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Hi! I have a sudden urge to write polyamory themed fanfiction about haikyuu characters, and thinking about writing bokuteru, but sadly dont have any plot ideas?? And before I let this urge go i thought about asking those who ship them too?? So pls someone hmu thank

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone’s got any bokuroteru fic requests please let this angel know, we always need more fics for those three!!!! *O* <3<3

Anon said:  Pssst. Do you ship tensemi???

I DO !!!! They’re my fave Semi ship and one of my two fave Tendou ships!!

Anon said: There’s this fanfic in AO3: Need, by ConesOfDunshire. It’s a kuroteru fanfic that you may like? Though it depends on if you like fanfics with sex or nah. I personally prefer without sex (or without too many sex) but this one I couldn’t stop reading just to know how their relationshio would evolve.

!!!!!!!!! A N O N oh my god, okay you know how sometimes you have these ships and they’re, like, good ships and you enjoy them but you’re not deep into it or anything, and then some day you find that one piece of fanwork and suddenly you’re so deep in you’re never getting out that’s an otp right there and you’re d y i n g GOD

so yeah if anyone ever wondered how I ended up shipping KuroTeru they should go read that fic that’s it that’s why

Anon said:  I just want to say that I love your art and the way you represent the bakusquad and just generally the rest of the bnha characters is amazing. Thank you for being alive.

AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! Oh my god that’s!!!! Such a nice thing to say !!!!!! <3<3<3

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*whispers*your art ask with mysme is so good. I was wondering if you could do something with mysme and a chubby, insecure mc. I understand if you dont want too, I just thought id ask ;-;

I’m sorry this came so late but so much kept coming up!!

I’ve been working on this sporadically since you sent this ask, to be honest, and I’m honored that you trust me to answer this sensitive question for some.
I wanted to share screenshots from the game where I remember the members themselves telling MC they dont care what she looks like, but somehow I can’t find them though I remember them!!
(So many routes, how would I remember which one it happened in;;)

But nonetheless I worked on this, hopefully it conveys my feelings on the matter. I thought that the best to answer this would be the one guy who probably knows the least about what you look like….


infodumping about the ocean

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What's your guys favorite memory together so far?


CRAIG: I don’t hold grudges.


CRAIG: I just remind people of their mistakes so they don’t do anything like it again.

i feel like most people missed the day in 2nd grade when we learned the difference between a fact and an opinion

nonbinary intersex people are valid and important too!!!

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What new vegas features do you miss the most in f4?

honestly? the writing. New Vegas had excellent writing, from the plot to the characters to just the dialogue options available to the courier. Having a voice is nice but with the limited dialogue you just can’t roleplay the same way you could in NV. Sole can only either be a bit of a dick, a totally nice guy or a smartass, while the courier can be anything from a complete moron, to an insufferable know-it-all, a smooth talker, a bit of a slut, a violent brute, a sarcastic douche, a by-the-book hero, a quiet badass and anything in between. 

And while we’re on dialogue, I really miss the Skill Check dialogue system from NV. You either had the skill needed to get certain things (or just finish quests on an alternate path) or you didn’t, and it was always clear because you got a display that told you how high  of a skill you needed (like “Speech [25/30]). Most importantly, if you didn’t have the needed skill, the actual dialogue would change, giving a good reason why the NPC you were talking to would react differently than if you had said the right thing. Plus some of the failed dialogue checks were some of the funniest parts of the game.

In FO4, if you pass a speech check or not is determined entirely by chance. You can have a CHA stat of 10 and still fail. Then you reload, your character says the exact same thing in the exact same context to the same character at the same time AND NOW IT WORKS FOR SOME REASON. That’s annoying busywork and kind of breaks my immersion. They had the same thing in FO3 where your chance of  success in speech checks was given in percentages and I didn’t like it there either.

I also like that the courier’s backstory was kept relatively vague, so you could make up  your own story for your character. FO4 gives you a pre-baked background that is pretty lukewarm for my tastes and doesn’t leave much room to make up your own character interpretation (unless you do some hard retconning/headcanon action to get around that, but even then it’s not amazing).

But other than that, New Vegas generally just didn’t take itself as seriously as FO4. FO4 has all this big focus on how miserable everyone is and how shitty life in the wasteland is. There is so much drama with families being torn apart, everyone being afraid of the Institute, the Brotherhood stomping about the place, children dying of incurable diseases…it is all so dark and serious and miserable it gets exhausting after a while.

New Vegas has dark stuff too, with drug use, slavery, prostitution, bureaucratic fuckery costing lives, war crimes, lack of medical aid, lack of food and fresh water and power, economic inequality…i could go on. So it absolutely has serious and dark issues. I mean one of the companion characters mercy killed his pregnant wife to spare her the horrors of slavery for fuck’s sake.

But you know what it also has? Ghouls flying to the moon. A gang of grannies in pink dresses beating people to death with rolling pins. Cyberdogs. A big blue grandma who looks like hulk and wears a cute flower hat. A gang of elvis impersonators. at least two (2) robots who think they’re cowboys. People cosplaying ancient romans. A dude wearing a dog for a hat. A giant plastic dinosaur with a store inside that sells tiny plastic dinosaur souvenirs. A sexbot called “FISTO” that you can hire for yourself if you wish.

