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what's the expanse about?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) im so glad you asked

the expanse is sci-fi series set in the near future where humanity has spread to mars and some of the larger asteroids in the asteroid belt, as well as some of jupiter’s moons. it starts when a long-distance freighter ship, the canterbury, is attacked & destroyed after following up on a distress call. the 4 survivors of the canterbury try to figure out what happened, and their search intersects with a detective on the asteroid ceres looking for a missing woman.

if you at all like:

  • team as family
  • cool as fuck space battles
  • loyalty kink
  • politics
  • game of thrones but no rape
  • poc in prominent roles
  • ur faves being problematic
  • clothing porn

you should check it out! imo its worth watching just for my faves, very large strong powerful daughter bobbie ‘i dont use sex as a weapon, i use weapons as weapons’ draper

(gif by harveybirdman)

and slytherin queen chrisjen ‘i like getting shit done’ avasarala

(gif by enalgunlugar)

but i love all the characters! i highly recommend it, and can give more details if you want


[x] [x] - requested by anonymous (edited slightly to shorten!)

You froze as you shakily lowered your hands, your voice still ringing in your ears as you had yelled at Bucky to stay away from you. The rest of the Avengers gaped at you in a stunned silence, looking between you and Bucky, who was on the floor. They had all rushed into the room after they had heard you and Bucky yelling.

“Bucky,” you said softly, looking at him as he looked up at you. He was trembling slightly as he stumbled to his knees, and you could see his leg was hurt. “I am so sorry…”

Bucky opened his mouth to reply, but you had already darted out of the room. You had sworn never to hurt anyone out of anger again, but perhaps, this was who you were, and there was nothing the Avengers could do to change that.

“y/n!” Steve called after you, moving to follow you as you pushed the door open.

“Dont, Steve,” Bucky said, limping to his feet. “I’ll go after her.”


DAY 1: Favorite Canon Interaction 

ok but theyre holding hands i swear

also here’s the non flashy version

MBTI Types Nightblogging

(as nightblogged by an unstable ENFJ at 3 a.m.) 

INTP: wtf free will is an illusion

ESFJ: so sad :’( Wish He Understood

ENFJ: *months deep into someone’s personal blog* 

ENTP: But Have You Considered the Bees


ESFP omg guys guys what if trees have feelings im already vegetarian idk what 2 do

ESTP: hahaha kisses sounds like farts we r all farting

INTJ: *psychadelic nietzsche gifs with illuminati every 5th frame*

INFJ: *super angsty poetry* if anyone is up feel free to IM me even if we dont have mutuals!!!!

INFP: *INCOHERENT SOCIAL JUSTICE RANT* gah will probs delete 2moro *doesn’t*

ISFP: fml i dont know wut im doing with my life :’) *actually deletes the next morning* 

ESTJ: im just so tired of “certain” ppl and their shit jk not just ppl jessica this is u u ho

ISFJ: *reblogs aesthetic posts, puts life story in tags* 

ENTJ: god ppl can be so dumb sometimes. -15 min- enough said -15 min- ALRIGHT IT’S TOTALLY MY ENGLISH TEACHER WHAT A BITCH *1500 word rant* 

ISTP: u up? ;) 

ISTJ: *doesn’t nightblog, is asleep fuck all of you get some fucking rest ok acts superior when they aren’t dead tomorrow rightfully so tbh* 

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Hi friend! I mightve sent this in already but I dont see it on the list so idk. Im not sure of your rules so if you dont want to do this, thats fine. But ca I hve a long reaction where their s/o starts drinking/smoking again when shes trying to stay sober? (If I could have 2 seperate ones like maybe where they find a pack of smokes for one and for the other they find you with your face in a bottle of alcohol when they come home but again, if you dont want or dont have the time to thats fine c:

This is part one - they come home to find you drinking - and part two - where they find a pack of smokes - can be found here. And to the anon, and anyone else struggling with this, I want to say that I believe in you ^-^ You can do whatever you put your mind to, and I know it’s hard, but there are plenty of people who want you to be the healthiest and happiest you can be~

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin’s heart nearly broke when he came home to find you drinking, the bottle in your hand already half-empty. And who was to say that that was your first bottle? For all he knew, it could have been your tenth, or you could have gone on to drink ten if he hadn’t gotten back in time to stop you. So, being as cautious as he could so as not to set you off - either into a fit of anger or uncontrollable sobs, he wasn’t sure which would be worse - he pulled the bottle from you, dumped it into the sink so that you couldn’t be tempted to grab it again, and held you. He pulled you into his lap, cradling you into his chest and rocking back and forth in the hopes that it would lull you to sleep. And, once you were asleep, he finally let his tears fall; he knew that you would be upset once you were sober; he knew you’d beat yourself up about “falling off the wagon.” He knew what was going to happen once you woke up, and he didn’t know what he could do to prevent it or help you through it. He felt the anguish he was sure you would feel once you were cognitive enough to do so, and he wished there was something he could do or could’ve done to prevent all of it.

