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local artist comes back to life after listening to the new gorillaz album, immediately starts wasting it by scribbling a singer that isnt even rael for the rest of the day. more news at eleven


The first bit of fanart I draw for @markiplier and it’s Dark - I mean, go figure, the guy really outdid himself this time. I haven’t stopped thinking about the ending since it got released. Dark has a backstory and I am absolutely floored by it.

Hats off to you, Mark - you’ve really inspired me recently. When you said “I want to make something I’m proud of” it hit me hard that my art and stories felt a bit lacking. Some day, I’m gonna make something spectacular. I can feel it.

Eric headcanon: In the bedroom

(A/N) I live! Ahm…so…sorry? I haven’t updated my Eric Fanfiction in a while.. But I soon will! I promise! I will post an explanation later if anyone is interested.
Anyway, this is for @sterek-foreverandever. Thank you for requesting and I hope you like it! :)

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  • So, I think this is obvious, but he is very dominant in the bedroom
  • He loves to leave love bites and things like that, but don’t even think about covering them up. He uses them to mark you as his, you should feel honoured

  • If he is in the mood, he will prepare his partner and take his time, but if he had a bad day or anything like that, oh boy, prepare for a rough quickie (or six quickies for that matter)

  • You’ll probably be sore in the morning (hot baths help)

  • Since he likes to be rough, he loves it when you pull his hair while he goes down on you

  • He’ll have nothing against a few scratch marks here and there

  • If his partner is a girl, he would love to eat her out but don’t get too excited. He is a tease, he’ll probably won’t let you cum without a lot of begging

  • Semi-public sex is probably no problem for him

  • And don’t wear your favourite clothes or lingerie, he’ll rip them off if he is in a bad mood, and with Eric you will never know…

  • On special occasions (birthday,…) he can be romantic and will also make the sex special

  • Despite what many think of him, he always looks after his partners needs, he won’t cum before his partner

  • And despite his hard looks, he loves to cuddle after sex, but don’t you dare tell anyone!

  • Basically, he is an animal in bed (*wink wink*)

  • Oh! And he will get turned on in the most random and awkward situations, be prepared to help him out

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ooo okay so hunk goes to lance when he realizes he has feelings for allura bc he feels bad since lance 'obviously' likes her too and he's like 'i know you kinda freaked out when keith went away with allura bc you were jealous of him and i don't want this to affect our friendship' and lance is just like '....uhhh yeah keith wasn't exactly the one i was jealous of' and hunk is like !!!! and they then proceed to talk about their crushes for the rest of the night :')


character aesthetics ~ simon heap

muse // hoodoo

Mary is the best mother figure they could wish for

Hear me out. 

Mary, by her absence, through her choices and ultimately NOT being what the brothers ever hoped she would be is leading them to some deep inner questioning, which is what they both need to move forwards if not what they want. 

In the end this is exactly why Amara / TBTB brought her back, because as we head into the endgame era there are things that need addressing that only be addressed from within. With Dean ‘sublimation’ Winchester and Sam ‘repression’ Winchester it would take something BIG to force them to do this. And it doesn’t come much bigger than their mom, narratively, in the show.

DEAN ‘sublimation’ WINCHESTER

Originally posted by kendaspntwd

Dean’s inner demons centre around self acceptance. I have written a whole other post about Dean’s self worth here but basically Mary and Cas are key to this for him moving forwards (and are mirrors of each other this season). 

A key indicator of his self acceptance is the break down of performing!Dean which we are seeing so much of in s12. We have not just a whole episode dedicated to slapping us in the face with the fact that this exists (for those who don’t do subtext) in 12x11 but they even TELL US OPENLY that sublimation ‘is kinda his thing’, on top of so many snippets where he is letting his true feelings show. OK, so its now CANON that performing!Dean exists. Why? To tear it down.

And what was a huge factor in performing!Dean? His emulation of John. So having Mary around is definitely going to have a huge impact on this story. 

1. Mary has already forced Dean to really think about how he feels towards her and how hurt he is by her actions. You can practically see the inner dialogue in his eyes at some points in s12.

He’s standing up for himself, calling her out, practically saying out loud that he thinks he DESERVES BETTER!

 And yes, he did ‘apologise’ to her at the end of 12x14 but really he’s not vindicating her actions but acknowledging that he didn’t put her in the right ‘box’ in his view of family. She had to call him out on it for him look within himself to figure this out. 

2. Cas has been a key component of Dean’s overall arc since his FIRST SCENE OF THE SHOW (and arguably was planned to be a key component since the pilot once he took over Anna’s planned role). 

