i dont have a tag for female friends

Usually, when I go in my fav tags, I don’t have problems seeing things I dont like, like other otp or stuff like that. I just pass it. 

But I do have a problem when people tags shitty theories on Grant’s (who’s a real person) personal life. He asked a woman to marry him this summer. She’s not Candice, she doesn’t look like Candice and she’s not trying to look like Candice. 

SDCC2017 showed us how Grant love both of his female co-stars. He loves them the same way aka like a sister or a good friend, NOTHING MORE. 

So stop trying to find a reason why Grant put his head on Candice shoulder, it’s beacause he’s friendly with her. He did the same thing with Danielle and she’s  married woman. 

Get over yourself, he will NEVER date one of his co-star. 

Also, if you really really feel the need to write down shitty disrespectful theories about how Grant doesnt love LA but love Candice, do it somewhere else then in Grant’s tag (Like on a fanfiction site or something) It’s just make people cringe and feel awkward. 

It might seems odd to you but some of us actually respect Grant and want to go in his tag to see respectful things. 

Thank you!

PS: I have no problem with any pictures of Grant and Candice together. I get that you guys are happy with their interactions. Just like we are happy with Grant and Danielle interaction. But PLEASE do it respectfully for the actors sake.

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Name : Anya / Ana 

Gender : female

Star sign : capricornnn  ♑️

Height : 5′3′’ / 161.5cm

Middle name : I don’t really have one,

Put on iTunes Spotify shuffle and what are the first 6 songs : 
- It’s my birthday - will.i.am (I’m actually screamign what the fuck is this….my god)
- Pink and white - frank ocean
- Gang related - logic
- Water flow - klyne
- Drama - 9muses
- Falling for you - exo

Did I ever have a book or poem written about me : my friend wrote a poem for me as a gift for christmas 3-4 years ago

Last time I played a guitar : when i was like 12 

Any crushes : no

Sound I hate : forks scraping off the plate, i cant handle it- thinking about it is making me cringe 

Do I believe in ghosts or aliens : hELL YEAH

Last book I read : Paper Towns by John Green we had a free class and i was really bored so i tried reading it which was hard because that book sUCKS

Do I like the smell of gasoline : yeah

Last movie watched : not a movie but i watched stranger things season 2 

Any injuries : injuries that i have rn? i guess my shoulders are pretty sore for carrying my bag all day

Any obsessions : music

Do I hold grudges : yeah and im very passive aggressive and petty 

Relationship : lol no but one can wish

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1. nicknames: I don’t really have one it’s just blue tbh
2. gender: female
3. star sign: Aquarius
4. height: 5’8 

5. time: 4:30pm 

6. birthday: February 3rd
7. favorite bands: The 1975, Oh Wonder, Men I Trust, Fickle Friends, Daughter
8. favorite solo artists: Leighton Meester, Sarah Close, ARY
9. song stuck in my head: Runner - From Indian Lakes
10. last movie i watched: I really can’t remember???
11. last show i watched: Stranger Things lolol (but literally bc I make gifs, I’m like always watching it somehow) 
12. when did i create my blog: In March I think? But this is a new blog, I’ve had tumblr for a loooong time.. help
13. last thing i googled: honestly I haven’t googled anything today
14. do i have any other blogs: Yeeee, like 2 maybe?
15. do i get asks: Way more then I ever used to (on any of my blogs) I’m still like woww?? hi?? u want to speak to me??? this is amazing?? pls carry on
16. why i chose my url: eleven is my love and she always will be
17. following: 97, but It’s not even on purpose, my dash is just active most of the time that I forget to follow people lol
18. followers: 2028??? what the heCK
19. average hours of sleep: like 8 hours I NEED IT and if i get less I am dead
20. lucky number: I don’t have one
21. instruments: kinda keyboard, kinda guitar but not rlly does my voice count?
22. what am i wearing: cosy clothes lol (always)
23. dream job: film actress, singer, those are two big ones for mee
24. dream trip: New Zealand, Hawaii, Canada, America
25. favorite food: SWEET POTATO FRIES (honestly I eat anything if its vegan i lovve it)
26. nationality: white
27. favorite song right now: Taiwhip - Men I Trust


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1. Nicknames: Jay 

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Gemini

4. Height: 162 cm. (5’3”)

5. Time: 22:20pm

6. Birthday: June 11th

7. Favourite bands: BTOB(ultimate love2), BTS (ultimate love1), Day6, Highlight, Super Junior, Big Bang, Monsta X (recently get into them), f(x), Mamamoo, bolbbalgan4, Winner, Akdong Musician 

8. Favourite solo artists: Ailee, HEIZE

9. Song stuck in my head: Missing You (BTOB)

10. Last movie watched: Annabelle:Creation (second time watching it because my friends wanted to watch it and i dont have anything better to do)

11. Last show watched: it has been a long time since i watched one but i guess the gay and wondrous life of caleb gallo. very funny!

