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don't know if you watch pd101 but if you do could you pleaaaase write a kang daniel college!au? he has effectively ruined my life 🙃🙃🙃🙃

i do!! ill write a mini one for him ^^

  • major: public health + paramedic certificate because he wants to work as a part of an ER response team
  • sports: dance team, football team
  • is essentially the school sweetheart and everyone knows him as the guy who’d give you the shirt off his back if you asked
  • quite literally,,,,jisung played a joke once and asked daniel if he could borrow his shirt because his next period class was SUPER cold and daniel,,,,,,,,,,literally took off his shirt
  • rumor has it some chick fainted from the sight of his bare shoulders but no one knows if this was confirmed or not (seongwoo claims it totally is true)
  • but like he really does his best to try and help others out,,,especially freshman or younger students in the course who seem to be struggling with adjusting to like college life
  • he’s like the reliable big brother who is smiley and soft and will teach you silly dance moves on the quad
  • but is also super serious about helping people and isn’t scared of anything, from jumping into a fire to save someone in need of medical assistance to carrying people who’ve broken legs,,,,,,,
  • also let’s take a moment to imagine daniel in the paramedic like get up like the uniform,,,,thank u 
  • everyone thinks its super adorable that daniel’s first rescue story was saving his cat who got stuck in a tree
  • like how TYPICAL and CORNY but also,,,,,,he’s an angel who walks the earth amiright
  • seongwoo is always like “my bestfriend is going to be the next iron man~ captian,,,,where did you study again my dude??? canada?? captain CANADA” 
  • and daniel is like embarrassed but also,,,,,he loves his friends and is happy they support him but seriously captain canada thats worse than when jisung got the football team to refer to him as quarterback cat-lover
  • you’re actually one of the TAs for one of the tests in the paramedic course and there’s a requirement of paramedics being able to carry at least 125 pounds by themselves and you’re supposed to be checking off who can pick up the human dummy and who cant
  • and so you’re going down the list and ur like “next,,,,kang daniel?”
  • and you don’t look up when he steps over you just motion with your hand toward the dummy and you’re like “pick him up and walk three laps around the room”
  • and when you look up you almost drop your clipboard because ,,,, this handsome boy smiles and is like sure!! and uve never seen someone so happy to drag around a plastic human before
  • but there he is,,,,hosting the dummy up like it weighs n o t h i n g
  • and he turns to u and is like “can i try carrying two?” and ur like ,,,,uh,,,,,s,,,sure???
  • and once again he baffles you,,,picking up the other dummy and going on his merry way
  • and in what seems like the shortest period of time than everyone else you tested he does his three circles and stops in front of you
  • carefully setting the dummy’s down and wiping at his forehead,,,,that pretty grin on his face
  • and he’s like “all good??”
  • and ur like,,,,y,,,yes,,,,um,,,,,,,,yes you’re good
  • with a bow he says thanks and leaves the room and you’re like what,,,,,,who,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you look down at his name again and you’re like “kang daniel,,,,,,,are you superhuman/!??!?!”
  • for the next week you can’t get him off your mind,,,and you’re sure it’s because he’s not only strong and cute but because you’ve been a TA for the program for this whole semester and no one has ever just looked that happy to do the tests
  • and one afternoon you’re eating lunch with a friend in the campus cafe when you spot daniel,,,,at a table with his health books stacked up near his tray (which is also stacked with food)
  • ad at some point ur friend is like heY,,, hEY stop staring you’re going to DROOL
  • and ur like !!!!!! WOOPS but they also nudge and are like “kang daniel huh? he’s cuuuuute~ go talk to him!!!” and ur like HA,,,I ,,,,,,,,wasn’tlookingathimiwaslookingathis,,,,,sandwich
  • and ur friend rolls their eyes but when u look back daniel???? is staring back at you
  • and when you make eye contact he perks up and waves and ur like ?????????? looking around and then pointing at urself and he nods and waves u over
  • and u get up and ur friend lets out a whistle as you go to sit beside him and ur like ,,,,hey,,,, and he smiles again and the way his cheeks go up and his teeth show is SO DAMN CUTE
  • and he’s like “not to sound full of myself but i noticed you were looking at me for a while, whats up?”
  • and you,,,,,,almost dIE of embarrassment on the spot because oh frick he saw you
  • but you’re also like o,,,oh i ,,,i was just,,,,,um,,,,,,ur the guy who carried two dummies at the test a week ago??? and i was like oH is that you or not you you kno-
  • but daniel just chuckles and closes his book 
  • and he’s like “yep that was me,,,,,but i dont think thats why you were looking.”
  • and you feel ur mouth go dry and you’re like i,,,, um– but daniel just points to your friend with his pen and is like “do you think they’ll be ok with me stealing you away for a little date to the movie tonight?”
  • and ur like!!!!!!!!! ,,,, o,,,oh and u look at ur friend who just shooting hearts and thumbs up at u
  • and daniel is like lol they remind me of jisung but ur also like ,,,, i,,,i think ,,, they’ll be ok with that
  • and daniel winks,,,handing you the pen and rolling up his sleeve
  • and he’s like “here, write your number down and ill call u to set up a time”
  • and u cant believe it as you’re scribbling down ur number,,,,,but it’s true he calls u around 7 and u guys go see a movie and it’s adorable and daniel is a gentleman through and through paying for everything,,,,,telling you he likes the way you look all serious during the dramatic scenes,,,,holding your hand when he takes you back to your dorm
  • even a light kiss on your forehead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s a dream come true
  • dating college!daniel: he is really good in all his classes but he tends to be LATE so he’s always rushing in the morning but he never fails to send you a ‘good morning, i love you’ text, doesnt really like coffee so u get into the habit of buying him smoothies and he thinks its cute how u remember this about him also those smoothies are really good for his vegetable intake u are so thoughtful, you and daniel adopt the newest paramedic trainee woojin, daniel is suchhhhh a tease he always sneaks up behind you when ur studying to wrap u up in his arms and kiss on your neck, jisung always makes faces when u guys pda but tbh he loVES seeing daniel so happy with you, seongwoo is like “im his original soulmate” but he’s just joking hehe, daniel sends u pics of cats he sees on the street, you guys get matching rings like a month into it because kang daniel goes HARD for love, favorite dates range from laser tag to night fireworks on the beach, thinks its cute when you wear his flannels to class or during finals because u guys are both studying and u cant see him so often but they remind you of him, daniel takes you with him to get his first tattoo and u hold his hand the whole time, he’s kinda bad at realizing he isnt invincible so sometimes ull find scrapes on him and have to bandage him up, did anyone say morning after laughter under the sheets: yeah i did for KANG DANIEL who loves skinship and YOU 
Not Now - Jughead Smut

Request: this is going to sound so strange but could i request a cole (or even jughead if you dont mind writing for him) smut where they’re at home and the reader is horny but he’s a little busy and says “not now.” but she really wants him and so she rides his thigh??? i love all of you writing and i feel like you could do this prompt justice!!

