i dont get to draw detailed things often

Inktober Day 8 - “Crooked”

This is Von. He’s not on the alter page because I didnt expect anyone to meet him.

I chose to draw him because he’s very.. Id driven? He doesn’t seem to recognize right from wrong like the rest of us, and basically needs a chaperone to front. He’s a very good artist though, so he’s got a good outlet/distraction. I’m often very jealous of his attention to details.

He’s always chewing on his fingers, or sleeves, or something. I dont really get him. He..doesnt understand a lot of things.. He’s a compulsive liar, he needs to be told repeatedly many things, but when he draws.. He obviously has a fine eye for detail. Its like he sees these beautiful things that others don’t. Its brilliant. I just dont know.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the picture, even though I messed it up a bit, and getting to know a bit about another alter. 💙


Open Commissions


  • Please pay me first once we have discussed what it is you would like, and ill start the sketch of the commission as soon as i am paid. (I wouldn’t want to draw something for someone and not get paid for it. My only exception is gift art.)
  • paypal only please!
  • My main fandom is Homestuck so i don’t really know of any other fandoms other than a handful of anime shows so please give me references!! same with OCs! Make sure to tell me what you would like for me to draw them doing, please be pretty specific and give me lots of examples. I dont want to get details wrong.
  • Give me time! Sketches, lines, small things, and flats i can get done pretty quickly, more detailed things will take a bit of time! I may lose motivation or inspiration every so often so it might take a while, i will try to get the picture done within a week or two, or within a month at the most, and i will show WIPs at key points in the piece to let you know i am drawing the thing! Please inform me if you would want the picture done before a certain time!
  • There are a few certain things i cannot/will not draw, ask me and i will let you know!  

How to commission me!

You can send me an ask here on @diidymoii​ and ill contact you on IMs or you can send an email to dfantasyart@gmail.com

Prices and examples under the cut!

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