i dont give a shit what people think about this photoshoot

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What do you think about this Pann's Blind item gay idol blahblah rumour? I myself think it is not kaisoo but there is a big possibility for it to be kaisoo. It could be lesbian couple though, the article didnt hint any gender

Okay first im gonna put a warning bc I don’t want people to bitch at me

I aint native English speaker so pls do forgive my English – and since we are on interwebz im gonna write shit liek dis to show y’all what a mature human being I am

And since I’m fucking cruising this “I aint believe in sm bullshit” ship, obviously this post gonna sound “delu” to people who obviously on different boat.  

So istg if I see people fucking complaining about this on my fucking post, I’m gonna have a bitch fit like not-Brittany Wilson from ‘White Chicks’ movie (it’s a damn good movie)

tbh I don’t see the logic behind this, ‘omg this is so delu im gonna write a comment on it and fucking reblogging it’ so more people gonna see it. 


it’s heightening the chance of the post to be more exposed…. common sense much?

im impressed really, such a brilliant way of thinking, must be a noble prize winner in the making.

besides, it’s clear these theory posts are for kadi shippers who ship kadi as legit couple

so my brain can’t fucking compute why these people who disagree (of the idea sm is a liar) keep reading shit like this, and after reading it they get pissed and then end up bitching about the damn post… fucking why?  

they also only say the fucking same thing over and over like a broken record without giving proper argument. it’s getting boring.

Now let’s move on to the real shit, sorry about the small rant above (nah)

Please do remember that the pann post is only rumor, it might be not true. (but im gonna make analysis anyway to piss some ppl off with my deluness hahahaha)

I personally think it’s them.

And it’s not because I ship them, but because the descriptions match.

If they didn’t match I wouldn’t point my fingers on them.

Let’s analyze some shit;

“An A-list idol group member ‘A’ is said to have fallen in love with none other than fellow member ‘B’. They’ve apparently been dating for five years now and the scandal is expected to be huge especially considering that they’re idol members from the same top level group.

A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year but came to a compromise with paparazzi company C to bury the articles. A and B are still continuing their relationship.”

– this pann article was posted on April 25, 2016

Then we have this comment;

1. [+58, -4] So they’ve been dating for five years… but you honestly can’t be sure that it’s an idol group that’s been around for five years because there’s also a training period, which most go through for 2-3 years. That includes groups that have been around for 3-4 years too then.


“The numbers bolded lines mason, what do they mean!”

 You see, my fucking beautiful otp has known each other for five years.

Kyungsoo got scouted by SM in 2010.

In 2011 EXO was created – obviously it means during that time he got put inside the group.

And it also means during that time (2011) he met the rest of EXO members – including Jongin.

EXO itself is only 4 years old, because they debut in 2012.

Also, fans (shippers) have started feeling anxious since last year.

Oh boy, were the fans worried after that W magazine photoshoot happened – why? because the sudden lack of KADI moments

People were worrying what was going on with them because it looked like they were being distant, the skinship wasn’t that intimate(?) unlike before 

But they did still stay close and look at each other a lot.

In Sept 20, 2015 EXO suddenly took vacation to Fiji – fans also claimed Kyungsoo looked pissed off (unhappy) during that day and we’ve seen a video of him (it’s dont-talk-just-suck’s theory post) being patted in the back by manager and fellow members

The next day after their departure D.O x Irene news was out.

We also have this.

That person on that FB post wrote -yixinqins- as creditthis account is an active twitter account that often updating about exo’ s current news (but since im too lazy to dig up her post just to find the original version, I use this person post instead) – the name of FB owner isn’t mentioned bc obv i dont feel comfortable posting other ppl fb account here

“…Her uncle chatted a bit with Chanyeol in English. Her uncle asked “holiday?”

