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don't know if you watch pd101 but if you do could you pleaaaase write a kang daniel college!au? he has effectively ruined my life 🙃🙃🙃🙃

i do!! ill write a mini one for him ^^

  • major: public health + paramedic certificate because he wants to work as a part of an ER response team
  • sports: dance team, football team
  • is essentially the school sweetheart and everyone knows him as the guy who’d give you the shirt off his back if you asked
  • quite literally,,,,jisung played a joke once and asked daniel if he could borrow his shirt because his next period class was SUPER cold and daniel,,,,,,,,,,literally took off his shirt
  • rumor has it some chick fainted from the sight of his bare shoulders but no one knows if this was confirmed or not (seongwoo claims it totally is true)
  • but like he really does his best to try and help others out,,,especially freshman or younger students in the course who seem to be struggling with adjusting to like college life
  • he’s like the reliable big brother who is smiley and soft and will teach you silly dance moves on the quad
  • but is also super serious about helping people and isn’t scared of anything, from jumping into a fire to save someone in need of medical assistance to carrying people who’ve broken legs,,,,,,,
  • also let’s take a moment to imagine daniel in the paramedic like get up like the uniform,,,,thank u 
  • everyone thinks its super adorable that daniel’s first rescue story was saving his cat who got stuck in a tree
  • like how TYPICAL and CORNY but also,,,,,,he’s an angel who walks the earth amiright
  • seongwoo is always like “my bestfriend is going to be the next iron man~ captian,,,,where did you study again my dude??? canada?? captain CANADA” 
  • and daniel is like embarrassed but also,,,,,he loves his friends and is happy they support him but seriously captain canada thats worse than when jisung got the football team to refer to him as quarterback cat-lover
  • you’re actually one of the TAs for one of the tests in the paramedic course and there’s a requirement of paramedics being able to carry at least 125 pounds by themselves and you’re supposed to be checking off who can pick up the human dummy and who cant
  • and so you’re going down the list and ur like “next,,,,kang daniel?”
  • and you don’t look up when he steps over you just motion with your hand toward the dummy and you’re like “pick him up and walk three laps around the room”
  • and when you look up you almost drop your clipboard because ,,,, this handsome boy smiles and is like sure!! and uve never seen someone so happy to drag around a plastic human before
  • but there he is,,,,hosting the dummy up like it weighs n o t h i n g
  • and he turns to u and is like “can i try carrying two?” and ur like ,,,,uh,,,,,s,,,sure???
  • and once again he baffles you,,,picking up the other dummy and going on his merry way
  • and in what seems like the shortest period of time than everyone else you tested he does his three circles and stops in front of you
  • carefully setting the dummy’s down and wiping at his forehead,,,,that pretty grin on his face
  • and he’s like “all good??”
  • and ur like,,,,y,,,yes,,,,um,,,,,,,,yes you’re good
  • with a bow he says thanks and leaves the room and you’re like what,,,,,,who,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you look down at his name again and you’re like “kang daniel,,,,,,,are you superhuman/!??!?!”
  • for the next week you can’t get him off your mind,,,and you’re sure it’s because he’s not only strong and cute but because you’ve been a TA for the program for this whole semester and no one has ever just looked that happy to do the tests
  • and one afternoon you’re eating lunch with a friend in the campus cafe when you spot daniel,,,,at a table with his health books stacked up near his tray (which is also stacked with food)
  • ad at some point ur friend is like heY,,, hEY stop staring you’re going to DROOL
  • and ur like !!!!!! WOOPS but they also nudge and are like “kang daniel huh? he’s cuuuuute~ go talk to him!!!” and ur like HA,,,I ,,,,,,,,wasn’tlookingathimiwaslookingathis,,,,,sandwich
  • and ur friend rolls their eyes but when u look back daniel???? is staring back at you
  • and when you make eye contact he perks up and waves and ur like ?????????? looking around and then pointing at urself and he nods and waves u over
  • and u get up and ur friend lets out a whistle as you go to sit beside him and ur like ,,,,hey,,,, and he smiles again and the way his cheeks go up and his teeth show is SO DAMN CUTE
  • and he’s like “not to sound full of myself but i noticed you were looking at me for a while, whats up?”
  • and you,,,,,,almost dIE of embarrassment on the spot because oh frick he saw you
  • but you’re also like o,,,oh i ,,,i was just,,,,,um,,,,,,ur the guy who carried two dummies at the test a week ago??? and i was like oH is that you or not you you kno-
  • but daniel just chuckles and closes his book 
  • and he’s like “yep that was me,,,,,but i dont think thats why you were looking.”
  • and you feel ur mouth go dry and you’re like i,,,, um– but daniel just points to your friend with his pen and is like “do you think they’ll be ok with me stealing you away for a little date to the movie tonight?”
  • and ur like!!!!!!!!! ,,,, o,,,oh and u look at ur friend who just shooting hearts and thumbs up at u
  • and daniel is like lol they remind me of jisung but ur also like ,,,, i,,,i think ,,, they’ll be ok with that
  • and daniel winks,,,handing you the pen and rolling up his sleeve
  • and he’s like “here, write your number down and ill call u to set up a time”
  • and u cant believe it as you’re scribbling down ur number,,,,,but it’s true he calls u around 7 and u guys go see a movie and it’s adorable and daniel is a gentleman through and through paying for everything,,,,,telling you he likes the way you look all serious during the dramatic scenes,,,,holding your hand when he takes you back to your dorm
  • even a light kiss on your forehead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s a dream come true
  • dating college!daniel: he is really good in all his classes but he tends to be LATE so he’s always rushing in the morning but he never fails to send you a ‘good morning, i love you’ text, doesnt really like coffee so u get into the habit of buying him smoothies and he thinks its cute how u remember this about him also those smoothies are really good for his vegetable intake u are so thoughtful, you and daniel adopt the newest paramedic trainee woojin, daniel is suchhhhh a tease he always sneaks up behind you when ur studying to wrap u up in his arms and kiss on your neck, jisung always makes faces when u guys pda but tbh he loVES seeing daniel so happy with you, seongwoo is like “im his original soulmate” but he’s just joking hehe, daniel sends u pics of cats he sees on the street, you guys get matching rings like a month into it because kang daniel goes HARD for love, favorite dates range from laser tag to night fireworks on the beach, thinks its cute when you wear his flannels to class or during finals because u guys are both studying and u cant see him so often but they remind you of him, daniel takes you with him to get his first tattoo and u hold his hand the whole time, he’s kinda bad at realizing he isnt invincible so sometimes ull find scrapes on him and have to bandage him up, did anyone say morning after laughter under the sheets: yeah i did for KANG DANIEL who loves skinship and YOU 
Not Now - Jughead Smut