“Good things do happen, Dean…. What’s the matter? YOU DON’T THINK YOU DESERVE TO BE SAVED?”

I mean, since their FIRST MEETING Cas has been validating Dean. He understood Dean’s lack of self worth within 2 minutes. I can’t WAIT for this to be bookended and I would love it if they paralleled it properly, something like Dean asking CAS “you don’t think you deserve to be loved?”. 

*OK I’ve stopped sobbing now, moving on*

So Cas is key to Dean’s self acceptance and also eventual Destiel in the obvious way through his sexuality. Even if you don’t ship them or believe Dean is queer just allowing himself to be loved in the platonic way as family by someone who CHOOSES to (as per 12x12) is incredibly important to Dean’s self worth, especially when linked to Cas’s own overall arc of ‘falling for humanity’ because it’s DEAN who made him rebel, avert the apocalypse and choose humanity. 

I love how Crowley often gets my Dean-feels going (often his lines really hit a spot for me in terms of Dean’s inner dialogue) and his famous I deserve to be loved’ moment really hits home for me. Dean should and WILL I am sure at some point either say this specifically or have it said to him. I wonder by who…

Mary and Cas are both key to Dean’s self acceptance arc. Currently not only is Mary a s6 Cas mirror but they are incredibly interlinked and probably will be even more so when the supernatural / BMOL / Mary story comes to a head.


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Sam’s inner demons centre around self forgiveness. He still struggles with feeling like a monster (even though he knows he shouldn’t), he has tried to be cleaner than clean, whiter than white to cleanse himself (e.g. with food), and it’s especially clear this season that he is holding back from other people, often hiding behind Dean (eg. phone calls etc). 

Sam’s self forgiveness can also be split into 2 overriding narratives.

1. Accepting and forgiving the grey areas of the supernatural and specifically the supernatural within himself (e.g. past psychic abilities, demon blood).

Mary has already twice narratively shifted the blame for Sam’s demon arc onto herself away from Sam: 

 12x2: “how can I face Sam after what I did to him”.

12x12: *flashback to YED Ramiel*, Sam: “what have you gotten us into?!”.

2. Forgiving himself enough to work with other people again and see himself as a leader.

Mary and the BMOL are key to this. Sam is a MOL and Dean is a Hunter, thats always been the narrative since s8. A happy place for Sam is running the MOL, a new, moral type of MOL with a dog, a girl, maybe even kids and trusted people all around… eating a hearty meal instead of a salad…

Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet

(thank you @floralmotif and @elizabethrobertajones for this excellent reference and inspiration to put my thoughts into a hopefully coherent post! So, we are now on act 3 since the literal vanquishing of the darkness of act 2, dark night of the soul).

Endgame speculation based on the return of Mary below the cut.

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Five Minutes - Jughead Jones X Reader

Anon Request: Ok so I have an idea where the reader is literally so in love with jug?? Like they’re in a relationship so jug love her back but she’s beyond, &a by this I mean like always kissing him, touching him whatever. I just wanna be so in love with my man I pick pretend dirt off him 🙄

Words: 848

Warnings: none wow go me

Hello! I’m sorry this took so long sweet Anon, thanks for your patience. :) I don’t see Jughead in my head as a super affectionate person but I think you’ll really like this. Enjoy! <3 - Juggie xx

It was no secret you could spend literal hours staring into the crystal blue of his eyes, feeling swept up by the ocean waves and beauty contained in them. Often times you would, for as long as you could anyway, while tangling your nimble fingers in the locks of his hair that were free from his beanie. Your fingers would then make their way to running along his jaw and travelling down his neck to his shoulders. His strong stare would captivate you but it wasn’t strong enough to keep you from looking at his lips longingly, practically melting at the thought of being kissed by him again.

Your friends said it was almost disgusting really, but that didn’t matter to you. You had fallen hard for Jughead Jones the III.

And of course he loved you too, you two had been dating for a little over a year. But to you it was a 24/7 job making sure Jug knew just how much you loved him. You couldn’t go a minute sitting next to him without staring at his features and kissing his cheek or his hands; to the outsider it seemed you were trapped in a honeymoon phase most teenagers would be out of by now. Certainly Jughead didn’t mind, but one day he finally aired his confusion.

“I really love you Juggie.” It had to have been the hundredth time you’d said it that day.

Archie groaned from the other side of the booth at Pop’s and Jug only laughed, “I know.”

“You guys are so in love it’s gross.” You stuck your tongue out at him and only cuddled farther into Jughead’s side. Archie suddenly had a look of mischief strike his face. “Are you one for bets (Y/N)?”

