i dont hate her


you haven’t changed one bit since the last time i saw you crawling from the ruins of la Bastille

hey i’ve seen a bunch of j*hanna//the/mad on my dash lately and here’s a reminder she ships sh//eith (a ~25yo and a 16yo) and draws g/nderbends (i’m sure there’s more but that’s all i can remember off the top of my head)

anonymous asked:

Oh god, I'm in love with the way you draw Hazel. She looks great! Could you maybe draw Rachel? (Only if you want to of course) She is my alltime favourite from the pjo-books and I sometimes have the feeling that she doesn't get enough attention. (I mean she's awesome! :D)

Thank you!! <3

Oh man yes! I have such strong feelings for Rachel and I really don’t get why people sometimes forget her?  

She truly is awesome

random internet person: “I’m just not that into Skip Beat anymore”


6 june 2017

soooo i made a thing… its sketchy and not great but i did it in one sitting and ive never done anything like it, so counts for experience i guess

figured id post since im probably never going to go back to it 

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when sn//ape apologists write on my posts i can feel my soul leave my body and go to another plane of existent just so i can scream into a void and then have it return safely to my tired being