Request: this is going to sound so strange but could i request a cole (or even jughead if you dont mind writing for him) smut where they’re at home and the reader is horny but he’s a little busy and says “not now.” but she really wants him and so she rides his thigh??? i love all of you writing and i feel like you could do this prompt justice!!

Warnings: Mild language, smut

Notes: Sorry it’s kinda short. 

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess  


I sighed in annoyance, while attempting to get my boyfriend’s attention as he was too focused on the computer screen, writing his novel. 

“Juggie”, I plead again, rolling my eyes. tonight was the first night we’ve had alone in a long time, and I needed some relief as my heat throbbed for some sort of touch. 

“What?”, Jughead asks, annoyance in his voice and his eyes continued to stare the computer as his fast fingers typed. I get off the bed and walked over to Jughead, who was sat on the chair at his desk. I rubbed his shoulders, creeping them down his shirt, but all he did was shrug me away. I was not giving up and I straddled him on the chair. Finally, Jughead looked up at me, annoyance flickered in his eyes. 

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“Juggie, please”, I begged. 

“Not now. I’m too busy”

“You’ve been at it for 3 hours now”, A sigh once again escaped my lips. An idea sparked up in me. I know what’ll get him in the mood. My hips grounded into Juggie’s, and I inhaled a sharp breath. Jughead seemed to show no reaction - but an undefeated sighed fell from his lips, when I rocked my hips faster and when my fingers grasped his hair, tugging at it. 

“Y/n, I need to get b-back to this”, he moans, struggling to keep it in. “Fuck it”, he murmurs, hands grabbing onto my hips and guiding me as I continue to rock my hips at a fast pace. 

“Jug..”, I moan into his neck, softly biting it. He groans and bucks his hips it, causing me to moan loudly and throw my head back in intense pleasure. My fingers grasping on his hair tighter, as the knot in my stomach formed.

“Juggie”, A pleading moan slipped from my mouth.

“Let it go, baby”, he grunts. My breathing became rapid and I grinded harder and faster onto him, letting my heat gather up the last bit of pleasure before I came. Jughead came shortly after me, holding me as I panted into the crook of his neck.

“I should focus on you more often”, Jughead laughed, jokingly.  

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senseiiiiiiiiiiiiii *runs like a penguin and climbs up your legs* I dont know if you still do the top 5 ask but if you do can i ask for your top five official Soukoku arts? (I am sorry but i am just getting so much feels just from stalking your tags) PLEASE PROCEED TO KILL ME WITH YOUR HOLINESS, THANK YOU SO MUCH

*picks you up and ruffles your hair* HELLO LOVE! It’s been a while since I did my last top 5, but why not? I’m such in a very much soukoku mood tonight! (also I’m going from 5 to 1 just for the dramatics of it. And honestly, because you all know which art is on top already, I MEAN)


We know how rare it is to see them together in the manga, especially in covers or extra stuff. So I hold this mafia!skk manga art very close to my heart because honestly…THE POWER COUPLE AESTHETIC 


Two dudes…chilling on a bed of flowers…not even one feet apart because THEY ARE SUPER GAY 


I remember the day this art appeared like it was yesterday, we had one of the biggest collective meltdowns EVER. Dazai is looking at Chuuya so softly I want to slap him in the face. Not to mention that is a common romantic spot in Yokohama…I see what you did here. I really do. 


This is the art that inspired the infamous photo of young soukoku in FLAR. I am so weak for mafia!skk and I love the way Dazai is leaning on him with that mischievous expression of his, I love how close and clearly comfortable with each other they are, I love Chuuya, I love everything about this ok daamn it. 


LISTEN. L I S T E N. I could talk about this art literally for two months straight because ??? You can try to convince me all you want, but this is made to be somehow romantic. Look at the way Dazai is tilting his chin up, it looks like he’s waiting for a kiss. And Chuuya is looking in our direction but if he was to look down he’ll be right above Dazai’s lips and ???? WHAT THE FUCK??? Not to mention what’s probably the most fucked up thing here that is THE FLOWERS. It’s a Camellia Japonica, or Japanese Quince, and they are the symbol of love, temptation, passion and deep desire. 

