i dont have a ps3 tho ; ;

summersquashpatch  asked:

Atari 2600, 3DS, PSP! :V

Atari 2600: favorite video game

its probably shadow of the colossus tbh that game was an experienc e :’v

but also maybe baldur’s gate I and II but that might just be more nostalgia than anything i mean its a good series but its also a reminder of Good Times lol

currently i’d probably say fallout but i dont think im allowed to bc i havent finished all of them lmAO just fo3 :’v got close to finishing new vegas but my ps3 copy shat the bed lol

3DS: video game guilty pleasure

do phone games count bc i luv me some fate/grand order even tho i always get mad bc 9 times out of 10 i get Tits McGee and The Devil from the gacha and i want to cry

PSP: PlayStation or Xbox

i have never owned an xbox so playstation by default lol

i have a 360 controller for pc tho its p nice :v