i dont have a selfie tag whoops


(Well after seeing @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic  as patton! (Aka my new faaavourite thing)<3 I heard she required a Logan? Here’s my shitty attempt at @thatsthat24 Logic.) (Yes I tagged him.. why not ‘-’)

Logic’s not sure what to where for this ‘Meeting’. The blue? (He knows its Pattons favorite..) or the Black? (His personal favorite) Jacket or no?. He cant afford to take so long on such minor decisions! He refuses to run late. 

Let’s just hope he looks nice either way…

( Also new hair? it might not be obvious.. its blue now though.. I feel so me??… that sounds weird but wow I’m actually happy. ) 


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do u want some validation?

well im here to do that yO B))

i recently just hit 200 followers (thank you soooo much!! i literally just hit 100 less than a week ago?? uM) and i decided i want to validate all my lovely followers :))

if you want some love:

- mbf me

- reblog this post

- leave an ask (off anon) with ur face tag OR if you dont have a face tag submit a post with a selfie (also off anon), if you dont want me to post it send an ask saying that you submitted one with “giselle validates lovelies” !!!

once you do that i will send you love about ur blog and ur face :))


tagged by the amazing @guide-to-the-galaxy for the lockscreen/selfie challenge! Thanks, sunshine!

I tag @patsu-png, @what-the-kenfuckey, @jackiechan-adventures, @goanneme, @lifotni, @thegearspinner, @smol-lizard, @creeping-prowess, @sa-rahrah, @birdnerd18, @chameleonsss, @lost-livid-lover and anybody else who wishes to partake in this challenge! 

Of course, this challenge is optional, no pressure ^-^


i was tagged to do 6 selfies of 2015 by @ohkay-cosplays @governorfink @heyitspj @aneki-is-watching (I THINK THATS ALL THAT TAGGED ME.. srry it took so long i had a hard time choosing selfies and i tried to pick some from diff parts of the yr/when i looked diff)

this year was a rollercoaster tbh but i had some really gr8 moments this yr with friends and i’m ending it on a p nice note as well. rdy for 2016 tho !!!

i think most of the ppl i wanted to tag have alrdy been tagged whoops so i won’t tag anyone but you can def do this if you want :”)