That’s it y’all. I’m out. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Soukoku might not be canon, but sure as hell someone in that marketing office is shipping them as much as we do.

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

Do you ever think about jungkook closing his eyes while back hugging jimin? Do you ever think about how jungkook stares at him like jimin holds galaxies in his eyes? Do you ever just get really emotional over how jungkook remembers stuff about jimin that jimin himself can’t? Do you ever think about how flustered and shy jungkook gets bc jimin got too close? Do you also think about how jungkook said ‘no’ sooo unconvincingly with a bashful giggle bc of jimin? Because i do.

I read from a post that is obviously anti mysme and otome games in general, they said that the people that enjoyed this game are just trashs who are too lonely and cant get a dude. Clearly I knew that point is not valid, but I just want to know something, so:

- If you have a boyfriend/lover/husband/partner, why do you like this game? I mean besides from it being your love for game of course.

- Does your significant other feel jealous or unhappy about it?

This just peaked my interest and I just wanna know, its fine if you dont want to share. If this post makes you uncomfortable please ignore it.
Ah my scientific sides are raising again tonight.

i dont have much of an explanation for this here it is 


‘  let me just make one thing clear… i have no clue what’s going on, ever, at any moment, at any point in time. who knows what’s going on? not me. not ever.  ’
‘  i would just like to publicly announce that i have no idea what i am doing  ’
‘  we came from the same star and we will come together again in the end  ’
‘  i have a ‘why am i like this’ moment at least five times a day  ’
‘  did i need it? no. did i buy it? yes.  ’
‘  the most dangerous game is resting your eyes after you turned off the alarm clock in the morning  ’
‘  petition for stars in the day time please???  ’
‘  i love it when i wake up and stretch and something cracks. makes me feel like a glo-stick  ’
‘  drop whatever you’re doing right now and climb a tree  ’
‘  the most fucked up part of adult life is how you can just decide to do things  ’
‘  i’m a person who wants to do lots of things trapped inside a body that wants to SLEEP at all times  ’
‘  i’m so tired but i’ll probably be awake until 3 am for no reason  ’
‘  time to kick my own ass. bitch had it coming for too long  ’
‘  honestly ‘thanks i hate it’ is one of the funniest phrases in the english language  ’
‘  do you ever wonder how many people have loved you and never told you?  ’
‘  the internets one true talent is making me sick of things i’ve never seen or read or heard  ’
‘  i’m permanently emotionally damaged but it’s chill, i’m chill  ’
‘  all cracker barrels are dimensionally linked. you could walk into a cracker barrel in georgia and walk out of one in arkansas and feel nothing  ’
‘  ‘you look different with makeup’????? you think i’m buying shit for hundreds of dollars to just keep looking like my ugly self … ok  ’
‘  why did the fray go off so hard in ‘how to save a life’?  ’
‘  anyone else bummed they have 2 sleep alone tonight and uh not in some1s arms  ’
‘  not to be too controversial but i like it when people are nice   ’
‘  the sun has no business tapping out at the tender hour of 5pm bitch i have depression  ’
‘  i forgot how fucking weird november is theres no afternoon its just night after 2pm  ’
‘  what time do you need me? i am unavailable whenever that time is  ’
‘  look i may have made a few typos and committed a few murders but nobody’s perfect okay  ’
‘  i guess at this point i should just consider dating myself  ’
‘  i’m aiming for the “she’s a badass and cute as hell but i wouldn’t touch her without asking” look  ’
‘  haha if you’re bored you could kiss me idk just sayin  ’
‘  i see you’re paying attention to someone who is not me. why is that.  ’
‘  80s music wont solve all my life’s problems but it certainly distracts me from them  ’
‘  i cant believe what walkie talkies are called  ’
‘  some people think life is like a rollercoaster but my life is more like one of those rides that spin really fast so you’re pinned to the wall and can’t do anything about it  ’
‘  hey girl do you want to make a fragile human connection in the vast and unfeeling infinity of a chaotic universe  ’
‘  all these fuckboys but who is the fuckfather  ’
‘  i love drunk me but i don’t trust her  ’
‘  do you have those people that you’d go anywhere with unconditionally, like they could say “lets go check out that dumpster” and you’d be like “im in”  ’
‘  nah sorry i cant go out tonight, i have plans to spiral into uncontrollable anxiety starting in the early evening and ending at roughly 3 am  ’
‘  me: queen of having had enough  ’
‘  she needs a hug (i’m she)  ’
‘  is it acceptable to start an essay with “listen here you little shit”?  ’
‘  90% of my day is me being nervous  ’
‘  cons: i’m an asshole. pros: i’m your asshole.  ’
‘  give me 10 reasons why i shouldn’t just turn into a slug right now  ’
‘  are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch  ’
‘  dear soulmate, where the fuck are you  ’
‘  i’m so easily revitalized by small, loving gestures  ’
‘  i dont know what im feeling but there is a lot of it  ’
‘  let’s be friends with benefits. the benefits? you get to be friends with me  ’
‘  you ever just sit back and think like… yo… i really don’t care  ’
‘  im surprised no one has ever punched me in the face  ’
‘  what if mike was short for micycle  ’
‘  hey fellow regular kids what’s up  ’
‘  if u ever called me pretty i love you. ur pretty too  ’