Warnings: Mild language, smut

Notes: Sorry it’s kinda short. 

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess  


I sighed in annoyance, while attempting to get my boyfriend’s attention as he was too focused on the computer screen, writing his novel. 

“Juggie”, I plead again, rolling my eyes. tonight was the first night we’ve had alone in a long time, and I needed some relief as my heat throbbed for some sort of touch. 

“What?”, Jughead asks, annoyance in his voice and his eyes continued to stare the computer as his fast fingers typed. I get off the bed and walked over to Jughead, who was sat on the chair at his desk. I rubbed his shoulders, creeping them down his shirt, but all he did was shrug me away. I was not giving up and I straddled him on the chair. Finally, Jughead looked up at me, annoyance flickered in his eyes. 

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“Juggie, please”, I begged. 

“Not now. I’m too busy”

“You’ve been at it for 3 hours now”, A sigh once again escaped my lips. An idea sparked up in me. I know what’ll get him in the mood. My hips grounded into Juggie’s, and I inhaled a sharp breath. Jughead seemed to show no reaction - but an undefeated sighed fell from his lips, when I rocked my hips faster and when my fingers grasped his hair, tugging at it. 

“Y/n, I need to get b-back to this”, he moans, struggling to keep it in. “Fuck it”, he murmurs, hands grabbing onto my hips and guiding me as I continue to rock my hips at a fast pace. 

“Jug..”, I moan into his neck, softly biting it. He groans and bucks his hips it, causing me to moan loudly and throw my head back in intense pleasure. My fingers grasping on his hair tighter, as the knot in my stomach formed.

“Juggie”, A pleading moan slipped from my mouth.

“Let it go, baby”, he grunts. My breathing became rapid and I grinded harder and faster onto him, letting my heat gather up the last bit of pleasure before I came. Jughead came shortly after me, holding me as I panted into the crook of his neck.

“I should focus on you more often”, Jughead laughed, jokingly.  

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* * *
Summary: You, Rocket and Groot end up stuck spending the night at one of Contraxia’s love hotels. Rocket enjoys teasing you, but doesn’t expect what you do in return.
Warnings: No?? Just flirting…but I dont think thats a warning.
A/N: My first Rocket imagine! I usually dont like writing imagines for characters I like because I tend to lose interest. But I decided to try it out. Hopefully next time, it’ll get better and more ~intense~
* * *
The room hummed under the red glow of neon lamps and the lovers bed pressed up against the wall. You felt the walls muffle your voice, unsure of how to ask Rocket why this was the only available place for them to sleep in. Besides the thick silence hung between the three of you, and the occasional rattling of the cheaply plastered velvet walls, the only sounds to be heard was beyond the glass window wrapped up in curtains. Mainly the rowdiness of drunkards and the piercing laughter that cut through the cold winter night of Contraxia. Then again, every night here is a cold winter night.
Your hands instinctively rubbed your upper arms, trying to warm up in the unusually cold room. There were many reasons this hotel would want cold rooms, some sexual and others less so. Groot was the first to move, walking towards the wall by the glass window and sitting down.
“I am Groot,” He reclined back, his body slowly becoming connected to the wall as he gazed outside to the different species stumbling about. Rocket followed after him, setting his bag down on the right side of the bed, keeping himself occupied with unpacking. You bit the inside of your cheek, watching him only momentarily before excusing yourself to the bathroom to shower.
Rocket began to assemble his gun, getting it ready just in case anything happened during the night. After a couple visits to Contraxia, he knew better than to come unprepared.
“I am Groot,” Groot spoke, causing Rocket to freeze up. He let out a sigh, shaking his head and continuing his work.
“Because we didn’t have enough units to stay at a nice place like The Divine.” He dragged out, revealing his canines. Rewards were coming in slowly, and their collective spending habits were high matinence. This cheesy love hotel was the only thing they could afford on this planet while their ship was under repairs. Needless to say, Reception looked mildly confused at the three of them walking in and requesting a one bedroom.
“I am Groot,” He said once more, turning his head back towards the window. Rocket rolled his eyes, finishing the final details to his weapon. His ear twitched at the sound of the water turning off, his eyes flickering at the shut door, waiting for you to come out.
“Why don’t you just get some shut-eye? Not my fault we couldn’t get separate rooms,” He grumbled, looking down at his gun as be screwed a bolt in tightly with his fingers. Groot didn’t respond, merely closing his eyes and taking a deep breath as he felt himself become rooted into the wall. Rocket perked his head up at the sound of the door sliding open. He watched you pad out of the bathroom, a slip hanging off your shoulders as you dried the top of your hair.
“Did Groot fall asleep already?” You asked, tossing the towel to the side as Rocket murmured in agreement. After walking up to Groot, you kissed him on his forehead before walking towards the bed.
“How come you don’t kiss me like that before I go to bed?” Rocket asked, grinning to himself as you felt your face heat up. The words got lodged in your throat, so you stayed silent and looked away from him. “Left you speechless? That’s usually the effect I have on people,” He snickered, closing a final compartment on his gun and placing it against the bed.
“Its not funny,” You said, grabbing the covers and pulling them over your shoulders as you curled away from Rocket. He clicked his tongue, rolling his eyes as he got up on the bed. His nose wiggled in your hair, just brushing against the back of your neck.
“I think its cute,” He murmured, his paw resting on your waist as he pulled himself closer. “I love getting you all riled up,” His voice was low, feeling his breath right along your ear before feeling his teeth scrape lightly against the flesh on your neck.
“Maybe Groot should have slept on the bed instead,” You barked back, Rocket grinning at the remark.
“And have you sleep on the floor? Besides, I wouldn’t be able to do all this with Groot,” He snickered. You turned around, your lower lip sticking out in a pout as your brows furrowed.
“What’s with the face, Babydoll?” He mocked you, his ears pressing against his head. Tonight was not the night. Perhaps it was because this wasn’t the first instance of him flirting with you. Or perhaps it was because you didn’t want Rocket to only see you as a blushing mess. Perhaps it was because you wanted him to see you as someone who could keep up with him. It was most definitely because you loved him, though.
Your hands reached out for his, enclosing them with your fists and pinning them above his head as you straddled him. His eyes were wide, watching uncertainty hide behind your irises as your hair fell to one side.
“What’s with the face, Babydoll?” She mocked. Rocket closed his eyes, shaking his head for a second before opening them again and grinning.
“I think I like this side of you,” He whispered, making sure Groot couldn’t hear them.
You rolled your eyes, “It’s a hotel. We are supposed to sleep. Do you think you can do that just for this one night?” You asked, a glimmer of mischief in Rocket’s eyes.
“Actually it’s a Love Hotel,” He corrected. “If I’m not mistaken, we aren’t supposed to be sleeping,” His brow raised, looking up at you as his left ear twitched.
“Maybe another night, Rocket. Tonight, we sleep,” You said, rolling off of him and getting under the comforter.
“Another night?” He echoed. “I don’t know…perhaps we should get a sneak peak-“ You interrupted him by grabbing him by the waist and pulling him close to you. His head laid on your chest, hearing your heartbeat.
“Tonight, we sleep,” You mumbled, eyes closed as Rocket agreed in silence. Tonight you would sleep.

