i dont kno w if i like this

you might need t o, plug in your headphones to hear this properly

im doodling a page of budding tumblr artist style stereotypes its very fun pls send me asks describing som cliches u know of

mbti as things my dad has said

ESTJ: In case u forgot, Christmas is Jesus’ birthday

ISTJ: What is it like inside a womb

ESFJ: Santa isn’t occult he is science

ISFJ: I would call him Erasmus Lionheart II, after Erasmus Lionheart I

ENTP: I like ur haircut. It is ‘salty bae’. Hahahahahaha

INTP: That is discrimination against the bald community

ENFP: Meninist sheep are himp

INFP: I’m not gay bc everyone has a crush on Captain Kirk. Even u

ESTP: She’s like Satan but cool Satan

ISTP:  Why are u so weird

ESFP: *yelling* The Sneetches is the best Doctor Seuss book stop yelling 

ISFP: What the consarnit 

INFJ: I told u there was a pic of Amy Schumer in the bin nobody ever believes me nOT EVEN U

ENFJ: Who leaves their child on an island as a joke whO DOES THAT

INTJ: Why does he even need a story chair to tell stories

ENTJ: Nick Hiss Socks 


is this what im supposed to do idk what im doing 

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Can you,,,,give me some more,,, autistic! Nico headcannons?? I just,,,I NEED them ~Local autistic boi

>:3c little did u know, local autistic boi, that I am Always Here To Dispense My Autistic Nico Headcanons

• he CANT eat warm food cold like. pizza is supposta be WARM and here u are tryna convince me its fine cold??? fuck no the feeling is WRONG

•sometimes there is a smell so Bad™ that he kinda gag-chokes w/out thinking and he feels Really Bad about it cause he feels like hes bein ungrateful (he still lowkey blames himself whenever he exhibits symptoms like this my poor child …….)

•nico: *blames himself for exhibiting symptoms*

reyna: *nico senses Tingling*


•(real talk,,,,,,,,,,,,, Autistic Reyna tho 👀👀👀)

((i am here to rub my filthy gay autistic hands on everythinf in reach))

•nico hears the words “Autism Speaks” and loses 10 years off his life span, also kills all the flowers within a five foot radius

•sometimes words jus. dont Happen for him and he is left gesturing in frustration


•ALSO CONSIDER AUTISTIC ANNABETH honestly im lowkey projecting on all my faves rn i just want them to be Relatable™ to my worn and broken autistic sou l 

•he has a Very Difficult Time speaking to and even, like, looking at people in the mornings so he gets he breakfast an hour early 

•srsly tho some other demigods eatin their frosted flakes at 5 am? Bad Time™™™ they r like “hi nico” and hes like “mhmrdfmkmd mmhrfUCK You,,, FUCK!!!! “ and then he snatches he coffee and a pastry and Absconds To His Cabin

•he feels kinda guilty later but in his defense no other words were poppin into his brain at the time and apparently saying nothing is Bad™ (@neurotypicals why u got so many Rules im an old man who cant keep up)

• sometimes he doesnt get jokes or sarcasm, he doesnt know when ppl are being serious or not BUT! he has Quality Friends Who Inform Him

anyway that is all for now love u local autistic anon,,,,,, -gem, ur local autistic Gay

park jihoon as your older friend

(( AS REQUESTED! // jihoon scenario where you’re 2 years younger than him so you think he only sees you as a little sister but he confesses to you when he thinks you’re gonna date someone else bc he’s scared of losing you??? this is lowkey rly specific but THANK YOU!!! ))

  • ure used to hearing ppl talk abt how young jihoon is, and how hes so so so cute
  • of course, u agree with him
  • everyone does tbh
  • still, it makes u feel a little upset bc it seems like everyone who says those things are older than him, with jobs and life experience and history and Fancy Stuff like tht
  • so compared to them, u feel like a toddler

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Thanks to

-Fanfiction writers
-Voice Actors
-People who share other people’s content on their blog
-Reposters who ask for permission and share artwork from other sites
-Heck, also the people who create just simple funny text posts
-Mods running blogs

…of the fandom!
I probably sound cheesy as heck but I seriously want to thank people for creating content and also spreading content by reblogging or liking things and showing your appreciation.
It’s all valuable!