Chanyeol shook his head and said “no no no” but then a second later said “yeah yeah yeah”…”

Before you say stuffs about ‘oh PCY prob don’t know eng that’s why he did that’

I’m not a native eng speaker, I’m surrounded by people who aren’t fluent in English but it doesn’t mean they won’t be able to understand such simple words such as ‘holiday’, ‘no’ or ‘yes’.

PCY is surrounded by Eng comments everyday on his IG – and OP’s uncle question is very easy and basic.

It’s just one word question. Why PCY said no [we’re not on holiday] then changed his answer into yes?

Perhaps it’s nothing but who knows…

Tbh the first time i heard about this fiji news I was really confused because “why the hell these dudes go to Fiji to have vacation? I thought they are busy doing LMR Japanese version???”

My friend said that maybe they were filming something 

But until this time I’ve never seen such thing besides their personal photos/videos [IG]

So what’s the purpose of them going to Fiji suddenly?

The original article about the gay couple was posted September 17, 2015 on ilyosisa.co.kr – 3 days before EXO departure.

Reminder, the additional pann article was published April 25, 2016.

“They’ve apparently been dating for five years”  

You honestly can’t be sure that it’s an idol group that’s been around for five years because there’s also a training period”

That includes groups that have been around for 3-4 years too then.”

“A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year…”

The description matches.

Now think, why after recent DP news, kaisoo being distant?

“But why are you so sure it’s EXO? There are a lot other famous group!”

Well, yeah. That’s true.

But judging by circumstances other groups don’t have ‘alarming’ pairing in their group right now.

As for Infinite Myungjong couple (I know people are talking about them regarding about this matter) – they were actually being rumored too in 2013, but then suddenly L had a ‘girlfriend’ – even though the way the gf being revealed was odd.

(Lots of people actually think this girl is/was a ‘beard’ gf)

Their relationship got revealed through twitter fight, as far as I remember.  

Where did I know this? Onehallyu, I sometimes lurk around bc im just a little fucker who curious about stuffs

– I can’t give you any link tho, since it’s gonna be useless, the thread is 500+ pages and I don’t remember in which page I read this… (don’t question why did I even read that long ass thread)

In 2013 SM bought Woolim (Infinite’s company).

5. [+29, -0] Dispatch talked about this before in the past, that they were going to reveal a male idol group who had a gay couple and that they were adults.. but after a couple of days, all of the articles disappeared and Dispatch went quiet about it. That was around 2013, I believe?

I’m implying that the gay rumor in 2013 is different with the rumor in 2015-2016. 

Also, remember the previous rumor?

This current Apr rumor is only additional  – I wonder why they don’t post the entire rumor, why they have to post it separately [the original (sept/march) + the additional (now)]

And why the Sept rumor is never translated into Eng?

“Impending news of an idol coming out of the closet?

One news media outlet has an exclusive report on evidence they’ve collected of a same sex couple within an idol group.

It has been customary for reports on celebrities coming out of the closet to be banned from being reported but after waiting on the piece of news for months, the outlet has decided to break that custom.

The same sex couple that they will be revealing are two members in the same group and are trending idols that are expected to cause a ripple in the industry.

The outlet is currently preparing for the inevitable lawsuit that will result from the report.”

Who do you think gonna cause ripple in the industry? Sure, there are many top A-list groups… but who? Who has the ‘it’ factor to hype shit up?

7. [+24, -0] This is just my guess… but I’m thinking it’s an idol group that already has a public relationship going on. The company probably came to a compromise with money but also under the condition that they would offer another member’s scandal to bury the gay couple’s scandal… Dispatch lucked out on this. Either way, the rumors never specify whether they’re a male or female couple.

“…A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year but came to a compromise with paparazzi company C to bury the articles. A and B are still continuing their relationship.“

This sentence is weird, is it because it’s a translation? But I doubt netizenbuzz would do half-assed translation…

The paparazzi who caught the couple was never being named / given initial

Company C is the one who buried the articles.


Company C didn’t make the article disappear, company C only buried it.

It means company C concealing it.

With what?

