i dont get it i cant breathe

Guys help I’m emotional

So I wrote a thing- Its a Langst thing.

It isnt finished and its just in the ‘summarize’ stage but… I dont know if I should expand on it?

Read it under the cut if you wantttt

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so this is my first time watching Martin's Interview when the interviewer asks "..why do you think they love each other" (I mean, I saw it couple of times in gifs) but OHMYGOD I'm laughing so hard. He explained everything about 'ppl with the same sex being attracted to each other' etc for a few moment and then it mixed up with friendship and then I started losing it when he did the *TAKE A DEEP BREATH* "yeah.. I dont know..I dont know.." 😂 like, I just cant..

I love that interview, it’s just priceless.
Like, you can see how he starts to freak out in the exact moment the interviewer asks him “ why do you think they love each other so much?”

then he starts to ramble about how two same sex people can be super best bros forever like

then we get to the best part  –> Martin I AM JUST IN IT Freeman. His face at the end is just…

He just wants to run and hide from that question forever. Look at the poor thing.


Summary: You and Dean are always handsy when you are together. Seth and Roman make a bet that you can’t last a week without touching each other. Lots of teasing follows ending with some Daddy smut in the locker room. Smut. Daddy Kink.

TAGGING: @monsteramongmen-tamer @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo @idekwhatthisis @alexahood21

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les amis as things my friends have texted me:

grantaire: *talking about neighbours killing each other* can’t they just do the deed already?

enjolras: why does europe have three different councils with the same name? that’s impractical.

bahorel: i haven’t studied at all for the finals. i’ve been watching shrek instead!!

courfeyrac: i just love dank memes, sick puns and dramatic entrances

combeferre: i slept for an hour and thirty minutes bc i was up all night reading. god, it was so worth it.

bossuet: Like i Love my ftiedns nut im not doing shit like tvat wihtb them

marius: Jean Valjean why u fuck me up so good like that

feuilly: they cost tho??? real moneys??? fuck no dude i cant afford to breathe

jehan: my skin is so soft.. so im happy :~)

joly: dont wanna get worried but i also dont know what to ask


you: “John Ambrose has died!! oh no:(((”

me, an intellectual: “How’s Peter doing today??? Did he eat his lunch?? He good?? He wearing sunblock, is really sunny today he should take care of his skin :)”

psysomatics  asked:

-slides you a twenty- I see your trans boy Will and I raise you an also trans boy Nico.

TRANS SOLANGELO….. this is my lifeblood and i thank you. sorry this is so late though!! ill try to get better about that haha…

- nico has never met anyone else like him. when he was very young, he told maria and bianca about how he felt, always seemed confused when people called him a girl, and would respectfully correct them, saying “no sir, im the man of the house!” because hades rarely found the time to be with them.

- hades was the one to convince bianca and maria that what nico is is normal. through out all the ages, he’d seen many people like him, and he relayed a few of the words that you could call nico to the three, then just to nico, alone, “you are my son”. it makes nico happy. this is the first time he hears it, but not the last.

- later on in life, nico forgets he isnt alone in being transgender. he forgets he isnt alone in all things. his father presents him with the correct materials to bind once he reaches that age, but nico never takes off the binder even though he knows it isnt safe, and he doesnt care either. he figures he’ll keep passing, and if he dies, very few people will notice, and likely no one would miss him terribly. he has no responsibilities with bianca gone. he has no one to live for, but he lives anyways, not caring if or when death comes.

- things only get worse when he starts realizing he likes men. if he were a REAL man, he tells himself, then he’d like women. wouldnt he? he remembers all the stories of the gods taking male lovers, he turns them over in his head, he knows that men loving men is as old as rhyme, but he cant help it. dysphoria grips him strongly, as it always seems to.

- when he shows up in will’s infirmary, will is shocked at the state of nico’s body. he says so, out loud, “i am shocked at the state of your body” and nico’s entire body tenses and he’s terrified of what comes next, but will says instead “even i remember to take this thing off sometimes! you have to let them BREATHE, di angelo, dont you know what kind of injury you can get? what kind of SICKNESS? how are you not dead yet?”

- nico and will talk during those three days in the infirmary, mostly will yelling at him and trying to convince him that binder safety is important “its just… those things.” “yes and your ribs and lungs and everything else! you can get so sick from this, nico!” “…oh” but they talk about other things like will’s starry-eyed love for star trek. nico offers up some things about mythomagic and will is happy to hear about it. nico isnt used to the attention. it feels… strange.