What I’m trying to say is, New Vegas had a lot of serious themes (I’d argue them being even portrayed better than in FO4 but that’s a matter of opinion). But at the same time it didn’t lose it’s sense of humor. This is a world where science can make people live 200 years, create super mutants by dipping people in green goo, and radiation is basically magic. It’s not super serious all the time or tragic. Might as well have some fun with it. Fallout has a long history of dark comedy after all.

FO4 kinda lost the humor aspect and maybe it’s personal preference, but I never liked media where everything is just sad and miserable all the time because you get kinda tired of it and desensitized after a while. I don’t hate it or anything, but it can never reach the same place in my heart fnv did ;-;

god sorry for the novel i could just talk about fnv all day

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37 with Tom Holland

37: Volunteering together

“Babe, I know we have a lot on our plate, so I’m only going to ask you this one last time.”

Your eyes snap open, hands shielding your face from the sun. Beside you is your boyfriend, gauging your expression carefully as he smoothed down the ears of the dog that sat in between his legs. The energetic little thing (Beowulf, named for his rugged look and wolf like features) has a yellow bandana tied to his neck, indicating that he’s one of the many dogs in this park that belongs to the local humane society. The two of you have to be back any moment with this gorgeous young husky, whose eyes blink up at you adoringly.

You know what Tom is going to ask. “Babe,” you say, but it sounds more like you’re trying to persuade yourself. “We’ve got a lot going on.”

“I know, but hear me out,” he says this while holding the dogs hands up in a placating gesture. You almost melt into his whims right then and there. “Look at him.”

“Let’s walk him back and then talk about it?” you say this while sitting up, wrapping your hand tightly around Beowulf’s leash. Tom groans, but none the less stands, Beowulf yawning and padding around his feet. For a shelter dog, his manners were near perfect, and his training seemed to be complete.

“How could a dog like you not have an owner?” you asked Beowulf in an odd voice, one that made Tom stare at you in awe and admiration. He liked this really loving, soft side of you; one that played with animals in cute voices and wore your hair up in a sporty ponytail. He couldn’t imagine volunteering as a date could make him fall even deeper in love with you, but there you were, crouching beside the most adorable husky in the world, eyes wide and smile bright.

He wanted to see this image all the time. He wanted to adopt Beowulf so badly. Partly because he missed having a dog after moving to the states, but also because it felt so domestic. Married couples had dogs, families had dogs.

The word family rung in his head as the two of you walked Beowulf back to the shelter. You were listing out reasons why adopting him would be costly. (“Not just in money, but in time. What if we aren’t always there for him. Owning a dog is new to me. Plus, we just live in an apartment, is that going to be enough room for him to grow?”)

All of your points were (probably) valid, but when it was Tom’s turn to hold the leash, he couldn’t help but let his true feelings show. “If we get this dog,” he started, wetting his lips as if to give him the courage to continue. “It’ll feel like we’re a family.”

You blinked at him, your face emotionless until he saw a glimmer in your eyes. Perhaps happiness, maybe even tears, but you looked away quickly, smiling and biting the inside of your cheek.

And then, cheekily, you replied “I hope you don’t mind shelling out money for food and toys, cause we’re getting the dog.”

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Just a quick lil question but how come u answer public asks privately? (I hope I didn't come of as rude I'm just curious)

actually im honestly really glad u sent this ask bc !! it’s like a basis for me to explain. i have anxiety about my blog being overcrowded so i dont rrly like to publish asks, so when they’re not anon i can always answer them privately, which is nice! + i feel a bit guilty that i cant answer most anons but my anxiety abt having a crowded blog kind of outweighs it so i have a lot of unanswered anons that i still highLy appreciate nonetheless. Ty for askin!!

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couldwe have some taejin? i understand if you dont wanna like dont feel burdened or anything i was just curious im sorry byyeeee -perturbed anon

Jin: T-TAE! You s-scared me!

Tae: Well that anon requested some Taejin… and I couldn’t resist.

Jin: But did you really have to kiss my neck?

Tae: Yes.. now shut up hyung so I can continue..

((Ok, Im sorry for closing the ask box so suddenly but I closed it because asks are still sitting in the box and I want to answer them without having any new asks and also I might be doing the the couple poses thing everyone’s been doing so stay tuned for that! but for now I wanna tackle down all the asks i have remaining first))

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hi im the anon that sent you that "95% of the time i feel like im fine with being a guy (but would probably be happier being a girl)" ask a couple weeks back and your answer kinda was the final push that made me accept that im almost definitely not cis, and am 99% certain im transfeminine in some way. i still dont know fully how i identify, or when or if ill ever come out/transition (probably wont be until im out of my parents house at least), but I wanted to thank you for helping me get here <3


I’m happy for you.

