i dont know anyones names lol

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Could you recommend me some of those HD fan sites YouTube accounts that take those amazing focus videos? Account for each member and accounts that focus on bts all together if you know any.

for the hd fansites on youtube,, theres no specific account that i watch tbh if i wanted to watch a specific member i just search “*member name* focus @ *whatever event*” 

jin blogs: @jinsjade @jinsasleep @gamjin @taejincember @winterprincejin @seokjinteamo @seokjinandtonic @runrnv 

namjoon blogs: @hobjoon @flowerjoonie @bebitojoonie @kimdaily @merryjooniemas @smilejoonie @sleepynamjoon @brightjoon (i fucking guess)

yoongi blogs: @blameblamebts @yoongissz @glitchyoongi @daegucrew @omfgbts @acciosugas @mygskths @bwisan @myg @saintminyoongi@sugagloss @christmasyoong

hoseok blogs: i jus did a hoseok blog rec a week a go or smt here

jimin blogs: @harunyany @ggukbun @mistlemochi @blumiin @pjmksj @pjmms @ladydna @lie @jwimins @clairelions @cloudjimin @jiminsfursuit @lesbianblossomjimin @the95liner 

tae blogs: @ciutae @potaessium @taexkth @taegis @silvertae @taepott @deletaed @lovelytaeh @lovekth @springtaes @lee-the-ghost-to-her-idols @milklattaes @taety @artistictae 

jungkook blogs:@chimchims@bangtanroyalty @tanktoptiger @jungshiii @jungcock @jungkookio @junqkooq @jollykook @nochuu @agustjeon @flowerboyjjk @nochuu @jjeonguk @bfkook @jeonjingles @thicknaruto @jkslesbian @spicekook 

all (im unsure tho): @mygjhs@samwol @yoonseok @je0n@sweaterpawsjimin @illicitpjm @dimples@blackgirlslovebts @taedamn @bambamisaboomyinmypants @43hy @fapmonster @hipseok @pipesound 

nct dream as tumblr blogs

this also ended up kinda like nct dream as tumblr mutuals but only a lil bit 


  • honestly he probably only made the blog to promote his tracks on soundcloud bye
  • he came for the promo, stayed for the memes
  • meme master 9000 ????

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a v small AU where Uraraka is the star of a softball team!! her teammates call her Infinity Girl bc she has the highest ever streak record of home runs~ ^^

(disclaimer is i’ve never played softball a day in my life lmao, also I may do some of the other girls too bc i have a few ideas if anyone is interested~)



Hello girls and boys! I’m Lolla, and i’ll be using this post to tell you all something simple: STEALING PEOPLE IS NOT FINE OK? I know that sometimes, one offer is very tempting. But always, ALWAYS ask for proves that it is real.  I’ll tell some things in a short and long way. 

Short: Somebody was trying to sell one fake JE code to me, and at the end she deleted the tumblr bec i’m a annoying person who dislikes mean thieves (in real life, at least. Games are games, lol *edit: Games like Dragon age. I forgot MCL is a game lmao*). One less to steal you thanks to me yay~

Long: This girls that is talking to me in 1, 2 and 3 pic tried to fool me with one offer: one AD code for TWO Japan Expo codes. We had a small fight when i accused her in portuguese (i can show the print if somebody asks me for it but its not really necessary) that it was a fake offer to steal people, and trust me, i did some researches about her to figure out it (i also have prints). Then, i asked one pic from the code and just the next day she sent me (pic 4, the right one). OBVIOUSLY i went to Chino’s Tumblr, and there it is: the same picture, but in a better quality. She deleted the Tumblr, and for sure she won’t try it again with anyone.

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what are a few things you DON'T like about gilmore girls? not characters or anything, but like the way things were written and how they handled certain things and things you just can't Get Over™.

this is gonna make it seem like i hate the show like i truly love it but its problematic as hell so like ya i have a few issues

  • lack of diversity (only 3 main characters of color (michel, lane, mrs kim), 2 of whom are supposed to be korean but have japanese actors; 1 gay character whose sexuality was only made specific in the revival and (to me) seemed like an “afterthought”; emily’s maid in the revival, etc)
  • offensive jokes (the fat, trigger, and gay jokes in the revival; the gay/lesbian jokes in the og series; the “thats my native american name” joke; abeist jokes (i know they exist but i cant think rn so i cant give a specific example), the fact that she named a character (g*psy) a slur; etc)
  • woody allen references (and references to other abusers)
  • i dont like how the characters look down on anyone (especially other women) who don’t share the same taste in them….the one scene that comes to mind is when lindsey says she like michelle branch & the others character like….physically cringe. (lol i know this is a thing real ppl do too but i hate it and its just a pet peeve of mine)
  • luke and lorelai falling apart because of how they handled the april situation…..im sorry but luke wouldve talked to lorelai about it. he wouldve wanted her help. he wouldve wanted her and april to have a good relationship. it was ooc and they only had him do it to cause drama 
  • chris slept with lorelai when she was upset and vulnerable and he clearly took advantage of her but no one in the show seems to care?? or notice how gross that is????
  • the romanticization of chris in general. and dean. and jess. and logan. lmfao
  • the lack of development between season 7 and the revival, in terms of both character development (rory, for example) and plot development (lorelai only bringing up kids like 8 years after they got back together)

asdfgh i promise i dont hate the show im just not a fan of asp or her humor or her brand of feminism so a lot of my problems w/the show stem from her and like….ya

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I was looking through your blog and I saw the post about the instrument differences in SixShame Faces and that's so COOL! Do you know what instruments they used?

hi! how far back are you?……lol;;

they used different synths! analog synthesizers to be precise. the musicians wanted to use ones with numbers 1-6 in their names (cute…) but i’m not sure all the ones they used.

they did the same thing with the first ending but it was drum synths changed instead. i think they were all from the roland TR series.

