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Finding The One

I already know I’m gonna get so much hate for this but lol ya’ll is just a joke okay: but baekbama who? jikook who? I only know donchim and donkook; (pic edit is credit to my bb @mac-and-cheeseburgerqueen , she is also the inspiration for this lmao )

Jungkook shook his head. It couldn’t be true right? Not his Jimin hyung. The longer he stared at the title of the article, the less sense it made, “Park Jimin in an illicit affair with Donald Trump.”

It made sense for Trump hyungnim to want Jimin, who wouldn’t? The latter was the embodiment of beauty and perfection. But why would Jimin be in an affair with an orange buffoon?

Jungkook stomped his way over to Jimin’s hotel room in order to get some clarification.  He knocked on the door rapidly and waited for the other to answer.

Jimin opened the door with his usual warm smile, “Hey Kookie, what’s up?”

“What is the meaning of this hyung?” Jungkook demanded, showing him the tablet screen with the news article.

Jimin’s eyes opened in slight surprise, he took a pause before ushering Jungkook inside.

“Kookie, babe, I know we what we had was special but, Trump oppa is the one for me. I’m sorry you had to find out like this.” Jimin said in an apologetic tone.

Jungkook felt tears rise to his eyes, “But what does he have that I don’t?” He said in an almost whiney voice.

“Well…” Jimin started with a dreamy look in his eyes, “Trump oppa has the most beautiful luscious hair, I don’t even care that it’s a wig, and even if most people call him a pig, his cock is quite big. His beautiful orange skin tastes like Cheetos, and that really gets all the hoes, all in all he just really glows. So what if he’s an asshole and goes through all the loopholes, he’s gotta a hella good payroll. Sure he acts like a kid, but he’s just channeling his inner id. But oppa is the one for me, my true soulmate.”

Jungkook sighed, “So I guess you’re into the bad assholes, that’s fair I guess, we don’t all have the same tastes.”

Jimin nodded, “I’m glad you understand,” he said while comforting Jungkook.

Suddenly there was another knock at the door and Jimin went to answer, as he opened the door, there stood Donald Trump in his orange flesh.

“Trump oppa!” Jimin cried out, giving Trump a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Jimin. We have something to talk about. Good, Jungkook is here.” Donald said.

Jimin and Jungkook turned to look at each other confused, what was going on?

“Jimin, I’m sorry, this won’t work out in between us. I saw a fancam of Jungkook and I am now in love with him, I am convinced that he is my daddy.” Trump said shocking the other two.

“I- Well- Uhm” Jungkook stuttered, not quite understanding the situation. Jimin, who was sat next to him, burst out into tears at his Trump oppa leaving him.

“I also have one more thing to confess,” Donald said, “I am not actually human, but actually a goldfish, that’s why I’m so stupid.” He stated before peeling out his outer layer revealing a neon orange fish.

Jimin and Jungkook stood flabbergasted at the now flopping goldfish which laid were Trump was previously standing.

Fuck this shit, I’m never coming back to America,’ thought Jungkook as he stared down at the fish.



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Maybe draw some dear evan hansen comfort hugs,,,, like between evan and connor or evan and connors sister (i cant remember her name helo)or like,,,,,,,,, any one i just need som comfort hugs

connor isnt used to hugs so he gives people his hoodie as A Hug™

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