I think im gonna start a new blog where people can submit advice to young girls dating other girls. I know when i first started dating a girl a lot of things were hard for me to figure out (like if i was actually in love) and i know googling a bunch of stuff only brings up heteronormative advice. I think it would be nice if there was something out there to help them feel more comfortable and less bad if they dont know what to do/are lost (say how to tell if its the right time to kiss her girlfriend for the first time). It would be for all girls dating girls (trans girls, cis girls, etc.) I wouldnt have the answers for all advice so submissions would be for answers too!! Like/reblog if u think it would be a good idea? Idk if something like this already exists, but its something to help people that i think would be nice :)

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IM LEARNING SO MUCH ABOUT DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF AUSTEN ON YIUR BLOG TONIGHT AND I LOVE IT. If you have the time, would you consider making like, a master list of Austen media or something?

hoo boy there are a lot but i dont feel like doing my history reading rn SO 

i will attempt to be as thorough as possible but there are a LOT of these

pride and prejudice: 

adaptations with the same name: 2005, 2003, 1995, 1980, 1940

other adaptations: bride and prejudice (2004), pride and prejudice and zombies (2016), bridget jones’ diary (2001), the lizzie bennet diaries, a modern pride and prejudice (2011), unleashing mr. darcy (2016), 

related: death comes to pemberley (2013), lost in austen (2008)

sense and sensibility: 

adaptations with the same name: 2008, 1995, 1981, 1971

other adaptations: scents and sensibility (2011), from prada to nada (2011), i have found it (2000). 


adaptations with the same name: 1996, 2009, 1996 (yes there were two – one is a made for tv movie w kate beckinsale). 

other adaptations: clueless (1995) 

other adaptations: 

love and friendship (2016), northanger abbey (2007), persuasion (2007, 1995, 1971), mansfield park (2007, 1999, 1983).

related movies: 

becoming jane (2007), the jane austen book club (2007), austenland (2013), miss austen regrets (2008)

we’re starving and have no money or real food please help

hey so like. i hate doing this again but we’re pretty much out of real food and money thats not going to rent… all we have are teabags, marshmallows and like, a tablespoon of peanut butter.

If you or someone you know can spare like, 20-25 bucks so we could eat tonight that’d be really fucking great. im sorry i have to keep begging like this, i feel really pathetic for it.

so tldr we’re starving and dont get money for like, a week or so and need some money so we can eat tonight. my paypal is  paypal.me/JonStrong

update: we have $10 but we need at least $19, so even $2 would be helpful at this point!

wanna chat? pt.19

on ao3
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19

so this is like…twice as long as a normal chapter. anyway i was in les mis the other week and i sent something and someone thought it was a les mis chapter of wanna chat. and @reyxa​ encouraged it so Here We Are

this chapter continues right off of the last one because i found a note with sick quotes on it. i kept the les mis as light and understandable as possible but just like..let me know if it makes 0 sense. i had to get this out of my system because ive been in a writing funk

(mari = cough cough, nino = space bro, alya = alys, adrien = glen coco)


3:12 in boo you whore

cough cough: gmoring i cant brethe out of mynose rn
Im not goin g ot be in school today
Bu ti cant sleep anymore because I cnat breath e
iim gonna go watch youtube videos


space bro: my dude
i hope youre feeling better when you wake up

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Journal Entry, 2/10/2017


Big bro says, keep a journal, lil bro.  And I think I used to do that but I can’t remember and I can’t find it anywhere.  Big bro says dont worry, so I don’t, but I wonder if I’ll lose this one too, just like the last one.  Don’t remember too much from those days.  Lil foggy, lil hazy.  I remember goin to the gym, startin to go to the gym.  That was like, what, a year ago or so, I think.  I remember struggling with 50 lbs.  I remember thinkin, hey, in a year’s time, I’ll be pushin up more weight and here I am pushin more weight.  It’s like I read a fortune cookie or got my future told and here it is, bein fullfilled. 

So yeah, I been makin progress, I think.  Take my supps at night, the Z-core stuff.  Supposed to make my testosterone bigger.  I dunno about all the math stuff, I just kinda listen to what big bro says.  I wake up, take the meds that are in the box marked F, cuz its Friday, then I eat some breakfast, then I supp up for the gym.  Even got some extra cardio in today cuz it snowed like a mother the other night.  Get home from the gym, super fuckin pumped.  A lil dizzy, even.  So pumped that I take a shitload of selfies and send em to big bro.  Even take a flexin, posin video, and send it to big bro.  Got a lot to work on, but thats okay.  Big bro knows best - gotta grow for big bro.  Right?  Right.

Last night big bro kinda spooked me a lil, lol.  We were talkin on the phone, like we do every night, and he said, “Your kinda like an experiment, lil bro,” and I was all like, whoa, wait, what?  These, like, dim alarms rang somewhere down in the sub-basement of my brain for a minute.  “But you dont gotta worry, lil bro,” he said, and I know I dont gotta worry, but sometimes like that elevator of thought goes down there and I’m all like wtf is going on?  I speed back to the past in my head and I see myself pushin my glasses up on the bridge of my nose and talkin real fast with someone across the bar, bout some book we were both readin.  I remember gettin all tense and angry, kinda like when I do a shitload of crunches, like 50 or 60 or so, and my abs are all tight and my veins are pulsin at the temples of my head and my shoulders are all tight, but YEAH, fuckin 60 crunches!  Time to go do 3 sets of 12 side crunches.  Gonna feel that tomorrow.  Big bro’s gonna be so proud.  “You there, lil bro?” 

“Yeah, big bro,” I say, though I’m a little hazy in the brain.  Ding!  Some kind of bell going off in my brain, like the bell between rounds in a boxing match, or a wrestling match, or a UFC MMA fight.  Big bro’s gettin me into UFC a lil.  I like the rough n tumble shit.  Big bro sends me selfies sometimes and he’s all in this kinda like fighter’s stance and he got this confident gleam in his eye.  He just got a haircut and he says when I visit it’ll be time for mine too.  I am gettin kinda bushy up top.  Like to keep it pretty short.  Not too short, but you know.  “Don’t worry about it, lil bro,” says my big bro confidently.  Everything he fuckin does is confidently.  He could part a crowd just by walkin thru it, head high and stride wide.  “Big bro knows best.”