Oh probably with another scandal that could debunk the gay rumor – you know like making one of them to date a girl? bc majority of people always assume ‘dating a girl’ = straight

So who was the paparazzi?

Idk who, i dont have info or anything i can analyze currently about this, I guess we’ll just have to wait. 

But if the couple had to come to company C for help it means the paparazzi doesn’t want to give up the article.

They did say this after all in the March rumor

“…It has been customary for reports on celebrities coming out of the closet to be banned from being reported but after waiting on the piece of news for months, the outlet has decided to break that custom

The outlet is currently preparing for the inevitable lawsuit that will result from the report…”

So assuming that company C is the one who has caught the pairing is actually a bit odd…


Because the media outlet who’s caught the couple is preparing – they don’t give a shit.

They did say they’re gonna break that custom (keeping gay idols in the closet)

Idk why they do such evil shit, coming out is a HUGE deal, these people are assholes.

Idk what exactly happened during those months that made them chose the option to keep outing the couple 

”…but after waiting on the piece of news for months"

It if it were company C who caught the couple  

Why would they let go this rumor so easily then? 

Even though they had declared such thing ‘i aint afraid of suing’

And why the rumor comes back again even tho after they compromised?  

These things imply company C and paparazzi are completely different parties. 

And now about the alleged couple (KADI)

They were fine before the news happened.

They still did 'fanservice’ on stage.

They still laughed while facing each other.

But why now they were acting weird?

What’s exactly happening here?

If they are indeed just 'bros’ why they react like this with each other?


Why they were being emotional over 'sing for you’ lyrics?

Why Kyungsoo’s smile falter when Jongin sang his line on lotte secret night? 

“It’s kind of funny, I only have you. But sometimes, I’m worse than a stranger to you”

Why Jongin looked like he was holding back his tears when Kyungsoo sang his line during kpop top group concert in Shenyang [CH]?

“The way you cry, the way you smile. Do you know how much you mean to me? Words I wanna say, words I lost” 

Why Kyungsoo’s eyes were teary? There’s HD picts of it so don’t pull out bullshit like “you’re just delu and imagine shit” card on me.

Why on Secret Night when Kyungsoo caught Jongin was staring at him, Jongin looked away?

Why they shared lots of awkward eyecontact on stage after this scandal?

Why on Kpop Group Top concert Kyungsoo looked away too when Jongin turned his head to face him?

Why Kyungsoo went out with his mom twice after this scandal?

Most fans didn’t even know about his mother – and the close bond they seem to share – before this scandal.

They’re just 'bros’ right? Why such reactions?

It’s odd.

They look so melancholic, especially Jongin… what exactly it is… is he waiting for something bad to happen?

But the scandal is over already, people don’t really talk about it, the hype has died down, at least knetz don’t say shit about them anymore… 

So why? What makes him act this way?

What are they being so cautious of? Thus make them unable to look “close” anymore on public / stage.

They couldn’t even look at each other’s eyes on stage/public anymore, but it’s clear that they actually want to look at each other (those stolen glances, staring but then look away if they share eyecontact)

Conclusion; yeh i think it’s them but i know nothing, as always just take my words as a grain of salt…

again, sorry for bad english (nah not really)

Regarding the gay rumor (‘-’ )

Okay,  I’ve been talking to a friend and like me, she’s also, you know… delulu.  

The saying about ‘birds of a feather flock together’ is true. 

We talked about things and in the end we decided to post her analysis. Tbh I was actually quite reluctant about posting some parts of this bc I feel this thing is gonna make us sound even… crazier, but she said “so what? people already think we are crazy anyway”.

I warn you guys this girl is highly unfiltered so some of her words probably offending and rude, they are actually (and hella funny imo but that’s just personal taste of humour), therefore I want to apologize first on the behalf of this post (nah not really). 

Again I remind you this is just a BULLSHIT DELULU THEORY, in a politer word, an opinion, so ofc it would sound very biased, please don’t take it to the heart. Believe what you want to believe.

Let’s begin.

