that a goat? a goat.. fish? i think of cornucopias like on thanksgiving.. I just want thanksgiving

aquarius - they are an aquarium. i went to a cool aquarium in tennessee and there was this ugly ass eel giving me the stink eye through the glass just like fucking aquarius people

pisces - they break hearts and leave people fucking hanging and never give them closure and are the worst people you could ever meet. i hate them.

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I just noticed that Juvia is your favorite Fairy Tail Girl, Boa Hancock is your favorite One Piece woman, and Hinata is your favorite Naruto female. All the big boobed Hotties in love with the Hero haha why is that?

I REALLY DONT KNOW WHY, but for some reason I just find all of them so friggin Adorable 

Also they’re HOT AS HELL

AND IT PISSES ME OFF That 2 outta 3 of these Damn Heroes (Naruto, good on ya man) are WASTING These Gorgeous Babes! God I aspire for the day some Beautiful Big Breasted Awesome Bodied Woman is madly in love with me…..Muhfuggas WASTING oppurtunititties (I know how i spelled it)

What The 1D Songs Really Mean

Take Me Home

Live While We’re Young: Yolo is to basic so Im gonna pull some carpe diem shit so we can fuck

Kiss You: some jailhouse rock bullshit with some cute stuff. We can either kiss or we can fuck. Your choice

Little Things: There is some shit wrong with you but It’s chill i still wanna fuck you

C’mon C’mon: I left my date and was stalking you so lets go and fuck

Last First Kiss: I wanna be the last person to kiss you, but the first one to fuck you

Heart Attack: your so hot it gives me heart probs. liFE ALERTTT

Rock Me: 100000% sure they say fuck me during the chorus 

Change My Mind: If you seduce me I won’t leave

I would: High School AU where you have a shitty boyfriend, the dudes got like 27 tattooooooossss. we also learned how to spell L O V E 

Over Again: 1D meets Dr Seuss

Back For You: I’m on tour and you are back in the UK. I’m always gone but dont worry bae i wont get a new hoe 

They Don’t Know About Us: We are fucking but it’s a secret. 

Summer Love: Larry leaves summer camp

Still The One: We might have broken up but your like a 10 but you dont even like me but thats okay because i still love you

Loved You First: I’m in this van watching your boyfriend watching him pick up for a date and it should be me

Nobody Compares: we just wanted to compare you to famous cities

She’s Not Afraid: The prequel to Girl Almighty tbh. You like to show your boobs and thats cool but your scared of having actual feels?!?!? LooooOOOOOve LoooooOOOOOOVE 


ok who do i choose to spy on first?

i choose…


yes meenah that is a GOOD life goal, you look very dashing in your fish hitler costume

although im concerned this means youve made your mind up about what to do with the vriskas

who next, calliope?



ok next, time to wonder… why are they talking about john 

wait no its each other

unfortunately it appears we will not see their conversation, HOWEVER, they are now exasperated and have died shortly before rose could perform the role for them, rising her up out of her jasprose stupor

now she is very confused

time to bring out the clubs— no not THOSE clubs gamzee go home

did they honestly argue for so long that they couldnt go on

this is amazing

now it’s rose’s time to be the quiet observant third wheel


will she lift  her back to the lilypad or what

oh dear god

now THAT… i am beyond words, that is bittersweet

terezi’s very obvious observations were correct, although whether jasprosesprite^2 manages to revive her desired matesprit is another story


ROXY: heeeeeeeeeeeeey!
KANAYA: You Said Another Hey
KANAYA: Are You Going To Say Hey Again By Any Chance
ROXY: heeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
KANAYA: I Knew It Another Hey

its like the supd8

i love these two

ROXY: i GOT somethin 4 u
ROXY: thats the thing you gots to be guessin!

roxy stop this now

KANAYA: Is It The Thing Behind Your Back
ROXY: yup but u gotta be more specific
KANAYA: Is It A Little Piece Of Paper That Says Hey On It
ROXY: hahahahaha no but that would be SO FUNNY!
ROXY: hahaha youre pretty funny
ROXY: damn now i wanna go away and start this whole shit over so i can do that punchline instead
KANAYA: Maybe We Should Do Several Rehearsals First Just To Make Sure The Final Performance Is As Funny As Possible
ROXY: yes!!
ROXY: but no

…i think this might be slowly becoming my favourite platonic f/f character relationship

Surely This Has To Be A Holographic Projection Or Some Claymation Model

there it is, there she goes

kanaya has found her purpose

and is very previous for it

ROXY: but really it was always gonna be for you
ROXY: this egg is stinkin useless without someone whos qualified to care for it
ROXY: and thats you
ROXY: please look after the lil guy… i have developed some oddly motherly feelins for the spiky fucker myself
ROXY: it was like this whole quasi intellectu-motional SAGA or something for me to figure out how to make this freaking egg
KANAYA: Its A Matriorb
ROXY: yeah! that!

its their BABY

kanaya ur pregnant

KANAYA: Thank You

the fact kanaya is saying so little… it really means a lot…


roxy solvin everyones problems 4 them– oh fuck shes crYING

hmm, kanaya isnt sure what she has to do now

dont worry youll get your chance to heal blackspace

ROXY: the way i see it is you shouldnt have needed to worry about makin the thing
ROXY: i think it will be challenging enough like…
ROXY: hatching it??
ROXY: and tending to all the stuff that comes next
ROXY: isnt that basically being responsible for the preservation of an entire race of people?
ROXY: like not even a simple kinda people that all go about havin their own babies by themselves n such
ROXY: u have to set up and deal with this huge creature that does it all herself right?

