i dont have his manly beauty

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i can't believe yooki are real and in love wow my pores have decreased in size, my skin is clear, ship yooki ppl


crossover ships are the most beautiful things ever, and i just… I JUST I LOVE IT SO MUCH BECAUSE YOU CAN DO SO MUCH WITH THEM, and that’s what i do with Yoongi and Kihyun :”)) i’m so glad to have created them when kihyun touched the suga butt. 

They are clearly a match made in MY HEAVEN LOL

their goofy smiles

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their body rolls lolol

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them laughing super hard

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their “whaaaaaa?” look

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being derps

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  • and how they’re ‘93 
  • friends before debut
  • still friends after debut
  • yoongi mentioned of a friend being in a hip hop group (he talked about kihyun ; _ ;)
  • yoongi is rapper
  • kihyung is singer
  • and they can make beautiful duets together and kill me
  • kihyun probably featured in yoongi’s mixtape 
  • yoongi is older but shorter
  • kihyun is younger but taller
  • and their height differences arent very different but it’s so cute because kitty can have turtle lean against him when they’re standing at a bus stop together after their cute little dates because turtle is tired and kitty doesn’t mind having his adorable manly turtle leaning against him and i am crying because I SHIP YOOKI SO HARD.

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SAME i really don't like Dan green's voice. Yugi's voice sounds really strained, almost like a falsetto, and Yami is just. soooo deep. almost comically deep. like one of those manly muscled action movie protags. he is a small beautiful teenage ghost please don't do this to him. Megumi Ogata and Shunsuke Kazama were way better

And i really DONT blame Dan for this, its not his fault thats how he sounds, i think he was badly cast

his voice doesnt fit yugi cuz its pretty obviously uncomfortable and out of his range, i dont think anyones gonna argue with me on that

I actually have a major problem with the way they cast and wrote Yami

The english dub i would say gives off a “Mature, Classically Heroic” vibe. none of these words are words I would use to describe Yami. 

Yami is a teenager, hes confused, and lost, and he doesnt know who he is, he has confidence, but I know damn well he does not consider himself a “hero”, and the voice he has, and the lines they give him, really doesnt fit the complexity of his character at all. (Then again disclaimer i havent seen a whole lot of english episodes, but ive seen at LEAST one scene that pissed me off to hell and back)

I definitely do not blame Dan Green for this, i have to make that very clear. I MOSTLY blame the people who wrote the script for the english dub. THEY fucked up. they fucked up BIG time. And if you like the dub thats ok, and if the dub is YOUR version of this show, if the dub is the version you love the most, thats ok. But it frustrates me to hell and back, personally. And the simplification of Yami and his relationship with Yugi is only the START of my problems with it. Dont even. get me. fucking started. on Marik. 

Therefore I conlude LEE SEUNG HOON will slay your bias list into pieces when you see him in person

So guys im gonna share to you the judgement of fellow aces who saw Winner in airport and concert. Some one asked Filipino aces who is the most good looking member in person and here are some answers:

  • Oh, Im not in the concert but I saw them close in the arrival (airport). Unbiased speaking, Im sorry but Mino is the most handsome. They dont have make up when they arrived but Mino is very manly and hansome, even the way he walks its so handsome. KSY has milky white skin, kissable lips and very kind because he accepted the gift that I handed to him. Seunghoon, height, rosy cheeks and swag. Namtae, pretty face and kind, I will never forget the look in his eyes while he was looking at me when I struggle to give him my gift that he didnt able to get. Jinwoo is very kind you can see in his face and he has a beautiful eyes.

  • Mino, very handsome and has very nice skin. KSY, fairest of them all. Hoonie, tallest. Namtae, pretty face. Jinwoo, kindest
  • Hoonie!!! He’s super different in person! I swear!

  • All of them are goodlooking as in! But for me NamSong, its my bias XD oh but Seunghoon is good looking. If he looks good in pictures he is more handsome in person. Super,

  • Promise. You wouldnt expect Hoonie to be that handsome in person.

  • Oh my god. PH Aces are in mess who’s the most handsome hahahahaha! XD I never thought that Seunghoon will be so handsome!

  • EVERYONE IS HANDSOME! Jinwoo stands out. But if you look at Seunghoon, wtf so handsome! He dances so hot. They are all visuals in person huhuhu
  • You all know Im a Mino biased but… but… for me Its Hoonie. He surprised me! Instead of screaming for MINO (even though he is so handsome and looks manly and his tan that suits him and adds to his sex appeal…) I was screaming for HOON… when he looks at you, I dont know anymore! lol… and then KSY waahhh when he smiles and he is like smirking it makes you faint! Taehyun gives the GD aura for me. Handsome but you know he is a diva! Hahaha. and JINWOO.. bow down… I want to have his eyes, its beautiful and so innocent hihi! :) cute cutee

These people are so lucky to saw them and yes I think we have the ultimate bias wrecker. Translated by me.