im planning on making a lyric video for all star using only georgi ogre edits- Nick

little crewt headcanon pt.2

-an emergency happens on the ship to london and newt storms out of the cabin, offhandedly telling credence to take care of pickett. credence nods firmly and tries to snatch the bowtruckle. pickett squirms away and gets out of sight, still not trusting this stranger

-credence gets sheet white, immediately looking everywhere for him. he calls his name over and over, pickett, pickett come here. minutes of pure horror pass, and credence still repeats the name, each time his voice becoming weaker and more hoarse. 

-before he knows it, tears blur his vision, and his hands twitch so much that he can’t search through the cabin. credence ends up sobbing the name, rolling himself in a ball and burying his face on his hands because he has failed again, his mother was right, he is worthless, he had one job.

-pickett sees this at once, and tentatively gets out of his hiding spot. he softly squeaks to get credence’s attention. credence lifts his head and shows his wide, puffy, red eyes. pickett boops his nose affectionately, and credence smiles in relief.