i dont kno w if i like this

regional at best is the second studio album by american rock band twenty one pilots.

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I don't know why I follow you Not in a rude way tho... just in a like "How did this come about" sort of way I have absolutely no similar interests, most the time I don't even know what's going on to be perfectly honest... Yet here I am consistently reading everything you post and then liking even tho I literally have not one clue as to wtf anything means or who anyone is... I like it tho. I like your followers too. Anyways idk... Keep on keepin on I guess, I'm a fan

i wanted u to kno while i was readjusting myself to reply to this in a proper posture i almost ate shit from almost falling off my bed to do so 

I thought Id share that



its in all of my abouts???? and said abouts go to a link describing it if you’re unfamiliar w/ what it is?????

like. i wasnt getting upset at you i didnt condemn you i just said ‘please dont call me a girl’

all you have to do is say ‘sorry, i wont next time’ and thats it!! thats all u hav to do!!! no excuses, no nothin, its simple, its polite, + its a lot more respectful than going ‘well i didnt MEAN to make u upset how could i have known??/??????’

im not trying to be condescending or rude im just. saying that if you misgender someone/someone tells you to not call them something, literally all you need to do is say ‘sorry wont do it again’ and Not Do It Again, nothin else! thats it!


when u fall asleep with your glasses on (look, finally,another midosak comic, what has it been, a year?? lmao)

With all the idols recently who have come out with some mental health or eating /physical disorder I just wish them the best and great recovery Its never easy dealing these type of things but I really want more fans&companies to see tht they arent jus products they are ppl to w/ feeling who work their butts off Plus we dont even kno whats going on w/ them personally like w/ family friends love future etc Therefore I admire a lot of idols. It’s a tough business and it’s not for everyone.

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you seem like a cool guy can i chat w you or fuck no jump in a ditch?

U can chat w me!!!!!! just kno that if i dont respond for a while (like a few days while) i prolly dont wanna talk ?? But i most always do! :0 ❤

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those gifs you reblogged of the kitchen scene are so cute. it feels like they were doing improv :')

the whole season feels like they were doin improv,,,,rmbr when henrik and ulrikke hung out and henrik sang along to justin timberlake like,,,,flashbacks to even w gabrielle,,it makes u wonder if that was henriks idea or smth u kno…..but also it couldve been just julie i donT KNOW i love them

aakjefierh @roadside-cemetery tegged me in a thing and do u kno what i love? being tagged in things so thank u

Get to know me boys

Tag 15 of your followers that you would like to get to know better: 

(ur all also not my followers but who fucking cares i love ur blogs so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

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Name: Ivy

Nickname: Ivory, bitch (bich/binch/any other variations of it lmao)

Gender: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Star sign: libra

Height: 5'2"

Sexual orientation: pansexual

Hogwarts house: hp is for nerds

Fav colour: blue

Fav animal: dogs!!

Average hours of sleep: anywhere from 0-15 hours i have a bad sleep schedule ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Cat or dog person: dog!!

Favorite fictional person: oh shit……i read so much but probably john coffey from the green mile bc he is such a sweet soul and i wish i could i do that hes such a sweet soul

#of blankets I sleep with: 2 comforters at all times

Fav singer/band: panic is my fav band ever lmao

Dream trip: vegas!

Dream job: anything where i can draw and be my own boss

When was your blog created: like 2012/2013

current # of followers: like 834 on my main

What made you create a tumblr: ………….one direction………………