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I love when my mutuals indulge me on my Shizaya Thirst. 

• when or if I started shipping it. Ever since I saw them on the opening and I’m not even kidding. I wish I was.

• my thoughts: Literally, almost every problem those two ever had (including some of the emotional ones) would be fixed if they could find something like a peaceful coexistence. A Truly peaceful coexistence. That could be by just being companions, snarky friends or being a couple (this last one, Im just saying, IM JUST SAYING)

But at the same time, it just… wouldnt be them, if they didnt have passionate  feelings for each other. So much of their characers, of their actions, of their feelings, of their personality, was build because of their meeting, because of their contact with each other. This is why I cant really see them being close friends without, somehow, falling in love. Or becoming destructive/self destructive again.They’re literally incapable of being indifferent to each others very existence. Not, at least, without taking a huge toll of their energy.

• What makes me happy about them: They’re on each other’s mind all the time and thats canon.  Izaya costantly mentions Shizuo when talking about his only exception on his sick, twisted love for humanity. Scratch that, Izaya mentions and talks about Shizuo all the time when nobody asks. 

 Shizuo is reminded of his own brother when he sees Izaya’s little sisters. I though that connection was odd to have with someone you hate; to be reminded of the positive bonds in your life, by remembering the ones your enemy has. At some point in the novels, on Shizuo POV, when he’s wondering about his past, in which everyone was afraid of him, he specifically remembers Izaya as the one who didnt. And then Narita immediately goes “but he was a man! no homo”.

Besides that, they complement each other. In personalities, in color palettes (I draw! Leave me alone!), in actions. They polarize each other on a perfect way inside the narrative.


They’re both very lonely. And its due to their own unchanging nature. And they have a very difficult relationship with bonds. Y E T they seek for bonds, each one on their own way. Izaya by rejecting them and creating his own rules about his relationship and dynamics with people. Shizuo, by accepting his loneliness while at the same time accepting he yearns for connecting with others.

They’re both very sad, deeply lonely characters and due to that I think they do understand each other on a level no other character is able to. (Shinra sees it, but from a detached point of view.)They seem to deny it and push it, though.

Obvs, at the end of the novels Shizuo gets better (but at what cost?).

They’ll never be completely happy or free until their conflict reaches an satisfiable end and I do hate the fact Narita pulled away from that at the last fucking second, after an entire, intense and ultimately useless build up.

• things done in art/fic that annoys me:

- When they’re already on a stablished relationship but Shizuo is constantly brute and hurtful. So unnecessary. Especially when, on the plot, is constantly uncalled for, when Izaya has barely done anything to be an acceptable target. There’s a difference between this and being snarky, and I cant see Shizuo not being devoted and compromised with a person he’s in a relationship with. Also, because its usually justified that, despite how brute, uncaring and hurtful he acts, “Izaya knows Shizuo loves him”, which is just…. Yeeeaaah, guys, being treated like shit by somebody you do know loves you, doesnt necessarily makes things better.  The same thing for Izaya taunting Shizuo or provoking him on a distressful manner.

((Its not like I dont want conflict in their relationship, but if I start to wonder wtf those people are even doing together, then you’re not handling writing them on a “relationship”. Relationships are supposed to have nice moments once in a while.))

- When people go ~~dark and gritty~~ and cant decide if they love or hate each other, and then tropes like rape and abandonment and emotional abuse are evoked. Dont do that shit if you dont know what you’re going to do with those plot elements.

- People are usually way too afraid of going far with Izaya’s character (which is such a waste, he’s the character to go far with.), afraid of making him OOC and getting him wrong (which I kind of get it). And then they go T o o F a r with Shizuo’s one instead, making him IDK kill people, be angry with everyone 100% all the fucking time, eat 92059482 cakes, act stupid and unthoughtful, and generally being dumb or selfish, which is just… Ok, but what happened with the Silent Shizuo, who honeslty ponders over things while walking the street, and is kind with people he cares about??