You were caught off guard, but never afraid of a challenge. You smirk, “Of course.”

“I bet you a milkshake you couldn’t keep your hands off him for five minutes.”

Without truly thinking of how long five minutes was you untangled yourself from Jughead’s side and shook his hand, “You are on, I like strawberry by the way.”

Archie laughed, but soon you’d realize what a mistake you had made. He’d already begun making conversation with Jughead, but you couldn’t focus. It felt so unnatural to not be playing with his hair or holding his hand. “‘Don’t you think (Y/N)?”

You snapped out of it, “Uh, what?”

You cheeks reddened as Jughead smirked at your lack of focus, “I was talking about watching a movie Friday. What were you thinking about?”

Archie answered for you, “She was just thinking about your beautiful blue eyes, JuggleBug.”

Jughead shot a glare at him making you laugh, “You better never call me that again.”

“Wow”, you remarked smugly, “what a pet name Arch. You sounded even more in love with him than I am.”

Betty slid into the booth next to him, “Ooh, are we talking about Jarchie over here?”

Betty and the boys continued to joke about the ship but you had made the mistake of looking back over at your gorgeous boyfriend. His eyes had softened by now, making you unable to restrain yourself from admiring the steadiness of his friendly gaze at his friends. Your eyes traveled down his perfect nose to his kissable, pink lips. God, why had you made that dumb bet?

It had to have been five minutes by now, maybe Archie forgot?

You slowly began to reach over to him, and immediately Archie cut in, “Nope! Not unless you want to buy me a milkshake (Y/N)!”

Your hand had already come in contact with his shoulder, so you said the first thing that came to mind. “He has lent on his jacket?”

You began to quickly pretend pick lent off Jug’s shoulder making Betty giggle and Archie proclaim in victory, “It had only been four minutes, I like vanilla by the way.”

You couldn’t care less, your hand found Jughead’s cheek and he leaned into your touch, looking into your eyes with so much love you couldn’t help but smile wide. This boy truly was all yours. “I have to know (Y/N), why do you show me so much affection?”

You looked down with a blush, “I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else, Jughead Jones. I couldn’t imagine my life without you and I need you to know that.”

His hand went under your chin and raised your face up to look up at him. It was his turn to admire, his gaze of pure adoration trailed from your eyes to your lips. “I know I don’t show it as much, but I think I’ve fallen pretty hard for you too, (Y/N).”

You indistinctly heard Archie groan something about his victory milkshake as Jug leaned forward and kissed you, making you feel fireworks and butterflies erupt in your stomach at his touch. His hand found your jaw and yours rested on his shoulders as you kissed him like you’d never get to again.

Just like how you always did: every single time.

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“God forbid I ever stop feeling sorry for myself, for being selfish.

This is not the way I plan on living for the rest of my life.

But for right now, it gets me by.

It gets me by.”

Well…i feel so sad with that fact…no more rurikXLotus o ever fellpoth stuff…i know that they still are “friends with rights” but…i disappoint with this…i hope that @angexci or @nekophy don’t draw both together in the rest of their lives…sooo…this is my tribute for lotus…maybe that was a mistake or a stupid thing for both of you but…i just need to put off my emotions and things…sorry if you dont like but…heh…i know that this really dont care or read it anyways…and dont wanna put tags because its not nessesary

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saw that you answered an ask about your top 5 ships of bts, could you link your top 3 fics to each one??

jsyk they’re not in order
- jammed by minverse
everything feels like a dream (don’t try to disappear) by kaythebest
it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in by knth
a few strings attached by yassan
underdressed and oversexed by gangbang
these things take forever (i especially am slow) by bookworm1805
- can i get your dewey decimal number? by melecs
- a wonderful institution by bazooka
- listen to my heart (can you hear it sing) by sirradel
- the 100-day love challenge by jeosheo
trying to behave (but you know that we never learned how) by christmasyoongi
give me the rundown by gangbang
because fries and mixtapes by hoars
a midsummer’s ice cream by conversehigh
- just skin by minsfw

Unspoken Feelings { 3,10,16 }; W O O Z I

[ bestfriend!jihoon x reader ]

word count: 1429
genre: fluff
a/n: alright, im leaving y’all with a long one bc i’ll be leaving tomorrow so im not sure when to post one of the reqs. and my exams are slowly approaching yikes  hehe im sorry in advance, especially for those who sent their reqs! but i promise to work on them so dont yall worry. i worked hard on this one so i hope y’all like it! oh and thank you anon for requesting!! shamelessly tagging @lunarjihoon haha let me hide under the rock after u read this ily

The cold air coming from the air conditioner touched my delicate skin, making me rest my nape on the edge of the soft chair. The very sweet and calming hum of the guy sitting across, added my sensation of being alive. His song was everything, even with the absence of its words. My eyelids started to feel heavy from the mix of different notes coming from his mouth. Then something came up to my mind. 