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just lettin u kno that catsuggest blog is a terf

ive gotten an ask like this 3 times now, never w any information beyond “btw catsuggest is a terf” which is 0% helpful to me dude. each time ive got up n searched for information and beyond a bunch of posts like “omg catusggest is a terf?!??!” theres … no actual post with direct information. all i could find was people saying that it was suspicious because when they followed that blog, lots of recommended blogs were terfs.

in fact, the most informative post i found was someone showing that if you search ‘trans’ on the owner’s other sideblog you find nothing but trans positivity. somethin tht, u kno, terfs arent really known for.

i have no idea who runs it or what their deal is or if theres further information you keep leaving out & just expecting me to take ur (anonymous) word for it, but like, if im actually missing something let me know. otherwise …….. pls quit sendin me this every time i reblog a post where the source is that blog.

reminder that i rarely reply to replies bc idk, avpd/anxiety idk it just kinda freaks me out a bit so i dont reply to them but i appericate when ppl reply and if u have ever replied to a post pls kno i am replying to u in my heart. ty 

lfc x lake headcannons
  • studge finds the lake cus he went off wondering whilst making insta vids on his bike 
  • and he jumps in screams at the cold,
  • thats when the other lads hear him and find the lake too
  • at this point they’ve all abandoned their bikes and gone off track and are jumping into the lake fully clothed
  • cus they give no fucks 
  • kloppo is gonna kill them when they get back but hey its team bonding or so studge tries to say and get away with
  • migs jumps in half naked while he gets hendo to film him on his phone cus ‘its a cool vid to post on insta ok hendo, im cool, im down w the kids’
  • hendo just laughs
  • ads tries to prove hes the best swimmer but he doesnt get far and half drowns
  • emre participates but damn it if he puts his head under water cus even if  a strand of hair is outta place, ww3 is gonna happen
  • but he splashes water on others for the fun of it 
  • couti and alby compare who has the better abs, nobody knows why, 
  • studge thinks its funny to splash everyone near time and has a damn good time doing it 
  • dejan and gini are just super happy, and laugh and scream alot 
  • joel freezes half to death while the lads laugh at him but they are all freezing to death they just think they’re being cool
  • sadio, bobby, studge and joe has a race to see who can get to the other side faster, 
  • joe wins, and screams a yahhhhh babyyy micheal phelps whoo bitch
  • everyone dies laughing
  • mils may or maynot have dunked water on emre’s head, 
  • hes mad for 3 secs before hes zooming thru the water trying to chase mils
  • and thats how the game of chase started, even joel gets involved 
  • most of the lads just chill in the water near the bank, but everything is chill and happy and cold but its great 

feel free to add more

lee daehwi as your soulmate

imagine having daehwi as ur soulmate where u have the date u meet written on ur wrist

(as requested!)

  • ur soulmate clue isnt really visible for awhile just bc ure like. a tiny kid for the first majority of ur life lol
  • for awhile u just have a smudge of ink on ur wrist so,,, u dont rlly have a choice but to let it be
  • once u start to get older, the markings on ur wrist start to become more and more clear

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they talk shit (prob about the league of villains)

mini callout for vicky / newleader / partofwar / depravety / noblehell/ hewillrise

- accused mason of not bein latinx ( without doing any sort of research to find out that he’s trans ) just bc of his name
- called out her friends over nothing
- lied about two people just to ruin their rep bc she could
- threatened to gaslight two of my friends
- manipulated her ex-girlfriend into a relationship
- just …. can’t stay in her lane… u probably know this she was that dean winchester blog, i can’t rmmr the url but u prolly kno which 1 … had that anime blog also cain or smth? a wild ass bitch