i dont have a crush on him anymore

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Idk if this is the right place to send this but ur one of my favorite blogs & give good advice so here goes. my (straight) best friends boyfriend cheated on her. He's always been bad to her, I hate him. when I found out I was livid. I told her & she confronted him but is probably gonna stay with him. He's horrid, but I'm afraid she's going to think I have a crush on her if I diss him anymore.how do I tell her I just want what's best for her &love her w\o sending the wrong message?

this is ringing out to some familiar vibes to me so. here goes

the best thing you can do is, as awful and scummy as he is, dont diss him. you need to be by her side and help her, let her know that youre there for her and you want the best for her, and that youre willing to support her. 

if she is going to stay with him,  dissing him would probably push her away further, if she’s made up her mind about staying with him.

and even if she doesnt stay with him, you still need to be there for her and listen and support her. being cheated on is a LOT to deal with. 

best of luck to the both of you

things to absolutely noT THINK ABOUT:

aone promising that they’ll win next spring tournament.

aone going to practice and having to get accustomed to moniwa not being there anymore to encourage them all

the crushing fact that they all LOST and he let moniwa DOWN.

aone trying to apologize to moniwa afterward but getting cut off by a tearful ex-captain who just tells him how GREAT THEY ALL WERE and how PROUD he is of him and how happy he is to have seen them all grow and mature like this and they hug really tight and probably cry.

don’t think baout it.

Phux Headcanons: Daily Lives

-He has NEVER seen her without her helmet. Usually they will have long conversations about the future of the First Order and how they will be crushing the Rebel Bases soon but one certain meeting that requires her taking her helmet off has him nearly spitting out his drink because he didn’t expect her to be THAT pretty. The long conversations turn into one minute stuttering ft.Hux. 

-Her armour was made for her by Hux. Custom made to make her stand out when she is standing next to him and to show off her position.The cape was a gift from him to her when Starkiller base was finally ready 

-Whenever Phasma is approaching to speak to him he will check himself out on the shiny floor of the ship, making sure his hair is in place before he acknowledges her. 

-He will talk about her without noticing. One minute he is talking about strategies and all of a sudden he is talking about what a good job Phasma would do if she was put on the mission and how she is the best general he has ever seen and blah blah blah

Dear Fictional character crush

I am a human…
coming from the human world
and I’d like to say to you something because it’s the end of the year.

I know that you are not real
I know that you live behind a screen or inside a book
I know that i dont have you with me

and even if i find a real boyfriend/girlfriend
even if i stop watching your show or finish the book
even of i don’t like you anymore

💗You are inside my heart.💗

because i know that

when i was single You were there
when i wanted to talk to someone You were there
when i was rejected You were there

And deep inside me i still love you
Forever and ever

From your human fangirl

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💌Happy new year💌

Anon asked: Hi! I love your writing and have a request, if you dont mind. its a little weird but idk. college au destiel, dean and cas have been friends since they were kids. cas loves dean, but he tries to deny it cuz dean is “straight.” one of deans crazy exs mass texts his nudes as revenge. cas accidently sees them cuz someone texts him them and he cant deny his crush anymore. problem: dean has no shame in the pictures and girls flock to him because of them. jealous cas. you finish it… :)

Castiel groaned as the buzzing of his phone woke him up. He reached a hand out from under his blanket and groped around for it. When he finally found it, he had to squint against the blinding light.

There was a new text from Crowley with a picture attached.

‘Merry Christmas, Darling.’ Castiel tapped the screen to open the picture attachments, then abruptly dropped his phone again.

Pictures of Dean. Naked pictures of Dean. Pictures of him touching himself and standing fully erect in front of his mirror.

“Oh my God,” Cas kicked his blankets away and got out of bed. He went across the hall to Dean’s room and threw the door open. “Get up!”


Castiel threw his phone on the bed an watched as Dean’s eyes went wide.

“That crazy bitch!”

Castiel didn’t need to ask who he was talking about. Throughout the span of Dean’s dating experience, he had only went out with one girl that would do this. Bela Talbot.

“Crowley sent that to me,” Cas said. “I’m guess almost everyone has seen them by now.”


For all his cursing and panicking, Dean didn’t get out of bed. What could he do now? He’d just have to own up to it and hope the fall out wasn’t too bad.


“Call me sometime.”

Dean grinned at the gorgeous red head as she slipped him her number. He watched her sashay away, then turned to Castiel, who he was having lunch with.

