i dont have thumbs

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projection headcanons ? i've had this long-standing slant that adam's asexual. he enjoys being with ronan but not on the level he's "supposed" to feel it, and he worries that bc he was always working/tired that part of him didn't "develop" or something. and then eventually, after some self-analysis and heart-to-hearts, is like. well, i'm my own person and this is just part of that, if anyone dislikes it i don't need them.

!!! nice!!! 

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okay so there are these plants called Living Stones Cactuses idk if you've heard of these b if u haven't they are amazing they look kinda like little stones or mushrooms and the have a little slit in the middle but!! I got one and I found out the way they grow is another stone grows inside the slit and then it expands and the outer stone withers away and they're just rlly rlly cool ya gotta look up pics or get one also I love ur blog a bunch and thank u for ur time

OMG they’re really cute!!!!!!! currently i cant keep my irl plants alive i super duper dont have a green thumb but once i get the hang of it maybe ill get one they’re really cute and small

(warning if you google them tho trypophobia tw they grow in clusters and some of them look like brains)

i dont know why but recently ive really wanted to have a thumb war with michael to see his little fingers struggle to win.