yeah kanaya has a heavy task ahead of her

ROXY: oh yeah karkat came too didnt he
ROXY: where did he go?
KANAYA: Hes Still In The Cave
KANAYA: Meditating
ROXY: meditating huh
KANAYA: It Was A Very Spiritually Uplifting Encounter With The Denizen
KANAYA: It Really Uh
KANAYA: Blitzed Our Chakras
KANAYA: He Needs Some Time To Clear His Head
ROXY: heheh ok

amazing, youre not gonna even tell anyone karkat is unconscious

at least tell rose, because she can predict if he’ll wake up

or terezi, but you never speak to her so i dont expect it

ROXY: so you are roses girlfriend right?
KANAYA: I Dont Know
KANAYA: Is That What Humans Call A Matesprit When The Matesprit Is A Girl
ROXY: umm
ROXY: i dunno
ROXY: is a matesprit the thing trolls call each other when they are girlfriends or boyfriends with each other?
ROXY: ah ha!
ROXY: then uh
ROXY: the answer is yes?

kanaya, trolls know what girlfriends are! vriska called sollux aradia’s “8oyfriend”. 

also trolls know what scalding leaf fluid is. nepeta loves the stuff.

wait roxy doesnt know about quadrants? fuck. that’ll be trouble later. 

KANAYA: It Was Pretty Social Yes
KANAYA: But We Also Had Little Groups Who Generally Convened With Each Other More Often Than The Entire Ensemble Crowded Together For A Singular Noisy Affair
KANAYA: Such Events Were Pretty Rare So Maybe Not As Social As You Are Picturing
KANAYA: In Fact It Was Quite A Subdued Situation Compared To The Crowd I Was Formerly Accustomed To Congregating With

:o welp i guess everyone was segregated

KANAYA: There Were Twelve Of Us Back Then
ROXY: yeah WOW!!!
ROXY: i remember hearing about that from a friend
ROXY: who…
ROXY: never even existed from this frame of reference :(
ROXY: i guess thats another weird thing about my lil sojourn to get to this point…
ROXY: it is all made of memories now that didnt even happen for other people

who the fuck is this friend??? OH, FEFETA. damn. 

the funny thing about retconquest is that you never make the mistakes, like letting your sprite blow up, yet you know you would have. so there isnt much closure its more like an NDE.

KANAYA: Ill Need Him
ROXY: who
KANAYA: Nobody

*john voice* you dont need him.

but yeah if anyone can band together a massive group of ne’erdowells its karkat

KANAYA: Before You Came
KANAYA: I Was On My Way To Join You And Rose And John
KANAYA: Feeling Quite Sure I Was About To Get Ready To Fight
KANAYA: But Then You Gave Me This
KANAYA: And Now Im Unsure Of Everything To Which I Just Imminently Committed Myself
ROXY: how so
KANAYA: I Want To Help Us Win
KANAYA: But I Also Have A Lot Of Responsibility Now
KANAYA: In A Way That Is Much More Tangible And Also Spiky And Round And Sharp Than Just A Few Minutes Ago
KANAYA: And I Feel I Have To Consider Risk To Myself Is Now Also The Same As Risk To The Future Of My People
KANAYA: Does That Make Sense
ROXY: ooh i see
ROXY: yeah!
ROXY: it is like…..
ROXY: like say a mother wolf being all ready to stand up to some other asshole of nature
ROXY: like a nasty bear
ROXY: and shes ready to fight and all but also shes got to think about what happens to her pups if she gets hurt yeah?
KANAYA: Something Like That

aww ill be sad if kanaya doesnt fight…

i bet she really wants to but yeah

ROXY: just imagine instead of a wolf its like
ROXY: a mother uhhhh
ROXY: help me out here
KANAYA: Musclebeast
ROXY: a beautiful mother musclebeast
ROXY: and instead of a bear
ROXY: its um
ROXY: a metroid
KANAYA: Lets Say Good Enough
ROXY: damn straight
ROXY: be fuckin fight of the year right there

musclebeast vs metroid, make it happen people

ROXY: none of this next gen troll stuff is even going to matter if we dont win this fight
ROXY: so we have to prioritize beating all these goddamn villains
ROXY: specially the witch!
ROXY: any extra edge is going to help
ROXY: and tho i admit i dont know much about you i am feeling prrrettyyy confident in my assessment that u are probably some sort of sick deadly bitch
KANAYA: Who Told You My Secret
ROXY: i knews it ;)

:DD roxy is the rogue of void lmfao she literally digs up secrets

ROXY: dang?
KANAYA: That Was Really Motivational And I Feel Very Inspired Now
ROXY: for real?!
KANAYA: A Little Corny But Definitely Genuine And Moving
KANAYA: And Now Im Suddenly Psyched Again To Go Dunk A Narcissistic Fish Woman Into A Sea Dumpster
KANAYA: Not To Project Myself As Someone Fickle Or Lightly Swayed On Big Decisions
KANAYA: Maybe It Was Just A Roughly Thirty Second Spell Of Cold Feet And I Just Snapped Out Of It I Dont Know
KANAYA: But You Really Do Seem To Have A Way With Motivational Words
KANAYA: You Must Be A Natural Leader
KANAYA: I Think Your Group Was Lucky To Have You
ROXY: me?? nuhhh
ROXY: im not naturally good at that at all

see SOMEONE finally tells roxy how it is

rose look out ur hot mom is gonna steal ur girl

“we hella shall”

look at that

roxy has spent the whole day dragging or being dragged by space players around the incipisphere

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