‘  do you ever just ‘there’s probably something medically wrong with me but i’m just gonna ignore it and hope i don’t die’?  ’
‘  why did we stop building castles? i feel like humanity might live to regret that  ’
‘  i’ll never be as lazy as whoever named the fireplace  ’
‘  i am so glad you exist, even if you exist so far away from me  ’
‘  i can hold a wet bar of soap better than a conversation  ’
‘  she is beauty, she is grace, she got her feelings hurt 42 times today  ’
‘  13 years of school and im still not sure if its ‘grey’ or ‘gray’  ’
‘  hope u like bad girls because i’m bad at everything  ’
‘  got a problem with me? kiss me on the lips dude  ’
‘  too many songs about love. not enough songs about sword fights  ’
‘  don’t talk to me or my 78 insecurities ever again  ’
‘  i just did a tarot reading… it said ur a bitch  ’
‘  a good substitute for love and fulfillment? a crunchwrap supreme from taco bell  ’
‘  i fucked up? idk what you’re referring to but probably  ’
‘  *in a high-pitched mocking voice* “are you okay?” what the fuck.  ’
‘  how do u just….. not believe in aliens  ’
‘  a coffee pot can be a coffee mug if you just don’t fucking care  ’
‘  “you’re up early!” jokes on you i didn’t sleep at all and am in between energized and dying  ’
‘  dont wanna sound like a slut but i really need a hug right now  ’
‘  casual fan? no sorry i only know how to invest my whole livelihood into something and spend every waking moment thinking about said thing  ’
‘  i have a dozen hearts swirling around my head irl like that isnt a filter its permanent  ’
‘  i worry about you even when you say you’re fine  ’
‘  i will never hurt you. i will always stick by your side. i will always try to make you smile  ’
‘  true love: having to hold back your adorable, violent girlfriend to keep her from straight up murdering a dude  ’
‘  cute date idea: be nice to me  ’
‘  im so jealous of people who know what they want to do with their future i dont even know what t.v show to watch next  ’
‘  me? clingy? yes please don’t leave me  ’
‘  hey….,.,.. no offense but,,. i want someone to love and cherish me  ’
‘  i need someone to lay in bed with me for hours  ’
‘  dark hannah montana….. show me the worst of both worlds  ’
‘  someone has to say it: come on eileen is a fucking banger like that shit snaps,, a bop for the century  ’
‘  roses are red, i’m going to bed  ’
‘  bless netflix for creating the skip intro button honestly  ’
‘  they call me… 7 Knives. because that’s how many knives it takes me to cook things because i keep puttin em in the fuckin sink without thinking about it  ’
‘  i wanna burry my face in someone’s chest right now til i fall asleep and wake up 4 hours later just to find i’m still in their arms  ’
‘  the internet has ruined me honestly i’m numb to everything. it could be the end of the world and i’d be like “tag urself i’m the acid rain”  ’
‘  lately i have been…….dying to be in love…,..and that’s the mood sadly  ’
‘  not to be ns fw but i’d cry if someone kissed me on the cheek  ’
‘  sexting? nah. i’m into spexting. spooky texting. ever seen a ghost? hmu.  ’
‘  not to sound cocky as shit but i’m a fucking good person with a big heart and i deserve a lot more than the shitty hand life has dealt me this far  ’
‘  i say i love you a lot because i do  ’
‘  i’m sorry. i can’t come to the phone right now? why? oh. cause i hate talking on the phone please text me instead.  ’
‘  low on self esteem, so u run on mac & cheese  ’
‘  who’s gonna come lay with me in bed and let me wrap my legs and arms around u like a small bear  ’
‘  youre a coward if youre not on the way to my house right now to give me a kiss  ’
‘  my personality is like 90% the song i’m currently listening to  ’
‘  the first step to any murder is to have fun and be yourself  ’
‘  no offense @ life but can i have a breath.. a break… some slack…  ’
‘  the best kind of alcohol is a lot  ’
‘  911 i hate to be “that guy” but i glued myself to the ceiling again  ’
‘  having “feelings” is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch  ’

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I'm a pretty new follower and I'm loving your account, I was wondering what each members masturbation be like ??

Wow, okay i love this ask im dying imagining these wtf
Also is this a thing now, requests for What Would BTS be Like? Should i do these? Anyways here we go:

tbh i dont think jin masturbates that much, i feel like he would be doing it like once a week or smth like that, jin doesnt think about masturbating that much and i think that he only does it when he ‘accidentally’ gets a boner? what i mean to say i dont think this boy will go ‘oh tonight i wanna do it’, no, he does it when he needs to not when he wants to
But when he does it he makes sure its really good, this boi would try different hand motions all the time, experimenting and trying to figure out what feels best for him, i can imagine jin throwing his head back a lot and letting out deep throaty moans and i also feel like jin cums A LOT, he gets it all over he place

he masturbates a lot, he probably does it 5 times a week at least, but i feel like when joon jerks off it is just to get him off, like he doesnt take his time to enjoy it, he is probably always really horny and wants to cum as soon as possible so i think he does it pretty quickly, and like that he is used to jerking off in different places all the time, he has no problem with doing it anywhere else outside his bedroom
also when he does it i feel like he likes to grip the base of his dick as he goes over the head with his hand in quick motions, i feel like namjoon also doesn’t always feel the need to use lube, he’ll just spit on his hand and he probably swears to himself a bit letting out soft ‘fucks’ the whole time