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cause we were just kids when we fell in love

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john murphy au in which the reader is there when pike goes after murphy, and comforts him after

It’s not a surprise that Pike doesn’t like Murphy. After all, most people don’t. He doesn’t do much to combat the dislike, sometimes using it to fuel him, sometimes acting indifferent.

So, when Pike starts to get in his face, no one is surprised. Pike starts to get rude, but you sit back in your seat; John can handle himself. He’s always been able to, and all Pike is is some belligerent guy with his own issues. It can’t be fun to teach a bunch of delinquents about survival on a planet you’re never going to go down to.

At least, that was the belief in the beginning. Now, however, rumors are flying around about a last-ditch mission, about the ground, about being sent down.

It’s a rumor that hands over everyone like a sheet on a line, all waiting for the shoe to fall. The rumor infected the cells; at night, what were once silent halls were now filled with whispers as people who had previously hated each other talked about the impossibility and likelines of such a thing coming true.

The ground was uninhabitable. Everyone knew that. So why were a bunch of criminals learning how to survive on it?

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the fact of the matter is that not only is sarah a trumpie but? theres literally not a single compelling aspect of her personality on the show? i literally ? couldnt care less abt what shes done or what shes gonna do?

and i? really cant relate to trying to give her ass props for outsmarting SIERRA aka the girl yall have been shitting on for like a year now, also someone who is often marked as one of the ppl who shouldnt have even been cast … like good for u i guess but we all know Sierra is not THAT girl, so convincing her to transfer the legacy to her is……not all that impressive.

furthermore™ … Sarah’s game…is not special or standout-ish at all like its nothing new what shes doing… if anything it’s bland and boring gameplay like …why yall trying to hype this girl up and act like her winning a season that features NUMEROUS legends/actual game changers would be a Good Thing …

im? willing to take it a step further too and say that the Tea is that sarah loses at ftc to cirie and andrea at the VERY least (id reach for aubry beating her as well but im Tired), which means, lil miss sarah here, would have to go to the end with brad/tai/troy (or michaela ig) in order to win……… so are you gonna tell me youre…..gonna stan….. for sarah…and act impressed by her game…when the only people her nobody ass can beat is second chance rejects, somebody who has been manipulated by others to ruin his own game, and a girl that the edit has shown to rub her tribe mates the wrong way?

a sarah win would literally be so unsatisfying and would leave such a bad taste in my mouth (not like this season hasnt done that already, but you know what i mean), but if u wanna try to jump on board the zzzz sarah hype train so you dont completely hate the outcome of this season…Go For It

I’m not even a Destiel shipper. Why did this adorable idea pop into my head? It’s not letting me sleep so now I need to get it down.

I’m sure this has been done before, but Peter Pan AU where Cas is Peter and Dean is a Darling kid and ’ “I want to give you a kiss” “Okay” *holds out hand and waits* ’ and they’re both just adorable and young and innocent


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i took someone back who had lied and cheated and now hes just gone and done it again..i feel so unbelievably dumb, weak, stupid and i really dont know how im going to get through it again.

Never and I mean NEVER, trust somebody who has compulsively lied and cheated no matter how much they have insisted or begged that they’ve changed! They haven’t. But that doesn’t mean you’re stupid if you do, it just means you thought that they could change because your heart is big! Don’t bash yourself for that, just learn to move on and to never associate with ppl like that again.

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TALON TALON SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW WITH STONY (I know this has probably been done to death but I'm relatively new to Marvel and it just came on the radio so PLEASEEEE)

aw but that’s so sad tessa 

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Do virgos think they're smarter than everyone

Virgo is one of the most insecure signs but they do know how to figure out and get certain things done.

When they say something along the lines of “let me do it” or “no, thats how it works” its usually just that they want to do it because they have the most productive and efficient way figured out and it physically pains them to see somebody else do it in a different way.

I dont think that has to do with them thinking others are stupid or less capable (sometimes they do haha) but mostly they just get frustrated watching someone do something that they could get done in a better way

If that makes sense