That’s usually when I cum, actually, lol.  Big bro’s voice in my ear makes me cum, and usually so hard that it flies up to my forehead lol.  Never cummed like that before.  Fuck, never even talked bout cumming before, but big bro coaches me to be more comfortable with that.  It’s fuckin natural, right, just like jackin off is natural.  Just workin out another muscle.  Just like goin to the gym and workin out, watchin my heartrate climb.  Big bro watches my heartrate too, every day thru the monitor I wear on my wrist.  Every day.  And I keep track of my water and tell him every fuckin thing I eat, so he keeps track of my macros so I can get big for big bro.  Grow for big bro.  That’s what’s best.

Uh, I kinda lost my train of thought.  Hard as a motherfucker though, lol.  Feels so good to think about big bros voice in my ear.  Urgin me on, sometimes only in a whisper, sometimes in a shout, sometimes commanding, sometimes coaxing.  Sometimes persuasive and sometimes firm.  Sometimes I lay around in a fuzz of gray static, with his voice curlin around me like mist.  Sometimes he is the sun exploding over the dark horizon, a clarion sound trumpeting that I WAKE UP, FEET ON THE FLOOR, LIL BRO, and before I even know it, I’m up, hands on the pill box, downin what big bro says, shake is already in the blender.  Sometimes before I even know it, I’m out on my way to the gym.  Am I even wearin a shirt?  Well, if I dunno, I just ask big bro, and he’ll tell me. 

So uh thats it guys, lil bro out for now.  Gotta take a muscle nap cuz I just went to the gym and had my postworkout shake.  Got some real life shit like work or whatever to do tonight but I’ll get thru it becuz on the other side big bro will talk me down to sleep and thats my favorite part of the day.  Well any part of the day with big bro is my favorite part of the day.  Sometimes feels like hes takin over, and soon I’ll just be like, a part of him, but I dont mind.  As long as I get to make more muscles, thats cool.  Fuckin love big bro.  Dont need to worry, dont need to think.  Just cruise on thru and flex some more.  Take some pics and flex some more.  Soon enough big bro will be by my side and thatll be the best day ever.

GOT7 reaction to your friends wanting to Skype with them

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

got7 reaction to when youre skyping your friends and they ask to see/talk to him.

thanks for the request 
I hope you like it ^_^
*keep sending in more category ideas to be included in the vampire series, i need a lot more to put up a whole profile
~ahgase Omma 

he oh so subtly but not subtly tells you no with his eyes. JYPE rules are clear about things like this, and its not because he’s just following rules but the last thing he needs is some sort of scandal started by friends.

he really isn’t bothered by it, skyping your friends is no different to skyping his friends. he doesn’t talk for long, but he does answer a few questions

he deosnt say much to them beyond a polite hello, he figures showing his face is more than enough to satisfy their curiosity.

i dont know why i think this, but i get the feeling he somehow jedi mind tricks you into not doing it. either in a sweet way or over explaining the situation. like, ‘jagi, can’t i just be yours tonight’ or ‘i could, but then something could get out, then i would be on strict watch, not be able to see you. id rather just off screen say hi’

like the pure sunshine he is, he beams out the most radiant of smiles and says hi to your friends, telling them how amazing you are, then goes back to gaming again. he’s quick solving to avoiding the awkwardness.

he’s so indifferent about this, Skype with him dont Skype with him, it deosnt makes much of a difference, he’s happy either way.

he’s so up for it, the situation doesn’t phase him at all. he casually talks to your friends for a while, and its all good

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Dirt on my boots- Happy Lowman

Been up since the crack of dawn
Just trying to paid
Been hotter than a hundred suns
I can’t find no shade
Just two more roads and I’m good to go
Yeah, I’m shutting this tractor down
Get me a half an hour for a shave and a shower
And I’ll be outside your house

Happys POV
Driving down the highway leaving Tacoma Washington you couldnt get your old lady off your mind. Been up since 3 am this morning the sun beating down on your back. You couldnt wait to get home. Pulling over for a quick stop to get gas you texted her.

Might have a little dirt on my boots
But I’m taking you uptown tonight
Might have a little mud on my wheels
But they’re gonna shine with you’re up inside
Gonna hit the club, gonna cut a rug
Burn it up like neon lights
Might have a little dirt on my boots
But we’re gonna dance the dust right off them tonight (yeah, girl)
Got a little dirt on my boots

Arriving at the clubhouse alittle earlier than Happy you got ready there. You put on a tight little black corset dress that made your boobs POP. With fishnet and your spiked 8in heels. You looked sexy as hell.
The music started and people started gathering inside you looked around and didnt see Happy. Making your way outside you waited for him. The thing you didnt know was he was already there looking at your beautiful self with lust.

Hard as I worked all day
I’m gonna work harder loving on you
Spin you all over that dance floor
Right out of them high heel shoes
And when you’re ready to quit
Baby, we can slip right out of that bar room door
And when I take you home, don’t worry babe
I’m gonna kick them off on the porch
Might have a little dirt on my boots
But I’m taking you uptown tonight
Might have a little mud on my wheels
But they’re gonna shine with you’re up inside
Gonna hit the club, gonna cut a rug
Burn it up like neon lights
Might have a little dirt on my boots
But we’re gonna dance the dust right off them tonight (yeah girl)
Got a little dirt on my boots

Happys P.O.V
Y/N looked so fucking sexy I just want to walk over there and take her now on the picknic table. You couldnt take your eyes off her. Then you got an idea. You walked up behind her and put your hands over her eyes.
“Guess Who”.
“Hmm is it that cute little prospect that looks at my ass all the time”?
“What no, its your old man. Where the hell is this prospect at”. Happy said geting mad.
“I was just kidding Baby I knew it was you, that sexy voice gave you away”. Kissing him to calm him down did the trick.
“Can I say you look really fucking sexy , can we just go to the dorm room”?
“No sorry, I need some foreplay before we fuck. So get those hands on me and lets have a  drink”.
Happy couldnt keep his hands, mouth and hard on off of you, you loved it feeling your man tease you under your dress. You were getting a little tipsey so you new it was time to leave.
You grabbed Happys hand and lead him to the dorm room. Happy went in first you closing the door. Happy turned around you were just standing in your fisnets with your heels on.
“So is this my surprise”. He asked taking his shirt and boots off.
“Look closer Daddy”.
“You pierced your nipples. Who did”?
“Yes I hope you will enjoy them, it was a woman so calm down no need to be upset”. You pushed him on the bed ready to take control but Happy had other plans. He flipped you on your back taking a nipple in hes mouth. You couldnt help but moan.
With your nipple in his mouth and one hand playing with the other he ripped you fishnet down the center. Sticking two fingers in your wet juicy core, he pumped in and out. You through your head back.
Happy took that as a sign he lined himself up and pushed in. It had been a while for the both of you.
“SHIT Little Girl, your so tight FUCK”. Happy thrusted deeper.
“Yes Daddy dont stop Oh God”.

