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I bet Even never let isak sleep in their new home.

:(( “isak, are u asleep” into the dark and isak groans “i was” and even hums, “yeah but, holy shit,we live together” and isak is tired but still lets out a happy sigh bc fuck, they do. another night when isak is snoring away softly, even starts caressing his face and isak wakes up and mumbles a “what” and even just smiles “u look so beautiful in our home” and isak tries to hit him but his body is limp so he just ends up putting his hand on evens chest and even takes isaks hand and kisses it. and another night they are getting into bed, turning off the lights and even starts again, “so like. what about getting a pet” and isak wants to, really, but its nearly midnight and they have a busy day tomorrow but he’s just like “even,,will u ever let me sleep” and even bites his lip like “sorry i just…i dont want this to end” and isak faces him while theyre lying down and puts a hand on his cheek, “hey” and smiles softly “lets just take it day by day, yea?” and even melts into his touch and smiles. and isaks falling asleep and then “did u know geese have teeth on their tongue” and isak nearly screams into the pillow and even laughs, “sorry sorry” and kisses his nose “good night isak” :’):(

yesterdays jam

here it is, the it crowd au that no-one asked for. cheers @jiilys and @bantasticbeasts for being legends

Remus Lupin to Lily Evans: so

Lily Evans: so

Remus Lupin: first day

Lily Evans: ya

Remus Lupin: scary

Lily Evans: mmhmm

Remus Lupin: dont be scared

Lily Evans: im not really

Remus Lupin: u should be

Lily Evans: actually now that you mention it i am kind of scared

Remus Lupin: WELL DONT BE


Lily Evans: god

Lily Evans: its like having a conversation with my anxiety

Remus Lupin: dont make me fire you on your first day here

Lily Evans: pls dont

Remus Lupin: i wont

Remus Lupin: so

Remus Lupin: im putting you in i.t

Remus Lupin: bc u said on ur cv that u have a lot of experience with computers

Lily Evans: u didnt

Remus Lupin to Lily Evans: do u actually /have/ any experience with computers??

Lily Evans: emails?? n stuff

Remus Lupin: “”””emails?? n stuff”””””??

Lily Evans: ya

Lily Evans: sending emails

Lily Evans: receiving emails

Lily Evans: deleting emails

Lily Evans: i could go on

Remus Lupin: do

Lily Evans: the web

Lily Evans: using the mouse

Lily Evans: mice

Lily Evans: using mice

Lily Evans: clicking

Lily Evans: double clicking

Lily Evans: the computer screen ofc

Remus Lupin: ofc

Lily Evans: the keyboard

Lily Evans: the bit that goes on the floor

Remus Lupin: do u mean the hard drive??

Lily Evans: correct

Remus Lupin: well

Remus Lupin: u certainly seem to kno ur stuff

Lily Evans: shut up

Remus Lupin: come on lil,,,they need a new manager

Lily Evans: dont

Remus Lupin: just take the job lil

Lily Evans: ok

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: so,,,,the people ill be working with what r they like

Remus Lupin: quite literally the worst idiots i have ever met

Lily Evans: excellent

Marlene McKinnon to James Potter: jim

James Potter: have u tried turning it off and on again

Marlene McKinnon: um

James Potter: nice talking to you mckinnon

James Potter to Sirius Black: hey can u answer the phone

Sirius Black: i could but i dont want to

James Potter: and u wonder why no-one ever comes down here

Sirius Black: probably got something to do with that 3 day old coffee stain down ur shirt


Mary MacDonald to Sirius Black: can u help me

Sirius Black: what with

Mary MacDonald: my computers not working

Sirius Black: have u tried turning it off and on again

Mary MacDonald: yea

Sirius Black: u kno the button on the side

Mary MacDonald: yea

Sirius Black: is it glowing??

Mary MacDonald:

Sirius Black: u need to turn it on mare

Mary MacDonald: ok hang on

Mary MacDonald: how do i do that

Sirius Black: ?? the button turns it on

Mary MacDonald:

Sirius Black: ?? u do kno how a button works dont u

Sirius Black: and if u say on clothes i am going to come up there and personally murder you

Mary MacDonald: I’d like to see you try

Andromeda Black to James Potter: Hey James.

James Potter: andy!!

Andromeda Black: Don’t call me that.

James Potter: sorry

Andromeda Black: It’s OK.

Andromeda Black: I’m having some trouble with my computer.

James Potter: wouldnt u rather talk to ur cousin abt this

Andromeda Black: I could, but I don’t want to.

James Potter: u two r more alike than u know

Andromeda Black: Shut up.

James Potter: absolutely

James Potter: so what seems to be the problem

Andromeda Black: It’s not working.

James Potter: i see

James Potter: have u tried forcing an unexpected reboot??

Andromeda Black: No, let me try.

Andromeda Black: How will that help?

James Potter: well

James Potter: the driver hooks the function by patching the system call table

James Potter: and its not safe to unload it unless another thread’s abt to jump in there and do its stuff

James Potter: and u don’t want to end up in the middle of invalid memory

James Potter: hello

James Potter: andy

James Potter: uve gone havent u

James Potter to Sirius Black: i think i just managed to successfully piss of your cousin again

Sirius Black: what else is knew

Sirius Black to Mary MacDonald: u couldnt handle all this

Mary MacDonald: i could take u any day of the week black

Sirius Black: is that so

Mary MacDonald: yes

Sirius Black: really

Mary MacDonald: stop it

Sirius Black: wow

Mary MacDonald: shut up

Sirius Black: why dont u come down here and make me

Mary MacDonald: what happened to ‘you couldn’t handle all this’

Sirius Black: u think im afraid of you??

Mary MacDonald: yes

Mary MacDonald: my brand new louboutins came in the mail next week and i know exactly the right place to stick them



Sirius Black to James Potter: that told her

James Potter: can u stop fighting with mary all the time ur clogging the chat rooms

Sirius Black to James Potter: honestly its about time u got back

Sirius Black: its been all ruddy go here

James Potter: really

James Potter: how many jobs have you had

Sirius Black: one

James Potter to Sirius Black: what was the job

Sirius Black: girl on fifth

James Potter: did u hit it off

Sirius Black: define “”””hit it of”””””

James Potter: did she continue to talk to u once u’d fixed her computer

Sirius Black: she gave me her number

James Potter: r u gonna call her

Sirius Black: ?? no

James Potter: so ur just gonna toss it away

James Potter: like yesterday’s jam

Sirius Black: p much yeah

Sirius Black: and i told u to stop using that analogy

Sirius Black: jam lasts for ages

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: u have unisex toilets??