12. When did I create my blog: I dont remember how do i check? maybe 2012 when i first got into dan and phil 

13. What do I post: mostly btob, bts, super junior and some funny memes

14. Last thing googled: some recipes i wanted to try for my dinner today

15. Do you have other blogs: No 

16. Do you get asks: not really but i am very very excited when i get one!

17. Why did you choose your url: because after i found bts i thought i would never love any other group as much, then i found the beautiful voices of 7 lovable dorks of btob and i was like i gotta stan them so i change my url to gottabemelody 

18. Following: 155

19. Followers: 153 (thank you ppl! :)  )

20. Favorite colors: orange, blue, green, pink

21. Average hours of sleep: around 7 hours. i dont feel like i get enough sleep though T_T

22. Lucky number: i dont have one 

23. Instruments:do dental instruments count?

24. What I am wearing: a short sleeve tee with an oversized sweater and a pair of sweatpants).

25. How many blankets I sleep with: One most of the time. Two when it’s too cold.

26. Dream job: I want to be an educator. Specifically a lecturer in any university/college. I am currently doing my BDS (dental surgery) so maybe after like few years of practising dentistry i’ll be taking my MDS and be an educator. BUT i am actually will be happy with being a dentist all my life too because it is so much fun!

27. Dream trip: as i am currently in another country for studying, my dream trip would be to go back to my hometown T_T

28. Favourite food: rice and chicken .

29. Nationality: Malaysian :) i miss home so much :(

30. Favourite song right now: Missing You and Nanana by btob, pied piper by bts, fool by winner 

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1. nickname: mar

2. gender: female

3. star sign: virgo

4. height: 5’1’’ and a half or smth like that

5. time: 3:25 PM

6. birthday: sept 20

7. favorite bands: Got7, Day6, Stray Kids?? Can i count them? Monsta X, Twice, Gfriend, Astro, Hotshot, Pristin, NCT and EXO (only a little tho)

8. favorite solo artists: Wednesday Campanella, she, Samuel


10. last movie I watched: I haven’t watched a movie in 5ever.. I think it was Valerian? I went to see it in theaters

11. last show I watched: I was watching clips of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid does that count? If not Stray Kids..

12. when did I create my blog: a few days before hellevator dropped this was actually supposed to be a blog for my edits but I turned it into a Stray Kids blog LOL

13. what do I post/reblog: Stray Kids

14. last thing I googled: lucoa dragon maid I was trying to show something to a friend asjdls

15. other blogs: @kore01 and girl group blog but it’s dead also I have a dead old blog that I haven’t deleted

16. do I get asks: sometimes???? not often tho

17. why I choose my URL: I love Seungmin do I rly need to explain myself???

18. following: 170 not many heh

19. followers: 280 ♡ thanks yall

20. average hours of sleep: 5-6 hours I don’t even know how I function

21. lucky number: idk 6?

22. instruments: I use to play saxophone but that’s long ago and over with hhh

23. what I’m wearing: gray pullover hoodie, black jeans, and black vans

24. dream job: animator but that’s never gonna happen LOL

25. dream trip: there’s so many places i wanna go I honestly don’t know

26. favorite food: coffee?? ik that’s a drin k BUT

27. nationality: American?? Latina?? That

28. favorite song right now: LIKEY BY TWICE I LOVE QUEENS

29. last book I read: what is a book

30. Top Three Fictional Universes You’d Want to Join: Animal Crossing ik I’d be boring but I’d live an extremely peaceful life, OK KO Universe!!! I think it would be fun to have a super power!! Lastly Luna Nova Magical Academy from Little Witch Academia I think it would be really cool!

