i dont kiss everyone

I tried.


Day 1 // Types of Kisses

Happy SoMa Week to everyone!

Unfortunately my contributions will be delayed for a day (or a few days depending on my busy life sched and motivation). But as you can all see, I will be animating for this year’s SoMa Week! (which will take more time omg)

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For now, have all the SoMa kisses w/ some of their cool outfits <3 Tag your fave kiss!

Me reading LOS

I love Yousef ….for real…he has been in every single episode a really nice , respectful and caring person…I will not judge him just based on the few seconds we saw without having any context or an explanation….it breaks my heart it really does.. Im so mad  that I can’t even see any pics of him right now…but I do want to wait before cancelling him forever


good fucking bye it was nice knowing you all

Finding an excuse to draw them kissing tbh Practiced colouring digitally on traditional sketch. I didnt know how to manage it at first and can’t say i know what im doing but i think i did a good job! ✨

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When your two friends are too stupid dense to realize their feelings so you have to help them out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Based on this.

anonymous asked:

gansey realizing he's not completely straight. Gansey asking if he can talk to ronan alone and there being an awkward silence for a few minutes while ronan patiently scratches chainsaw on the head, extremely curious as to what has the group's golden boy in such a tizzy. Gansey beating around the bush until ronan just tells him "look, dude, there's nothing you could say to get rid of me. spit it out" gansey biting his lip and asking if ronan can be his first kiss.

okay, i just got another ronan/gansey ask so im gonna go with this first because i was saving it for a time i could pay attention to it. 


i usually think of gansey as a person who knows hes not entirely straight. however, i will bend that this much because i like this concept. however im gonna put it before adam meets the group, because that way it doesnt have the problem of gansey feeling like he cant choose favorites. 

here are my thoughts on this:

  • gansey and ronan living alone together in monmouth. ganseys never actually spent this much one on one time with someone his age before, much less someone he gets along with so well and feels so natural and at home with. 
  • gansey admiring how attractive ronan is, gansey feeling really proud of knowing ronan, gansey conflicted by how much he admires all of ronan’s attributes even though he knows so many of them are the result of trauma
  • gansey a little too curious about some of the posters in ronan’s room, gansey paying too much attention to some of the jokes ronan makes, gansey who cant sleep until ronan has lumbered out of his office-bedroom to join him in insomnia, until they both fall asleep on ganseys bed or on their relative seats in the pig after a long night of searching 
  • it feels so natural being with ronan, theyre always touching each other, shoulders bumping, knuckles knocking, elbowing, heads leaning, torsoes layered, hands dangling against one anothers
  • if nothing else, gansey eventually has to admit hes Curious
  • it feels so safe in monmouth anyway, its just the two of them, surely it wouldnt be wrong to see what would happen a step further, they were always just inches away
  • but chickening out so many times because what if he fucked up, what if he didnt mean it right, what if he wasnt good, what if ronan wasnt into it, what if he would just ruin their friendship
  • still he cant feel satisfied with himself not addressing this part of him so eventually he sucks it up and, in his own dramatic manner, declares to ronan that he needs to Tell Him Something 
  • ronan is anxious for minutes as gansey paces and wrings his hands, thinking that like, he is gonna be kicked out of monmouth or gansey has to leave or something bad has happened or something 
  • “spit it the fuck out, indiana” 
  • “ive been noticing that im probably…….. um, not straight”
  • a pause as ronan processes, then “oh. oh, um. all right.”
  • “right. yeah. anyway, i thought it just ––”
  • “i dont care. i mean, like. sorry, go ahead. i was just gonna add like. i dont care. be… whatever.”
  • “right, no, right, yes, of course. im –– im grateful. i was just… well, i was wondering, i guess, about you, personally.”
  • “…about me.”
  • “or, you know, not. its just that what with the whole sudden interest in kissing boys, i was just sort of thinking––”
  • “…dick gansey the third, are you trying to ask if i would kiss a boy, specifically, if that boy was you?”
  • “……………..” (here is where the lip biting and blushing comes in)
  • “… yeah, sure.” 
  • “oh. yeah?”
  • “yeah. i mean, dont go telling everyone. but if youre gonna kiss a boy, it might as well be a pretty one, right? i wouldnt want you to settle for less than the best-looking.” -smirks-
  • gansey half laughs half sighs in relief and punches him on the arm 
  • “fuck you, lynch”
  • “now, that, you’ll have to negotiate for”

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I dont get it when nam/jin kissed everyone was freaking out like that is fanservise and you all should know but jimin does some legit wtf gay shit and its fanservise like come on.

aisjf;a honestly forever my mood. like, it was a legit punishment. but everyone was like “they’re in love!!” but jimin does something super gay, that’s like super natural and not a punishment and antis are like “hhm idk, seems like fan service to me ://” like stop playing.