A little dirty dancing, blue collar romancing
I can get cleaned up if you ask me
But I can only get so fancy

You laid there panting after three intense orgasms. Happys head on your chest, feeling your heart beat slow down to normal. You ran your hand on his scalp leaving kisses to tattoos. You felt the glow of being with someone like you. Someone you loved.
“You looked really good tonight, I’m loving these pierced nipples”. Happy said still playing with them.
“I’m glad, I spent a long time thinking about doing it. It hurt like hell but as long as your enjoying them it was worth it”. He lifted his head to kiss you. You bit his lip and slipped in your tongue.
“Ready for round two Baby Girl”.
“I’m always ready Daddy”.

Got a little dirt on my boots
But I’m taking you uptown tonight
Might have a little mud on my wheels
But they’re gonna shine with you’re up inside
Gonna hit the club, gonna cut a rug
Burn it up like neon lights
Might have a little dirt on my boots
But we’re gonna dance the dust right off them tonight (yeah girl)
Got a little dirt on my boots
Got a little dirt on my boots
Got a little dirt on my boots

Dirt on my boots by Jon Pardi

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are you gonna watch snl live tonight? if not, do u happen 2 know anyone who'll be live tweeting/blogging? as much as i'd like to skip out on all my plans,,,,a college student has got 2 party sometime. i just dont want to be too far out of the loop ahaha omg. whom am i.

Haha I’m not going to be able to watch live but I bet most blogs will be doing some sort of live blogging. First one that comes to mind though is @jimmytfallon. I just feel in my bones like they’ll be a good source :)

!!! i drew levyaku for kageyameha in exchange for some fic ehehe // aw this was the first time i’ve drawn either of this kiddies too even though they are my faves *//v//* (thats absolutely trans yaku by the way. just needed to. mention that) 

When your fave writes you fic about the characters in your favorite fic verse literally ever of all time (LOOK OKAY LISTEN I HAVE A PARAGRAPH FROM PMGITG TAPED TO MY WALL I DONT PUT SHIT ON MY WALLS IT MEANS SO MUCH TO– okay Rosie pretend you’re chill) healing and being silly and FUCKING POLE DANCING AT BARS!!!!!!

And then your best friend with crippling anxiety CALLS YOU ON THE PHONE for an hour and a half long conversation about how she’s figured out the climate of her new workplace and she just sounds so animated and not beaten down at all and she sounds like she’s doing okay for the first time in like 13 months!!!


BTS Reaction to seeing you kiss another guy in a drama/music video

Jungkook: Jungkook would obviously be a little upset as he saw you kissing another guy in your new music video but he would still try and play it off as he’s okay with it with his usual sarcasm.

“Honestly (Y/N), I would have thought you’d get someone at least attractive as your counterpart.” Jungkook laughed as the hair dresser blow dryed his hair so it would stay in place during his performance. 

“Oh trust me, he was. I picked him out.” You shot back as you sat on the couch looking at him through the mirror. 

You knew what you were doing and so did he. You just wanted him to admit that he was upset about the whole thing instead of keeping it to himself.

“Now why’d you have to go and say that?” Jungkook said as he waved off the hairdresser so he could turn to you in his chair.

“Why can’t you just tell me what’s really the matter instead of using sarcasm as your defense?” You sighed as you rested your head back against the head of the couch. “Just tell me you didn’t like it instead of keeping it to yourself, I’ll try and make sure not to do any other videos like that but you have to talk to me Jungkook.”

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V: Taehyung would completely understand the fact that you had to kiss your co-star in the drama you were in. Him also being an actor made it much more easier to cope with the fact that you were kissing someone other than him.

“Ah Jagiya! There you are!” Tae gushed over you being on your television. 

You looked over to him and saw such happiness and love in his eyes as he watched you on screen. 

“Now remember when I told you about the kissing scene I had to do?” You asked, hoping he’d remember because honestly you didn’t want to remind him again.

“Yes, is that this episode? When in the episode is it going to happen?” Tae asked question after question, eyes landing on the screen widening as you thought they would.

“Right about now..” You mumbled still looking at your boyfriend, his eyes softened and looked back at you giving you a soft smile.

“As long as it’s only on screen and I can still kiss you whenever I’d like I’m okay with it. I understand it’s all part of the job.” Tae brought you closer to him, kissing your forehead in the process, shocking you from his words.

“You do?” You crane your neck to look at him. He nods simply.

“I do.”

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Jimin: Jimin couldn’t care for it. He wouldn’t like it and he’d express his opinions to you once you’d ask him about it. He knows it’s part of the job but that’s the part he’d hate the most. 

“So did you watch the episode last night?” You asked your boyfriend as he was drinking a bottled water. He leaned back against the wall behind him and just rolled his eyes.

“No Jagiya, no I didn’t.” Jimin took a sip of his water before sighing as he saw the look on your face.  “It’s not that I don’t enjoy watching you do what you love. I’d rather just watch you doing it without kissing someone other than myself.” Jimin confessed bringing you into his arms. “I just didn’t enjoy the scenes where you had to do that, that’s all. You’re amazing (Y/N), just warn me when another scene like that is going to happen.”

“You might not want to watch the next three episodes then..” You mumble into his shoulder waiting for his response which you knew wouldn’t be good.

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J-Hope: Hoseok would be completely shocked once you told him what you had to do in the music video you recently filmed, he’d be even more shocked when he saw the music video without you warning him what you had to do,

“Ah (Y/N), it’s so good already!” Hoseok jumped up and down on the couch excited for what the rest of your music video would consist of.

“Oh I’m sure the ending will shock you.” You mumble to yourself but not realizing that he heard you.

“Ending? What happens in the end?” Hoseok asks but doesn’t get a reply only a sheepish smile. “Jagiya, what happens in the end.”

“Just watch it, you’re not even listening-

“I’ve heard the song hundreds of times, now what happens in the end.” J-Hope soon grabbed the mouse and drug the music video to the last ten seconds only to let go once he saw what you meant.

“YOU’RE KISSING SOMEONE ELSE. WHAT IS THIS, WHY IS HE KISSING YOU?” Hoseok jumped from his seat and started pacing.

“I mean if you watched the music video it’d be pretty clear..”

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Rap Monster: Namjoon wouldn’t like it, he’d accept the fact that you had to do scenes like this but that doesn’t mean he’d be all for it. He’d give his honest opinion making sure not to come off too harsh like Jimin but still be honest with you.

“So how’d you like it? I really struggled with the crying scene in the middle of the episode but did it look okay? Hey are you okay? What’s wrong? Did you not like the episode?” You asked question after question seeing that Namjoon had a solemn look on his face. 

Silence. He just continued to watch the credits roll on the screen as he heaved a big sigh.