Remus Lupin: yea

Remus Lupin: for non-binary pals

Remus Lupin: and for people having affairs

Lily Evans: i see

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: the view up here is amazing

Remus Lupin: yep

Remus Lupin: have u found the elevators yet

Lily Evans: um

Lily Evans: yea

Lily Evans: which floor am i on

Remus Lupin: ur all the way down in the basement

Lily Evans: wait what

Lily Evans: remus

Lily Evans: ur joking arent u

Lily Evans: remus

Lily Evans: remus

Lily Evans: i know ur getting these

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: remus

Lily Evans: the lift gets stuck halfway down

Lily Evans: and the hallway is full of maintenance stuff

Lily Evans: its disgusting

Lily Evans: i think i saw a rat

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: ITS EVEN WORSE DOWN HERE



James Potter to Sirius Black: theres a girl outside

Sirius Black: who is she

James Potter: i have no idea

James Potter: i cant go out there sirius

James Potter: i havent washed this shirt in three days and i forgot to put on deodorant this morning

James Potter: i havent even flossed

Sirius Black: who even flosses these days

James Potter: i do

Sirius Black: right

Sirius Black: bc ur a twat

James Potter: a twat who doesnt have gingivitis

Sirius Black: shut up

James Potter: u shut up

James Potter: one of us has to go out there

Sirius Black: u do it

Marlene McKinnon to Lily Evans: everything going ok??

Lily Evans: legit they both just walked out

Lily Evans: one of them was talkin abt tolstoy

Lily Evans: the other one was like “””james shut up u’ve literally never read a book in my life”””

Marlene McKinnon: thats sirius

Marlene McKinnon: he’s my favourite

Lily Evans: then james tried to lean on his chair and slipped over

Lily Evans: he stood up and he was like “”””plenty of people come down here to visit””””

Lily Evans: sirius was like “”””who, jim??? who comes down here???? what people????””””””

Lily Evans: james threw something at him and sirius was like “””””why are you giving me the secret signal to shut up????”””””

Lily Evans: then james was like “””what can we do you for??””””

Marlene McKinnon: cringe

Lily Evans: so i told them

Lily Evans: and bolted

Marlene McKinnon: what r u doing now

Lily Evans: im hiding in my office

Marlene McKinnon: smooth

James Potter to Sirius Black: I AM THE HEAD OF THIS DEPARTMENT

Sirius Black: i thought i was

James Potter: WELL ITS ONE OF US



James Potter to Lily Evans: i dont mean to be rude or anything but i was not informed of any changes happening to this department

Lily Evans: did they not tell you about me??

James Potter: no sir

James Potter: and for what its worth we dont need you down here

James Potter: were perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves

Lily Evans: sure

Lily Evans: you do realise you’re wearing a shirt with a coffee stain down it that looks like hasn’t been washed in weeks


Sirius Black: as opposed to all the other women ur able to charm over effortlessly

James Potter: im never speaking to you again

Sirius Black: dw ill deal with her

Sirius Black to Lily Evans: sounds like ur having a v important conversation there

Lily Evans: i am

Sirius Black: also

Sirius Black: just a thought

Sirius Black: do you want me to connect up your phone??

Lily Evans: bitch

Sirius Black to James Potter: she just kicked me out of her office

James Potter: serves u right

Sirius Black: u dont even know what i did

James Potter: dont have to

Sirius Black to James Potter: so basically i went in and she was “””””pretending”””””” to talk to remus

James Potter: really??

Sirius Black: really

James Potter: shes a little bit weird

Sirius Black: i just saw you spraying yourself with cold water bc u said u had “”””””a hot ear””””””


James Potter: i cant believe she didnt even get excited when she saw the original zx 81 we have in the doorway

Sirius Black:

Sirius Black: yea, that WAS weird

Sirius Black: totally uncalled for

Sirius Black: its almost as if she doesnt know anything about computers

Sirius Black: james??

Sirius Black: james???

Sirius Black: uve dropped ur phone havent u

Lily Evans to Sirius Black: why is he screaming

Sirius Black: i told him u didnt know anything about computers and he spilt his tea all over himself

Lily Evans: jesus

Sirius Black: yea

Sirius Black: thats why he always makes two cups of tea

Lily Evans: just in case he accidentally drops the first one??

Sirius Black: yea

Lily Evans: wow

James Potter to Sirius Black: she has to go

Sirius Black: why

James Potter: heres the plan

Sirius Black: ooh ooh hang on let me sit down first

Sirius Black: ok go

James Potter: so well go in

Sirius Black: when

James Potter: in like a minute

Sirius Black: will that be enough time for me to get to know the plan??

James Potter: yknow i shouldnt have used the world plan

James Potter: ive clearly got u overexcited

Sirius Black: would “”””scheme””””” be a better word

Sirius Black: actually no thats just as exciting

James Potter: look all i was gonna say was is that we go in, i make up a load of bullocks about computers and well see if she picks up on it

Sirius Black: yea i can see why u didnt want to use the word plan

James Potter: just let me do the talking

Sirius Black: r u sure thats a good idea

James Potter: shut up

James Potter to Sirius Black: we need to get this right

James Potter: we cannot go there in half-cocked

Lily Evans to Marlene McKinnon: i can hear them outside the door

Lily Evans: theyr just,,,,gigglin

James Potter to Sirius Black: i think that went well

Sirius Black: she was pretending to send an email to lupin and you asked her if she wanted you to connect her up to the matrix

James Potter: genius

Sirius Black: and she looked at you and was like “””””u just made all that up””””

Sirius Black: then u lost ur shit and start screaming at her

Sirius Black: at which point she stood up and starting screaming at you

Sirius Black: and u stormed out

Sirius Black: what part of that screams “”””that went well””””??

Sirius Black to Lily Evans: hey do u want me to connect up your computer??

Lily Evans: fuck off

Lily Evans to EVANS KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT COMPUTERS: i cant believe ur going to tell on me

Lily Evans: ur like a pair of horrible old men

Sirius Black: what did she say

James Potter: she said were like a pair of “”””horrible old men””””

Sirius Black: SHE DIDNT

Remus Lupin to horrible old men ft lily evans: so what did u want to tell me

James Potter: well, its like this

Remus Lupin: im so proud of u guys

Remus Lupin: my i.t team

Remus Lupin: team players

Remus Lupin: every single one of you

Remus Lupin: theres no room for people who can’t act as a team in my team

Remus Lupin: u know what happens to people who cant act as a team in my team??