- will is brave and nice and kind of slow figuring things out but ultimately clever. he has a terrible bedside manner and is a dangerously efficient healer, would probably operate on a man who’s awake and staring him in the eye if he knew it would save his life. nico respects him. nico feels skeletal butterflies in his stomach and chest and tells himself “just respect” but he knows its a lie. will has pretty golden curls and his blue eyes get so wide with his big, charming smile when he talks about doctor mccoy and mr spock and the starship enterprise. nico thinks he could hear about star trek every day of the week. he knows hes got it bad

- when nico is dispatched from the infirmary, he’s almost reluctant to leave. before he leaves, he impulsively asks will if he’d like to hang out again sometime. will smiles at the invite and jokes “like a date?” and without thinking, nico says “yes.” they stare at eachother in silence while will blinks, processing. then he says “oh…. well then yes!” and hes smiling and his cheeks are pink and cute and nico smiles a bit too, triumphantly. they plan to go on a date soon, very soon, and nico leaves the infirmary feeling like he’s just won the lottery. better than the lottery. a chance with will solace (who may or may not be doing a dance in the infirmary while his siblings watch in confusion at the fact that HE is going out with THE handsome, incredible, mysterious, hilarious, dorky nico di angelo. what a guy!!! what an absolute catch! way to go solace!)

- these dorks are extremely gay and im dying.

BFF: Yo, so some people on Tumblr truly believe that Link and Zelda are siblings in Breath of the Wild.

Me: *reads text then replies back* Please tell me I read that wrong.

BFF: You didn’t.

Me: *404 lack of intelligence in the human world. commence mental breakdown from within* 

Genji x reader prompt

Genji x Reader. wedding proposal


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Genji rolled the ring around in his metal hands. He had been planning to propose to you for weeks now. But every time he would get nervous or something would come up. The advice from others wasn’t helping either

“Well kiddo. Ya gotta just throw ya self on her and say somethin about how hot they are” McCree said providing no help

“I dunno. Why are you asking me. Get back to training!” 76 scolded


“Hana love I don’t think that those are the same” Tracer said patting D,va’s head

Nobody really provided useful help


“Brother. I need advice” Genji asked knocking on Hanzo’s door

“Come in” Hanzo’s gruff voice said from the other side of the door

after an explanation of what was going on Hanzo put his finger to his chin thinking

“Well…with everything that happens in your…rather unique life. How dose Y/N make you feel?”

“Hmm. Somewhat, Normal, As in they make me feel like im whole again”

Hanzo laughed “Then tell them that. Its not that hard brother”

“Easy for you to say. I cant look them in the eye as of late without getting…well”

“Flustered?” Hanzo asks laughing “You two have been together for so long. And know everything about each other. I see no reason to be afraid of them obviously saying yes”

Genji takes a deep breath and nods a little “You are right. Thank you brother. Funny your the only one that has given decent advice”

“I dont find that hard to believe in the slightest” he says sipping his tea 

“Y/N! can i talk to you?” Genji asked running up to you and putting his hands on your sides

“Hm? You seem more open then normal? what up” You were referring to Genji’s understandable lack of PDA. He was somewhat reserved with others around normally.

“You see, We have been together for a long time. And ill admit. It has been crazy. But what stood true was that you were there for me” His Mask was off as well as his chest armor.

“And I was thinking. Its you that makes me feel more human then omnic. You remind me of my emotions. And that is so valuable to me”

“Well Genji its because I love you. When we met you were so reserved I knew there was something under that shell”

“And you got at it no matter what. And i could not be more thankful. So Y/N. That brings me to this. Would you maybe like to spend the rest of our lives together? And do me the honer of allowing me. A cyborg to be your husband”

At this point the world froze around you before you jumped on him in a big teared hug “Of course Genji. I couldn’t ask for anything else. Your all i need” you say as tears rolled down your face

“Thank you Y/N…For everything. Now lets go brag shall we?” he says with a chuckle 

Tattoo (smut)

Summary: its your first time getting a tattoo and your artist Robbie can tell your nervous so he helps calm your nerves *wink* 

 Warning: oral, fingering, public place.

A/N So I decided to write this because I got my first tattoo of the evenstar from the lord of the rings yesturday! In this imagine you can imagine any tattoo you want.

