i dont feel like doing it tonight

finished the job app I needed to do by tonight tho. but I don’t think I will have got it because i feel like such a pretentious twat writing stuff about myself!!! that marks like the 2nd grad scheme I’ve actually applied to looooool please god take mercy on me


Guys, i just came back from thanksgiving dinner and realized I have a cousin who is a Trump supporter and a racist….he is against gays, muslims and demeans women for studying arts and to top it all off….he said all blacks are criminals….like wow.

I argued with him back and forth and laid out hard cold facts for him on why he is wrong. Everytime i got him on a point he would try to change the subject. He said the BLM is a terriost group and the list goes on……

I didnt change his mind, i knew i couldnt do that tonight. But I certaintly dont regret doing arguing with him. I feel good knowing I didnt sit and allow

So if you agree with my cousins views unfollow me please.

I honestly didnt think I would encounter this issue of racism with my own family member especially since we are hispanic

P.S. His younger brother was crying in the next room and when I asked him why he said, “You hear this tonight but i hear this a 100 times a day…I dont get why he hates blacks so much.” I feel for this boy, he dont deserve this.

P.S.S My cousin dropped out of college and lives in his moms home. All he does is watch white supremacy videos and smoke weed.

Saying goodbye to raleigh tonight

He has leukemia and theres nothing we can do

I dont think ive ever felt this much hurt in my life and it feels like -im- the one who cant breathe.

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i totally agree with you on the "pretend i'm victor" thing. i've read fics or seen art of that sort and at the time i thought "oh this is cute" because there is/was so little phichit x yuri content but it really feels sort of. super OOC? like it feels sorta gross and manipulative for phichit to do that to yuuri (and himself) and i dont see yuuri being ok w/that either. like he idolizes vic but not to the point of all-consuming obsession where he'd see phichit as just a stand-in for his fantasies

Yes exactly. Like don’t get me wrong, I think they would totally be down to do some role playing and I could absolutely see phichit being like “lol ok what if i pretended I’m victor tonight”. But it just makes me uncomfortable for that to be the basis of their relationship. One comment from @biqueenie that was made that I loved said “Its as if people are saying Yuuri isn’t capable of loving anybody other than Victor” and I honestly couldn’t have put it any better. Just because yuuri has a hard time opening up to people doesn’t mean he can’t or won’t. I think phichit just the right kind of person to break yuuri out of his shell faster than others might, and knows when to make sure yuuri is comfortable. I love both the victuuri and phichuuri ships, and I think that both of those two complement yuuri well, just in different ways. To see someone who’s really good for yuuri be cast aside and reduced to someone he’s not is a bit heartbreaking, because phichit is such a wonderful character and deserves much more than that. 

On a happier note, I’m going to talk about what I like in the ship :) I think in an intimate setting, yuuri likes phichit’s playfulness/ mischievous side, his confidence in bed, even when something doesn’t end up working for them, and his willingness to try anything. phichit loves how yuuri can be both soft and sensual as well as kinky as fuck. yuuri might need to be talked into trying new stuff, but he’ll give most things a shot at least once. phichit loves how graceful and beautiful yuuri always looks, even in the most mundane of situations. I think all of their firsts are soft and sweet, definitely riddled with mistakes but enjoyable nonetheless.

All I’m saying is… this is a damn good ship with two amazing characters and I love it to heck and more people should give it a shot <3

hi guys im here !! ill be able to do much more responses tonight and tomorrow as im caught up on sleep i got some good confidence going on, getting an essay done and ohohoho im so happy?? i feel great! anyways im going to finish this essay cause its almost done, respond to some things and make some icons bc sAMS FACE IS SO PRETTY and i need more recent icons.

I had a really bad flashback tonight and told my boyfriend about what happened to me and cried for like a half hour. I still dont feel worthy of love but he makes me smile lots. Hes not a caregiver or a daddy and doesnt really know that I age regress but hes told me that being called daddy weirds him out and he doesnt like it. I know cg’s can be male and not use the term daddy but it just made me feel like he’s going to have a bad reaction if I ever do tell him. I mean I can only hide my bottles and teethers for so long.

Okay so i was tagged by mel @champaynezaddy to do this tag, thanks ily!

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  1.  Still Got Time - ZAYN, PARTYNEXTDOOR
  2. Team - Lorde
  3. Seventeen - Marina and the Diamonds
  4. Attention - The Weeknd
  5. Let’s Kill Tonight - Panic! At the Disco
  6. False Alarm - The Weeknd
  7. Not Today - Twenty One Pilots
  8. Hermit the Frog - Marina and the Diamonds
  9. Gonna Get Better - Fifth Harmony
  10. Girl That You Love - Panic! At the Disco

idk who to tag so im tagging the first ten people who pop up @acetheticlouis @arabibi @couldidothis @emswags @goldenlouie @harryalmitey @itjustkindofhappened @jhoappreciationblog @loumyprince @mutual-we-discussed-it


but you and i? more like “best friends!” these days.

best friends, with benefits?

best friends with more than that one, single benefit.

best friends with “i don’t want to sleep alone tonight, please come over.”

best friends with i miss you. and i love you. and i’m never going to find another one like you, and i will spend my life searching for someone who makes me feel the way you do, because it cant be you. and that kills me. 

best friends–we started calling each other “b”, instead of baby. its more platonic that way. but i think it’s just become our way of saying babe without, really, saying it. friends dont have pet names. 

best friends but i wouldnt mind if you were the only face i ever got to wake up to.

best friends, but still so much more. 

you are no longer mine but i am still, so beautifully yours. 

it is spring break, and we are home from school. i think we took for granted the luxury of living at arms length of each other. couldnt even last ten days apart. you came to visit me at my childhood home. just like you used to.