Recalling the day Jihoon and I first met, I didn’t really like him at all. 

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dont reblog this post //

I’m usually someone who just tries to be silent about my opinions cause they just end up making me feel anxious for sharing on this hellsite.

I know the gamegrumps aren’t pure/perfect gamers who should get off scott free for whatever shitty comments they’ve made in the past/present/future

i dont really pay attention to them. I didnt do extensive research on the devs for the rest of the game, i feel like i shouldnt be obligated to do that, and from the credits I know A LOT of people worked on i, not just people in the gamegrumps crew.

I like dreamdaddy, and I’m going to tag it best I can for anybody that doesn’t wanna see it.

The game makes me happy as someone whos trans masc and nb. And I just wanna enjoy things, legit I’m just too tired of the “seek out absolutely every single thing that is problematic whether its the most minor detail that should dictate why you cant enjoy _______” thing that tumblr does

if you wanna educate me about why i shouldnt like dreamdaddy please im all ears, but please jsut? be respectful and nice about it because i genuinely dont know everything.

if my body is a commodity and my soul some sort of product,
then I curse the world for putting a price on me,
and making it so high that I cannot afford myself,
because I am only valuable if I am pristine
and it is impossible to prevent the fingerprints and dust
that settle over me like I’m a plastic box on a drugstore shelf.
for being halfway damaged I am only worth buying at a discount,
and even reduced and red-stickered I don’t have the charm
to make up for the lacklustre product design and bad box art.
I haven’t met anyone who would willingly buy something like me,
and those who would have chosen better models than I am,
the ones a little less battered and with a little more shine,
and no matter how many times I choose myself,
I can never seem to have the right change.

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everyone: woahh so nice yoongi really loves all his dongsaengs, but clearly jhope is not the first in line, have u seen him with the others???????

me, an intellectual: wtf wtf wtf “SOUL PARTNER” as in “SOULMATE” wtf yoongi is so whipped i cant believe it today february 18 of 2017 in korea sope was confirmed just on the day the sun was born 23 years ago. today is a day of celebration, of joy and happiness, i feel like i was born again wow this day will be marked in history as the day the powercouple out of powercouples took the throne!!!!!! SOPE is as real as it gets dont fucking dare tell me otherwise just let me here alone to die this boy just dont care about my health he wants me dead wtf watch me use soul partner as their tag for the rest of my life

blood on freshly fallen snow

a culmination of a lot of things:

for @rebelcaptainprompts prompt 14: shock, doing things out of spite (I didn’t see any jyn-comforts-cass fics), this wonderful piece of artwork by @sempaiko, and my innate need to info-dump my version of cassian’s tragic backstory™.

His world fades from screaming colour, to black and white, and then nothing. Absolute, chilling darkness. 

Cassian? Cassian!

Cold, cold, cold. It seeps in like fog over water. He’s chilled beyond the bone, all the way to his very soul.

The results of my scans indicate that you should administer treatment for shock. I do not detect any signs of hypothermia. You do know how to treat for shock, Jyn?

A cold-hearted killer only ever feels the chill of death. He doesn’t deserve the warmth of life. This is the only truth. He remembers, now. How had he forgotten? 

Of course I do, it’s just - Cassian? Cassian! What happened? Cassian, can you hear me? Breathe with me. In, out. In, out. Fark, what happened to him, Kay?

Blood burning starkly against chillingly white snow.

If I knew would I be continuing this conversation, Erso? This is why he should’ve brought me instead of you. If I had been on the mission, I could ha-

The blood of innocents. Blood he spilled.

Kay! We don’t have time for this! Get me a blanket. 

It’s happening all over again.

Done. I shall watch over him.

He never left Fest. Fest never let him go. Its icy grip digs into his heart. 

That’s alright, Kay. I can keep an eye on him.

Time stopped almost two decades ago. Everything else is an illusion. This is the only truth. He’s frozen in place. This is his existence. Forever.

Are you sure? You are incapable of monitoring his vitals, and his-

The pill burns in the hidden pocket on his shoulder. His blaster feels cool against his clammy skin. His fingers twitch with want. 

Someone needs to get us home. It’s a long flight. 

The chill of death, the warmth of life. Around him, a battle. Within him, a battle. 


The voices of the dead howl in the wind. 

Thank you, Kay. I’ll take care of him. 

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