James Potter: what

Remus Lupin: i get security to escort them from the building

Remus Lupin: and if the security team cant escort them from the building as a team, then i fire them too

Remus Lupin: then i call recruitment and get them to look for a security team that can work as a team

Remus Lupin: then i warn them that they may have to escort the current security team from the building

Sirius Black: does this happen often to you then

Remus Lupin: anyway

Remus Lupin: what did u want to tell me

James Potter: well its just not working out


Lily Evans: hes joking

Remus Lupin: what do u mean,,,,”””not working out””””??



Remus Lupin: then why did u text me

James Potter: um

Sirius Black: we installed a voice activation system on your computer

Sirius Black: it might take a while to get the pitch right but but nonetheless

Sirius Black: go ahead

Remus Lupin: wow

Remus Lupin: how exciting

Lily Evans: thats all then

Lily Evans: talk to you later

James Potter to nice save sirius: WHAT GOOD R U


Lily Evans: no,,,,but i can learn

Lily Evans: for example sirius,,,,,u can walk me thru what ur doing right now

Sirius Black: ;)))))))) id be delighted

Sirius Black: im just working on a very simple piece of programming software

Lily Evans: on seconds thoughts i am very busy and have better things to be doing with my time thanks bye

Mary MacDonald to Sirius Black: i hope ur ready for me bitch

Lily Evans to Sirius Black: hows your arm

Sirius Black: i never knew louboutins could hurt that much

Lily Evans: yeah

Lily Evans: imagine

Lily Evans: if i hadnt stepped in and asked her out to lunch u’d be nothing more than a pile of fabulous hair right now

Sirius Black: i owe you one evans

Lily Evans: damn right u do

Remus Lupin to FUCKHEADS GALORE: i just spent the last five hours screaming at my computer for nothing

Remus Lupin: do any of u have anything to say for yourselves

Lily Evans: have u tried turning it off and on again??

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Any tips on shaving a Little's pussy?

Shaving your little ones princess parts can be both and enjoyable and extremely intimate experience.. and one that you can enjoy greatly outside of the sexual aspect of it.

Every time I have done it, Ive done it with one laying in bed.. (because I am a pro)… and have found it to be the easiest and most comfortable. Though a novice may want to begin in the shower, but of course this would place the daddy on his knees which some littles find to be an incredible turn off. 

Side story from Misters diary: I once had a new sub kneeling in front of me staring into the mirror in front of her as I paced around… I did things like stroke her hair, massage her shoulders, and what not… and the look on her face was absolute ecstasy… that is, until i got onto my knees and placed myself at her level. Her face immediately cringed and her headspace went askew. She later remarked that seeing me in that position internally felt like a car crash for her.

but i digress… its probably best for novices. The constant flow of water and heat will help you.

anyways, my methods have always involved a “close” to brand new mach 3 or mach 4 gilette razor. using a cheap bag of 99 cent BIC brand or something you picked up at the dollar store is going to end up with some ugly princess parts and a scorned little. 

You will also need a few towels.. one to place under her bottom, one to make a hot compress. (if you dont know how to do this, look it up).. and one warm damp one for comforting and cleaning.

A good shave gel… personally i always used edge gel, but make sure its not mentholated or has any kind of stuff in it that puts off a strong scent. One slip when applying it and you might as well go masturbate with some icy hot. Because thats how shes going to feel. 

Youll also need a two bowls of above luke warm water. one for swishing your razor after every stroke… and one for general cleaning and wiping the area as you go.

I also recommend some soothing jazz or instrumental music… 

Now… as you begin, place the hot compress on the area just like you would if you were getting a neck shave at your barber shop. If thats never happened to you.. you are not a man and should stop reading this and go wrestle a bear with your bare hands. I did once, it was amazing.. i recommend every man put it on their bucket list.

after you have claimed manhood, come back and apply the compress. Let the skin get nice and warm and soft, then apply a lather of shaving cream. you want it a little thick… and have that damp warm towel and your bowl of water nearby.

ultimate shaving tip: Never go against the grain. ever. especially with princess parts.

keep in mind, commercial razors are built in a way that you dont necessarily have to worry about cutting her. just be very aware of where everything is down there, and above all else have patience and take your time. re-lather as needed, but every time you do.. apply the compress first. make sure it stays warm. A good trick is keeping it wrapped in aluminum foil when not using it.

as you make shaving strokes… take a little cream and run back over the spot and feel with your fingers for stubble and places you may have missed. it works best with shaving cream because water and freshly shaven intimate areas can turn to a rubbery consistency. Plus, you may irritate the area. A razor already micro-irritates the skin its dragged across. Which is why the blade should be almost new. Too new and you’re going dexter on her… too old and you’re in for being kicked in the genitals.

Once you are finished… wipe down the area of all remaining cream and leftover hairs, then apply the compress again. After its had some time to sit.. rub a little bit of coconut oil or baby oil into the area to make it nice and soft and voila, you have successfully done your first intimate shave job.

Slow and steady wins the race here… so take your time and make it enjoyable for the both of you.

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My dear mother walnut! You you maybe do like a head cannon of how Connor and Evan would take care of y/n. Like if she was sick or having cramps or somethin, only if you want to tho. Thanks :)!


- would freak tf out at first

- he would be asking you a million questions a minute

- like at first it wouldnt hit him how sick you were

- then he would see you and be like “oH gOD”

- he would bring you home and tuck you into bed

- he really wouldnt know how to take care of a person unless he looked back and thought about how his mom took care of him

- he has memories of his mom bringing him soup and crackers

- so he makes you the most delicious soup !!!ever!!! 

- and if you were nauseous he would rub your tummy and smooth your hair down

- he would place lil feather light kisses on your temples and hold a cold cloth to your forehead

- he would make sure to do all the simple tasks that you were still capable of

- want the remote?

- “DoNt MoVe I gOt It !!!!!”

- going to the bathroom?

- “nO, nO, nO, i WIlL cArRy YoU”

- “ev, im too heavy”

- “i can try!!!”