(Y/N’s pov) Todays the day, I’m finally getting my first tattoo! Ive wanted one for so long and now I’m finally getting one! But I just cant get my nerves to calme down…hope I dont pass out during the session. I’ll just eat a big breakfast and drink a lot of water and I should be fine… 

 *skip to tattoo parlor* That breakfast and water didnt help at all, Im literally siting here shaking in my seat. Maybe I should I should just leave? No Y/N you’ve wanted this for so long dont be a wimp! Ok, ok just relax, calm down, deep breaths.

 “Y/N Robbies ready for you, his room is down that hallway and second door on the right.” The lady at the front desk says. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! I stand up without even realizing and walk to his room, I peek my head in and see… 

 One the hottest guys I’ve ever seen, which didnt help calm my nerves at all. He smiles at me and I fully walk into the room. There are pictures of the tattoos hes done all over the walls and some of his own designs as well. He stands up from his seat and walks towards me, thats when I notice his tattoos.   

 “Hey you must be Y/N, Im robbie.” He looks me up and down and stares at me with an emotion I cant really distinguish then holds his hand out for me to shake. I shake it but my hand starts shaking.  “A little nervous are we?” He chuckles. I shyly nod my head.  “Its alright, most people are nervous for their first tattoo. You’ll be fine, It’ll be over before you know it.” I felt a little better after he said that. “Thank you”

 “Ok, so do you have the picture of the tattoo you want?” I couldn’t help staring at him again, hes just so intriguing. He notices and  smiles, making my cheeks go red. “Uh yeah sorry, here it is.” I pull up the picture on my phone. “Nice, here’s my email, just email it to me and we can get started.”

 I do what he said and he prints out my design. “Ok, just sit in the chair over there and put your arm on the table.” I nod my head, nervously smiling and sit in the chair. My palms are all sweaty and my arms are shaking, I feel like throwing up.

 Robbie comes over and shows me the cut out design. “Is this big enough?” I look at it, and nod. He smiles, noticing Im scared. “Just relax, you’ll be fine.” I just close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. “Ok I’m going to place this on your arm and you tell me if you like where the placement is ok?” I nod. He starts lining up the design with my arm but stops, probably because my arm is shaking so much. “Can I try something?” He asks. “Um sure, ok.” “Just lean back.” I do and then he makes the chair lean back as well.

 “Comfortable?” “Yeah actually, thanks.” I smile at him and he does as well. “good” Then he leans in and captures my lips with his. My eyes widened, I didnt know if I should kiss him back or not, I dont even know him. But he is cute, so why not? I kiss him back and I feel him smile. We pull away after a minute and he starts kissing down my neck. “Have you ever had someone eat you out before?”  My eyes widened, I wansn’t sure if I heard him right. “What?”

 He pulls away from my kneck and laughs lightly. “Have you ever been eaten out before?” I look at him confused and all flustered. “Um no, why?” “Thats what i’m going to do, you’ll feel much better after trust me.” I still couldn’t believe what I was hearing, was he serious? I knew he was when he started pulling my pants down. “Uh Robbie, I-I don’t thi-” “Shhh It’s alright, trust me ok?” Well I mean its not like we’re having sex right? I guess this is ok…“Ok”

 He pulls my pants the rest of the way off then pulls my knees up and spreads them. He smiles at my dark green underwear. “Greens my favorite color.” Then he starts the inside of both my thighs, I sigh loving the feeling. My underwear comes off soon after and I tense up, feeling a little self conscious. He gives me a reasurring smile befor he leans in and licks a stripe up my heat. I whimper at the feeling and accidently buck my hips up to feel his mouth on me again. He gives me a lustful look and dives in again, griping my thighs as I grip his hair. He moves His tounge all over my heat, up and down side to side, sucking on certain parts, I have to bite my lip to keep from moaning to loud.  Out of no where he shoves his tounge inside me going as deep as he can, I let a loud moan escape, not caring anymore.

 He pulls me further towards him so he can go deeper. Then he replaces his tounge with two of his fingers, letting him go even deeper. His mouth moves to my clit and I pull his hair tightly, we both moan and the vibrations sen me to a whole other world.  The combination of him fingering me and his tounge licking and sucking my clit make me a moaning mess. Not to soon after I feel a Knot forming in my stomach, I think robbie could tell because he starts moving his fingers faster and deeper into me hitting my g-spot. “R-Robbie I’m cl-” I Couldn’t speak anymore, robbie could tell and he lightly rubs my thigh letting me know that he knows. The knot in my stomach finally releaces and I let out a loud moan, then go limp in the chair, Robbie’s toungue likes me clean and he gives me a minute to catch my breath.