this boy probably masturbates like 2 or 3 times a week, i feel like he never does it outside of his room because when yoongi jerks off he makes sure that he takes his time and feels good through the whole thing so he wouldn’t risk getting caught, he is the opposite of namjoon, he won’t masturbate just because he wants to cum, i feel like yoongi will really take his time with it, he would would probably go slow on himself, he’d first get hard of course (i feel like yoongi would get hard just by imagining things, he doesn’t need porn) and then he’d palm himself over his boxers and then after a moment like that he would take them off and continue to jerk himself off, and again he would do it slow, paying attention to every movement he makes, i also feel like yoongi would edge himself just a little bit
as for the noises he would make i feel like yoongi would mostly breathe heavily and quickly but when he cums he’d let out the throatiest and the loudest moan ever (i also feel like his back would rise up from the bed as he cums)

Hobi is one of those who watches porn while jerking off, he will most likely find a good doggy style or creampie porn and do it while watching it, I know hobi doesnt seem like the one to do this but actually i have a strong feeling he does, he also probably masturbates about 3 or 4 times a week, he goes at the same pace the porn is going, but what i also think is that hobi likes to watch girls masturbating porn a lot
He grunts, moans and hisses a lot, hobi is very vocal and he cums hard,
I also think that hobi could easily go for another round, he doesnt need that much time to recover

Little mochi looks like he is really shy about these things and doesn’t really do it, but trust me he is definitely not, jimin, like joon, masturbates a lot, also probably 5 times a week at least but unlike him, he makes his enjoyable the whole time, like yoongi does,
jimin is also probably very kinky so he’ll sometimes (when he is completely alone in his room) even try different sex toys ( maybe a butt plug or something like that ),
he will also finger himself a bit adding to the pleasure. Jimin is the one to love edging a lot too, he loves feeling himself getting close to his orgasm then stop completely because like that, when he continues he’ll cum even harder (he is sometimes able to cum without touching himself when edging)
I feel like jimin is probably very whiny when feeling pleasure like that, and he most likely moans a lot so he is really noisy ( also his breathing gets really fast and shallow )
at the end jimin cums hard and probably throws his head back, his eyes rolling to the back of his head and his back rises up from the bed as he finishes

At first i thought tae would masturbate often but actually i dont think he does, once or twice a week probably, and he is similar to jin when he masturbates, he likes trying new things thats why he probably also uses toys (one of those fake vagina things im guessing), he also really likes to play with his balls. I think Tae can last pretty long, he won’t cum fast even if he quickens his movements
Tae also probably cums really, really hard and he cums spurting all over the place
And i think tae isnt really vocal while jerking off, he probably just lets out low grunts while doing it, but like yoongi he would moan really loudly when he finishes

Ok so kookie oh my god, he wants to masturbate a lot and often, and since they’re always busy i feel like he is a bit shy of getting caught so he only likes to do it in his room, thats why he probably does it at least 3 times a week
Jungkook is pretty loud and noisy while jerking off, he will let out moans, groans amd hisses all the time, this boy can’t restrain himself from moaning loudly, i just feel like he is that sensitive, he also cant stop his body from moving around (his hips keep thursting up, his back keeps rising off the bed, his stomach muscles are clenching the whole time and he probably fists the sheets)
i feel like he likes to sometimes caress his body with his hands imagining someone there with him, kookie has pretty good imagination so like yoongi, he doesn’t need porn to get hard fast
and since i feel like he is very sensitive i think he’ll mostly focus on the head while jerking off (he also probably bites his bottom lip really hard when he cums and he cums a hella lot, like Tae, he spurts all over himself)

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IM LEARNING SO MUCH ABOUT DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF AUSTEN ON YIUR BLOG TONIGHT AND I LOVE IT. If you have the time, would you consider making like, a master list of Austen media or something?

hoo boy there are a lot but i dont feel like doing my history reading rn SO 

i will attempt to be as thorough as possible but there are a LOT of these

pride and prejudice: 

adaptations with the same name: 2005, 2003, 1995, 1980, 1940

other adaptations: bride and prejudice (2004), pride and prejudice and zombies (2016), bridget jones’ diary (2001), the lizzie bennet diaries, a modern pride and prejudice (2011), unleashing mr. darcy (2016), 

related: death comes to pemberley (2013), lost in austen (2008)

sense and sensibility: 

adaptations with the same name: 2008, 1995, 1981, 1971

other adaptations: scents and sensibility (2011), from prada to nada (2011), i have found it (2000). 


adaptations with the same name: 1996, 2009, 1996 (yes there were two – one is a made for tv movie w kate beckinsale). 

other adaptations: clueless (1995) 

other adaptations: 

love and friendship (2016), northanger abbey (2007), persuasion (2007, 1995, 1971), mansfield park (2007, 1999, 1983).

related movies: 

becoming jane (2007), the jane austen book club (2007), austenland (2013), miss austen regrets (2008)

I think im gonna start a new blog where people can submit advice to young girls dating other girls. I know when i first started dating a girl a lot of things were hard for me to figure out (like if i was actually in love) and i know googling a bunch of stuff only brings up heteronormative advice. I think it would be nice if there was something out there to help them feel more comfortable and less bad if they dont know what to do/are lost (say how to tell if its the right time to kiss her girlfriend for the first time). It would be for all girls dating girls (trans girls, cis girls, etc.) I wouldnt have the answers for all advice so submissions would be for answers too!! Like/reblog if u think it would be a good idea? Idk if something like this already exists, but its something to help people that i think would be nice :)

Mafia AU 2: Luci and Gabe

The last two members of the new toons in town. No one knows where they came from, what their studio was or who they are, and they aint talking.

