i dont give a shit


This is Aria, my fursona! Been meaning to draw her for a long long time but never got around to it!

This was kind of a collab between myself and  @pyritepanda​ they did the sketch and I lined and colored her!

Name: Aria D. Rue
Species: Maned Wolf
Age: 20+
Height: 5'11
Personality: Aria is a very happy, outgoing, and excitable person. She can be very vulgar at time, often curses like a sailor. She is full of love and always sees the good in people, even going as far as to give people a second chance when they do her wrong. It’s very hard for her to hate someone due to all this love she has to give and it makes her a bit gullible as she trusts people easily. Once you make Aria a friend she becomes a “ride or die” mate for life.