“I said Kaistal is rushed is because of the timing [a Pann post did say that this pairing was supposed to be outed during June – July]. So by now you already know how SM has all these dating stun bullshit, right? And how they control every fucking thing. 

Okay, so kai is actually paired with two ppl originally, krystal and yoona (back in 2012), but when RV debuted, they decided to add seulgi to the list too. Kai’s pairing is actually decided to be much much much later, who the fuck knows when, all I know is it’s not supposed to be now.

Back to the plot. So if you observe every fucking thing like I am, you would notice that SM was still experimenting with Kai’s pairing, in short they didn’t fucking know who the fuck was his final pairing yet so they were still baiting the public with each to see which get more response.

If you remember that chinese translation post, it says that kai is the kind that don’t like doing all this pairing bullshit, right? 

So that’s why even though kaistal is planned since forever [in 2012 – like that insider 2012 post has stated], their moment back in 2012-2014 are all brief and it’s not even actually a moment, just a moment of delulu ahaks.. ha.

Anyway, SM has told Kai that he will be paired with yoona or krystal since 2012, but since kai is such a freaking rebel, he don’t obey it, or at least not 100%, that’s why all those kaistal or seulkai moment are all half assed and not even deserving to call a moment lol, but whatever, i’m not here to bullshit on ppl’s ship (i am). SO to rank the kai’s ship that SM plan, 1- kaistal 2- yoonaxkai 3- seulkai (priorities here).

Let’s start with Yoonaxkai pairing shall we? 

So they start from that W live magazine photoshoot with seohyun back in 2012, where kai brought his puppy, i’m sure you guys know what i’m talking about. and you guys know how he was like, “ohh noona so pretty my dog is shy”. BUT it stopped there, why?

Because yoona dated seunggi that’s why. so the ship was discontinued

but oh?

Suddenly in Jan 2015 they decided that hey, maybe we can bring back the yoona x kai pairing, because why? Cause we’re SM and we don’t know his fucking final pairing, so there came the random ass Elle photoshoot where he was asked about the bulshit Q like what do you think of yoona and we saw you greet her and all that shit. 

Obviously if you little cute mind ppl don’t catch on, SM did this Elle photoshoot because they wanted to test the public reaction to the ship, like I said, they were still EXPERIMENTING. But oh no, the public only considered the pairing as brother sister, so the ship sink like Titanic *sobs*

Moving on to seulkai pairing, if you guys are curious little shit like me, you would be aware of this ship going around for a while now. 

WHY? because they happen to be friend when they are trainee, and yes there is actually a pic that they took together back then (with a group of ppl), unlike kaistal that is said to be friends since trainee days by DP but even sasaengs never heard of it (oh the horror) and also because bored ppl like shipping ppl with exo or more specifically kai.

So basically this seulkai ship is based on them being friends since trainee days, which tbh, how the fuck do you guys knows they are that close of a friend? huh? okay, whatever.

Back to the point. This pairing started when ppl saw Kai whisper to seulgi cute little ear at Gayo Daejun back in 2014, and that apparently blares the fucking fire in hormonal teenagers’ heart, so the boat sail. 

And then the press conference shit happens where seulgi, wendy and kai is the representative and some ppl were like, “Aww look at kai being shy with seulgi and him looking down” and also the one from SBS GAYO DAEJUN 2015 where he allegedly acted shy because seulgi was 5 m away from him even though if ppl weren’t so delulu they would know that kai was entertained by his fellow sunbae Shinee.

Anyway, this ship sail, still sailing eldorado. Ugh I like this song too much. So basically all these moments are planned by SM even though kaistal is still the main ship, they are still experimenting to see which got more response, which the ship does get a lot of response too, but not as much as kaistal unfortunately for those hormonal teenagers and some ahjummas. Please don’t be so naive to believe it’s not SM doing or I’m going to deck ur face.