- he would run to the store at literally any hour to get you whatever you needed

- dont even get me started on when youre pregnant w morning sickness oml…


- would have no feckin idea of what to do lol

- he would probs be the worst person when it comes to medical stuff

- like evan would know exactly what medicine and stuff to give u but not know your boundaries

- whereas connor is the opposite

- he would have no clue as to what meds to give you, but took care of you like a princess

- when u get a fever, he insists that you change into one of his baggy t shirts and a pair of his boxers

- he would set an alarm for every two hours to wake himself up and check ur temperature

- you wouldnt even know bc u would be asleep but

- he would wake up, feel your forehead, frown, and just look at you with a broken heart

- he literally hated anything that caused you inconvenience

- he hated it more when he couldnt fix it right away

- connor would fight a bear if it looked at you the wrong way

- when you would get whiny, his heart would melt

- he would do the thing where he places his hand in your hair and runs his thumb over your temple over and over again

- expect lots of shoulder kisses tbh 

- he would do anything for u 

- he is whipped 

its almost one am and i am barely coherent but i just had a thought

what if at the end of the mcga series we get a repeat of the end of the last olympian

the norse gods are giving the heroes gifts for their bravery in the fight against loki and they call up magnus

and odin says “we rarely bestow this gift but we feel like you have earned it. magnus, we would like to offer you a second chance at being alive.”

and magnus is floored because being alive again means so many things?? he could go back into the mortal world and actually live there, fix up his uncle’s house and make it an actual home for himself, hell he could start a charity for homeless kids. and he doesn’t know what to say so he turns back to his friends and theyre all giving him forced smiles and it hits him

this offer is only for him.

obviously for hearth and blitz and sam the reward doesnt matter since theyre still alive, but his other friends will still be dead. theyll still be residents of floor 19, waiting for the actual end of the world to come.

if magnus becomes alive again, that means he couldnt come back to hotel valhalla. they could visit, but it would never be the same as actually living there. he wouldnt have any of it-the brawls, the feasts, his floormates, the rest of the hotel.

and when he died again, would he even end up back at the hotel? he could be chosen for a different afterlife, one where he never sees his friends again. he could lose them for all eternity.

and magnus looks at mallory and halfborn and t.j. who are all clapping for him with sad smiles, struggling to imagine life without them, and then he looks at alex.

alex, who chopped his head off the first time they met. alex, who had shared stories of her past with him. alex, who was snarky and talented and witty and brilliant, who was staring at him with wide eyes threatening to spill over because she knows, she knows that magnus becoming alive again means leaving the hotel.

and in that moment magnus realizes that he is in love with alex, and he doesnt know why he never realized it before, never realized that he would go to the end of the world for her, never realized that he stared all the time because he just loved every thing about her.

and he knows. he knows he cant take the god’s offer. because it means he could never see his friends or alex again, it means losing some of the people he cared about the most, and hes already lost so many that the thought of losing them makes his stomach churn.

so magnus turns back to the gods, and he tells them, “as much as i appreciate your offer, i have to say no.”

and the room gasps, because hes turning down such a valuable gift from odin himself, he could never get this chance again. but odin nods, smiling, like he knew all along that magnus would say no.

and the moment magnus goes back to his friends theyre all swarming him, asking why he turned the gods down, why didnt he take the chance to be alive again? and alex is standing outside of the group, still staring at him in shock, and magnus cant take it anymore, he breaks free of the group and wraps alex in the biggest hug he could manage.

they stay like that for what feels like ages, like theyre the only two people left in the world, holding each other in silence, until alex breaks it. “why?”

“because i dont want to ever lose you,” magnus whispers back. “i couldnt take the chance.”

and alex is just so overwhelmed with emotion, at the idea that someone would turn down the gods because of her, that she starts to cry, and magnus is crying too because he knows, he knows why alex is crying, and their friends all give them the biggest group hug with tears of their own and they all stay there, with the weight of the world finally eased off of their shoulders, and the gods are faced with a heartbreakingly beautiful display of mortal friendship and feelings, the reason why magnus turned down the chance to live again

and im tearing up over this because magnus loves people, he loves his friends and family and he will never ever let them go

snk characters as dril tweets
  • Eren: THis is not a "Meltdown". Its a normal opinion
  • Armin: startling how im the only person on this site with an actual human soul. you would think the other guys on here have one, but no
  • Mikasa: i just want to find the optimal bra for sniper operations, but everyeone here is so rude, and pieces of shit
  • Jean: blocked. blocked. youre all blocked. none of you are free of sin
  • Connie: some times.. the smartest people you know, are Geniuses
  • Sasha: (steps out onto the podium for the annual delivery of his Most Hated "State of the Arbys" address) the state of the Arby's... is strong…
  • Historia: my wife. my beautiful wife. i cannot lie to you any longer. the fbi is after me for kicking president obama's Turtle. thats why im screaming
  • Ymir: me and a bunch of stupid assholes are going to start a community in the middle of the desert to either die or prove a very important point
  • Levi: ive never laughed at a piss joke. (sees how impressed everyone is, takes it one step further) in fact, ive never laughed before in my life.
  • Hange: im a monk in real life, the matrix is real and hummingbirds and other really fast animals are proof positive that bullet time eixists
  • Erwin: stunning: mindful adult , decked out in complete set of riot gear - takes out entire stampede of horses using wisdom and tactic's
  • Annie: *all horrors begotten by the desire of man flash before eyes* woha! this is awkward *the cries of millions suffering echo* Damn That's Weird
  • Reiner: unfollow me if you hav e ever done or thought about doing war crimes. i dont want war criminals shitting my feed up
  • Bertholdt: 1989: the fall of the berlin wall is celebrated, historically revered 2016: i tear down the sneeze guard at old country buffet and get Booed
drinking tips 4 beginners

ok so i know i have a lot of young followers and i haven’t rlly seen any posts like this so here r some tips i’ve learned from personal experience, observation, n friends!!! i hope this helps u guys and feel free to add ur own!!!

