i dont know chibis are weird to draw

needed to finally open my commissions again; i need the money and i feel bad for asking for that cash without offering a thing soooo HERE is my commissions post!!!!

i can draw:

  • animals but not humans. im good at basic animals so far, and not good at furries or humanoid things, i apologize - if this ever changes i’ll let u know!! but pls dont ask for humans or humanoids or else it will be Ugly 
  • basically any animal!!! any animal can be either chibi or realistic / stylized - please note that chibi is ofc easier, and the price may change depending on how complicated the animal in question is.
  • ocs or canon characters - it doesnt matter!! pls send me refs of ocs ofc tho i dont wanna go digging

i wont draw:

  • anything racist / homophobic / transphobic / sexist / etc. i shouldnt have 2 say this but ppl are weird af as we all know
  • humans as i’ve stayed before; humans and humanoids are out of the question for now.
  • nsfw bc since i’m drawing animals,,, yeah. i think this goes unstated.

and thats basically it!! i know i’ve kept it brisk but if u have any questions, hmu!!! i prefer cash.me over paypal for payment, but i’ll accept either!!!

hi hello i fell in love with your baby au even tho i dont know anything about dragon age but i just llllove the way you draw them and theyre always so cute and pretty and uuhgngnngh i always look up for a drawings with them even if its just a quick chibi doodle omg i hope its not weird or creepy i just really like your stuff KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK  /rolls away