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I watched all of the shrek movies recently. Memes are fucking immature so this is going to be kind of an uninfluenced review. I dont feel like the tim and eric or what have you style comedy where you pretend to like shrek a whole lot got into me when we were doing this as its a little dated. I decided to take the films at face value. What are they worth?

Shrek 1 - Shrek was written and created by some people who work on movies over at Dream works. Its still pretty good. The graphical quality holds up. Shrek doesnt appear in the movie but eddie murphy does make up well for the eerie silence brought about by the vanishment of each other cast member. Its so good that Will smith remembered every line of it in that other movie.

(Five tiny scream guys out of five) 

Shrek 2 - This one is still good but the DVD went to autoplay when I was microwaving popcorn and my gf made me make it go back to the root menu and the popcorn caught fire and we nearly died. The premise shows wear but the wit is still alive. The last great shrek story as simon cowell viciously tore Shrek to pieces with his fangs at the end. PS: The dvd (issued 2005) of this i have said on the back it was the “highest rated animation of all time”. Which isnt true because it gets one less tiny scream guy than the first one.

Shrek 3 - They made a whole movie but forgot to put any jokes in it. Eric idle is in it becuase john cleeses character died. Do u think they passed in the dreamworks corridor and looked awkwardly at one another? If the best your movie has to offer is referencing monty python and the holy grail then you have to do better because in the first place that movie isnt actually that funny. I loved it when i was 10 but the only jokes i can remember now are the knights of the round table song and the killer rabbit. Its better than this though.

Shrek 4 - what the hell. ok id seen the first three before in the past but this one was totally new. Reality gets erased and Shrek is unborn. A world of warcraft race struggle plays out on the screen. For some reason the graphics are worse. The acting is also worse. Everything is worse and yet i also kind of loved the mayhem of the writers deciding to create an alternate timeline where shreks insidious legacy is erased and where a cool battle happens instead. I dont know who in the office they got to voice the little man but it was scary.

Puss in boots - No this isnt a joke. This is a real movie that was in theaters. No one watched it until I did so this is actually the first review! A bunch of good animators were forced to waste their time making a movie based off a script generated by a neural network. This whole thing is a mess. In the first thirty minutes the only joke is puss in boots says “leche” instead of milk. The next hour will reveal that in every moment of puss in boots’ life he is being watched in the corner by an egg person, like a bad slenderman arg. The dartboard they use to pick fairy tale characters to be the villain must have broke halfway thru because who the hell is “kitty soft paws”? This movie genuinely may be an industry test to see if the audience will be satisfied with anything they put on the screen and I kind of love how callous it is. Its about a cat fighting an egg.

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Honestly a lot of you creators are so inconsiderate and rude af. Like wcif stuff is such a simple thing, the anon wasn't even being rude, just asking if you could answer since you said you were bored. Everyone gets so frustrated in this community because creators are entitled little pricks. You expect to be paid, have a ton of followers/support, people to download your stuff so you can make money. Yet can't even be kind and considerate of our time, money, or feelings. Fuck you guys.

omg???????????????? i dont even use adfly????????????????im against ppl who expect money for their cc through patreon???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Lmao i swear u guys are as much pricks as u think of us to be like do u realize that it actually takes time to put together the wcif preview and find the link ??? anyway feel free to not download my stuff have a WONDERFUL tuesday night and i hope u go look at some wholesome memes lmao

ghost quartet asks

i dont know: do you like stories?

the camera shop: do you get jealous easily?

starchild: what is your morning routine?

subway: have you been on a train?

usher, pt 1: do you eat/drink any weird combinations of food/drink?

soldier and rose: do you party?

any kind of dead person: do you believe in any cryptids?

the astronomer: what is your sign?

four friends: what is your role in your friend group?

fathers and sons: do you have any plans to leave your home town?

usher, pt 2: do you like horror? (thats literally the only thing i could come up for this one)

the telescope: how do you see the world? is it good in your eyes or bad?

tango dancer: do you like to dance?

lights out: what is your nightly routine?

the photograph: do you like photography?

bad men: do you often write notes on your arms?

usher, pt 3: what do you want to be your last words?

prayer: anything you’d like to tell the world?

hero: what is your biggest fear?

the wind and rain: if you had the chance to change one thing in your life, to entirely change your life as of right now, for better or worse, would you change it?

me: *makes an entire separate selfshipping blog, reblogs lots of selfship memes*

also me: *doesnt post anything and only reblogs stuff, never responds to any memes related asks*

Girl Genius fandom ask meme

Send a number for the blogger to answer! (and feel free to add on any more questions if you can think of any)

  1. How/when did you first find the comic?
  2. How did that first readthrough go?
  3. When/what page did you catch up with the update schedule?
  4. Favorite character(s)?
  5. Favorite ship(s)?
  6. Favorite non-romantic ship? (BroTP, etc)
  7. Favorite story arc?
  8. Predictions for the long or short term future of the story?
  9. Something you’d love to see happen on canon at some point? (Independent from it’s likeliness to happen)
  10. Character you would most like to smack an ounce of sense into/spritz with water/yell at?
  11. First vs current impression of (x character)?
  12. Read updates as they come out or wait until you can read several at once?
  13. How many/which volumes do you own? (PDFs, print, novels, Secret Blueprints, etc)?
  14. Any other merchandise?
  15. Have you participated in any of the Kickstarters/which ones?
  16. Have you read any of the bonus stories (Radio plays, short story breaks, Othar’s Twitter, etc)?
  17. How about the novels? Thoughts on those?
  18. Any fandom participation outside of tumblr? (Forums, etc)
  19. Character you identify with the most?
  20. Spark you’d be most willing to be a minion to?
  21. Minion you’d most like to work for you, a Spark?
  22. “Fools! I will show you all! (ask me how!)” This is me asking you how.
  23. Where in that crazy world would you prefer to live? Paris? Wulfenbach territory? England? A miscallaneous tyrant’s town? Under the Storm King’s/Fifty Families’ rule? Skifander?
  24. Favorite theories/discussion topics?
  25. Any more miscellaneous headcanons?
  26. Do you read/write any fanfic?
  27. Participate in/create any other kinds of fanworks?
  28. Any outside-fandom characters you like to headcanon as Sparks/minions?
  29. Any obscure crossover ships?
  30. Something else not listed here. Asker’s choice of question.