“Is this about the kissing scene? I thought I told you about it before and you said you were okay with it? Did you not like that scene?” All Namjoon answered you with was a thumbs down, he soon dropped his hand and sighed closing his eyes.

“I am okay with it, I just don’t like it. I know you have to do it because it’s your job but I just don’t like it. You did great, the crying scene was very good but the kissing scene was something I’d rather not watch.” Namjoon sighed once he finished finally looking at you. “I love you (Y/N) but please warn me next time you have another scene like…that.”  

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Suga: Yoongi wouldn’t be fazed by you kissing another man in your music video, he wouldn’t understand why you were so nervous to tell him about the kissing scene let alone show him it. You were reluctant to even show him the music video before it came out but he managed to convince you otherwise.

“I’m just going to see it once it airs tonight, so you might as well just show it to me now.” Yoongi sighed as he let his body fall against the bed you both were sitting on. “(Y/N), you either show me now or I’m forced to get up which I really dont feel like doing and go through your emails to get the link. Now would you please-”

“Fine! It’s up, here it is.” You sigh as you place the laptop on his stomach and clicking play. You sit beside him not paying attention to the music video but at your boyfriend, watching for any sort of emotion to show up on his face. But there was nothing. Not even during the kissing scene you had to film, his face was the same during the whole music video. He looked at you once it was done with the same face he had on during the whole music video.

“Was that all? I thought there was going to be some horrific scene you didn’t want me to see or you being naked or something. Just a kiss? That’s what you were worried about?” Yoongi sat up, closing the laptop and setting it at the end of the bed.

“Did you not like the video?” You tilted your head slightly confused. “You didn’t look like you liked it, you didn’t really look like you liked any of it really.”

“Of course I liked it Jagiya, I was just too concerned on why you didn’t want me seeing it. I don’t care if you have to kiss somebody for your music videos, I understand it’s just for the video. It’s like me having to kiss someone else for one of my videos. It’s just for the music.”

“So just so we’re clear you did like it though right?”

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Jin: To be honest Jin wouldn’t care about you kissing someone else in your music video he’d just be so happy and proud that the music video for one of his favorite songs of yours was coming out. You were nervous at first but once you had told him about the kiss ahead of time before you filmed it your nerves depleted and you were excited to show him your m/v.

“Jagiya! That was so good and wow the dancing and don’t forget about that kiss at the end! God that was so good!” You laughed looking at your boyfriend fangirl over you. You couldn’t have expected a better reaction from him.

“So you liked it?” You laughed once you saw him smiling from ear to ear.

“Liked it? I loved it! The director did such a good job and the choreographer too!” Jin exclaimed grabbing onto your hands and squeezing them tight as he clicked replay on the music video.

“God do I love you.” 

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Flustering Face

Pietro x reader || Request || One-Shot ||Let’s see how fast I can do this..

Anon: Hi beauty ! I’m in love with your blog. Can you do pietroXReader Were she is the quiet and the innocent girl who love reading. So when pietro comes to her room shirtless for some reason she blushes and try to hide that from him. And when pietro find out how innocent she is - he finds that adorable - he start doing and saying somethings to make her blushing more ? And ends that when he asks her to go out in a date with him ? Make it cute please :( and sorry for my bad English

“What’re you reading there, (Y/n)?” 

You finished reading the page of your book before looking up into the big brown, curious eyes of Tony Stark. You raised an eyebrow at him,

“A book.” You said quietly.

Tony grinned and gave a nod, “I noticed…What’s it about?”

You continued reading, smiling to yourself. “Stuff.”

Tony let out a soft sigh and stood up straight, looking down at you with an amused glint in his eyes. You merely focused on the books and tried your best to continue reading, but Tony sat on your legs and you let out a strangled cry, laughing soon after. “Anthony Edward Stark! Get off my legs!”

Tony let out a quiet, “Meh.” and you marked your page with a book mark before closing the book shut and glaring at the man sitting on top of your legs.

“Tony. Get. Off. Now.” You breathed, trying your best to keep an angry glare.

Tony merely giggled and poked your nose, “Aww, that’s cute.” He commented as he leaned against the couch, putting his full weight on you. “You can’t even stay mad at me for more than a second. So precious.”

“I will hurt you.” You told him as seriously as you could.

You waited for Tony to say something more, but he only smirked. Knowing there was no way you could make him get off, you decided to call in for back up. “STEVE! TONY’S BEING A PUNK, AGAIN!” You hollered.

“Am not!” Tony protested, sitting up straight. “Are too!” You shot back.

Feeling a lot of weight lifted off your legs, you took the opportunity and shoved Tony off of you. You got off the couch before he could make another move and calmly began to walk towards the elevator. “Are too.” You said again.

Tony chuckled and sat up on the floor, “Am not.”

Before you could argue again, the elevator closed and took you up. When you had reached your floor, you headed for your room and  opened the door.

You carefully set your book down on a dresser and sighed contently as fixed your hair before looking at yourself in the mirror. As you looked at your reflection, something behind you caught your eye. You turned around and spotted a pair of Pietro’s shoes lying by your bed side.

You gently bent down and picked them up, looking over them carefully before heading back out the hall. You hadn’t talked to Pietro much, but when you did, you always enjoyed his company. How his shoes were at your bed side, you had no clue. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask and find out.

So you set out for Pietro’s room, swinging his shoes back and forth as you walked. When you finally reached his door you absentmindedly opened the door as if it were leading to your own room. You set down his shoes by the door and were about to call out for him when you realized he was in the bathroom. You glanced at the door and noticed steam rising from underneath it. Your cheeks suddenly heated up and your eyes widened. 

Pietro was in the shower. 

You turned around immediately after realizing and nearly ran out of his room. You tried to keep from picturing…No, no, no. Bad brain. 

You scolded yourself mentally and carried on to your room, grabbing the book from the dresser and jumping on your bed. You and Pietro were friends, and as far as you knew, Pietro wasn’t interested in you. You shouldn’t be thinking of Pietro in any other way than a friend, because you wanted to respect him. 

The longer you read, the more you got absorbed in your book, finally being able to block out the other thoughts. Just when you thought you were alone in peace and quiet to read a good book, somebody knocked at your door.

Your head snapped up from your book and your eyes instantly found Pietro’s. His hair was wild, his skin glistening. You shivered at the first sight of him.

And that was when you realized he had no shirt on. Pietro was shirtless.

“(Y/n), I am not intruding?” Pietro questioned as he stood in the doorway.

You swallowed and shook your head, finally peeling your eyes off of the man in front of you. You could already feel the color rising in your cheeks. You kept your eyes on your book, glancing at him as he came closer.

“Is something wrong? Are you sure this is not a bad time?” He asked again.

“P-Positive. Whatcha need, Pietro?” You asked softly.