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name: neena

nickname: neen, neen bean

gender and sexuality: female and straight

zodiac: gemini

height: okay so apparently i’m 5’4” but i️ really don’t know. i️ hope i’m 5’4” tho.

average amount of sleep: it ranges from like 7-9 hours every night.

current time: 2:28 pm (pacific time)

favorite animal: cheetah!!

dogs or cats: although i️ love dogs so much i️ am a cat person. but i️ love dogs. i’m a cat and dog person omg.

blog age: idk dude

reason for having a tumblr: i’ve had many tumblrs. this is my fav tho. i️ usually make them for whatever i’m intp currently. but this one i’ve had for the longest amount of time and it’s great.

i️ tag anyone who wants to do it. and @stanfiction @tweekisgay @cartmansux @crybaby–clyde @richass–wannabe @whatsastyle @tweektuckr @youvegotspikes @prosti-noot @alienclyde @zoutpark @craigtrash love y’all

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Name: Danielle Rae

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 5′3 (IM TINY I KNOW)

Sexuality: Straight

What images do you have set as your desktop/phone wallpaper: My homescreen and lockscreen on my phone is Finn Wolfhard (my son but I also kinda want to date him??) (IM ONLY A YEAR OLDER) and my desktop is of just random color splashes

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher: Nah boi

What was your last text message: It was from my friend “She didnt TELL ME”

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years: HOPEFULLY working a good steady job and being in a healthy relationship.

If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?: LISTEN JUST LISTEN. I live in SoCal and if you’re from there THEN YOU KNOW HOW HOT IT IS RIGHT NOW. ITS THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER AND ITS 75-100 DEGREES ALL WEEK. I WANT TO WEAR MY SWEATERS AND CURL UP IN A BLANKET WITH WARM FUZZY SOCKS. SO, THAT BEING SAID, I wanna be anywhere colder than my situation.

What was your coolest halloween costume: Well im going as Mike Wheeler this year so

What was your favorite 90s show: Im a young bean and dont know any other 90s show besides Friends

Who was your last kiss: In a dream I kissed Tom Holland AND IT FELT PRETTY DAMN REAL so does that count

Have you ever been stood up: Nope

Favorite ice cream flavor: Plain old vanilla

Have you ever been to Las Vegas: Yeah and it was pretty boring since i couldn’t really do anything because of my age but I went on those indoor rollercoasters.

Favorite pair of shoes: These maroon converse that are hella comfy.

Whats your favorite fruit: watermelon.

Whats the stupidest thing you’ve ever done: THEres a lot, uhhh idk, Ive probably done some VERY stupid things in public with my friends but i cant remember.

Whats your favorite book: My first favorite book/books that i fell in love with is the Percy Jackson series, but right now my favorite series right now is the Throne of Glass books.

What Loser is your favorite: Bill is my fave for sure but i love all my children.












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1. Nicknames: i dont rlly have one but i like the name boxy lol

2. Gender: female-ish

3. Star sign: pisces

4. Height: i just hit the 5 feet mark this year sdfghrdg

5. Sexuality: i told one of my friends i was pan today and she said “so you like pans” and i gave her the most Dead look

6. Hogwarts house: i took a quiz once and got gryffindor

7. Favourite animal: i like raccoons!!!! they got lil fuckin human hands!!!!!!!!

8. Average hours spent sleeping: 10 to 12 lmao

9. Dogs or cats: i like both but ive always been more of a dog person 

10. Number of blankets I sleep with: 2

11: Dream trip: i wanna hang out in japan for a while

12: Dream job: uhh,,,,,cartoons,,,,,,,

13: When I made this account: september, october-ish in 2014 i believe

14: Why I made this account: it was to follow a popular finaf artist lmao

15: Number of followers: 227 cmon babes validate me

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name: Leah

gender: female

star sign: scorpio

height: 5′3″ or so

what images do you have set as your desktop/cell wallpapers?: my lockscreen on my phone is my best friend and i and my home screen is joe keery and finn wolfhard ghfdfkg

have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: not an actual crush but my health teacher is hot as fuck ngl

what was your last text message?: i was talking abt lil peep’s death :(

what do you see yourself doing in 10 years?: dying

if you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?: in NYC probably

what was your coolest halloween costume?: i’ve never gone as anything particularly interesting, just the usual stuff

what was your favourite 90s show?: the fresh prince of bel-air, for sure

what was your last kiss?: i made out w this girl who had a crush on me in a hotel bathroom

have you ever been stood up?: no lmfao i’ve never been asked on a date

favourite ice cream flavour? : black cherry ice cream is so good

have you been to las vegas? : nope

your favourite pair of shoes? : my monochrome black converse bc theyre comfy even if they are Edgy

what’s your favourite flavour? : anything fruity probably

what is your favourite book? : I’ll give you the sun by jandy nelson. a masterpiece

what’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? : idk. probably smoking weed w my best friend in his bathroom bc we almost got caught. one time i cussed someone’s mom out at a hockey game and almost got kicked out. but besides those i don’t typically do risky stuff

which loser? : uhhh Stan but i’m currently reading the book and it makes it harder to choose. but i’d still say stan

i tag: @radicalrichie, @clericwill, and @softie-eddie. that’s not 10 but idk who else to tag