Yoongi was pissed, and most of that anger was directed at himself. He was angry at you for drinking and not telling him that you were struggling so hard not to, but that was really the only thing that he felt was your fault; he always worked so late, slept most of the time when he was home, and probably hadn’t been there for you enough. He wasn’t blaming himself - you’d told him early on that if you ended up drinking that he shouldn’t think that it was his fault; it was yours and yours alone - but he was going to beat himself up over it. And despite knowing that he already had enough of a reason to hate himself for the next few months or so, he did something he knew he’d regret; he stood in the doorway, bag still on his shoulder, and told you to choose: him or the bottle. He knew your cognition was impaired by the alcohol in your system, but he still wanted an answer. If you poured the bottle out, he’d pull you into his arms, apologize for leaving you alone for so long, and pull you to bed. If you continued drinking, he’d leave, struggling not to rush back to your side the entire way back to the studio. He told himself it would help; it would scare you into staying sober, but still he was back by noon, hoping you’d forgive him for leaving you yet again.

Hoseok, ultimately, was worried about your health. He didn’t know how much you’d had to drink, or what it was you were drinking, or even where you’d gotten the drink. He was afraid of what would have happened if he hadn’t come home when he did; would he have found you passed out over the toilet bowl? Would he have come home to find that you had left, off to do something stupid while your judgement had been impaired? Or would he have come home to find you on the floor, a bottle shattered around you and nothing but a small pulse assuring him that you were alive? With his mind bombarding him with worst-case-scenario after worst-case-scenario, he gently took the bottle from you, setting it to the side and forcing you to look him in the eye. He didn’t try to tell you not to drink; no, instead he told you that, if you were finding it impossible to resist the urge to drink, you should call him and he would drink with you. Sure, he’d make sure you didn’t drink a lot - one glass or bottle maximum a night - but he just didn’t want you to drink alone, afraid of what he’d come home to find if you did.

Namjoon knew that there was nothing he could really do or say to you now, as you’d already started drinking and probably weren’t in the most stable state of mind, but that didn’t mean that he was just going to let you keep drinking. He didn’t bother saying anything - he was angry, at both himself for not noticing that there was something wrong and you for not telling him, and he didn’t want to snap at you right now - as he took the bottle from your hand and poured it out. It was one of his; you’d told him he could keep it in the house, that you’d be fine, and he wished he hadn’t listened - yet another reason for him to be mad at himself. Once that drink - and every other alcoholic beverage - had been poured down the drain, he filled a glass with water, grabbed the aspirin from the medicine cabinet, and pulled you into the bedroom. He didn’t respond if you tried to speak to him, and the only words he managed to get out were, “We’ll talk in the morning.” He sat up and waited for you to fall asleep, then continued to watch you, the sight of your peaceful face managing to calm him down to the point that he could fall asleep as well.

Jimin was angry. He wasn’t quite sure what he was angry at, but it didn’t matter; you were drinking, and there was no way that either of you could reverse this. He would storm to your side, tear the bottle from your grasp, and dump it into the sink forcefully while his gaze stayed locked with yours. He opened his mouth, only to find that he couldn’t get more than one word out; he had no idea what to say, so he’d shout, “What-” or, “Why-” or anything along those lines and then find himself at a loss for words. That only lasted a few minutes, with his shouts quickly becoming strangled as his voice cracked and his throat went dry as he struggled to keep himself from crying. He started coughing and clearing his throat, but that only made it worse, and eventually he found himself hugging you, inhaling the scent of you, though the smell of the alcohol would prompt him to pull you into the bathroom. The two of you would shower - either separately or together, it didn’t matter, though he’d only touch you to wash you if you showered together - and he’d hold his head under the stream, letting the water streaming down his face simulate the tears that he refused to let fall before eventually getting out, crawling into bed with you, and murmuring, “I’m sorry.” He didn’t say what for - he wasn’t even sure himself - but he didn’t say anything else as the two of you drifted off to sleep.