and things are different, but somehow they are still, exactly the same. 

i can feel the tears welling in my eyes and i try as hard as i can to hold them back. 

friends with benefits arent supposed to cry when they leave each other. 

but you kiss me goodbye and tell me everything will be okay, like you used to. youre getting anxious about your phone dying. getting home before your parents find out you left. but you still hold me for just a moment longer. 

and here i am

leaving you, once again.

crying, once again.

and its different. but still exactly the same. 

as i sneak back in through the rusty backyard gate, i look up at the sky. 

i still see you in every star

i think i always will 

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Um hi, i was wondering maybe, if it isnt that much trouble, if you could maybe write a jughead imagine with fem reader. Where jughead helps y/n through a panic attack? I just ive been having a lot lately and most things i read seem to be very romantised and like you would want a panic attack or that they are so easily fixed with like a hug.... And thats... Not what its like... Im sorry if its too much trouble or anything dont feel like you have too. Youre just a great writer is all... Thank you.

This is something I really do kinda want to tackle because I suffer really shitty panic attacks and I agree a lot of the ones I have read really romanticise or brush over them really quickly, obviously panic attacks are different for everyone but I’m sure I can give my own spin on what I, and others, suffer through!
I might write a short one this afternoon/tonight? I’d feel more than honoured to really! 💖

i am so close to finishing this stupid fic ive been working on for a while now and i know i could most definitely finish it tonight if i tried hard and believed in myself but idk i am feelin lazy and i dont want to just rush it because i feel the way i feel right now in just wanting to get it done. why am i like this. why cant i just do a thing and tell myself that im literally writing about lesbians in pokemon this isnt a fuckin thesis or something

i think im going to quit this irregular volunteer work i do bc i just am spread so thin this year . ive been volunteering w them for over 2 years and it has been a very positive experience but i just dont have the time. im supposed to go to a meeting tonight but im feeling so awful and ive fallen behind schedule for uni work already. im not sure how to go about this. i would like to commit to volunteering next year so i want to quit on good terms .

Someone kill me please

Heh lol… um my parents are taking my phone away after tonight… i got an F in chem cause i failed one fucking test…. im literaly crying right now… this isnt fair! Im fucking 17 years old and they are taking my phone away… this os why o dont feel like a fucking adult or even a young adult… they have so many rules and restrictions… i mean… i dont like to live the same way that they do… its noty fault that they want me to loke a certain way but what they are doing is taking away my selfesteam and isnt mentaly stabalozing me whatsoever. … i cant take it! I got an F on chem… they think its cause im distractes by my phone but they didnt even consider that it could be me being lazy cause of the break… and they didnt even think that there might be something im mentaly going through thats the cause of the low grade… they are making my whole damn life about grades and i cant fucking take it….
I wont be posting for a while due to this fucking event… this is why i never get anything done… its either a bed time or do this or and do that and no you cant do this and no you cant do that… why dont they understand the burning passion that i have for the work I do… they just see ot as another app that I burry my face in just because tumblr and. My draing app are on my phone… they think that im addicting to talking to people 24/7 when i actualy get so sucked into my work that i ignore all social media until ive finished my art… i can post stuff from the computer, but dont expect any digi art… im sorry.

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YOU ARE ME WHEN IT COMES TO READING FANFICTIONS. i dont care if you publish it at 3am, i want to read it lol.

and im so happy you liked it so much!!! it’s a lot of fun to write, and i love exploring these characters and this universe. thank you for your sweet comment, you rock! <3

the lineart of this wacky thing where god tiers can do fusion like stuff because im unoriginal
the more i look @ it the less i like it so im posting now before i get discouraged to post it ever and it becomes another drawing cast away to a folder somewhere!!

christmas time with michael
  • going at a lot of christmas party 
  • have matching ugly sweaters at ugly christmas sweater parties
  • chugging eggnog as a drinking game
  • being rlly drunk off it 
  • chanting “EGGNOG EGGNOG EGGNOG” in the living room
  • spilling your drinks everywhere
  • “alright guys, calm down”
  • leaving the party instead
  • climbing in a cab to get home bc none of you was gonna drive clearly
  • “chauffeur, do you like [hiccup] eggnog?” 
  • giggling, like a LOT
  • and singing “all i want for christmas is you” from the top of your lungs
  • waking up with soaring headaches
  • “i dont regret anything though”
  • “oh my god it’s my mum’s dinner tonight”
  • content smiles while feeling half-dead inside and wearing festive jumpers
  • “i’m so glad i get to do this with you”
  • hugging in the hallway, sharing body warmth in a comfortable silence
  • somehow managing to look decent when showing up at Karen’s doorstep
  • “oh you look radiant darling!”
  • you laughing because you KNOW how horrible you must look right now
  • “michael, y/n, wine?” 
  • laughing and shaking your heads
  • “not tonight mum”
  • you staying with karen helping her cook while michael is catching up with his family
  • joining him in the living room when dinner is ready
  • confessing you drank a couple of sips of wine, and by a couple of sips you meant three glasses
  • him confessing he drank half a beer, and by half a beer, he meant half of the 6-pack on the floor
  • giggling and hugging forever 
  • having a long & loving kiss
  • turning around and seeing the whole Clifford family clapping and cheering
  • you blushing rlly hard even though you’re basically family now

ashton /calum / luke

oooookaaaaaay so im like 25 away from 500 so i decided to make a foooolowwww forrreeeveeeerrrrrr. yay. okay. so.

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I love you all and even if you aren’t on here or i forgot you, i still love you so much. I love every one of my followers and i enjoy being a part of tumblr and talking to you guys every day. I’m happy to make this lil’ thingamajig! :3 peaceee