i dont have a working scanner.


Quick pencils of Jackie, Mitch, and Martha from @secretlystephaniebrown ’s Donut Siblings AU. I don’t normally go for OC’s….but???? These were so good????? I mean the main storyline was so beautiful and the characters were all so well done and then I read the sisters’ AUs and I cried Many Times. Seriously y'all go read Donut Siblings by Hinn_Raven on Ao3. Do it. Do it now.

the importance of editing

Just a lil thing to show how useful photoshop can be when posting physical work, especially if you dont have a scanner like me.

On a related note I might be doing a lot more traditional pieces, since I’m having a lot of trouble setting aside time to draw digitally. I also think I’m using digital as a crutch that’s making me develop bad drawing habits that are slowing down the whole thing.

In any case, I’ll try to have research pt 4 finished this weekend

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have you tried the app camscanner for traditional stuff? :0 it works kind of as a scanner except all you have to do is take a picture with your phone!! in case you wanted a bit better quality images,,

ah ! yes , i actual use that . thank for teling me anyway ^^ , i used it once but i dont really know how to use it ? and i ended up deleting it becuz im a dumb hole

time to answer some more asks!

some copics, brush tip copic-compatible ink pens, draft pencil, and white out!

hope that helps! i got the inking pens in japan, so i’ll have to eventually find replacements state-side. i use the multiliner for thicker lines and panels. copics are hella expense, so im thinking switching to colored pencils or crayons next…

i dont have a scanner and dont really want to get one so i use my phone and a photo app to correct and upload them. it’s not perfect, but it mostly works!

th… thank you!!! so much!!! :’)

i’ve been drawing on and off for my whole life. was very into it as a kid, then went on like a multi-year “hiatus” while i studied and worked in another field (still doodled a little, ie. tagging finn’s water face or the phil face in rando places), and then got back into it again the past year or two!


thank YOU!!!

hmm… i guess so?

normally i’m ok with reuploading as long as you link back and don’t make any money off it, but i’m not sure how that fits for a youtube video w/ still drawings.. i’ve seen ppl do panel-by-panel and add voices for comics, which is nice! then there’s people who reupload videos (unfortunate but hard to stop), it’s kinda what youtube’s for.

this sounds a bit different… but i think i’m ok with it…? same conditions though: link back and don’t make money from it. thanks!

awww thank you~~~! you have a wonderful day too!

turns to you all very sternly

All Of You.

sorry i dont answer them fast or skip some. i ask-hoard cuz it’s nice to see ppl care! some i skip cuz i’m not sure or not ready to answer. please understand. thanks again everyone!


dipper being the cutest demon uncle to the cutest human triplets

they probably have homemade picture books about demons written and illustrated by Mabel complete with basic summoning circles in neon green glitter glue (that basically boil down to THIS IS HOW DEMONS WORK AND IF THEY’RE NOT UNCLE DIPPER THEN DONT SUMMON THEM OR MAKE DEALS WITH THEM UNLESS HE’S WITH YOU)

they all know exactly how to summon uncle dipper by the time they’re like six tho, makin deals for small favors with Oreos and stuff

(sorry for the shitty quality, i dont have access to a scanner)


Damn you @saloontime I can’t get this stupid hoe out of my head he’s so much fun to draw

I feel bad you must be tired of people freaking out over this slutty asshole and his bees

It’s been a year since I started the blog!!!

I remember making it for simple doodles that i’d have no problem posting weekly, but I realize I’m becoming more picky with the quality of art as time goes ahahah

and I guess my artstyle has also evolved in a way that enables me to portray the ship better. I hope. Or maybe it was just me.

..also if anyone noticed, this is in fact a redraw of the first art that i posted here….not sure if being lazy or nostalgic

Silmarillion - Fëanor and Finwë

This is the drawing that’s been preoccupying my mind for the last two weeks, even though I have barely had any time to actually work on it, so tonight I decided to pull it together and finally finish it. When I first started it I was completely in love, because everything worked out fine, and looking at it now I do realize its not perfect, but I still love it, especially the characters. Yes there are a few anatomical mistakes, but who cares, right?^^ personally I feel ive learned so much working on this, so thats a silver lining!

And yes, I have fallen completely for Fëanor, and all my drawing ideas are of him, my next hopefully being of him and his wife! :D

Well I still dont have a scanner so please excuse the crappy quality =P

Finwë and Fëanor © J.R.R. Tolkien

Art © Me/ingvild-s(deviantart)/ingvildschageart(tumblr)/Iggys_art(instagram)

so i dont really picture myself as a mermaid…. more like a jellymaid. is that okay?

this is super fast since i can’t use my scanner rn but sidenote did you know that theres a type of jellyfish that grows its own algae? seriously these jellies have their own GARDENS and they work in a symbiotic relationship and the jellies usually sit upside down so the algae can get the rays of the sun anyway thats whats supposed to be on my head…


Horribly embarrassing concept sketches I did of my nuzlocke (2/2)

I’m just gonna bullet point all the random stuff I remember from sketching these…and sorry these are shitty cam pics but I dont have access to a scanner.


  • I really wanted Laila in poofy pants at some point in my sketching phase and it really was bad. None of the pants ideas worked and I cried many hypothetical tears
  • Because of the way Zach behaves, I really wanted to change the Samurott face so that it would look younger…and yeah…the mustache moving was really really hard for the first few tries. It took me MONTHS to get the final cut version of Samurott Zach
  • I will admit I drew this horrible first gijinka design without even finalizing the Samurott beard thing and so the sketches I did were all over the fucking place omfg……….I’m just glad my final design looks 100000000x better

“Rin-san, it’s okay, I can handle this”

“ … " 

"Rin-san, you already have the things, you dont have to-”

“My hand is empty, so shut up.”


Sounds so much better in my head, honestly… 

Day 1- Flustered. Sorry I was late TAT