i dont have the energy to review

i always make posts like “if i dont get attention ill literally die” as some degree of hyperbole but let’s review the things that have happened since i’ve had a reliable source of Attention:

-i’ve been going to the gym more

-i’ve been drinking water and looking after my diet

-i’ve had a lot more energy

-i’ve had a lot less brain fog and been able to actually participate in the things i usually enjoy, like reading and TV shows

-i’ve actually managed to educate myself on things i havent touched for a year because i didnt have the spoons/couldnt deal with the identity crisis i’d have if i found out there was evidence to counteract my opinion

like when narcissists say that we suffer without having a source of attention, we aren’t playing around. this shit actually impacts our lives and to say that this need is unnecessary or pretentious shows a clear misunderstanding of what NPD actually is.

anonymous asked:

I have a request... can you draw Jasper or lapis (or both) and jigsaw traps from Saw movies (that my favorite horror movie) ya know? And I really love your art(^ω^)thank you awesome buddy

incredibly bad and sinister energy radiates from this ask 

straight-up if u think im ignoring u for a malicious reason, i’m not. my avpd has been off the charts recently & i can’t seem to muster up enough energy to make friends like i tried for a good month & im hella tired y’all im sorry