i dont have the patience for comics


“im like.. plastic trash for my favorite show”
“what does that even mean”
“it never rots”


i had more planned for this but it was going to make the post quite long and this seemed like the best place to stop it. i guess this can be considered the pilot to more haikyuu band au stuff?

clearly I have no idea what i’m doing when it comes to making a comic

galxticcs  asked:

I know from experience that comics are so much work and as much as I'd love one from you I don't think you'd have time to do it considering your job. Not that I don't believe in you but comics take so much time to complete and since you have to work it would be difficult. And if you decide to color that shit you're basically dead. Comics are the best and the worst.


You dont have to tell me how time consuming making comics would be. And as a person who has to balance out having a part time job, keeping her youtube updated, and manage to have some free time for herself, I know FOR A FACT I could not keep up a comic. 

I dont have the patience for it either haha its a ton of work I get exhausted just thinking about it! You comic artists are incredibly patient and headstrong for keeping up with this type of work!

I honestly get so annoyed with the amount of people who ask me to make a comic of my ocs like if I had as much fucking leisure time as they did then maybe!! But I aint got that. I can only assume those people have never attempted to make comics themselves lmao. 

Lets be real tho even if I got rid of the job factor I wouldnt have the patience for a comic.  

sona dive stuff/update

Hoi everyone update and stuff yay!!!!

First of all yes I’m working on the the comic please have Patience. 

Second I’m also working on concept art and getting ready a sound track for the first ark, themes and stuff.

Thirdly I still don’t have Enough sonas, I need 3 more lol. so if you want to be in the webcomic just follow me and @sona-dive-webcomic, make sure that you have a ref of your sona.
4th and foremost
@divinexremembrance , @coolavaa , @scrillow , @bluemurderbunny , @spottermiz , @nivet-dia-portum , @norval17 , @paragonhell , @skymii-wonderer , @glowyskull , @thespudofwisdom , @d0m-unit , @glowyskull , @aquainaglow , @crimsonas-fandoms-are-life , @moonshapedwaffles , @maniacal-cat

If you guy have any changes to your sonas or want to change your sonas please let me. also I need heights and a small description of your sonas personality. 

If any questions, please DM me. 

- jj :3 

anonymous asked:

Any chance you have a master post of all your comics? I absolutely love them and want to read them all! :D please dont ever stop! You are amazing <3

The closest thing I have is my art tag. The comics are linked between them in description. It’s still a bit troublesome to follow, but if you have enough patience you could do that haha!


I should really do a master post.. At least with the link of first part of each comic, so people know where they can start from.