And finally to the glorious ship of our focus, kaistal. 

so this ship started when ppl see kai rubbing his water bottle down krystal fragile arm because he was too busy staring at smth else that I don’t care about, so ppl was like, “look as how horny kai is that he even approach girls with a water fucking bottle”, so the ship started and it has been sailing steadily for 3 years, but then suddenly on July 2015 came the long awaited photoshoot of kaistal+taemin the so called ‘third wheeler’ [W magazine].

So if you guys are still turtles, this photoshoot came cause SM want to test the response, and they decided to add taemin because they think it’s subtle which is bullshit for a veteran company, but in the end taemin as the buffer works and ppl believes it (people *sigh*).

When this photoshoot came out ppl went wild and even burn a fucking car, because it was riot and all that shit. So it’s safe to say the response was flaming hot and SM was happy with the result, and they decided to go with kaistal as the final ship (with seulkai as the side dish and maybe a sprinkle of yoonaxkai). p/s: no one burn a fucking car… it was millions of it (i know my joke aren’t funny, stop wincing at it).

So now you get the histories of all these ships right? So move on to the theory or maybe it’s the truth and i’m just a very good watson or sherlock, whatever.

If you guys are a very practical observer like me, you would notice that kai airport fashion style has changed to fancy when Sep hit the 2015 calendar (Just 2 months after that W photoshoot).

And by then I already find that it’s suspicious cause we all know that the guy can’t even wear socks to save his own fucking life and suddenly he be wearing all these fancy ass shits? Nu-uh, something is going on here.

So you know the stages to know if idol is dating (if they have vehicles, change of styles, specific ideal type etc.. all that crap). Kai obviously tick most of the requirement of this list, so around that time people would be suspecting him being dating which he is indeed 'dating’ and then bam! DP said it’s kaistal.

At this time period (Sept 2015) SM already started what I call “Kaistal project”, it’s a lame ass name, i know. Need to remind you guys, SM was STILL EXPERIMENTING at this time, meaning they are still lax about releasing that they are 'dating’.

So when MAMA 2015 came is when shit got real, i’m too lazy to explain but there’s this gif of all of the member looking at kai when krystal is giving her speech and him singin krystal part in 4 walls and you know how that went and the response, like I said, SM was still half experimenting half confirming their final ship, that’s why you guys see side dishes of seulkai sometimes.

 And then GDA happened and people saw that kai pushed sehun aside to stand besides his beloved pseudo gf. Y’all know how it all went.

I’m just going to jump into random topic cause my thoughts is a mess.

Dispatch already made an agreement with SM that SM will give them some spicy couple every few years, or i think it’s just some spicy burritos. 

Anyways, they had this agreement, so that DP pictures you see of kaistal restaurant, with them not wearing any disguise or mask even though it’s a public restaurant and there’s many cars so many people, that shit is fake af, im sure you know it.

Those pics, they are shoot around Feb-March, meaning that dispatch and SM already shot that picts when the the two group ain’t busy, it’s just a theory, who told you to read this, feed your own curiosity.

[This is gonna sound very delulu – tbh even for me lol]

The imagination story goes that SM was relaxing in their office drinking Starbucks coffee in the middle of March (or perhaps around September bc that’s when the gay rumour started in Korean sites) when someone barged in while holding kaisoo kissin pics and the horror ensued

OMG why the fuck is there suddenly kaisoo picts? 

remember that rumour around the end of 2014 that some Chinese fans claimed that they have pictures of kaisoo kissing at backstage after Japan concert? And they said they were reluctant to release it, asking ppl ‘should we post it?’ and some ppl were like ‘NO YOU’LL RUIN THEIR LIFE’ and some were like ‘these two bitches are lying’

So the thing is that Dispatch (or probably other media outlets – DP isn’t the only one who loves juicy gossips) already collecting proves of kaisoo being real and undeniable proof at that, since forever, since kaisoo is speculate to be real af, please go read that article about a news outlet wanting to release a gay idol couple and they are preparing for the oncoming lawsuit from the respective company (means the company is BIG) and blah blah blah.

