i dont have an ugly face

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People are saying shirmir copied your art idea could give your opinion?

Guys not this again, Shirin legit started drawing the piece a week or so ago, 1) there is no way she couldve predicted the future and saw what I was gonna draw also and 2) everyone has been talking about malec and madzie together im sure everyone in this fandom drew or even thought about drawing them together.

As for my tweet, the person I was talking about is a person I know irl and that whole ordeal has nothing to do with my work here on my social medias. It was about my traditional art and a problem I was facing with the person who stole my idea completely.

I dont have anything against any other artists of this fandom or any other artist in general. Everyone is free to draw whatever the hell they want. Creating drama over this is honestly so weird I still dont understand why it would blow up this much. Anyways no hard feelings to anyone, im really sorry for the ugly things supporters/fans said to both parts, I am never posting anything about my personal life ever again since I now know that it will be taken out of context and used against me. I love you all.


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how do i come to terms with the fact that no one wants me (no one! not even one person! no one!!!) and im so ugly that ive been rejected literally eleven times i counted and not even necessarily by people i liked just by people who wanted to make sure i knew how repulsive i am? ill never have a gf only my ugly-ass face and bitter jealousy for the happy pretty girls who dont know what it's like to be unlovable

hey anon

im so sorry you had to go through this? 

for one, im absolutely certain you look good. and theres definately someone out there who ISNT an asshole that youre compatible with. youre not unloveable and it may not seem like it but things are bound to at least take a turn for the better one day, if not soon. hang in there

Tips on coping with being you / your appearence under the cut

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I’ve been tagged for various selfie tags by: @milktu, @yixingco, @q8a, @jeonhoseok and probably more ages ago

idk this is me throughout 2016…only 5 selfies instead of 9 bc im ugli :/

im tagging: @gudetma, @6aek, @kysungsoo, @kyungkie, @akame-jpg, @coupd, @dodyo, @dazzlynini, @haiiqu, @yewngi, @evngelion, @electrail, @ryuhaii, @skyberrii, @sehlestial and whoever wants to do this :))) 


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Dear @proper-nice-that tagged me for the selfie challenge!!
☆ So now you are all cursed to see my ugly but perfect face ☆

Aand now I nominate @blutrippe, @shikylusion, @shadowenza, @frogdragon @charspurpletooran or whoever wants to do it. >:3c

Where is the transmen positivity?
Why is there so much hate and disrespect in the trans community for transmen?
We should be standing together not attacking eachother
Ive seen so many people being ugly about us and its ridiculous. I think its people trying to jump on the “all men are awful” train but like,,,, transmen and cismen are different, we werent raised with male privileged and dont have that privilege until we’re passing in society. Most of us are still treated like girls by our peers so we still face misogyny and on top of that transphobia from people who know we’re trans or can guess.
Like honestly fuck off with this hating on transmen shit its so gross and ignorant and transphobic. We hardly even have representation in media and most of society just views us as butch lesbians or think we’re going through a phase. Leave us alone if you’re not going to be nice.


i was tagged by not one, not two, but FIVE ACTUAL ETHEREAL BEINGS !!! .. honestly,, thank u @tuvns @jeonrps @minhysks @wooziology and @kkuminwrites … yall are beautiful af wOW 

i tag : @cutierps @verkwans @softsejeong @wnhoswife @ofblockpinks @sugarps @rapmonhelps @tiingyan @miiinghao @cheolthao @yecjin !!  yall dont have to do this if you dont want to tho

idk this might be just me but i really dislike positivity posts for ppl w/ features deemed ugly bc theyre always like “your acne is beautiful! your greasy face is so cute!!” or when they explicitly try to make it sound sexually attractive like.. 

listen im not interested in getting support from ppl who think these things are Sexy. theyre just A Thing, it doesnt have to be sexy. i just dont want ppl being treated like borderline subhuman or undeserving of happiness for ‘ugly’ features