Taehyung was hurt when he walked in to find you drinking alone, tossing your head back as you sucked the last few drops from the bottle in your hand. He didn’t understand why you had started drinking again; yes, he knew that you had cravings, and that those cravings could sometimes be almost impossible to resist, but he was there for you, and he always let you know that. Why would you have struggled on your own to the point of breaking when he would have dropped everything to go to you if you’d just called him? Did you not think that he’d be able to help, or were you drinking because of him? He knew he couldn’t ask you any of this while you were intoxicated, but he didn’t bother to hide his tears as he pulled you up from your seat. He did try to smile through them, assuring you that you were fine, he was fine, and you both probably just needed a good night’s rest. First, though, he’d help you brush your teeth, because he was going to hold you to him as tightly as possible and he didn’t want the alcohol on your breath to remind him of why he was crying; he doubted he’d forget it anytime soon anyways.

Jungkook didn’t want to upset you by taking your drink from you, so he did his best to coax you into bed, convincing you to set the bottle on the nightstand. He stayed by your side until you fell asleep, then went through and cleared the house of any alcohol. He wasn’t able to sleep - there was way too much on his mind - so instead he sat on the bed beside you, pulling open his laptop and doing whatever research he could before you woke up. And, once you had woken up, he did his best to make sure whatever pain you felt or emotions you were feeling were manageable before taking a deep breath and showing you what he had on his laptop; there was a list of places that held regular AA meetings, as well as a few rehab centers tacked on at the bottom, and he told you that, if you were willing, he’d either sponsor you in your AA group or pay for you to go through rehab. If you wanted to do it on your own, though, he’d insist that you at least let him in; tell him when the cravings were bad and call him if you think you can’t go any longer without a drink. He might not be able to do everything a support group or rehab center could do, but he’d do his best to distract you from your cravings and keep you sober for as long as he could.

PSA: Tag your Spoilers

Just putting out a PSA, since the Batman v Superman movie in coming in less than 13 days, please everyone tag your spoilers and those who don’t want spoilers, blacklist them! I’m sure artists, fanfic writers and those who make edits and gifs will have plenty of material coming out in the end of March and throughout April!! So please be warned! Tag “spoilers” “bvs spoilers” “doj spoilers” “batman v superman spoilers” or things along that line! (If anyone sees this and wants to add another tag to tag for spoilers, please go ahead! Be warned everyone! Let everyone enjoy!! And let everyone express as well! <3 Can’t wait for opening day!! <3 (already got my ticket >///<)

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I dont know if anyone's mentioned this or not, but if you watch closely in that one acoustic video of night changes (the one taken during the same day as the fourhangout), you can see harry quietly singing along to louis' solo!

Oh he definitely is! It’s subtle, but Harry is singing along with his baby :)

And I just need to freak out about another part of that performance because it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen all day



Ever since we met, I’ve known that we’re special. That the way we talk and laugh around each other is different than everybody else. That I will never meet anyone I can trust as much as I trust you. And I think most people search their whole lives to find what we’ve already found.


Hello everyone! Since the world cup is unfortunately over I’m sure a couple of new fans are joining our fandom, I decided to gather together a list of Bayern blogs, this is not a personal follow forever or such, the blogs that are incluided here are because they reblog, post, edit, gif about Bayern Munich (along with other content) so if you are looking for new blogs to keep updated about the upcoming season, you should take a look of this ones! (Im sorry if anyone is left out I did my best by searching however this list can get bigger, so dont hesitate to message me to add you, some of this blogs might already changed their urls back) 


aramishbadboystuber, achtung-dichtung, arjenrobbens, angelamerkels  andrehorstschurrlebastianswagsteiger, bayernhavealittlelahm, bayerning daleyblinds, bayernaddiction, bmunchenbayern-munchen-forever, diemannschaftfurimmer, deutschehrvatska, derek-stepanbastian-schweinsteiger, bastian-podolski, bendstuberbeerhoff, annalewandowskas, bastisschweinsteiger, bayernruinedmylife, bayern-dfb, evilbavarian, english-bavarian, allesmueller, badsstuber, bayernmunchkin, bayernmotherducker, dxbayerndante-bonfim, b-ayern, bobeklewandowski.

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I don't know if you've been asked already, but where the hell did you watch it (haikyuu stage play)? I don't want viruses :(


but this post might help you . it involves downloading utorrent which i dont really want to do, so if anyone has any ways to help out me and this lovely citizen here, pls hmu!!!!