If it was DP who barged in, the scenario would prob be like “muahaha i have a new thing to come up with that can give me serious cash flow” and SM panicking and be like, “how could u do this, we had an agreement, we agreed on me giving kaistal or whoever kai pairing i will give since i’m so fucking indecisive after giving y’all baekyeon”, DP : “well i have better things to come out with and this is what i will come up with *kaisoo pics make its appearance*” and they be spitting shit to each other and then they made an agreement that DP will release kaistal pic in April as April Fools (its a joke) to cover that kaisoo [or perhaps to make public believe ‘bish they aint gay’ so the gay rumour that is being alleged on him would be nullified]. 

That’s why I said that kaistal dating news are rushed, they were supposed to be much much later, but because DP got their hand on kaisoo pic FINALLY after years of collecting JUSTIFYING proofs, they had to release it in April.

So the summary of this theory is that;

kaistal plan already started in september 2015, airport fashion changed, kaistal rumor circulate on Pann, MAMA shit happens, GDA shits happens, and then SM got a ‘surprise motherfucker’ visit from kaisoo proof, then SM rearranged the agreement making kaistal to be released in April (Fool) instead of June – July (like that Pann post has said)”

This is just a made up story/theory, mkay? We don’t know for sure if SM does this to cover the gay – although it’s obvious (at least for me) that they do this to boost their newest group and covering krishan issue. And it’s obvious (again, at least for me) that the scandal has been arranged before by SM and DP.  

Tbh I think I’m gonna get hates or mocks on bc of this… but oh well, it’s not my first time anyway. Go make fun of my delulunessss lol

softexodus  asked:

I genuinely love you, thank you for that post, there are just too many things with kaisoo that don't add up and it's like their hiding something. Same goes for the fact that SM don't promote kaisoo when it could make them loads of money, I feel like this is all just some da Vinci code/ illuminati level cover up. But anyway you are an angel and I love you <33

i love you too and thank you for liking my theory post :D 

[warning, shit is about to get delulu and also long, like usual, and it also perhaps will offend some people who aren’t fond of the idea that their oppas being shipped together for real–like really really real by an insignificant nobody from internet. you’ve been warn.]

ikr? so many things feel a lil bit odd between their very platonic relationship  

SM doesnt promote them for money often, the ones that promote them are other companies, like SPAO, Baskin Robins, Pepero, KFC (well not the marketing staff but one of their branch put kaisoo live-sized card board together), even Korean Red-Cross (i think it is korean red cross but i’m not sure) uses them together, oh also dont forget that soda commercial (maybe there are more companies but my brain doesnt remember any rn)

as far as i know, SM only promotes them few times; the big hit was when their official account announced Kaisoo being totally confirmed by dispatch as april fool “joke”, while the subtle ones were when they put kaisoo’s pillow together on the same shelf in SM merchandise shop (idk what it’s called), also they put kaisoo together in exo photobooks (the diejungs one and the one with soo leans his head on jongin’s shoulder), maybe there are more but i don’t know about it 

[OKAY UPDATE SM DOESNT DO THOSE THINGS ^^^ ON PURPOSE: that official account that tweeting the dispotch joke was fanmade so it’s not SM and the dolls were apparently not purposely arranged to be in kaisoo order, it’s coincidental, so sm didnt do shit to promote them, prob only those diejung photos but i dont think sm forced them to be glued together for that photoshoot hmm] 

those SM’s “moments” were just recently being publicized , mid-end 2014 , why didnt they promote them from the very beginning, in 2012 or 2013? SM started to promote them slightly when kaisoo has started to become more heated to be the “talk” (fans had already noticed them since their debut/mama era - it was the china fans that did so, then they started to dug out more about them and then it grew and spread wider, correct me if i’m wrong tho), meaning SM didnt plan about kaisoo at all - kaisoo happened bc of themselves, they made it, they invented it, or in shippers language: the ship sails itself

and even though now SM has recognized them (put a light on their spot) recently, the company still doesnt exploit the pair like crazy-money-starved-company-they-are (okay i know this sounds quite insulting, but come on some of their members had filed lawsuits bc of health-regarding-matters) and still kaisoo never once have a same schedule, like why? they’re only together if the whole members are requested to be together as whole team, but once the schedule requires them to be split up, they never being put together. i’ve noticed soo had been w/ other members (at least once) when they do mini-group schedule, yet never with jongin.