  • DRINK WATER in between drinks im so serious it’ll help a lot w the hangover in the morning 
  • eat a big meal before u plan to drink a lot n also make sure to eat something afterwards/before sleeping!!!! 
  • know ur limit…like rlly know when to stop
  • if u drink wine u WILL “lose ur legs” 
  • never ever ever drink alone!!!!!!!!!! be with people you trust to take care of u!!!!!!!!
  • know the alcohol content of whatever ur drinking bc if u drink a couple of beers ur gonna be alright at the end of the night but if u go for The Hard Stuff just know ur gonna get hammered way sooner
  • dont drink if u dont want to bc peer pressure is real n it’s more than okay to say no
  • (i only drink red wine so i would say to only have 3 glasses of it bc after the lucky number 3 things go down hill pretty fast)
  • dont take drinks from strangers!! never leave ur drink alone!!! always carry it with u wherever u go!!!!!
  • dont switch drinks like if ur going to drink beer then stay with that choice all night dont switch to whiskey you’ll thank me later ok just trust me
  • again…..know when to stop
  • dont get absolutely toasted every time u drink bc thats not fun 
  • before u go to bed make sure to lay out a glass of water n pain killer just in case u feel like garbage in the morning
  • just know that u will say and do embarrassing things when ur lit it’s inevitable
  • dont go to bed without washing ur face or showering,, this isnt a real tip just a reminder that it’s better to be hungover n fresh than hungover n nastee!
  • if u wear sunglasses indoors everyone will know ur hungover but it’s ok bc #relatable
  • turn off ur phone when u go out bc like u have to be super super intoxicated to actually drunk text but better safe than sorry!!! ur ex wont think it’s cute btw!!! (also drunk selfies r sloppy n no one knows what ur gonna post when ur out of it lmao)
  • dont post pictures of urself drinking on social media just dont (especially if ur underage)
  • if you’ve never drank before know that when u get Tipsy the room will be fuzzy n even if u dont know it ur going to be stumbling lmao
  • dont wear high heels if u know ur getting drunk just DONT bc then ur going to have to go barefoot wherever u are n that’s never a good idea bc germs
  • know that drinking is 100% ok for young ppl (18 or over) n that it can be fun but u absolutely do not have to do it, u can stop whenever u want to, and it’s not an every day activity!!!!! don’t make it a habit bc it’s a good time until it’s not!!!! just make sure ur comfortable and safe and it’ll be ok!!!!! stay safe everyone n bottoms up!!!!

anonymous asked:

Au where Micheal gets a squip in order to try and become more than bros with Jeremy, but it ends up driving him to the brink of insanity and the squip completely takes over Micheal's body in this weak state. In order to make it go back to normal micheal, the users original task must be fulfilled (no mtn dews here :U). In the end Jeremy screams out how he just wants the old micheal back and kisses possessed micheal resulting in the squip shutting down but then (pt 1)

Okay, I think this is a really cool idea but i dont think michael would ever take a squip willingly? like. its just not really in his character but I think it could work if michael somehow accidentally took a squip??? (dont ask how just. idk) and at that point because the squips are so persuasive it would be able to convince him that it can help him get with jeremy? and then go on from there? idk but. I really enjoy the ending. 8/10

anonymous asked:

What does Jarchie do when they arent fighting or eating food?

man!! i feel like they do the most mundane crap?? like sometimes jughead will come round to archie’s and end up staying for days at a time just because he’s so at comfortable and at peace there?? and jughead likes to pretend that hes above stereotypical cliches and stuff, but hes secretly a sucker for them?? and archie teases him to no end about it??

- jughead not so secretly loves holding hands with archie but he always acts as if he’s too cool for it, and is always like ‘i dont get why we need to hold hands all the time? its so impractical? i can never get anything done?’ but when archie asks if he wants him to stop hes like ‘why would i ever want to do that?’

- also??? just them cuddling and watching tv?? and jughead feeling the need to add a running commentary to literally everything that’s happening lmao

- okay and them planning another road trip to make up for the one they missed, and literally counting down the days and marking off where they plan to stop on a huge map that’s pinned to archie’s wall?? and taking a disgusting amount of photos of one another while they’re on the road.

- archie watching the football game, and jughead watching archie watch the game, bc he has like no interest in sports, but finds how excitable archie gets confusingly adorable.

- archie playing jughead his songs and getting all flustered when jughead compliments them (and even more so when he catches him cluelessly humming it a couple of days later)??

Song Mino #60 “You still want to marry me?” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

You always thought that your relationship with him was going to be unbreakable and that you’ll have love each other forever… 

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

Unfortunately the word love has a lot of meanings behind it, a lot of phases… and a lot of obstacles to get over it. 

Isn’t as simple as in the books or as romantic as a movie… after all, love is about two people being willing to stay together, and sometimes loving each other is not enough, sometimes the differences, not only about the personality but also in the way of think, can mean the end of your journey together and not necessarily the end of love.

You were sleeping when a pair of arms woke you up. “Hey babe” Mino says as he puts himself really close to you, molding his body with yours.

You didn’t answer.

“How was your day?” he asked, closing his eyes, and smelling the scent of your hair.

Again, you didn’t answer.

“Are you mad?” he opens his eyes.

Just the sound of silence came from you.

He stopped hugging you, and turns his body facing the ceiling “Sorry I came this late, it’s just that…” he guessed that was the reason for your anger.

“Can you let me sleep?” you said as cold as ice, covering your head with the quilt.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mino lifts his body and sits on the bed, looking at you or, better say, looking at the lump in bed beside him.


He knows that, whenever you answer with a “nothing”, shit is about to get real. Especially because of the tone of your voice “Can we act like mature people for once and talk about whatever is bothering you now?”

“No…” you don’t want to fight, not again “… I want to sleep”

“And I want to fix things but like always…” he was getting mad “… we will do what YOU want”

“I simply don’t want to fight” you explained.

You heard him laughing bitterly.

“To me, this is already a fight, so, can I least know the reason why?” Mino says all frustrated. 

But again, you didn’t say anything.

“Whatever” he says, standing up. He had enough of your bullshit.

You started to cry almost immediately as soon as you feel him leaving your side “This is all we do lately” you said without thinking about it.

“That’s why you need to start to talk to me…” he says before passing the door.

“Or maybe you should start to act like you care for this” you can feel the tears in your eyes.

“Excuse me?!” he says shocked.

“… nothing”

A few seconds later, you felt how Mino pulled the quilt, exposing you to the cold.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you said, sitting on the bed angrier than before.

“I’M SICK OF THIS!…” he approaches to you, leaving the quilt on the floor “…IF YOU WANT TO SAY SOMETHING JUST SAY IT! I HATE WHEN I ASK YOU SOMETHING AND YOU JUST ANSWER ME WITH A NOTHING!” you can tell how frustrated he is.

“Whatever” you rolled your eyes, wiping off your tears.

“WHY AREN’T YOU LISTEN TO ME?!” the frustration on his face was slowly fading away to let his anger shows on it now.

“WHY ARE YOU SO WILLING TO FIGHT?!” you stood up, walking towards the safeness of the bathroom.

“I don’t…” he took your arm, stooping you and putting himself in your way “… I just want to talk”

“About what?” you moved your arm away from his grip.

