i dont expect this to get notes

Achievement Hunter Alignments
  • <p> <b>Jack Pattillo:</b> Neutral Good<p/><b>Michael Jones:</b> Chaotic Good<p/><b>Jeremy Dooley:</b> Chaotic Good<p/><b>Ryan Haywood:</b> Chaotic Neutral<p/><b>Geoff Ramsey:</b> Neutral Evil<p/><b>Gavin Free:</b> Chaotic Evil<p/></p>

The Sunshine Club™ is a network that mainly aims to promote positivity, self-love, and equality where you can share your love for animals, plants, art, poetry, and literally whatever the heck you want. You can ask for advices, develop friendships, and relationships with people from all over the world! This network will most likely be facebook-based (I will create a facebook group) so please before entering the club, make sure to have an fb account!


  • follow me: peachisty (we prolly have similar content anyway)
  • reblog this post (u can rebloop it more than once)
  • like is only for bookmarking
  • fill out this survey form
  • track/follow the tag #sunshineclub

🌻 additional chances:

  • fill out the survey form with 100% of ur heart
  • send me cute asks maybe??
  • rebloop some of my stuff maybe???
  • befriend me maybe???

🌻 things to expect on The Sunshine Club™

  • friendships! new pals with similar interests
  • positivity because that is the main goal of this club
  • the buddy project: every week you will be paired with a different member of the club that you have to befriend and converse with!
  • share your stuff: may it be art, your doggos, cats, pets, selfies, your works, stories, etc! every day, we will be sharing some of our stuff depending on the theme
  • help, advice (fashion, life, love)
  • place to grow because together we will aim to become better versions of ourselves and learn new things: culture, good stuff, music, language, learning styles etc!!
  • group of nice ppl who may follow you!
  • people who can rebloop/like your stuff under the tag that is: #sunshineclub
  • people who can do q4qs, reblog your stuff, send u messages, be ur #1 fan, etc

🌻 things to remember:

  • this network is created for positivity and love! strictly no trolls, rude people around!
  • if you’re just joining this club because you want followers… please… don’t. :(
  • this is the first time I’m doing this so please don’t expect too much! i will try my very best to keep this together tho!
  • pease make sure to have a facebook account before joining the club

🌻 other notes:

  • i will be choosing the members once this post gets a legit amount of entries or notes!
  • announcement of members will be on a separate post
  • most likely gunna rebloop this with the deadline some time soon (im still uncertain)
  • will only be picking max 20 bc i don’t think i  can handle so many ppl
  • i will add more ppl over time so yeppo, dont you worry this is 100% open to everyone but im just trying my best to keep it a little controlled right now wohoo

least effective way to get yourself out there is to put down your own work. heres a goal: hype yourself! stop with the self deprecating captions and tags on everything
i know, trust me, i understand its really tempting to point out bad things in your work so that no one else can, but the only thing that will accomplish is convincing your audience that you dont have faith in the work you do, so why should they? when you give people the expectation that something is bad or wrong about every piece, they will start to look for flaws on their own


A look from 2017 spring couture seasons for each ASOIAF leading lady

  • Daenerys/ Zuhair Murad
  • Sansa/ chanel
  • Cersei/ Alexis Mabille
  • Arya/ Chanel
  • Margaery/ Christian Dior
  • Asha/ Versace
  • Brienne/ Chanel
  • Melisandre/ Valentino
  • Catelyn/ Christian Dior
  • Myrcella/ Christian Dior
  • Arianne/ Versace
  • Shireen/ Valentino

good afternoon i made some yukako pride icons bc im gay and i love her

if ur flag isnt here (or if u want another character) lmk and ill make it!!!! 

Drown (Cover)
Bring Me The Horizon
Drown (Cover)

so i covered this forever ago and idk i thought i’d give it another shot to see the evolution? so yes

this one’s for @highlightsofeverything i love u kate

past covers!! || request a song!

(ps: if you ever want to download a cover of mine, shoot me an ask/message and i’ll be more than glad to give you a link!!)


I dont usually make comic strips and im really bad at it. But at some point this depressing thoughts just consumed me. 

(this will be a long rant and post)**As much as I dont want it to get to me, it does. And its really hard to get away. Im no saint either, I can get hurt and I can get jealous. I have had so many thoughts when seeing other artist or cosplayers, eventhough I tried not to think badly sometimes It just comes. I have had so many thoughts where I see other artists and feel that my art is not good enough or sometimes think that why some people get recognized more than what I do? As much as I dont care about notes or likes to be honest I do sometimes, because it still gets to me that the more likes and notes u get, the better your art is. I put so many details, i took so many days but it didnt get as much appreciation as I thought it would be. Sometimes I feel that I tried my best and I put a lot of accuracy to my costumes, I make it as neat as possible, as straight as possible and as accurate shape as possible. But people just dont look at it and dont appreciate it. But again I cant expect people to look at these stuffs and expect them to like my stuffs. “Do what you like and if you put your heart enough people will for sure notice!” thats what people say, but in reality it doesnt work like that. I just cant help thinking that my stuffs are not good enough. Is it my personality sometimes? is it my art? do they not appeal? do people not like it? what do ppl think about it? I just cant get my head around it. This goes on and on, I cried and Ive gone through depression because of this. There are so many things I want to say but I dont think its necessary to put all in here.

However, As much as these things consumed me. Ill go back and see the people that supports me too. It might not be as much as other people have, but They mean a lot to me. All these messages I got from my store review, tumblr messages, comments and etc. I read them all. I never really thank enough for it. Its selfish of me to think about all these negativity, but sorry that i couldnt help it. But again, because of you guys, no matter how many times I go through these stages, I stands up again. Like I say I cant thank you enough for all your supports, they always made my day and it whats keep me going!.

So from the bottom of my heart I would like to THANK ALL OF YOU for supporting me up until now, It keeps me motivated and I will try to do better to improve!

Im posting this to remind me also to never forget the support ive received and hopefully I can lessen all these negative thoughts in the future.

So the bathroom siren video was almost 2 years ago (i think idk havent checked) and it still gets reblogged so often everyday and i read all the comments and shit because hell I’m curious what y'all have to say
But i hate comments like “ah i could’ve done this so much better” “what is they hype about this” bla bla
Let me just say: my mom was cleaning the bathroom in a house we built and she asked me to take pictures of it before someone would move in. My mom was obsessed with this song for weeks now and i just started to sing while filming. This was just out of fun and i just forgot the song half way through.
I never expected this video to get so much recognition. I would’ve never dreamed of it having almost 700k notes. N e v e r
So if you dont like it dont reblog it and put a irrelevant comment about you doing it better