You know whenever BTS posts a selfie with an american artist they meet I realise again and again that im apparently living under a rock because i can never recognise those celebs.

ouat season 5 so far

from someone who hasn’t watched any of season 5

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Happy Gajevy Day!

Here is the part where I admit I don’t have anything D:

sorry guys what little free time i had in my writing schedule ended up being taken up by the football au. the spirit of football made its way inside me and hijacked the keyboard and the next thing i knew i was writing it a month early help


I still wanted to do something for Gajevy Day though, and since we’re less than a week out from the 12 Days of ODM, I thought I’d share a few extended sneak peeks through the day.



Just posting the refs of some designs I have won! The top two are from @heroesoftruth! The gourgeist gjinka is from @distortedcourier and the weavile/trevanent is from @nightly-noivern! Eventually I will get around to placing these characters where they need to go, but for now Ill I can say is that they will be scattered about in my projects I have going! The gourgeist,Akii, may be the first one to get any real art for awhile though, so keep an eye out for her!

this is hotchocletymilk

i’d love to commission him a custom accent or skincent to match his excellent name  – if anyone has any open slots, i’d love to know! :D 

is he drinking hot chocolate? is he actually made of hot chocolate? i dont know but there are definitely mini marshmallows and a dusting of cocoa involved

the only part I’m sure of is that his tongue. his tongue must be a chocolate pirouette wafer lol


maplestory icons taken from the credits of Black Heaven. (sorry for the lower quality on luminous + aran)

all of them are 300px. x 450px.!

free to use, no need to ask, no credit necessary. I just think they’re really cute.

get to know me taggy tag meme

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im tagging @softlittlecockroach @badcoin @oraora-tarotaro @you-get-a-stando and @senshiusako - and anyone else who wants to do this because i legit don’t know 20 people sdfghjk no pressure to do this if you don’t wanna!

Name: sami
Nicknames: never had one )):
Gender: ciswoman
Star Sign: sagittarius
Height: 5′9″
Sexual Orientation: queer
Hogwarts House: ravenclaw 
Favorite Color: pastel pink always
Time Right Now: 1611
Average Hours of Sleep: 27hrs a night 
Lucky Number: 19 
Last Thing I googled: “kol//i pandh//er” lol blocking those bc i dont want weird murder tumblr up in here
Favorite Fictional Character: johnny joestar yo
Blankets I sleep with: one big thicc comforter
Favorite bands/artists: fleetwood mac 
Dream Trip: probably like iceland
Dream Job: social research positions or if my lsats go well, practicing some sort of international rights law
When did you make this blog: dec 2012
Follower count: 2 954
Posts: 19 117 
Your most active followers according to the biggest fan (in order and in the last 3 days): softlittlecockroach, badcoin, and oraora-tarotaro
When did your blog reach it’s peak: probablly in like 2014 when i was producing a lot of content for aph, tho late 2016/early 2017 was pretty good with the yoi fandom.
Why did you get Tumblr: aph, my sister told me to get one lol
Do you get asked on a daily basis: no!
Why did you choose your URL: needed to pay homage to my fave jojo

i was tagged my @maevemillaay thanks for tagging me sagal :~)

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Name: Zeena

Nickname(s): Zee… i guess

Reasons For My URL: its supposed to be pearly with a backwards p lol

Gender: gorl

Star Sign: leo ☀️🌞🦁♌️

Height: 5'7 ½

Sexuality: Bi

Hogwarts House: slytherin

Dream Trip: to see my clones @maxbonnny @grapefrute @ alexis… which im doing December 15th

Average Hours of Sleep: 5 lmao

Why I Made A Tumblr: so i could join the younger justice fandom lmao

Dog or Cat Person: cat

When I made My Blog: i dont remember…. i was here for mishapocalyspse 

Followers: in the hundreds

i tag @lukecastellene @cammiemorgan @003foxway

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Question do you know how do you say Cheorry's and Yves' ( is that how you spell it 🤔) name i dont want the get it wrong and offend anyone (T^T)

Whenever Choerry says her stage name it always sounds like she’s pronouncing it as “Cheri/Cherry” so that’s how I’ve been saying it lol

& I’m like 99.9% sure Yves is pronounced like ‘Eve’ (similar to Yves Saint Laurent). Hope that helps!

what makes you so cool? is it your obnoxiousness? is it your all-black clothes? is it your desperation? is it your scraggly short hair? what in my cat’s name makes you so cool, that everyone loves you and accepts you? while at the same time i am rejected and have to keep to myself.


SO… i did a poth child (little jammy hood)

i know that rouge said she will not add more kids to the poth family
BUT no one said that i still can make my own >u>

welp his name is ginger(ginger of a gingerbread c:)he is a skele-werewolf
but he can walk in 4 paws c::::::
he very patient and friendly,he cares about others and he conforts them
(sorry i dont know what more to put lol)

little jammy hood : @thegreatrouge
goth: @nekophy
palette: @angexci
cant tag anyone ;-;