“Oh, I don’t know, why not about the fact that lately you don’t want to tell me what’s going on?” Mino was losing his patience, and you know that, you know that tone in his voice.

You just look down avoiding his gaze.

“Y/N please tell me what’s wrong” he got closer to you, trying to reach you to hug you but he stopped as soon as you stepped back rejecting him.

You two stayed quiet for a couple of seconds before Mino finally broke that awful and awkward silence “How do you expect me to fix things if I don’t know what I need to fix in the first place?” you can clearly hear in his voice that he is about to cry, just like you right now.

You wiped your tears, and then you said “I’m too tired to do this right now”

Mino let go a small and bitter laugh before turning around and walking out of the room.

Wiping your tears a few seconds ago was a completely waste of time, cause now, new ones were falling down to your cheeks.

You entered the bathroom and took some toilet paper to blow your nose as you were watching at yourself in the mirror.

You were still mad. Mino totally forgot about your meeting today with the guy who will make the wedding invitations, and it’s not the first time that he forgets something related to the weeding. That’s why you are so mad, and disappointed. That’s why you feel like he doesn’t care about this anymore, about your relationship and about this big step you two are about to take, just in a few months.

You walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later and you noticed that he still wasn’t in the room. You walked to the door and from there, you saw Mino lying on the couch.

You walked to the bed now, lifting the quilt from the floor, and burying yourself with it on the bed…

The minutes turn out into hours and you still can’t sleep. Even when you are mad, you can’t take him out of your mind. It’s awful.

It was almost three in the morning when you stood up, took a blanket, walking out of the room. Mino was sleeping, and his arms were wrapped around his body… it was a cold night. You can tell he is cold. 

You took the blanket and you put it over him, covering him with it.

“Thanks” he says, almost with no emotion in his voice and still with his eyes closed. He couldn’t sleep either.

“Mino…” you started to cry again.

Now he was the one not talking at all.

“… please don’t ignore me” you asked him breaking into tears. You feel so bad, you feel like your relationship is breaking apart little by little, and you don’t want that, you love him with all your heart.

Mino opens his eyes and he looks at you. He has never been able to manage seeing you crying. “Come here” he lifts his body and sits on the couch.

You did, you sat beside him and he started to comfort you.

“Maybe we should take some time before get married…” you started to say. All your problems started since you and him got engaged.

“No…” Mino interrupted you without hesitation “… I want to marry you, I want to be yours and you to be mine” he let his heart to speak for him. “But…”

Mino hugs you “I love you, and being with you it’s all I ever want”

“But we keep fighting all the time”

“I know…” Mino says “… but that doesn’t worries me”

You stopped the hug and look at him “What do you mean?”

Mino smiles “I’ll be worry the day we don’t fight anymore, cause that will mean that we seriously dont care anymore”

You smiled too, but you’re still sad.

“You still want to marry me, right?” he asked, a little bit scared of the answer.

You nodded, looking down. Mino´s hand took you by the chin and lifts your head to meet his lips. “Good, cause I wasn’t going to take a no as an answer”

You drew him into a hug, and he clung to you, pressing your bodies tighter than ever. Like if your relationship depended of that hug.

When you two stopped the hug, he wipes your tears with his thumbs, holding your face with his hands “What did I do now?”

“… our invitations”

As soon as you said that, he remembered the meeting “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I keep forgetting things”

You didn’t answer.

“I don’t do it on purpose, I swear. It’s just that… you know, work has been hard this days”

“Let’s sleep we can talk about this tomorrow” you said after a while.

“Ok, but… can I go to bed with you?” he asked.

You looked at him and your gazes meet.

“No” you smiled and kissed his cheek, then you stood up, and walked to the room again. “Are you serious?” he says, laughing.

You turn around and then you smiled again, nodding.

“Oh, I see…” he laughed “… you don’t trust yourself…” he smirks “…I get it, I’m too handsome to be ignored in bed”

“No babe, I trust myself… but I don’t trust you” you winked, entering your room.

fandoms-stoll-my-life  asked:

Can you do a thing where MC is the RFA's little sister (like 6 ish) and they're babysitting her but she hasn't seen them in like "Forever"?


~Ok so you have missed him so much since he went to college and when you find out hes gonna babysit you you’re just bouncing off the walls with excitement
~He missed you too but he was not prepared for you to try and tackle him when he opened his door
~He will sit with you at the table and color for a while before the inevitable question pops up “So Yoosungie……do you have a girlfriend yet” You ask and he just drops his crayon.
~He looks like he might cry ”No…not yet…”
~You look up at him with a cheerful smile “That’s ok big brother no girl is good enough for you!!”
~Now he might cry again but for different reasons


~So lets pretend that he made up with his family and found out that they had another kid
~Ok so he wants to bond with his new little sister so he takes her to one of his shows and gets her front seat and everything
~But his parents ended up dropping you off like 4 hours before they were supposed to and hes like 
~Well shit what I am supposed to do with a six year old
~He tries to talk to you and it kinda works
~”So umm MC what do you wanna be when you grow up”He says awkwardly ~“I wanna be an actor like you!” ~His heart just melts

~With Jumin always on her ass she never had time to hang out with her sister but finally she gets a day off
~“Jaeeeeheeee~” You scream running out of the car into her arms.
~She takes you inside and starts to make some coffee then she pauses
~Little kids don’t drink coffee
~“Ummm MC what do you want to drink?”
~“Milk pwease” You say adorably
~She sits down with you and you start to poke her arm and she turns her head towards you “Yes MC?”
~“Why dont I ever get to see you anymore?” You whine and pull a coloring book out of your bag
~She thinks for a minute before answering “Uh, well my boss really never gives me any breaks and I always have to do his paperwork” She answers not going into detail to much.
~“Can I hit him with my coloring book please?” You ask innocently holding up your coloring book (you get a cookie if you remember that XD)
~She just stares for a minute before busting into laughter

~He never paid any mind to you because you were just some random ladies child that his father had to keep
~He loved you but he didn’t want to show it, maybe because he didn’t know how to express it
~But you were inconveniently out of school that day and you begged for him to watch you and he isn’t THAT cold
~He had grown up fairly quickly so he didn’t really know how a child acted and was taken by surprise when you accidentally broke a vase
~“MC! Do not run in my house!” He yelled a little too meanly
~You burst into tears “I-I’m sowwy” You sob
~Immediate guilt™
~“No its not your fault your only six I should’ve put up my fragile stuff before you came over” He hugs you and has someone clean up the mess
~“Now do you want to watch a movie or something”
~“Mhm” You nod wiping your tears and he grabs your hand and leads you to the living room


anonymous asked:

I've so many ideas in my head and I want to write something but I don't know how to start a story. I usually like to think about high school or college scenarios because I can connect to them the most. I don't wanna start my story with the cliché blaring of the alarm clock. Can you please help me out? I'm always stuck in the starting and then all my motivation goes away. I really like all the prompts on your blog. ;)

Thank you! So first off, I suggest you always write down any and all ideas! You never know when you may need them. Trust me, Jotting down any and every idea I get has saved my butt so many times. I may not have used it right away, but way down the line that idea was a huge help for something else. Of course there are always ideas you will never use, but hey, better safe then sorry, right? 

