i dont know anymore either

laws-weenis  asked:

chikki-san~ i love your art! and then i saw your drawing of kid wearing an eraserheads shirt and i just wanted to ask if it was just a random thing or is it a band from where you are living because if yes i will cry xD

Eraserheads is a kickass Filipino rockband UwU I’d headcanon modern!au/punk Kidd to dig all sorts of rock bands (metal, punk, etc.) even if he doesn’t understand the lyrics. *smooches u forever u cutie*

i saw this and thought seijou and my hand moved on its own,,  also qianyis im so late but heres oikawa in heels 4 u :0:0

ps oikawa got this framed

Urgh I concede, I’ve worked on this enough, I don’t think I’ll ever visit this damn piece again unless I suddenly figure out a way to fix all the things I can’t get to do what I want them to.
So here, take it *throws*