i dont know about evol so

Is stardom really this Shitty?

I thought long about it if I should really write something about it or not. We all had read that post aiming badly at Stardom entertainment, written by an ex-fan of ToppDogg with several connections.
I myself cant really agree to the things she wrote…but also cant deny it but I have my own opinion about it. (I wont say its right nor its wrong)
So Ill write about it based on my own experiences with Stardom and with what Friends of mine who worked under stardom told me.
1.Mino were kicked out of stardom, thats why hes shooting at stardom and stardom artists now.
First of all…Mino werent kicked out, he left Block B and stardom entertainment because he were still underaged and his Father dissapproved him beeing part of a HipHop group~ Thats why he joined a Ballad group (BOM) afterwards and now that hes full aged, he can decide himself what kind of Music he will do. Also I dont even see it as Diss what he used during show me the money. Most rappers believe that youre only a good rapper when you show some kind of arrogance and confidence, and you can only show this when putting yourself better than the others. So I dont think he really meant it serious when he rapped, but only wanted to appear as real rapper. I asked Jucy since people said she felt hurt about his diss, and she said she was dissappointed in herself for not doing better but that she doesnt care about others “dissing” her.
2. Stardom fucked up with Block B
Yes they did…but the Team of stardom entertainment changed to 80% after that incident…and after the fake ceo dissappeared and Cho PD took over the ceo position again, they had a talk so both parted on good terms. Stardom helped them to build up Seven Seasons.
3. Stardom ent is corrupt.
I cant say anything to that since I dont work there and have no clue about their incomings and what they usually pay for things…
I just can say that after Block B left stardom fired most of his staff and had to quickly hire new staff people….and those people are really extremely chaotic, No one knows what the others do….and that is even said by the persons who worked there as internship. I know that the Fan-staff is really biased towards some fans, and HATES internationals…so Koreans easily get intern informations while internationals even have alot of problems during fan-sign events….But on the other hand, If internationals search the contact to the staff whos responsible for promotions, you easily get out all informations you want as long youre an International. I remember when ToppDogg were about to make their Open the Door comeback….Stardom started to post the member teaser pictures 7 Days before the MV Release (take down saturday and sunday since no one in stardom works on the weekend) ~ so 5 days, for 13 members…. and then my friend told me after 3 days: wow…they just realized that they dont have enough time to post all teaser pictures.
Another incident that happened were about the concert in europe. Stardom found an organizer who was willing to bring them to Germany, and everything were settled already~ The German-Organizer than told us that he had to cancel the concert sadly because stardom is not trustworthy. He said that they already had a deal to hold a concert in April but stardom cancelled it (I guess because they didnt only wanted to come to Germany) and now they had a deal, since the other concerts in europe were announced already, stardom had to write a short message on their facebook account that ToppDogg will come to Germany BEFORE the ticket sale for the other countrys start. Stardom failed that deal and didnt wrote anything so the organizer cancelled everything.
Then we all know about ToppDogg and Underdogg~ stardom had a clear Idea about the concept of both Groups, thats why they started with the “kingdoms”~ one Kingdom for every sub-unit + Underdogg as addition to the sub units~But however, they already announced underdogg when they didnt even had all members, so they casted 2 members afterwards~ one got kicked out…one left a while ago as well so they casted another one again in…and of course the concept were leaked out, so they wanted to come up with something new to surprise the audience but everything ended up in chaos again, so even the employees at stardom ent doesnt know what toppdoggs sub units etc are about.
I also know that Hansol had suffered from depressions for some time when he were called Gay by more and more fans, but stardom insisted him to keep up the fanservice with B-Joo, I dont know how he is now, I just know that it were like that not too long after ToppDoggs Debut. Also they created TD as 13 member group to not lose its trainees. even though Originally, TD were planned as 6 member group.
BUT~ The ToppDogg AND the EvoL girls trust Stardom ent and Cho PD~ The girls of EvoL had the chance to leave but they stayed. So I dont think they are really treatened worse. Just that stardom simply has no clue how to promote someone right (But there are more agencys out like that…just look at CCM/MBK or D-Buisness) 
One of my friends working there said: “I will keep on working here that one Day I can take over…no one here knows how to lead such a company right, no one knows what the other does or how to promote someone the right way…they dont know how to use facebook and Tumblr well…so If Im leading this company…I finally can teach them!”
So I think…there are alot of wrong things in the company..but not because they mean it bad but because they just dont know it better. 
And I know that its hard to not get furious when we hear stuff like that and worry about the ones we grew so attached to…But we all CANT know and tell whats going on behind the doors. Maybe Stardom is corrupt, but we cant know since were not investigators. Maybe stardom is shitty and treats its artists wrong, but we cant know since were not trainees there. So I think we shouldnt shoot blind at stardom entertainment but use our energy instead to support ToppDogg and EvoL….Instead of sending hating messages towards the company, send something that shows your love to your group to show stardom that its worth it to give them a proper promotion. If youre a Fan of EvoL…stop to ask” Where are evol? what is shitty stardom doing?” use your sns accounts to tell the girls personally that you love them and that you support them. The girs are so thankful for every single support…You can think about stardom whatever you want…but keep your thoughts in your head and the support for your beloved groups in your heart and hands~