and maybe this is just me, idk maybe i’m seeing shit, but have you noticed how other members act around them when they’re having moments? just look at suho’s (especially suho, seriously if kaisoo havin moment and he is around quick look at this man’s face for his reaction) or chen’s face since they tend to be more obvious showing it, chanyeol and lay would quickly distract the attention (actually i think chanyeol third-wheeling them especially on the stage to stop the gheiness leak, this guy trying so hard to ship himself  w/ soo, what if he does this bc he wants us to see kaisoo as casual fanservice ship? like if he does it too w/ soo then kaisoo won’t be that obvious, ppl would think if kaisoo just the same with chansoo,  omg i feel so deluded rn /embarrassed/ ) 


baek covered his mouth - was he smiling?


did he need to stand up to point at him honestly? this kid basically had already said “i chose baek bc i had to (so everybody gets picked). by heart i wanted to choose soo” then he proceeded to stand up - to point at his waifu repeatedly as if he needed to assure soo that he meant it (he indeed wanted to choose soo), i mean, honestly? really? 


suho giving the most obvious reaction here


look at chen


honestly look at chen’s face rn


they were in their own world and chen could only sigh


chen looked at jongin but jongin only had his eyes on soo


chen said something but the two still in their own world


suho and xiumin turned their head to see jongin


jongin stopped smiling and be like -oh shit i forgot there’s camera- baek was like -of course you would say that jongin-, see baek’s laugh stopped and he looked at jongin for a sec (this gif is sped up btw)


bet the MC is shipping them too


chanyeol being a third-wheel like usual


honestly chanyeol? soo only wanted to whisper to jongin


sudden appearance of mr.cockblocker 


yeol eyeing soo who was blowing jongin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) then he grinned after it finished


i guess this happened first


then this, yeol to the rescue -must. separate. them. must. cover. them-


but why?


luhan and chen smiled


that girl is totally shipping them now


and this was how baekyeol reacted to kaisoo mating dance


kris looked at them briefly then averted his gaze somewhere else


look how lay’s head tilt to the side slightly when soo started hugging jongin - as if lay was looking at soo’s arms movement - and look at soo eyeing him

once again maybe this is just me being crazy and deranged shipper /sobs/, you prob dont see the same shit as me, and sorry if my explanations seem to be forced/fantasized but in all honesty i see them like that

also how the interviewers like to tease kaisoo, (like shindong, or that SINA’s girl) how sometimes they like to imply …things about them - maybe this is why the company doesnt put them together in mini-group schedule lol

ah i’m sorry for answering it too damn long, honestly there were things that i wanted to add but i forgot and i’m sleepy now, so i guess i’ll wrap this up, thank you again, you’re an angel too! /hugs you/ :) 

for non-shippers, i apologize if this annoy you somehow, i don’t mean any harm whatsoever, i just wanted to let the thoughts out of my brain and since this is tumblr - a blogsite, a site where you can write stuffs, where you can spill your thoughts - soooo, yeah…. just skip this delulu post if it annoy you, sorry again, okay? 

and for some of you think this post will ruin kaisoo image (tbh i was a lil bit afraid too), but just think about it, how big is the chance for that? i mean, basically all most used social medias have posted dozens of their recorded moments + fanarts (fanfics/videos/draws/etc), and somehow my word-vomits would do malice to them? i don’t think so tbh, plus i already stated that i’m a crazy/delulu/deranged/ nobody shipper (of course irl i’m just a normal and functional member of society) so IF somehow kaisoo’s image get tarnished bc of my post, their image still could be protected, just say: the poster had said that she’s delulu why would you believe a delulu person you dumbfuck???? so there. 