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My face is similar to yours and I dont agree youre ugly. We just belong in the "cute" category. But I know that feel :/

Oh gosh, I have days when I absolutely hate being called cute. I’m 26, I’m not supposed to be cute anymore! I think it’s the curse of a round face to be honest, but I’ll just have to learn to live with it, haha. I’m sure you’re pretty as a picture though!

fat ppl: the medical field pins every problem we have on our weight which causes us to die/get worse than we were before, were called unattractive even if you cant see our faces, our body shapes are associated with greedy and klutzy character tropes, some of us cant find clothes in normal stores, even if we diet/exercise were made fun of for it and then if we dont were made fun of, parents tell their kids on the streets right in front of us that were ugly, we get little to no representation aside from plus sized models, we cant show our faces on social media without becoming some sort of meme sometimes, if anyone draws people like us its taken as some kind of kinky thing, etc etc etc etc

skinny ppl: well nicki manaj wrote tht one verse tht hurt my feelings so 😢😢😢


Doing a bunch of ugly-selfie self-portraits. Kind of a modern look at self-expression? Like, we’re not serene and composed, especially on Snapchat and other ways of connecting to people. We dont have to sit and wait for our picture to be taken anymore, so it doesn’t matter that we’re not always photogenic. Ugly faces connect people and pretty composed faces are beautiful, but cut off from everyone else. Anyway I love painting ugly faces. Feel free to submit your weirdest face so I can get inspired ^0^

basically i hate myself so erm yh dont reblog pls just need to let some things out

i don’t have anyone i can talk to, so i’m going to let everything out here. i feel so dumb, i feel like i’ll never be viewed as having potential. all my friends get picked for trips and other opportunities bc they’re smart and i could get a better grade than them, but i will always be bellow them. i also feel really ugly? like my face is not symmetrical at all and i hate it sm (there’s more to as to why i feel im ugly but i’ll save you from all the gory details) it’s come to a point where i have no motivation to study because all i think is “you’re going to fail anyway” i really try to do good and i Get Bs LIKE AM I NOT CAPABLE of getting an A*???? o god im so bad at english it makes me want to die bc im so bad at it??? i also cry like everyday now idek whats wrong with me. i never do good in english and my parents pay so mUCH for my tuition (for like 3 years) and still here i am failing. i am a failing investment. and i am terribly anti-social, im extremely shy and lack confidence. i hate my body shape and i hate my hair.

why i hate the signs

aries always obsessed with they ugly ass overpriced shoes that glo in the dark when you turn the lights off

tauruses try to cuddle with you when they know youre in a relationship

geminis keep using big words i dont understand in casual conversations. makin me have to use the dictionary in the middle of a discussion

cancers keep usin the uwu face when we text but i cant tell them that that trend died in 2014 because theyll start crying if i do and im not mean enough for that

leos r not allowed to talk to me because i want to be the only leo in my life

virgos use really complicated phrases to describe very basic lipstick colors. pink lipstick becomes “peachy nudey rosey mauvey cool-toned terra-cotta corally nude lip”

libras always dye their hair that very yellow toned shade of blonde after being naturally brunette all their life then tell ppl at school that its naturally blonde

scorpios are the worst at roasting and still think vaporwave aesthetic is cool

sagittariuses constantly break up and get back together with their significant other but still say “one year wiff bae 💋” in their instagram bios as if no ones noticed they werent talking for three months straight

capricorns get the most worked up abt you destroying their creations on minecraft. they also still play minecraft

aquariuses still think veganism and manbuns are cool

pisces never fuckin TEXT BACK

fun fact abt me is that on a biological level im opposed to having a consistant art style when i draw more than one face in a pic. if im drawing and my characters begin to look even remotely cohesive i lose control of my hand and black out and when i wake up theyre ugly. speaking of biology i dont know how i fucked up dana but now he looks like the kid from my 9th grade biology class