Pietro quirked an eyebrow at you, slowly moving towards the end of the bed. He put a hand on his hip and looked at your face carefully., but you brought your book closer to your face in an attempt to hide your flustering face. A smirk slowly made it’s way onto Pietro’s face as he figured out why you were so quiet. Pietro put one knee on the bed and leaned closer towards you.

“The real question is-” Pietro carefully took the book out of your hand and set it down on the bed as he looked at you intensely, “What do you need?”

Your face quickly turned a darker shade of red, your ears coloring as well. Your lips parted as if you were to speak, but nothing came out of your mouth. Your eyes flickered from Pietro’s stunning blue eyes to his perfectly chiseled abs.

“Me? Wh-What? I-I-I don’t need anything…” You stuttered.

Pietro coked his head, “You were in my room earlier, no?”

You averted your gaze and leaned back against the bed, hands gripping the bed covers. “W-Well, yes. I was…” You said slowly, sliding off the bed. You stood straight and looked at Pietro who had stood up as well.

“I was returning your shoes.” You stated finally.

Pietro nodded in acknowledgement, “I see. Was there anything else?”

You looked up from the ground and noticed Pietro running a hand through his hair. You could already tell your mind was blank. He was gorgeous. You had tried so hard not to look, but you finally let your eyes wander his body. He really was perfect. And then suddenly you stopped. As did your heart.

Scars. Scars were scattered across his chest and abdomen, arms and shoulders. Pietro’s smirk suddenly fell as you came closer, the red of your cheeks fading. The closer you came, the more tense Pietro got.

Pietro stiffened as you reached out a hand and gently traced one of his many scars with your finger tips. Feeling him tense, you looked up at him. His eyes were no longer on you, but you could still see it in his eyes.

He was self-conscious of his scars. 

You looked down at his chest and ran your fingers gently over a scar that was next to his beating heart. Your lips formed a thin line. You placed your hand over Pietro’s heart and he looked down at you. The moment his eyes met yours, Pietro felt as if his breath had been taken from him. Stolen from him. The compassion and adoration in your eyes was enough for him to know that you were not disgusted by his scars. That you cared about him enough to know that those scars were part of him, and that you wouldn’t change it.

Pietro took your hand away from his chest, clasping his hand in yours. He looked at you carefully, “…What are you doing tonight?”

Your eyes suddenly lit up and you smiled, “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

Pietro pressed a kiss on your knuckles, “Then dinner– with me?”

“Like a date?” You asked softly.

“…Yes. Like a date.” 

“Then dinner it is.”

im supposed to be having sex with a white woman tonight (dont judge me) and i rly rly rly dont want to anymore and im scared of acknolwledging that bcs i feel like i owe it to her isnt it crazy how far we hurt ourselves for the acceptance of white women? i have so much trauam around white women u know what i am gonna stay inside and eat tofu. i am going to do it i am going to cancel. for anyone w/o trauam this may not seem like a big deal but this is huge for me wish me luck

since its pride month

and i’ve already been shitposting a lot tonight, i wanna say something real quick: it is 109% ok
to not know your orientation
to not care about your orientation
to say something hetero/cisnormative if you dont feel like sharing
to not be super interested in how you identify
to not worry about your orientation

it is yours, do what you want with it
because quite frankly, do whatever the fuck you want
have pride in yourself

i have therapy tomorrow and i dont even….i cant even conceptualize what we’re going to talk about. apparently they’re bringing in a consultant for a second opinion, but i dont know what the second opinion is about…i already feel defensive and thats not a good way to go into something like this.

when our therapist suggested a second opinion it was when we were talking about abuse in the family. i guess im afraid someones going to defend the people who got me this bad, though i dont think any therapist worth their salt would do anything like that. maybe they’re looking at a pd diagnosis? i dont know. i dont like knowing.

theres nothing i can do about it tonight though.

“I will never let anyone hurt you. Do you hear me? I will always protect you. I promise.”

Pairing: Dean x Sister!Reader, Sam x Sister!Reader
Warning: Attempted Rape

Another hunt well done. You, Sam, and Dean just finished taking out a nest of vampires. Something easy, yet thrilling. Another hunt to take your minds off the real problems your family is facing at the moment.

Dean swerved into the parking lot of a strip club. Sam turned his shoulder to look at his older brother, “Uh, dude.”

Dean looks back with a smirk, “What? Hey, you know what? We did a damn great job on that hunt. Came out with barely any scratches. Now to me, that deserves a night out in the town.”

“Sorry if watching other girls shake their ass is not my cup of tea,” You roll your eyes.

“You won’t be disappointed,” Dean winks, hopping out of the car like a bunny rabbit.

The club is dark, dusted with smoke from men’s’ cigars and cigarettes. Loud music playing provocative music blared through the speakers, bouncing off the walls. Half naked women walk around the place in high heels and panties, serving their customers like a normal restaurant.  Men goggle at the women as they strut by their tables.

Dean pulls me to a small round table for four. A woman wearing a very small bikini top for her large breasts asks us for our drinks. Dean’s smile is so big. I would smile at his happiness if I didn’t have a large set of boobs staring back at me.

Sam is trying not to enjoy himself as much. Whether it is for my benefit or not, he is failing. He shifts in his seat every other minute and bites down on his grin.

“Cheers, brothers,” I raise my glass of vodka soda.

On the stage in front of us a woman performs her pole dancing routine. And I have to give to her, she is so talented. And strong. To be able to hold your body weight like that seems impossible.

Dean stuffs a couple of bills into her top, keeping his cool. Sam claps his hands, licking his lips.

The woman points her finger to me. I point to myself too, me? Was she really trying to talk to me? She nods her head and motions for me to get on stage with her. I shake my head. I feel my face turning tomato red.

Playfully, Dean is pushing me to go up there. I’m fully clothed, uncoordinated…he was going to use this opportunity to make fun of me.

I take the lady’s hand and follow her on stage. Beyonce’s song, “partition” plays and I playfull sway to the music. Men holler. For me? Doubtful. But I have fun with it. You do only live once…well maybe multiple times if your last name is Winchester. But from what I’ve learned growing up, you should always live in the moment.

The song ends and I take my seat, hiding my face as my brothers chuckle in their seats.

The end of the night comes a lot sooner than I expected. As Dean, Sam, and I are walking to the Impala around 3 AM, we hear a man call out Dean’s name. On instinct, all three of us turn around. Protectively, yet curiously.

The man is about Dean’s age. Tall, muscular with wavy brunette hair. He wears a usual hunters outfit: jeans and T and a leather jacket. He’s cute. But if he was just in the club then he saw me dancing and that’s humiliating.

“Chris!” Dean’s demeanor softens. His smile widens and he goes in for a bro hug. Sam and I stand back, confused. “How have you been?”