Also, I don’t blame you. Starting off the story is always one of the hardest parts for me. Somethings I do to try and get me going: 

1. I write a scene that is really heavy in either action or dialogue from later in the story. I make that my starting point, and then I go back and I think “Okay. So how do I get there.” and I write whatever gets we to that point. Just knowing where I need and want to go sometimes gives me a jump-start, and makes me more interested in how it began, and that interest often shows in my writing. 

2. Its not an uncommon tactic to start a story right in the middle of a big action point and then have the main character do the “I bet your wondering how we got here, huh? Well…” and then go back in time to tell the whole story from the beginning. This isnt a bad option, as starting with something exciting quickly grabs on to the readers interest and their curiosity, making them feel the need to know the full story, all the way back to the main point of action that was introduced in the beginning. 

3. Sarcasm, mockery, or irony. These are common things I love to use. If you are really worried about doing the cliche ‘woken up by the alarm clock blaring’ think of something either ironically similar or eerily different. For example : “I was startled awake by my alarm clock blaring, but just as soon as it started, it was crushed by a large rock that came crashing through my window.”  or “Usually I wake up to the screaming of my alarm, today however, I was woken by the screaming of my little sister.” Take whatever cliche you are worried about, and twist it to work for you. 

4. Lacking motivation to get started isn’t unusual. I am pretty sure almost anyone who writes has experienced this at some point. My secret to conquering this is usually to jump around in the plot a bit. If you get bored of the beginning, go write some of the ended for a bit, getting a bit blocked with that? Go write a bit of the climax? exhausted on the whole story? Go write your characters in a couple AUs. Feeling trapped by your characters? Switch up the perspectives! Write from the antagonist for a bit, Write in a different person, rewrite a scene from a minor characters point of view. Switch things up. Its your story, write it however you want. Worry about plot holes, inconsistencies or anything like that happening during the editing process. You don’t have to write the whole dang story in consecutive order. I don’t think I have ever written anything in order. 

5. Make a map of your plot. Put down all your desired major and minor plot points, and the main ideas on how the characters get to those points. Having a visual in front of you to remind you where you want to take the story can be a lot of help. 

6. Write. Just write. Don’t worry about cliches, dont worry about it matching up with the overall plot,dont worry about how interesting it is. Just write. I assure you whatever you come up with is a lot better then a blank page. At least you can say you started. You can fix it up later. 

I hope these help you, and I wish you luck with your story! If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me! 

kuroosthighz  asked:

For the send me a ship thing: how about Shiro/Keith?

Always love me some sheith <3 thank u 

Who initiates sexy time more often: I’d say its p even. Plus they’re both very horny so they go at it whenever they have time to spare. Everything before that is just, lots of flirty glances from Shiro, and the lingering touch or brush of the shoulders that lasts a moment too long of Keith. So by they time they actually get to it they’re both very, very eager. They can’t tell who started what.

Who is the horniest: I mean, when you’re making up for lost time… 

Who moans the cutest: ffffukc okay they both have such good moans. Shiro not only makes the best noises, he’s also got the best faces when he orgasms

Who bites more: KEITH DOES. He wants to mark Shiro up real good, in very visible places too, and he knows Shiro is very sensitive along his jawline, so…

Who can go on longer: !! Shiro, he’s always making sure it’s pleasurable for Keith, and they like to go at it slow if they have the time.

Who spends more time on foreplay: Shiro is just, so gentle, too gentle at times. Keith isn’t far behind though. Especially when he puts on a show for Shiro…

Who loves aftercare: listen, these two can spoon for hours

Who can go the most rounds: Keith could go on all night if Shiro didn’t stop him

Who gives the best orals: Keith does!! and Shiro is a great bf holding Keith’s hair up 



Facials: They do this the first few times because they’ve heard cum is not exactly fun tasting (plus Keith just really wants Shiro’s cum on his face) 

Swallowing: After a while though they’ve found they’re quite ok with each other’s taste. Keith in particular is a champ, and loves seeing shiro embarrassed after he gulps down a load

Creampies: Aaaa, Keith has become such a cum slut for Shiro ever since they first did it raw ok

Strap on

Bondage: neither is a fan of being restrained but I think with time they might give it a try

Spanking: ok so!! Actually, Keith really likes to spank Shiro as he’s being fucked, he’s so in love with Shiro’s ass it’s unreal

Choking: Keith really wants to try it, and show Shiro how much he trusts him. They dont usually do it along with penetrative sex, so Keith will ask shiro to choke him while he takes care of their erections.

Fingering: Aaah, Keith will sometimes put on a show for shiro, leg up in the air as he fingers himself. Giving him full view.

Nipple play: Shiro’s got the most sensitive nipples, you can fight me on this. Keith loves them. Pinches them whenever he sees them poking through his shirt, too

Hair pulling: Keith can’t keep his hands from wandering to Shiro’s hair whenever they do it. And dont even get me started on when he fucks Shiro’s throat

Orgasm denial: Aaah, they love this one. Keith rides him, but its painfully slow. Shiro’s biting his lower lip, his hands get impatient, but he knows he’s not allowed to hold Keith’s hips and fuck him hard and fast just yet. No, he’s at Keith’s mercy right now. 