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what should we call you : Marina
birthday :  August 5
gender :  Female
orientation :  Asexual??? 
age :  21
languages you can at least somehow communicate in : Russian, English

favorite cocktail/drink: haha is this question with a trap?
favorite candy : Chocolate 
favorite pizza : ??? not huuge fan, but with cheese i guess??? 
favorite meal : roast meat 

best memory : 

I dont remember shit sorry.
best friend : i have two of them, well people who i can call with 100% confidence.
best relative : My cousin. 
best pet :  dog, wish i had dog… 
best celebrity :  ??? I love Sebastian Stan that will do ??

one random fact about you :  i love being home
one random fact about your day : i have stupid anxiety dunno why 
one random fact about your muse :  

Ciel. That loser cries over stupid drama books. He will almost certainly love shitty fanfiction.

one random fact about your job/school : i dont have weekends 
one random fact you wish was a fact but it isn’t : im can afford this goddamn books. 

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Name: Grace

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 5’4

What images do you have set as your desktop/cell wallpapers?: My cell wallpaper is a picture of me and my best friend, and my lockscreen is a drawing of Richie. 

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: I had a small crush on one of my college professors in my first year. He always wore flashy ties and sweaters, and has an amazing voice.

What was your last text message?: I sent one of my friends a picture of a car that looked like Thomas the Tank Engine. 

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?: By then I hope to have my PHD in English Literature and teach at a university. But, I’d really love to be an actress/comedia, so maybe I will have had my big break by then. ;)

If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?: Disney World in Orlando.

What was your coolest Halloween costume?: Although I’m partial to my Kesha cosplay, I’d have to say Frank-N-Furter.

What was your favorite 90s show?: Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Who was your last kiss?: My ex…

Have you ever been stood up?: No, luckily not.

Favorite ice cream flavor?: Mango :3

Have you been to Las Vegas?: No, I haven’t been outside of Europe yet.

Your favorite pair of shoes?: My lace-up boots, because they look so Victorian.

What is your favorite fruit?: Mango :p

What’s your favourite book?:  The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?: My ex I tried to eat a donut on brighton pier and got attacked by a seagull, even though I had been explicitly warned not to bring food there. 

What loser?: I relate the most to Richie, but Eddie is my favourite. 

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Name: sunny

Gender: female

Star sign: i live up to my scorpio name by being a THOT

Height: 5′2″ i am TINY

Sexuality: my bisexuality is alive and well

What images do you have set as your desktop/cell wallpapers?: hhhhhh  my home screen on lockscreen on my ohone is finn wolfhard but on my laptop its some aesthetics

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: no thts fuckin weird

What was your last text message?: “I LCPE YOU”

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?: hopefully doing something with my art! 

If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?: fuckin uhhhhhhhhhh idk not sick though

What was your coolest Halloween costume?: a marionette !

What was your favorite 90s show?: THE NANNY OMg

Who was your last kiss?: havent kissed anyone bc thats Too Intimate

Have you ever been stood up?: nope

Favorite ice cream flavor?: mint chocolate chip!!

Have you been to Las Vegas?: does it count if my mom was in vegas when she was pregnant with me bc otherwise no

Your favorite pair of shoes?: MY WHITE ADIDAS

What is your favorite fruit?: cherries yum yum

What’s your favourite book?: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee!! 

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?: HHHHH WHEN I PLAYED PAPAS PIZZERIA ON FULL VOLUME DURING MATH 

What loser?: richie! i rlly care about my friends but im often the one who takes jokes a bit far and ppl have to tell me to shut up. i once called my friends mom a dog on accident bc he was like “hey mr, eberly who was that russian dog that went to space” and i was like “your mom” and im really proud of that

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Name: My full name is Jaleah and I️ hate it

Nickname(s): Pls just call me Leah

Gender: Female (even though I️ really hate it at times)

Star sign: Aries

Height: 5’4-5’5

Sexuality: Bisexual

Hogwarts house: I️ never watched the movies or read the books, I’m sorry, don’t come for me. But idk tell me what you think I️ am. I️ know the Gryfindors or the green ones are like the smart ones and the hufflepuffles are the yellow kind ones and like the Slytherines are the red(?) evil bitches and there’s another one the blue guys and idk what the fuck they do they the cool ones.

