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i was tagged by @chenbaekery ! thank you so much 💗💗💗💗 rip you tagged me in this forever ago im so sry 

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1. ive been writing my middle name wrong for all of my life… its AnnMarie but i always write it Ann Marie rip all of the legal documents i screwed up on

2. i am very smol, i recently discovered i can fit my 7yo brothers shoes gfnhkj

3. i play the piano and the violin !!i also played the flute for 4 years in the middle school band so u could say im quite experienced at blowing it like a flute

4. i can function on 0 sleep for an alarming amount of time like last weekend when i was in chicago for the got7 concert i was awake for 38 or 39 hours straight and i didnt feel any worse than i normally do and we were busy doing stuff all day like tf ??

5. i love drawing/art but i dnt post anything i draw on here bc no one needs to see that trash 🏃💨💨💨

6. i have a big scar on my left knee because when i was about 5/6 i had these plastic dress up cinderella shoes and i was running around the house like a hooligan and slipped on the tile floor in the kitchen and slammed my knee onto one of those metal things that holds the carpet down

7. one time when i was a kid me and my younger brother were playing in the stream in the side of our yard and i picked up a giant rock and threw it straight up but it came down and hit him right on the top of his head ri P hes ok tho

8. i haT E cooking but i would happily bake for the rest of my life

9. i really like old/vintage type things - books, mirrors, lamps, .. all that kind of stuff

10. warm, winter and autumn type scents are my favorite, i dont really like spring or summery smells

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rosso!! what did u think of the second mobpsy episode?

oh! skdjfh i dont have anything interesting to share jhfajsdh i rly liked the oil painted parts???? 

and the ending also looks rly rly nice and jfashd mob can rock a skirt and reigen is dskfjashdfkjsdh a sCUM BAG but why cant i hate him dfkjas and he looks good in a skirt too. the asshole

maybe im completely misremembering the manga but?? i feel like theyre not following the chapters?,, maybe i just forgot kjfashd 

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Do you have any daeup fic recs?

literally the whole daeup/daejong tag on aff and anything on here :-) but dont read anything that involves or transfers into him*p/daeja* :-)) 

but if you want some recs 

Am I Allowed To Love You 
Read it.fucking read it. it’s a must. 73 chapters of comedy angst romance drama some smut and fluff.just read it. 73 chapters. it’s great
The Suitors 
it just started but the theme is very interesting and you gotta subscribe and lets see how it turns out together yes :-)
A New Perspective
cute and short
Coffee Shop
read it. the pain is g reat
short. sort of i guess. i liked the theme (im a slut for old time stories ok)
The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth
Everything written by –Nebula– aka @justtrustmeokay​ is beautiful and amazing and should be read by all daeup shippers. you will no t regret 
Music Is My Escape– My Dream 
another good one. fucked uplives bring them together how lovely :-)
To Love An Angel
Chocolate Soufflé
fuck it’s long but its so good god bless. also i used to do culinary to i really liked it :,-)

they can all be found on AFF
Happy reading

well hot diggity dang 300 beautiful people are interested in this smol bun of fluff!

as always i’ll try to stick to the tradition of not making follower bias lists because tbh the fact that all of you stayed (and are staying) over the course of my still on going hiatus is just fantastic and should be noted? every 300 of you deserve a mention and frankly i dont have the time to tag you all –

so really anyone who reads this, consider yourself tagged and that i’m happy you like this cotton ball of sad and innocence enough to stick through the high and low points, the bad hcs, the 50 year wait time for responses

so yea.. thanks and.. heres to the next milestone

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what show are you talking abt omg it sounds so interesting????

ok so i’ve been avoiding saying the name of the show bc when i first watched the 1st season last year i was (like w/ pz p th lmfao) super negative about it and liveblogged watching it and just,, trash talked it a lot but then i got rly caught up in it and now w/ season 2 i’m watching new eps every week and yea h whoops lmaosjdfh don’t judge a book on it’s cover yadda yadda i’m trying to get better at that but anywayyy

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