anyway have a good night/day, sorry for the long ass answer, sorry for the late reply bc college is a bitch, and sorry for the mistakes (maybe there are some mentioned names that are wrong,also the grammar and profanities too, hope my sentences make sense lel). there are a couple of unanswered asks, i’ll do them tomorrow. bye~

roughfoxs  asked:

seems kaisoo lose it or they're only rrely seen tgther ltely? so really strnge tste, somehw I feel aftr the photoshoot, kaisoo strted tenuous, I alwys wondering! did they really hvng a real relationship? please give me a mch help here! ilysm senpai!!

[warning: this would sound very very very delusional for some people and it’s long like always so prepare your eyes, if you hate me bc of this, well, i have warned you, also this is pure my opinion, we may have different ways of thinking, so feel free to disagree. i aint indoctrinating u anything. dont take this seriously plz. i know nothing.]

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anonymous asked:

both the girls & their team piss me off bc they do nothing. no interviews, & they go out 24/7 but 'they're working' on the new album they could have worked during the tour but noooooo sorry I'm furious we're doing everything for them

I’m so fucking done with everyone saying the girls don’t do anything and party all the time. They had a WELL DESERVED week off after their trip to japan and a week off now before they started non stop work for the new album. They’ve been writing and recording in the studio EVERY SINGLE DAY. THEY WERE EVEN IN THE STUDIO ON A FUCKING BANK HOLIDAY. Just because they dont document every single second of their day doesn’t mean they aren’t working. How do you get all these Little Mix songs that you have on your ipod? Or all these incredible music videos? It’s not like they sit around and wait for someone else to write their songs for them. They do it themselves and fuck anyone who thinks they don’t work hard. Little Mix are the hardest working people I know. They sing they dance they write they produce and for who? FOR YOU. And you can’t appreciate it just because you’re still salty that they POSTPONED a tour so YOU can have another album to listen and cry to. I know the whole tour cancellation couldve been handled better but it’s time y’all get the fuck over it. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. You have no idea what really happened and why they cancelled the tour so suddenly. You think they didn’t want to do it? That LITTLE MIX THE MOST AMBITIOUS GROUP OUT THERE would not want to tour AMERICA AKA ONE OF THE BIGGEST AND TOUGHEST MUSIC MARKETS??? Fuck all of you who think they don’t work hard or they don’t deserve a break every now and then or that they don’t care about their US fans. Y’all are so fucking ungrateful it makes me sad. You don’t know their schedules. You don’t know how an album is made. It takes a lot of hard work. But it also means that some days Little Mix aren’t needed in the studio. Like songs need a lot of work before they’re “finished” and that’s the producers job. They have to stem it and basically edit the whole thing arrange the vocals add the beats add the layers add the background vocals and idek man. All I know is that a song isn’t produced magically. Neither is an album. It takes time and effort and it NEEDS time and effort. So just chill with the whole they don’t work enough or party all the time shit ok unless you’re with them in the studio til 1am or at videoshoots dancing the salute routine til 3am or at photoshoots from 6 in the morning don’t fucking tell me they don’t work hard.

And don’t even for one second think that you’re “doing everything for them”. Voting and tweeting hashtags and all that stuff is OUR JOB. ITS THE FANS JOB TO PROMOTE AND SPREAD THE WORD AND BUY THEIR MUSIC. Take a look at other fandoms. They work SO hard. They tweet 24/7 trend 24/7 and we can’t even QUOTE a lousy tweet because HEY THE GIRLS GOT BLESSED WITH A SHITTY FUCKING MANAGEMENT SO LETS GIVE THEM THE FULL TREATMENT AND ADD A SIDE OF SHITTY FUCKING FANBASE AS WELL. THAT’LL MAKE THEM REALLY FUCKING HAPPY.