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B o d y  E l e c t r i c.// #OneShot #Jarley

Prompt: Harleen’s private encounter with the Joker.//Pairings: Harleen&Joker —#Warnings: fluff,smut I guess lol Also using the very inaccurate 19 years of age as depicted in Suicide Squad,on Harleen’s age when she transformed into Harley Quinn lol.♡.

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My clothes still smell like you,

And all the photographs say you’re still young.

I pretend i’m not hurt, and go about the world like i’m having fun.

We get crazy every Friday night,

Drop it like it’s hot in the pale-moonlight.

Grand Ole Opry’,we’re feeling alright

Mary’s swaying softly,to her heart’s delight.

Lana Del Rey [ Tropico; Body Electric.].♡. 

3 weeks.It had been nearly 3 weeks since my last encounter with The Joker.I guess you could say that I was anxious to say the least.He was nothing like the other patients i’ve had in the past.He was dark,brooding,mysterious,enchanting and he had a way of making you come back for more.I know what you’re thinking though,I shouldn’t be thinking about my patients like this.Especially someone like him.He was known as Gotham City’s “Clown Prince of Crime”.Feared by all around him.In Arkham’s eyes,he’s considered as nothing but a blood-crazy savage in a clown costume.And for the most part,they were right.The only downfall to this,was that they failed to understand things from his point of view.

Monsters aren’t born.They’re created.

I mean,sure you can run thousands of tests,prescribe medications and hell even electro-shock therapy.None of these treatments ever,helped the patients.Especially him.But was The Joker really considered to be a deranged psychopath? A doctor at Arkham once described for me,The Joker’s state of mind. 

Imagine trying to solve the world’s most difficult math equation while you’re surrounded by six televisions that sit five inches from your face–all tuned to different stations, all rapidly switching channels, all with the volume at full blast. That’s what it’s like to be The Joker”.

This is what drew me in the first place.This is the person i’ve been waiting for.To me he wasn’t a madman,he was brilliant.He lived his life the way he wanted too.If i’m being completely honest,I yearned for that… . .and craved for him even more.So to rewind back to those 3 weeks before,an epitome happened to me and for The Joker as well.It was a usual week of numerous sessions and the typical day-to-day questions which usually resulted in casual talk about Joker’s life and his personal favorite,Batman. Any talk about Batman or Robin,seemed to really draw in Joker’s attention. From a doctor’s perspective,he was obsessed with the guy.But none the less,it always intriguing to see Mister Joker light up about his favorite bat.

“Doctor Quinzeeell!” Joker chimed before flashing his famous smile. “I want you to tell me more about yourself.Tell me,do your friend’s call you Harley?” Joker asked with an innocent curiosity to his tone.

Oh….I uhh,…..don’t have many friends” I admitted,slightly surprised at his question.

The Joker stared at me observantly for a moment,before curling his red lips into a grin.

Well Harley,you have one now!” he cooed before leaning back in his chair,still watching me with a smile.

At this,I couldn’t help but smile back.I mean sure there were a few people I was associated with,but we were never close enough to consider them as a friend.Sure they’d invite me out every once and awhile,but since I started my new job at Arkham I would usually blow them off with work that had to be done. And for the most part it was true,but other times I really didn’t want to go out.Parties were never my thing.Learning about how the human mind works and what makes someone snap,was.Even back in high-school,i’d stay cooped up inside doing homework and reading any book on criminal psychology that I could get a hold of.I was an honor student who graduated early and went off to University.So it’s safe to say that the people I was considered associated with,drifted away.

“Now,Mister Joker.I know how inconvenient it is for the monitored sessions,and the straitjacket,but I was able to pull a few strings and our next session will be held in my office.” I smiled up at him before closing the folder in front of me.

The Joker gave me a quizzical stare for a few moments,before flashing his grill into a wide smile. At this,I couldn’t help but smile back.

“That’s only if,you’re cooperative and show improvement in your attitude around here” I nodded,clicking my pen and looked up at him with an unreadable expression.

“Of course,Doc! But first there is something you could do for me” Joker purred before leaning over in his chair.

“Anything— I mean..yeah,of course” I immediately responded slowly.leaning forward myself.

“I need a machine gun.” J said in a dark,raspy voice while holding my gaze.

“A…..a machine gun?” I asked,dumbfounded before adjusting my black framed glasses.

At this,Joker laughed and leaned back in his seat again clearly amused at my reaction.I mean …it’s not like I have a machine gun just lying around. . Quickly glancing up at the security camera,I gave him a sly smile and sighed,relaxing in my chair.

“I’ll see you next week Mister Joker.” I added before getting my things,and sighed calling the guards in to get him. I hated when they took him away from me.I never want to be without him… 

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I have a question XD

Anon send me a message yesterday, that it’s rude of me to reblog art and delete the caption. I did never delete any caption. When I reblog I only hit the reblog button… and add my coment under the caption …I never delete anything!! So I instantly searched my entries for this reblog. And i found the reblog anon was referring to. I deleted the reblog and wanted to reblog the art-entry properly (as i always do!) … but everytime i hit the reblog button and the window appears before actually reblogging the thing, the caption is gone! Just gone without me doing anything?!

I don’t know why this is happening? When i reblog other entries there is no such problem. Because of that, i coudn’t reblog the wonderful art again … D:

Does anyone know this problem? (O______O)

I never got ‘stay strong’ in particular. Like, you’re not a house brick. Stay weird, stay fluid and stay bendy, it’s far less stressful. 


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