Luci is the second shortest of the group, but not by much. Gabe beats him only by a couple inches. Luci is possibly the shadiest one of the bunch, he works in and manages The Treacherous Temptress under his boss Mr. Crois dùbailte. Something is off about this cheery faced gentleman but no one can quiet peg why. Aside from that he runs a tight ship at the club and is always a great performer when on stage. However when not being the representative of his job or facing the public he is pretty grouchy to pretty much anyone besides his friends.

The Treacherous Temptress is a surprisingly classy bar/club partially hidden away among the secondary roads. It’s almost always dark inside, the main lights focused solely at the stage and dance floor. Everywhere else is dimly lit or the only light source is candles at the tables.

Luci is by far the most accepted by the general community, he works at multiple charities and often helps at any local churches. He’s also been known to help the occasional passerby should he feel they are in need of it. Animals and the like don’t seem to fear him. Despite this people know very little about him and he rarely talks about himself.

@eliana55226838 and there’s the other two boys .w.b

I ended up drawing them up in class tonight so here’s both boys! .w.b honestly i dont have to really do much different from these guys’s main story so i am totally gonna futz around this AU way more

{ p a r a m o u n t } {part one?}

                                                    Summary :

You were stuck in a life of routine, until one night you stumbled upon a hill - changing your life forever.

Notes: Bucky x Reader, Fluff, If it gets good feedback I will write a part two! 

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Brain - Jonah Marais

Summary: When the reader is yet again hurt by her boyfriend she turns to Jonah for comfort. 

Based off of the song Brain by Preston Hutto

Pov: 2nd

Warnings:  cussing, cheating, abuse mention (not a graphic description but there is a bit of emotional abuse, very minor)

Word Count: 1410

This house ain’t a home

From the minute, you showed up at his house he had started another fight. Yelling obscenities about how you weren’t good enough for him. It was half way through the fight and you didn’t even remember everything the two of you had said. You didn’t care anymore you just couldn’t keep dealing with his shit anymore.

“Did you ever even care about me?” You whispered, unable to hold back the tears that ran down your face. Thoughts were racing through your mind as you searched his face for any remorse, any sliver of humanity that showed that he cared. But his face stayed stoic.

His jaw flexed and his eyes were filled with an intensity you knew all too well, you didn’t even need to hear his response to know, his eyes flickered over you and he practically sneered, “It’s not like you made it very easy.”

Without another word, he glared at you before storming off into his room. With tears in your eyes you threw open the front door and rushed to your car as you pulled out your phone knowing exactly who to call: the only person who always knew how to make you feel better.

I left you a ring on your phone

He left you to be on your own

When you saw you already had a missed call from the number you softly smiled through your tears and called back as you pulled away from his house.

“Jonah can I come over?” You asked hating the way your voice wavered.

“Of course. Are you okay?” His voice had an edge to it and you knew he was pissed at your boyfriend. This wasn’t the first time you called him like this and it wouldn’t be the last. By now, all he had to do was hear your voice to know what happened.

“Physically yeah.” You muttered letting out a bitter laugh. You knew it should be a relief that he never hits you, but it shouldn’t even be something you worry could happen, it should be a given, but with him you lived in constant fear that someday he would decide his words didn’t hurt you enough. Jonah stayed on the line with you quietly letting you calm down as you took the familiar path to his place. Half of you was sad but the other was fuming. Deep down you knew you didn’t deserve to be treated that way, you deserve to be with Jonah not with some asshole who treated you like dirt. But at the same time, you were terrified to leave him, and still in love with the guy he used to be.

Pushing away your thoughts you said goodbye to Jonah and made your way to his door, opening it with the key he had given you a long time ago. He immediately stood up from his place on the couch and pulled you in for a hug.

I know how this goes

I know that you feel so alone

I know that you use me to cope

You buried your face in his shoulder giving up on holding back your tears. The smell of his cologne was the sweet smell of home and you couldn’t help but feel safe with him. With him you didn’t feel so alone. With him you felt like for at least a while everything would be okay. He kissed your head and pulled you even more into his embrace whispering reassurance. He didn’t pull away until you did first then he carefully wiped away a tear with his thumb.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked softly. Jonah was a good guy to everyone, but with you it was different and you knew it. You knew that soft loving tone was just reserved for you and you were thankful that out of every girl who was in love with him, he chose you.

“Not really. Can we just, be?” You asked looking into his eyes hopefully. He nodded, as much as he’d never admit it he would do anything to make you happy.

“Sure. But keep in mind I’m always willing to go fight him if he hurts you.” He told you with a chuckle; the thought of Jonah fighting anyone made you laugh. A puppy was more intimidating than him.

“I know Jonah.” You said kissing his cheek lingering a little longer than you should’ve. Both of you just paused, staring into each other’s eyes until you leaned forward connecting your lips with his. The smell of his cologne enveloped you reminding you that you were home, and you could feel his hands gently on your waist as if he was afraid he’d hurt you, and he tasted vaguely of peppermint rather than the cigarettes you were so used to, and it felt so right. It was everything you wanted, and everything you shouldn’t have while you were someone else. Realizing what you had done you pushed yourself away.