“That’s like the tenth one today!” Dean said, tucking the slip of paper into his jacket.

“That’s great, Dean,” Castiel said, looking down at his plate. He was jealous at how easily girls could come up to Dean and flirt. He wondered what would happen if tried the same thing.“

"What’s up?”

Castiel suppressed a sigh. Dean knew his face too well after years of reading it.

“Nothing,” Cas mumbled. It’s not like he could tell Dean what was really wrong. That Castiel was in love with him and had been since their freshman year of high school.

“C'mon, Cas. You can tell me anything.”

“Really, it’s nothing. I just have a test coming up that I’m worried about.” Cas glanced at his watch. “Speaking of, I’m late my study session with Crowley.”

He stood and gathered his bag and coat.

“I’ll see you tonight,” He called over his shoulder, not stopping to hear Dean’s goodbye.


“Why did you send me those pictures?” Cas asked miserably, staring up at Crowley’s ceiling.

“I figured it would would be the only way you’d ever see Dean Winchester naked, seeing as you’re too big of baby to get him there yourself.”

“He’s straight.”

“Right, and I’m the king of Hell.”

“My own personal Hell.”

Crowley threw a pen at him and Castiel sat up.

“Are we going to study or are you going to angst all night?” Crowley demanded. “Because if it’s the latter, I’m going to need to be drunk.”

They ended up sprawled across Crowley’s bed, passing a bottle between them.

“We’ve been best friends since we were six,” Castiel said. “He should have noticed by now, right?”

“It’s dark in the closet.” Castiel snickered.

“Do you think he’ll hate me if I tell him?” Castiel took a pull from the bottle. “The worst that could happen is that he kicks me out and never talks to me again, right?”

“If he does, my bed is always open.”

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.” Castiel pushed himself up from the bed and swayed a little before picking up his bag. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Castiel spent the trek across campus wondering what to say to Dean. Could he tell him how he felt? What would Dean do if he did? Castiel couldn’t lose him after so long.

He was still worrying over it when he opened the door to his and Dean’s apartment. Dean was on the couch, kissing a pretty brunette. They both looked up when Castiel walked in.

“I’m sorry!” Castiel said. “I’ll leave.”

“I should actually go,” The girl said. “I’ll see you around.”

Cas’s stomach burned with jealousy as she leaned down to kiss him again. He moved out of the way so that she could leave.

“I’m really sorry,” Castiel said, when the door closed behind her. “If I had known I would have went somewhere else.”

“You live here, too,” Dean shrugged. “I thought that you were spending the night at Crowley’s.”

“Why would I do that?”

“He’s your boyfriend, isn’t he?”

“No,” Cas said, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. Why would Dean think that?

“You’re with him all the time.”

“I’m with you more,” Castiel pointed out. “Besides I'm– I like someone else.”

“Really?” He cursed his alcohol addled brain but nodded. “Who?”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s never going to happen, even if he wasn’t straight, he wouldn’t want me.”

“Cas, come on–”

“Why would you?” Dean stared at him for a moment and Castiel realized what he said. “I–”

His excuse was cut off by Dean’s mouth on his. Cas sighed against his lips, allowing Dean’s tongue into his mouth.

“How long?” Dean asked.

“Years.” Cas murmured. He looked up into Dean’s eyes. “You kissed me.”

“I’ve wanted to kiss you for weeks, but I thought that you and Crowley…”

Castiel kissed him again, loving the feeling of Dean’s lips on his.

“Let’s go do something,” Dean said, when they broke apart again.

“Right now?” It was after midnight on a Tuesday. Castiel was already going to be hungover, but he know that he’d follow Dean anywhere.

“I want everyone to know that I’m with you,” Dean said, holding his face in his hands. Castiel smiled.


Dean flicked off the light as they walked out the door, then caught Castiel’s fingers in his as they walked down the hall together.

(4th grd me) hm… i thought i liked james (all the other girls like him! he’s cute, right?) but he was rude to me today, so i dont like him anymore. i have to have a crush tho… simon? no, he’s scary. jimmy? no, he has a girlfriend. dylanger? yeah, okay….. man, im just so boy-crazy !!! ive probably had a crush on every boy in the class by now. cant wait to have a boyfriend someday!! wow, amy really looks pretty today.. maybe i should wear my hair like her tomorrow !! hey amy, wait up! guess who i realized i have a crush on!