Saftey Issues

I know i try to stay out of the discourse, but this is a matter of the safety of our community, and the tumblr community as a whole. Reptiblr has seen a rise of pedophiles preying on minors in the community. I want to urge all of you to be safe, and dont hand out personal information to any one without a thorough investigation of their blog. As a 21 year old i feel like i have a responsibility to provide guidelines on how to look out for yourselves, minors or not. And as a 21 year old i know that i have no right to ask any minors on tumblr to inform me of pedophiles, ill have to keep a look out myself for blogs to block.

Things to look out for: blogs answering asks and defending their pedophilia

Blogs referring to pedophilia as “maps” or “minor attracted persons”. This includes trying to shove themselves inside the lgbtqa+ community. Ive also heard pf “clovergender” being an identifying term.

Claiming they were born to be attracted to minors. Trying to take lgbtqa+ reasoning as their own, or belittling the lgbtqa+ community, likely with harmful language (such as “at least we arent broken like aces)

Reblogging fanart or photos of minor aged characters or minor age looking people, usually they would add their comments in the tags. The tags could be anything from "loli chest” to more obscene comments id rather not repeat. This one can be a simple fanblog if there arent any red flag comments or tags, but thats why you look for other warnings first.

Some people are uncomfortable with the DD/lg or MM/lb (or other variants) dynamic bdsm blogs. Belonging to that kink set doesnt equal pedophilia or abuse, as they know they are consenting adults who have their way of dealing with stress, however those are still kink blogs and i advise minors to block them. Especially if their blogs mention “looking for a playmate”.

As i said earlier, i am 21 years old so if any one is uncomfortable with me following them i wont hold ill will if you block me. This is a matter of all of our safety and reputation, all i wish is for no one to suffer abuse that can be avoided with a combined effort.

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if you dont mind could you please go into detail about why the salem witch museum is bad, I had no idea until you just mentioned it

I work at a historic home museum in Salem. As someone who tries very hard to educate tourists and get them interested in actual history, things like the witch museum and witch dungeon are the bane of my existence. 

I could go on and on about how much I hate the touristy fake witch trials “history” that is spoon fed to tourists but I really don’t feel like it since it just ends up making me upset and giving me a headache. 

So, here are some pictures of what the witch “museum” consists of: 

I think you can probably understand why it bothers me. I feel like it’s pretty disrespectful to the actual victims of the witch trails. 

If you visit Salem, don’t go to the witch museum or the witch dungeon. If you want the real history here’s a starter pack of places to go instead:

- The Witch House. Still pretty touristy so if you want that you’re in luck, but that aside this is an actual historic home that will give you some actual information about the witch trials. 

- The House of the Seven Gables . THE BEST MUSEUM IN SALEM. It’s not  directly about the witch trials but that history is incorporated since the house was built in 1668. I just love The House of the Seven Gables so much. 

- The Old Burying Point . The witch trials memorial is located here. A must see if you want to learn about th Salem witch trials. 

- The Salem Visitor Center . Pretty self explanatory. 

- The Peabody Essex Museum. Second best museum in Salem behind The House of the Seven Gables. 

The Salem Maritime National Historic Site and the Custom House . Salem has a very cool maritime history! 

I could go on and on about awesome places to visit in Salem but this is probably enough for now…. 

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hi :) for a while ive been thinking i have borderline personality disorder, but i'm not exactly certain. can you list some major signs that a person has bpd? have a good day/night friend!

- being terrified of people abandoning you and going to extreme lengths to stop people leaving, even if you dont have proof they will.

- extreme and fast paced moodswings that can cause you to feel highly jealous, ecstatic, angry or suicidal (and more) in a matter of minutes . they often go from one to another.

- black and white thinking that makes you believe something is amazing or awful , no in-betweens. this often happens with people, so youd idealise them one minute but hate them the next. (idealisation then repulsion of a thing/person is known as splitting !!).

- bad impulse control that can cause you to drive too fast, or spend money unnecessarily, or take drugs.

- being explosively angry; often causes physical reactions like shouting/screaming or breaking things.

- feeling empty when youre not going through an extreme emotion.

- not really knowing who you are - you cant see your own personality, so you’ll often copy others, whether that be their opinions or style or hobbies. who you are often changes very quickly and can also depend on the person youre with.

- self harming.

- feeling paranoid; for example, you may be scared that all of your friends secretly hate you, or that someone’s lying.

- dissociation; feeling out of touch with reality. you may feel as if you dont belong in your own body, that youre in a ‘dream’, you dont remember something happening, or everything looks distorted. there are lots of different ways people experience dissociation though !!

there are more symptoms of bpd, but theyre not needed for a diagnosis, or are less common. i hope this helped n if you have more questions youre completely welcome to ask me !!!!

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I feel like many blogs are closing cause so many people are demanding things from them. I want more content as much as the next person and would even love it if cheritz were to make a V route for Valentine's Day but I feel it's unfair to demand for things. It often stops becoming fun and feels like work. I feel more people should be grateful and take time to thank/appreciate content creators cause without them, there'd hardly be a fandom.

you’re 100% right!!!!!!!!!!! my pals and i talk all the time about how crazy it is that people ask so much from us and dont realize that we have a lot of shit to do? lol/ respect your local content creators ppl