“I shouldn’t have done that. I have to go.” You blurted out practically running out of his house.

No matter where you end up tonight

I know that I’m on your brain

You rushed to your car peeling out of his driveway as fast as possible. Truth was you knew you were in love with him, and you knew he felt the same way. But you couldn’t cheat, even if you knew your boyfriend was an overbearing asshole. You headed to his house wishing wholeheartedly you could just turn around and go back to Jonah. Trying to ground yourself into reality you rolled down the windows to let the cold winter air hit your cheeks. But still all you could think of was that kiss. As much as you would never admit it, you had fantasized about it for years. Being so close to a guy who treated you like a princess made it hard not to fall. Making up your mind on what was right you pulled into his driveway and made your way up to his house. There was no turning back. With the confidence, you didn’t know you had you knocked on the door waiting for him to come.

“Baby, I was hoping you’d come back. I’m so sorry.” He said looking at you with the puppy dog eyes that usually worked. But this time you were the stoic one. You were so tired of the empty apologies and promises to be a better person. You didn’t need to create a better person when you knew you already had one waiting for you.

“No. I’m not back. I’m fucking done with being treated like trash. I don’t deserve this and for once I don’t feel like I do.” You flipped him off for the second day and went back to your car before he could try to stop you or say anything. You practically sped out of his driveway slightly afraid he would come after you but also feeling like a boss ass bitch. Part of you knew you probably shouldn’t do anything to piss him off just in case he tried to retaliate but at the same time you were so tired of leaving in fear because of some guy. With a new purpose, you headed back to Jonah’s place.

You can’t keep away from my house

It’s a little too late to have doubts

You left him on his own

As soon as you got to his house you marched in to see him sitting on the couch again staring at the TV absentmindedly.

“Y/N, I didn’t think you’d come back. I thought I did something wrong.” He rambled as soon as he saw you, you took a step towards him and pulled him in closer for a gently kiss before pulling away quickly and grinning at him.

“You did nothing wrong Jonah. I like you a lot. I just didn’t want you to be the other guy so I got rid of the first one,” you said jokingly, “but I really do like you. I dumped him because you’re all I want.”

His whole face lit up as he kissed you again, this time with more passion. His grip on your waist, although still gentle, was less hesitant, you could feel his smile through the kiss, it felt like it was just you two in the world and it was perfect.

Just stay with me baby, tonight I’m your home

Journal Entry, 2/10/2017


Big bro says, keep a journal, lil bro.  And I think I used to do that but I can’t remember and I can’t find it anywhere.  Big bro says dont worry, so I don’t, but I wonder if I’ll lose this one too, just like the last one.  Don’t remember too much from those days.  Lil foggy, lil hazy.  I remember goin to the gym, startin to go to the gym.  That was like, what, a year ago or so, I think.  I remember struggling with 50 lbs.  I remember thinkin, hey, in a year’s time, I’ll be pushin up more weight and here I am pushin more weight.  It’s like I read a fortune cookie or got my future told and here it is, bein fullfilled. 

So yeah, I been makin progress, I think.  Take my supps at night, the Z-core stuff.  Supposed to make my testosterone bigger.  I dunno about all the math stuff, I just kinda listen to what big bro says.  I wake up, take the meds that are in the box marked F, cuz its Friday, then I eat some breakfast, then I supp up for the gym.  Even got some extra cardio in today cuz it snowed like a mother the other night.  Get home from the gym, super fuckin pumped.  A lil dizzy, even.  So pumped that I take a shitload of selfies and send em to big bro.  Even take a flexin, posin video, and send it to big bro.  Got a lot to work on, but thats okay.  Big bro knows best - gotta grow for big bro.  Right?  Right.

Last night big bro kinda spooked me a lil, lol.  We were talkin on the phone, like we do every night, and he said, “Your kinda like an experiment, lil bro,” and I was all like, whoa, wait, what?  These, like, dim alarms rang somewhere down in the sub-basement of my brain for a minute.  “But you dont gotta worry, lil bro,” he said, and I know I dont gotta worry, but sometimes like that elevator of thought goes down there and I’m all like wtf is going on?  I speed back to the past in my head and I see myself pushin my glasses up on the bridge of my nose and talkin real fast with someone across the bar, bout some book we were both readin.  I remember gettin all tense and angry, kinda like when I do a shitload of crunches, like 50 or 60 or so, and my abs are all tight and my veins are pulsin at the temples of my head and my shoulders are all tight, but YEAH, fuckin 60 crunches!  Time to go do 3 sets of 12 side crunches.  Gonna feel that tomorrow.  Big bro’s gonna be so proud.  “You there, lil bro?” 

“Yeah, big bro,” I say, though I’m a little hazy in the brain.  Ding!  Some kind of bell going off in my brain, like the bell between rounds in a boxing match, or a wrestling match, or a UFC MMA fight.  Big bro’s gettin me into UFC a lil.  I like the rough n tumble shit.  Big bro sends me selfies sometimes and he’s all in this kinda like fighter’s stance and he got this confident gleam in his eye.  He just got a haircut and he says when I visit it’ll be time for mine too.  I am gettin kinda bushy up top.  Like to keep it pretty short.  Not too short, but you know.  “Don’t worry about it, lil bro,” says my big bro confidently.  Everything he fuckin does is confidently.  He could part a crowd just by walkin thru it, head high and stride wide.  “Big bro knows best.”

