i dont have a liveblogging tag


Good morning Usagi! Posting both versions of this pan stitch because its softness is a deliberate morning decision they made, but i also like the clarity of black lines tbh? so. here have the original pan stitch i did and then the verson i enhanced due to Personal Preferences.

I know, I know, my tumblr rarely have activity and I basicly switch fandom everytime I log in but…

I’m serious, I’m dead serious, I love Tsubasa and @completeoveranalysis ‘s liveblog. Now everyday I have something to look forward to and I swear their liveblog is GOLD!

So I’m just gonna give them (I hope the tagging works) a congrats picture since I cannot thank people properly in english *looks away* so this is my way of “Thank you, please continue and never stop” (lol)

But, Seriously, Thank you.

/is it gonna always be Fai pic?/


/What do you mean you want someone else?/

/No, I’m absolutely not drawing Fai because I’m bias—/

mob psycho 100 tag: i am safe. i am home. i know these people. they are my friends and i trust them. most gross people i already have blocked. i am surrounded by mutuals. i am warm

hunter x hunter tag: i am walking in the middle of a blizzard naked and everyone here is disgusting. i do not know who to trust. everyone is liveblogging the toonami dub that i dont care about. i am scared. i am cold. i am lost

so i managed to grab my laptop for like 5 seconds and here i am (tho im running super late to my saturday classes).   ANYWAY, i’m happy to see y’all are alive and doing well and i hope everything is swell. i have to go out later bc i’m celebrating my bday w my friends and tomorrow (the actual b-day ahsgd) i’ll be with my fam so see y’all soon, even if i’m just here to liveblog how shitty my vacation is. xoxo, mari.

okay so I’ve recently unfollowed a lot of people and now my dash is extremely dead…. if you post

  • marvel
  • sebastian stan
  • doctor who
  • sherlock
  • sebastian stan
  • star trek
  • game of thrones
  • supernatural

and you tag all of your posts, reblog this and I will possibly follow you (you dont have to be following me but it would be nice)