i dont have the patience for comics


“im like.. plastic trash for my favorite show”
“what does that even mean”
“it never rots”


Holy expansion batman and introducing Reverse Sans who has no patience is a bit of a coward and might be ~jealous~ angry at all the Sanses who are close to their bro.

anyway warning: Next pages after this will contain some upfront froncest / kedgeup. If you dont like it I understand then yo u have been warned. 

I wanna thank @maple-and-pie for helping me with the text it was her idea for the pun and  for UF papyrus to call Sans ‘’ soft soap’’ to where Sans calls him Edge-paps, she also got me into Error sans and educated me on different au’s and that is how Reverse Sans was born and with the help of the au name!

Srry for my bad english I am Dutch.

Also info 17th July I decided to make the comic short and thus cut of some sotry ideas I had planned of rit due to personal reasons such as I am afraidf this comic might be too ongoing and I get bored of it or run out of ideas I dont want that to happen I want the comic to end and have a proper ending so it be short 2 or 3 more post then it be the end of it. I still will make kedgeup drawings and other undertale trash ! and  i am going to try to keep posting 8-12 pages per post so it wont seem too rushed

previous pages: http://kell0x.tumblr.com/post/147158782379/whelp-someone-wants-you-both-dead-omfg-its-late-i

tommorow party goodnight peeps >2


i had more planned for this but it was going to make the post quite long and this seemed like the best place to stop it. i guess this can be considered the pilot to more haikyuu band au stuff?

clearly I have no idea what i’m doing when it comes to making a comic