 “How was that?” He asks smiling. I smile too “It was amazing.“  "Good, you ready for your tattoo now?” I wasn’t even nervous anymore. “Yeah, Thanks.” After he places the design where I wanted he made a small line just to show me how it felt. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. It still hutn, just not to bad. “That wasnt so bad was it?” “Not at all.”

  It only took about 40 minutes then I was done. He let me look at it in the mirror and it looked amazing! I thanked him and gave him a very genorous tip. He put some plastic around it and told me everything I needed to know about taking care of it.  “Hey um, can I have your number? I would love to see you again.” 

Now he’s the one thats nervouse. I giggle and write it down on his hand with the pen he gave me. “Maybe next time I’ll be the one helping you out.” I wink at him then walk out the door, leaving him all flustered, Im definatly coming back for another one. 

Okay but like ,, imagine Dan and Phil move to a bigger apartment and they get a dog and then the little pupper will just be out there living and breathing and they’ll be a happy lil family and they’ll have a dog and Dan will get it little costumes and everything will be good in the world again and I HAVE SIMPLE FUCKING NEEDS WHY CANT THEY BE FULFILLED I DONT ASK FOR MUCH !!

wanna chat? pt.19

on ao3
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so this is like…twice as long as a normal chapter. anyway i was in les mis the other week and i sent something and someone thought it was a les mis chapter of wanna chat. and @reyxa​ encouraged it so Here We Are

this chapter continues right off of the last one because i found a note with sick quotes on it. i kept the les mis as light and understandable as possible but just like..let me know if it makes 0 sense. i had to get this out of my system because ive been in a writing funk

(mari = cough cough, nino = space bro, alya = alys, adrien = glen coco)


3:12 in boo you whore

cough cough: gmoring i cant brethe out of mynose rn
Im not goin g ot be in school today
Bu ti cant sleep anymore because I cnat breath e
iim gonna go watch youtube videos


space bro: my dude
i hope youre feeling better when you wake up

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My nosejob experience!!

for anon, who wanted me to make a before and after post talking about my rhinoplasty, so keep reading for a wild journey of embarrasing selfies and pain!!

//tw bruises and blood

((some of this pictures are better quality than others since some are taken with my phone and others with my camera. also keep in mind that 90% of these selfies were taken with the purpose of doing before & afters,not actually looking decent so try not to judge me ookay ill shut up now))

k so here are some pictures of my pre-op nose

from the front:


as you can see it was quite big for my face, had a bump on my bridge and i didnt have a very nice profile. so i made an appointment with a highly recommended plastic surgeon and he told me it would cost about $20000 pesos and i had to get some tests done blah blah blah, irrelevant stuff.

so on august 16th i went to the hospital at 6am and my mum took the last sleepy pre op pictures of me in the ugly hospital gowns thingys

then i went into the operating room, the surgeons put me down right away and i woke up about an hour later confused as fr*ck and they took me to my room.

this is what i looked like when i first woke up and yes, the first thing i did was ask for my phone so i could take bloddy and bruised selfies for the internet

i couldnt breath (obviously), i had a constant nosebleed, wet wipes under my eyes for the bruising (im sure your surgeon will tell you this but just in case!! a tip: make ice cubes out of tea for your eyes to make the swelling go down faster) and a cast on my nose. i couldnt feel pain on my face (wich was still a lil numb in places) and i actually felt almost no pain on my nose during my whole recovery but coming down from the anesthesia was awfully painful for me. it was probably because this was my first surgery and i hadnt been put down before but if you’re not a wimp, unlike me, you’ll be fine.

during this day my face got rEALLY swollen and bruised (i dont have any pics of that bc i was feeling awful but if you want to get a nosejob be prepared to look like an overweighted squirrell who lost a bar fight for a few days)

this is what i looked like about 5 days after the surgery, cast still on, a lot less swollen (but still a lil swollen), still bruised and hating life:

so yeah, the gaping fish look is gonna stay w/ u for those few days where you cant breath through your nose and sleeping is a lot harder when you cant move. or lay down too much. or breathe. 

