i dont have a liveblogging tag

i read a blackwatch mercy au fic and scream about it


this right here’s the fic. it is 15k of Goodness.

She and Reyes just look at each other then. They’ve been doing that a lot, lately—saying things without words. Communicating through a language of eyebrow dips, mouth twitches, and head tilts.

You can leave any time you want, his arched eyebrow says.

I dare you to say that out loud, her tensed jaw replies.

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Good morning Usagi! Posting both versions of this pan stitch because its softness is a deliberate morning decision they made, but i also like the clarity of black lines tbh? so. here have the original pan stitch i did and then the verson i enhanced due to Personal Preferences.

the time has come! s3 is almost here. just as a reminder to everyone, here’s my basic spoiler policy:

  • i’m not spoiler free at all lmao. you can bet your ass that i will be liveblogging and reblogging the crap out of everything. however, as it so happens i have a huge exam tomorrow morning so i won’t be up at the crack of dawn with everyone else but will likely end up blogging during the actual day.
  • i tag, and am usually very good at doing so! #s3 spoilers and #voltron spoilers will be the things to blacklist if you dont want to see anything. you can also unfollow too; i don’t mind.
  • i will continue to tag spoilers for a week after the release, so until friday august 11th. after that it changes and everything is fair game.

hope you all enjoy season 3! see everyone on the flip side.


Oh great now they’re fighti-



I know, I know, my tumblr rarely have activity and I basicly switch fandom everytime I log in but…

I’m serious, I’m dead serious, I love Tsubasa and @completeoveranalysis ‘s liveblog. Now everyday I have something to look forward to and I swear their liveblog is GOLD!

So I’m just gonna give them (I hope the tagging works) a congrats picture since I cannot thank people properly in english *looks away* so this is my way of “Thank you, please continue and never stop” (lol)

But, Seriously, Thank you.

/is it gonna always be Fai pic?/


/What do you mean you want someone else?/

/No, I’m absolutely not drawing Fai because I’m bias—/

Im seeing a bunch of new followers (i guess it’s because of my last fanart) so a few points about this blog to the newbies:

  • Im a multifandom blog, so expect a lot of random crap from here.
  • Im NOT a spoiler free blog (for movies/shows/games/etc) but i always tag my shit. I also make a warning post before i post about them.
  • Im an adult, but im not a big fan of nsfw stuff. That being said i DO reblog some no safe stuff once in a while, and i always tag it as #nsfw or #nsfw-ish depending of my own cryteria. If i ever make my own not that safe posts (heavy makeouts at most) i always post a previous warning about it.
  • I like to liveblog, sometimes in mono-posts, sometimes reblogging one post over and over. Again, i always make a warn before i start liveblogging something so anyone can blacklist it
  • I like to swear. A lot.
  • I vent sometimes but that’s usually under a read more. And plis, if i ever put in a post DONT REBLOG you will be blocked if you, well, reblog it.
  • Im very VERY slow answering back. Depends on my mood, or sometimes i honestly forget. Be patient with me. Also i accept requests but that doesnt mean i will do them. Again, depends on my mood.

That covers mostly what is going on here. Have fun, new people!

So Rad been honest, hesays that the only thing resembling an ability is a “levitation beam” that he thinks is not special since everyone in his family can do it, Mr. Gar assures him to use it.

And wouldnt you know it? having something to stop the enemy on their track can be quite useful.

SPECIALLY if you’re tag teamed with the elbow OF THE GODS!

“Sometimes, it’s the things we’re ashamed of that are worth being proud of“ … that’s sorta bullshit moral, but is a case by case scenario i guess… and in Radicles case its something true cause DAMN I WISH I HAD FINGERBEAMS TO LIFT ALL THE BOXES AT WORK (i dont lift boxes anymore, im more in manegment duty… but still)

mob psycho 100 tag: i am safe. i am home. i know these people. they are my friends and i trust them. most gross people i already have blocked. i am surrounded by mutuals. i am warm

hunter x hunter tag: i am walking in the middle of a blizzard naked and everyone here is disgusting. i do not know who to trust. everyone is liveblogging the toonami dub that i dont care about. i am scared. i am cold. i am lost

anonymous asked:

can you pls stop? there is like 10 post of you responding to yourself. and its like a mile long every single one of them. pls

sorry man, but that’s my way of liveblogging. i have tagged the post so you can block it or blacklist and you wont see any of the reblogs. easier that way instead of seeing multiple single posts.

idk if i can erase the previous ones and just leave the last one with my last reblog without causing troubles to that last one. if i can, i will.

anyway, again, that’s my way of liveblogging and if you dont like it…feel free to unfollow. 

Just realized if I decide to liveblog every SVTFOE episode I’m gonna have to go back and tag every post I made with e1s1

If y’all want me to liveblog the rest, message me or comment on this post. One of the posts got over 100 notes and people are still rebloging it holy shit

to explain for more recent followers: in april i marathoned literally all of twd in just 3 weeks, having never seen any of it before, because my cat died, and so my tag for it is fucked up liveblog documentation. its such a fucked up bad show and i dont wanna watch the new season week to week i cant consume it any way other than hell marathons because then the delirium makes me be really funny about it

okay so I’ve recently unfollowed a lot of people and now my dash is extremely dead…. if you post

  • marvel
  • sebastian stan
  • doctor who
  • sherlock
  • sebastian stan
  • star trek
  • game of thrones
  • supernatural

and you tag all of your posts, reblog this and I will possibly follow you (you dont have to be following me but it would be nice)