i dont have thumbs

I was looking at your hand post, and I was able to figure out what was wrong with the ones you weren’t happy about. From one artist to another, I know what it’s like to have everyone say something’s perfect, but still be able to see every imperfection you make. I did a little re-drawing for you in hopes this might help you to improve/feel better about your art.

For the first one, I noticed you were going for perspective on the thumb, but in the wrong area. You had the base of the thumb shortened, which implies it’s going away from you, but the tip of the thumb flat implying it’s strait from the side. By switching which section is the focus of perspective, you should be able to fix this issue.

For the second one, I noticed the thumb was positioned in a way that broke the bones. You shouldn’t be able to see the ball of the thumb from that perspective as the thumb doesn’t bend that way. Try holding your hand out in the same position and you’ll see what I mean.

I hope this helps. I did my best to emulate your style in my draw overs, but I’m not that good at style emulation.

Thanks for the red lines. It helps on the first one. The second one I’m not sure if that’s quite correct either, it was a weird angle for the hand to be in and the closest finger is meant to be a pinkie finger, not an index finger, it was a hand reaching out. I should have kept the photo but I dont have it any more to show how it looked, but the thumb was angled in a pretty weird way, the nail wasn’t showing.

i dont know why but recently ive really wanted to have a thumb war with michael to see his little fingers struggle to win.

-Sips Eggnog while keeping a poker face strong-

Ok so it was an image in my head that had to be done  XD;

DigiBlue-We dont have thumbs! I can’t hold you too long maybe you should let me do this !

Bech pone- Have a little holiday spirit, I got dis.

-goes back to work on commissions-

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