like a week after the surgery i went to get my cast off and i didnt hurt at all, but was kinda uncomfortable having your nose that sensitive. I also got my nose cleaned, wich was a tru hASHTAG BLESSING i had never appreciated being able to breathe that much. ps: keep in mind that the cast makes your nose look weird so the first impression isnt the end result, dont get weirded out if you look like a pig at first (i know i did). anywayss, without my cast nd a lot less swollen i looked like dis!!

i had a lot of anxiety and was even depressed over the way i looked and this truly helped me get my confidence back. surgery doesnt fix things, you do. but i feel so incredibly happy with the way i look now and it changed my life for the better even though i had doubts until the day before the surgery (but srsly dont take big decisions if youre having second thougts, i set a bad example dudes)

always remember that youre beautiful no matter what and even tho you dont need plastic surgery, theres nothing wrong with it if you want it. do whatever makes you happy, its ya body

thank u so much to anyone who took the time to read this long ass post ily and feel free to ask me anything!!

(ps: technically im not recovered yet, the full recovery is 6 months and its only  been like a month but ill update this when its time!!)

(ps 2: sorry for any misspelling, english is not my first language and please correct me if i wrote something wrong)

Dawon - Find You.

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

Series: Find You.

Title: Where Are You? (Part ½)

Pairing: Dawon x Female Reader (ft. Baro and Inseong)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Implies rape (the actual act does not happen), Violence, Cussing

A/N: Please let me know what you think!! Part two is already in the works/almost done and I will be releasing it not too far from now. I wanted to read at least one thing about Dawon that doesn’t describe him as “extra”, but I ended up writing one instead. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed the times that he’s very quiet and serious. I hope you enjoy and that it satisfies all your angsty needs!!

“Alright, great work everyone,” SF9’s choreographer says with a soft bow and some hollow claps. His bow is returned by the 9 other bodies in the room, the ones that had danced until the room was foggy and their breath shaky. They fall to the floor one by one in exhaustion, and Youngbin begins passing out water bottles as they try to slow their breathing and heart rates. Letting the water refresh them, they gradually start talking about mix of things amongst themselves, ranging from the routine they just learned to who’s gonna shower first. Dawon only somewhat contributes to the conversation as he has other things running through his head, mainly the fight. 

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How do you find motivation to draw? Im learning but I just cant bring myself to draw, no motivation, nothing :(

//i get this question a lot just cuz… i have like this weird limitless art stamina i’m just… drawin’ all the Damn Time… and honestly? i really dont know where my own motivation comes from. this probably sounds like such a cheesy or cheap answer but, personally, drawing is very much like breathing to me… ive been doing it my whole life and it just feels natural? i dont even feel like i need motivation, it’s just something thats a permanent part of my life at this point…

that’s how i understand myself currently, but ofc that isn’t an answer that helps anyone at all. honestly, i say just go for drawing what you Want. be it fan art, ocs, or whatever. don’t feel pressured to draw stuff you don’t want to. because then making art becomes a really unsatisfying activity, maybe even chorelike.

if you keep doing that i promise the skills will come. even if you feel like youre drawing the same things over and over. because throughout your interests youre probably going to start branching out and pushing yourself to draw things you haven’t drawn before, and it’ll just add to your skillset.

i say that from experience; ive always been self-motivated with my art. i literally only drew animals till i was in the 7th grade, and the thing that made me jump to finally drawing people was literally the fact that i started listening to the band muse and wanted to try drawing the band members. it’s silly stuff like that that can make all the difference with makin your skills grow!!!

i know i’m probably making it sound like i’m oversimplifying here, but that’s just my take from my experience… i guess my largest piece of advice would be to not force it too much. don’t get discouraged by where you are now, try to enjoy your work for what it is, too. that’s really important as well.

I realized why I love photography so much. Because to take actually nice pictures you need to live. You cant stage pictures and put meanings into them. Pictures are only good if the memories are real. This is why it keeps me going, and makes me glad im alive. I dont live for photography, but i live because of photography, and i dont care whether im good or bad at it. I enjoy waking up early to capture sunsets, or jumping in front of probably thousands of people to get a nice picture, posing as the artworks, painting the streets,i enjoy the thrill,holding my breath as i take the picture, running up and down the streets, capturing & enjoying the moment without caring about what people thinks. I enjoy moments. This is what is important to me about it.
Find things to be excited about, they make the lives better.