That’s usually when I cum, actually, lol.  Big bro’s voice in my ear makes me cum, and usually so hard that it flies up to my forehead lol.  Never cummed like that before.  Fuck, never even talked bout cumming before, but big bro coaches me to be more comfortable with that.  It’s fuckin natural, right, just like jackin off is natural.  Just workin out another muscle.  Just like goin to the gym and workin out, watchin my heartrate climb.  Big bro watches my heartrate too, every day thru the monitor I wear on my wrist.  Every day.  And I keep track of my water and tell him every fuckin thing I eat, so he keeps track of my macros so I can get big for big bro.  Grow for big bro.  That’s what’s best.

Uh, I kinda lost my train of thought.  Hard as a motherfucker though, lol.  Feels so good to think about big bros voice in my ear.  Urgin me on, sometimes only in a whisper, sometimes in a shout, sometimes commanding, sometimes coaxing.  Sometimes persuasive and sometimes firm.  Sometimes I lay around in a fuzz of gray static, with his voice curlin around me like mist.  Sometimes he is the sun exploding over the dark horizon, a clarion sound trumpeting that I WAKE UP, FEET ON THE FLOOR, LIL BRO, and before I even know it, I’m up, hands on the pill box, downin what big bro says, shake is already in the blender.  Sometimes before I even know it, I’m out on my way to the gym.  Am I even wearin a shirt?  Well, if I dunno, I just ask big bro, and he’ll tell me. 

So uh thats it guys, lil bro out for now.  Gotta take a muscle nap cuz I just went to the gym and had my postworkout shake.  Got some real life shit like work or whatever to do tonight but I’ll get thru it becuz on the other side big bro will talk me down to sleep and thats my favorite part of the day.  Well any part of the day with big bro is my favorite part of the day.  Sometimes feels like hes takin over, and soon I’ll just be like, a part of him, but I dont mind.  As long as I get to make more muscles, thats cool.  Fuckin love big bro.  Dont need to worry, dont need to think.  Just cruise on thru and flex some more.  Take some pics and flex some more.  Soon enough big bro will be by my side and thatll be the best day ever.


Im sketching au stuff. Send me ideas so I don’t run out immediately. Nsfw(nothing too graphic my body isnt ready), sfw, cute, spoopy, angst, etc.  idc really I have no real boundaries and I’ll politely decline if I dont feel okay drawing whatever you request

Or if you wanna wait a day or so you can request oneshot(fanfics) stuff(since I totally dont already have a lot of stuff to do but im a glutton for punishment apparently)

Feet that fall apart ‘til I walk on my ankles
Can I finish, I just don’t know

friendo @yessu did a piece w/a song & both inspo’d me hell yea
will i ever draw something that isn’t an eye strain? we just dont know

wanna chat? pt.19

on ao3
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19

so this is like…twice as long as a normal chapter. anyway i was in les mis the other week and i sent something and someone thought it was a les mis chapter of wanna chat. and @reyxa​ encouraged it so Here We Are

this chapter continues right off of the last one because i found a note with sick quotes on it. i kept the les mis as light and understandable as possible but just like..let me know if it makes 0 sense. i had to get this out of my system because ive been in a writing funk

(mari = cough cough, nino = space bro, alya = alys, adrien = glen coco)


3:12 in boo you whore

cough cough: gmoring i cant brethe out of mynose rn
Im not goin g ot be in school today
Bu ti cant sleep anymore because I cnat breath e
iim gonna go watch youtube videos


space bro: my dude
i hope youre feeling better when you wake up

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!!! i drew levyaku for kageyameha in exchange for some fic ehehe // aw this was the first time i’ve drawn either of this kiddies too even though they are my faves *//v//* (thats absolutely trans yaku by the way. just needed to. mention that) 

GOT7 reaction to your friends wanting to Skype with them

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

got7 reaction to when youre skyping your friends and they ask to see/talk to him.

thanks for the request 
I hope you like it ^_^
*keep sending in more category ideas to be included in the vampire series, i need a lot more to put up a whole profile
~ahgase Omma 

he oh so subtly but not subtly tells you no with his eyes. JYPE rules are clear about things like this, and its not because he’s just following rules but the last thing he needs is some sort of scandal started by friends.

he really isn’t bothered by it, skyping your friends is no different to skyping his friends. he doesn’t talk for long, but he does answer a few questions

he deosnt say much to them beyond a polite hello, he figures showing his face is more than enough to satisfy their curiosity.

i dont know why i think this, but i get the feeling he somehow jedi mind tricks you into not doing it. either in a sweet way or over explaining the situation. like, ‘jagi, can’t i just be yours tonight’ or ‘i could, but then something could get out, then i would be on strict watch, not be able to see you. id rather just off screen say hi’

like the pure sunshine he is, he beams out the most radiant of smiles and says hi to your friends, telling them how amazing you are, then goes back to gaming again. he’s quick solving to avoiding the awkwardness.

he’s so indifferent about this, Skype with him dont Skype with him, it deosnt makes much of a difference, he’s happy either way.

he’s so up for it, the situation doesn’t phase him at all. he casually talks to your friends for a while, and its all good

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