Favourite animal: Highly allergic but I️ love cats

Average hours of sleep: 3 to 6 hours of sleep, I️ have a horrible sleeping schedule

Dog or cat person: Cats

Blanket you sleep with: One

Dream trip: Ireland

When I made my blog: Uhhh, like August 2017???

Followers: 374 I’m not very relevant lmfao

Why I made a Tumblr: So I️ can tell the whole world how gay I am and how much I️ love shipping and writing about two people in love.

Reasons for my url: Okay this is going to get personal but Sincerely is suppose to be some type of promise to myself of being Leah and not Jaleah; Leah, the one who’ll be an author, actress, comedian, etc. Not Jaleah, the boring, self conscious, low life with a nine to five job. That’s why I️ sign off everything with Sincerely, Leah.

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name: Eternal/Atlin

gender: female??? (I might be a Demigirl but I literally Don’t Know)

star sign: Pisces

sexuality: Big ol’ lesbian

height: 5′5"

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

average hours of sleep: 8. I either sleep ok, sleep less than a human being should or more than a human being should but on average I sleep 8 hours.

dogs or cats: Fuck I love them both man. I have both

number of blankets you sleep with: usually 1 but several during cold nights

dream trip: I want to go to Greece, man

dream job: I dunno something I can get enough money out of that I’m not freaking out about money all the time?

followers: 333 miraculously!

why i made a tumblr: oh fuck that was like….5 years ago. I made it because of Homestuck or something lol

That was obvs a very old account I deactivated several years ago tho

I tag: @rue-feathers @crows-are-gay @nonbinary-aigis

10 Favourite Fictional Characters  (5 Male/ 5 Female)

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  1. Cheryl Blossom ( Riverdale )
  2. Natasha Romanoff ( MCU’s Black Widow )
  3. Kenna De Poiters ( Reign )
  4. Catherine De Medici ( Reign )
  5. Isabelle Lightwood ( The Mortal Instruments / Shadowhunters )


  1. Alec Lightwood ( The Mortal Instruments / Shadowhunters )
  2. Merlin ( BBC Merlin )
  3. Peter Parker ( MCU’s Spiderman )
  4. Nico Di Angelo ( The Percy Jackson Series )
  5. Anthony Stark ( MCU’s Iron Man )

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💚Rules: List 10 of your favorite female characters in 10 fandoms then tag 10 people.💚

in no order bc theyre all number one :///

  • maddie rocca (power rangers mystic force)
  • marinette cheng (miraculous)
  • mgann morzz (dc comics)
  • evie grimhilde (descendants)
  • claris sinclair (nights)
  • hammy (uchuu sentai kyuranger)
  • barbie roberts the actual love of my life (barbie??)
  • gwen stacy (marvel comics)
  • clementine (telltales the walking dead)
  • gwen tennyson (ben 10)

i dont have anyone to tag bc all my friends hate tags so riip feel free to do this if u want tho!!

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Name: Sydney (Or Syd, either is fine.)

Gender: Female

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5′3″ (160cm)


Hogwarts house: Gryffindor! And for Ilvermorny I’m a Thunderbird. Guess I’m just suited for bravery and adventure or some shit. I’ll fucking chill with a dragon any day, dude.

Favorite animal: Cats, Dogs, Hamsters, Rats, and Snakes.

Average hours of sleep: Depends. Sometimes 6, sometimes 10. Sometimes in between those two.

Cats or dogs: Fuck don’t make me choose, I love both!

Dream trip: To Ireland! Nature is so gorgeous there I want to live in a field of fucking flowers.

Dream job: Artist, Singer, Bartender, Psychologist, and P R O F E S S I O N A L  W I T C H .

When I made this blog: I looked it up and I made this blog in…  Thursday, 26 July 2012. So, five years ago. Jesus.

Reasons for my URL: I really love sailor moon and I have a fuck ton of anxiety and I want to be a sailor scout so here I am hello.

I tag:

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