“Not bad. Fancy seeing you at a place like this. Just like old times, right?” Chris smacks Dean’s chest lightly and turns towards Sam and I. “Hey guys.”

“Oh,” Dean coughs, motion towards his younger siblings. “This is Sam and YN. This is Chris. We met senior year in high school, found out we were both hunting the same thing. He helped me out on a salt n’ burn.”

“Hey,” Sam says. I wave.

“YN, last time I saw you, you hadnt even hit puberty yet….now look at you,” Chris looks me up and down. I shrink and become suddenly aware of how uncomfortable his gaze is. I give him a polite grin back. But he doesnt stop looking.

“What are you doing here?” Sam interrupts his personal moment, stepping out a little in a protective manor.

“On my way to the Carolinas…just thought I woudld take a small detour if you know what I’m saying,” he smirks playfully.

“Well, it’s getting late now, but hey, maybe tomorrow we can meet up for a beer or something. We can stay in town for another day.” Dean says.

“Yeah that sounds great,” Chris says. “I’ll see you then.” Chris turns around to walk back into the strip club. He looks over his shoulder one last time and I feel his stare on me.

The next afternoon Dean tells us of all the fun and daring things him and Chris used to do when they were kids like sneaking into bars, college parties, all the girls they got, etc. The whole time he speaks he has a smile on his face.

“You guys were really close then, huh?” Sam laughs taking another bite of his sandwich. “How come you haven’t seen him for so long?”

“I dont know… he had his own family troubles and we had ours. We kind of just dealt with our own shit separately. You guys coming tonight?”

Sam looks at me, waiting for me to answer first. “Um, I dont think so,” I shrug. Its nothing I have against Chris, but he gave me weird uncomfortable vibes. I would feel a lot better just doing my own thing tonight.

“Oh come on, dont be a downer, YN. It will be fun. Sammy, you can come too.”

I give Sam a look and finally agree. Its been a while that I have seen Dean this happy and I didnt want to ruin his night.

We meet at a bar that met in the middle of our two motels. Chris is already there, sitting on a stool. His beer bottle is halfway done. He makes eye contact with me first. His smile grows.  

“YN, you look lovely.” He wraps me in a hug. I’m surprised at first and dont hug back. He stays there for a couple of seconds too long.

“Thanks,” I look down as we step away from each other. I wave my finger to the bartender to start whipping them up.

“So tell me what you’ve been doing,” Dean says to Chris. “Are you still in the business?”

Chris nods his head. “Yeah, I’m on my own. My father passed away a couple of years ago. Heart attack. Can you believe it? Never thought he would be going down with something so…normal, you know?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry to hear that. We lost our father too. Its tough, but thats why we got beer.”

“So, YN, you have a boyfriend?” Chris asks. Straight to the point.

“No,” I say. “Can’t get too close to anyone with this life.”

“You can always take risks.”

“Not with other people’s lives,” I narrow my eyes.

“Feisty…I like it.” He winks.

“You got a girl around you arms?” Dean asks.

“I dont like being strung down. You out of all people should know the feeling.”

“YN, wanna play pool?” Sam asks finding a way to squeeze me out of there. We are able to slide of conversation.

“Thanks,” I whisper.

“Don’t worry about. I don’t like him either. I remember him too. He was always talking about girls and drugs….not a dude to be friends with. I didnt like the way he was looking at you either.”

Two rounds pool, Sam beat me both times. “I need a break,” I smile.

“Dont be such a sore loser,” Sam teases.

“Oh, we’ll see who the loser is when I get back,” I point. “I’m going out to get some fresh air.”

I walk outside into the cool November air. I can see my breath as I exhale. I take a couple steps away from the door.

A couple of minutes later, I hear the door open and close again. I dont look over my shoulder to see who came out. And I dont have to cause whoever did, grabbed me by the shoulders and shoved me up against the wall.

I push away from the man holding me up against the wall. I come face to face with Chris. He is smiling. “You dont know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” He forces his lips onto mine. I try pushing away from him, but he is ten times stronger than me. He grabs my twisting wrists and holds them over my head. His leg parts mine.”Your moves last night were so hot,” he says referring to the strip club. I try kicking him away. He steps on my foot, crushing bone with his hard boots on my flip flops.

I cry out for help. But no one hears me and those who do are drunk.

His free hand slides up my shirt and under my bra. His grimy hands squeeze my breast. Tears fill my eyes as I continue to be violated. Chris is moaning, enjoying every minute of this. His hand slides down my stomach to my jean zippers, undoing the button. Then he undoes his. His hand trims my panties. I bite down on his tongue. He pulls away in shock. He slaps me across the face. Hard.


Chris is ripped off of me. Im pulled into a tight embrace. I fight it at first. But I look up and see Sam. He looks down on me with so much concern. I squeeze his arms, wanting to be safe, wanting the sense of safety.

Chris stumbles, pulling his pants back up. I hear his zipper. I shutter, digging my fingers into Sam’s biceps. Sam whispers in my ear.

Dean stands there. Dumbfounded. He and Chris stare each other down. After a couple of moments Dean finally says, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Dean, its–”

“Are you actually fucking kidding me?! My little sister? My fucking sister? You were going to try and fuck my sister?” Dean takes a step closer with every move. “And without her consent? You think you can actually force yourself on my sister.”

“You know how it is, Dean. We got to get whatever we can on the road. Your sister was testing me all night. Her at the strip club last night! She was begging me to get in her pants. If you should be blaming anyone, blame your whore of a sister!”

That was when Dean threw the first punch. “I’m going to kill you, you son of a bitch. You hear me?” Dean hits him again. “I should have known. I should have known you never changed. All you want is some ass. And you’ll ruin anyone’s life to get it.”

“Dean,” Sam says softly. Dean turns around. Sam motions to me shaking in his arms. Dean looks back at Chris and drops him to the ground.

“I never want to see you again. Do you hear me?” Dean turns around, throws the keys to Sam. “You drive, all take care of her.”

Sam transfers me into Dean’s arms. He carries me to the car bridal style. In the back seat of the familiar I cry wanting nothing more than to take a shower.

“I am so sorry,” Dean holds me close, stroking my hair. “I am so sorry. If I didnt make you come tonight-”

“It’s not your fault,” I hiccup.

“I will never let anyone hurt you. Do you hear me? I will always protect you. I promise.”

three months ago i was 100% a fall out boy fan, thought breathed and slept fall out boy, i did nothing but get good grades and play guitar

a month ago i was in an anorexic suicidal limbo because i feel like the thing i spent years of my life devoted to had betrayed me totally. i didnt want to do anything i used to. my room didnt feel like my own and i got bullied every single fucking day 

today it’s summer, im quickly becoming a very involved member of the crankgameplays community, and i spend most of my days sewing dresses. tonight i have to pack because my family is gonna be spending weeks this summer at our second house on the beach. i dont have any friends in real life, but i think im okay with that.