Peaceful Afternoon♡
The air swayed him as it made him feel somewhat peaceful and the skies intertwined with color. The trees would move while the wind picked up its speed making the grass beneath his feet soften to the ground. He had watched the skies above his head darken while  the stars and moon began to show as he stood an peacefully watched  with a smile and a really long sigh. “Noctis!” A voice came from behind him. He turned to look at where the voice was coming from and saw the only person who ever made him feel anything special,his beloved Prompto. Noctis had wanted to be with Prompto for quite sometime but wasn’t the type of person to speak of his feelings so he remained quiet unless spoken to. “Hey Prompto,whats up?” Noctis asked with a bit of a head tilt. Prompto looked at him with a smile as his steps grew closer and the smell of him  grew stronger. “I wanted to know if you wanted to join me in taking photos of the stars.” Prom said with a bit of a nervous smile. As Noctis felt his heart race inside his chest the words wouldnt seem to escape from his lips,he was too nervous to say anything,it was almost as if they were paralyzed. “I..I.” He spoke. Prom looked at him with a dissapointed smile assuming that Noctis didnt want to. Noctis’s eyes widened and he quickly ran to Prompto,grabbing onto his arm as he breathed in an out heavily with his attention on the ground. “D-dont leave..I…I wanna join you…I really would like that.” Noctis said still nervous. Prompto was dumbfounded as ever but he didnt pull his arm away. The touch of Noctis’s hand on his made his heart race as he too had feelings for Noctis in which he couldnt speak of. Prompto then smiled down at Noctis. “Well then lets go take some shots!” He said with a smile being his normal dorky self that Noctis adored so much. Noctis stood to his feet as he was finally able to again,the nervousness subsiding as he stood beside Prompto as he began taking pictures. “Ahhh wow,those are some really beautiful stars.” Noctis spoke in a quite tone. “Its been quite a peaceful afternoon dont you think?” Noct asked as Prompto was still taking pictures. “Yeah it has Noct,yeah it has.” Prom agreed with a smile. Noctis thought to himself as he watched Prompto take such wonderful pictures,he watched as the light of the moon outlined Proms figure so well and the light in his eyes as they glow. He felt he should confess…he wanted to. Noctis walked a bit closer to Prompto but from behind, and wrapped his arms around his stomach as he laid his head on Proms back. “Prompto.” He whispered. “I know this is sudden and I know your not expecting it and I would understand if you didnt wanna hear it but I-” He was interuppted by Prompto turning  around and softly caressing Nocts  cheek slowly leaning in an placing  a soft yet passionate kiss on his  lips. They both closed their eyes as Noctis pulled Prompto closer,not a single word to be said in the moment as they both took in the amount of love  eachothers been hiding for so long. “I love you Prompto..” he whispered. “As do I noctis..” Prompto said with a few tears falling from his eyes as he deepened the kiss alittle more.


You are wonderful and we littles love you so so much!!! You are amazing and we cant get enough of you. You mean so much to us littles like you dont understand.

We love when you talk about your day, we love when you take time to help us with our problems, we love when you cook for us and we most definitely love when you read us a bed time story.

We know you have problems and insecurities, please talk to us about it. We want to help you as much as you help us. Dont worry, we won’t stop loving you because of it. We want to be your go to person whenever you feel down or upset.

Every dom is perfect in their own way. DONT EVER STOP BEING YOU PLEASE!!! I love you all so much and have a wonderful night 💜💙🐱

malfunctioningtypewrite9  asked:

You know, idk if you'd be interested but if you ever wanted to do a more complete write up of your campaign I'd be super interested in reading that.

FUNNY U SAY THAT BECAUSE!! our dm has been writing up session summaries over here :D they’re not up to our current session yet but

honestly these are some of the sweetest tags I’ve ever received and I’ve been holding onto it just to reread when I get down and it never fails 2 make me tear up thank you i remember ur url but i just don’t want to be sappy and embarassing OKAY ENOUGH FEELINGS IM OUTTIE!!! SOB

anonymous asked:

could you please explain me the whole vday video? like the things he said and everything,, if the things he said happened. please.

(if you dont wanna know about the valentines day video dont read this)

im not sure if i should be doing this but i got like ten asks about it. im afraid phil lester will take my blog down. sighs

ok. so the video starts with phil saying ‘awrf hi dan’ its something they used to say when they were trying to be cute. (especially phil) 

here are some tweets and a dailybooth showing that phil actually used to say that, i know its not that important but im trying to mention everything i can.

dan posted this picture on dailybooth:

phil commented on it:

and then phil says: “i know you said we weren’t gonna do anything for valentine’s day, but you had to go to bed, leaving me for five hours with nothing to do”

i know it sounds weird that dan went to bed 5 hours earlier than phil, but thats because dan was in india when phil filmed it. he left for india on february 5th or 6th and came back on the 19th. then went to see phil and stayed at his house until the 24th. dan and phil would often spend their evenings talking to each other on skype, so the ‘leaving me for five hours with nothing to do’ comes from that. but why was it important to point out if the video ‘was just a joke’?

dan in india. (intro and outro)

dan coming back from india.

before leaving for india:

this was the morning after phil posted the video. dan had probably just seen it.

sunday - february 21.

(video of the pancake making) (1:35)

phil tweeted this on valentine’s day:

(keep in mind that the video was posted on february 13th)

‘holding my thoughts in my heart’ is the name of a song from final fantasy VII. it plays at the end of the video. phil has tweeted the song, posted about it on dailybooth and liked it on youtube.


you got me loads of awesome birthday presentes and i wanted to repay you, somehow, because it was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me”

phil’s birthday: 2 weeks before valentine’s day.

“the first time we met […] and then, when we were on the big wheel, i was like, “i really hope he likes me too.” and then you kissed me, and my heart did that flippy-over thing, and, it’d never done that before, so… that was nice.” you all know dan and phil were internet best friends and then they met for the first time in october 19th, 2009 at manchester picadilly station. so i dont need to get into detail. they went to starbucks, apple store and manchester skybar.

(i wonder why *cough cough*)

phil’s drawing for the valentine’s day video when he said ‘and then you kissed me’:

dan and phil when they met for the first time: (notice the similar clothing)

(in 2012 phil got really sad because people wanted to take down the manchester wheel ‘dont take my wheel away’)

“and over the next few months we saw each other a lot and I slowly fell in love with you.” and they really did saw each other a lot after the first time they met. october 19 to october 22. october 31. november 6 to 9. november 29 to december 4. december 10 to 14. december 22 to 24. december 30 to january 2. january 15 to 17. january 15 to 17. january 22 to 24.

‘[…] so the first one is on the snowiest day ever, when we were walking through the abandoned hospital. and you had your hat on, and you lay down in the snow, and looked at the stars. and I lay next to you, and kissed you, and wrote “i love dan” in the snow.” phil recalls some of their moments together. dan went to visit phil from december 22 to 24. there was a massive snowstorm that week.

INTERACTIVE CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE  (you can see how much snow there is)

ZOMG RED PANDA!!?  (phil talks about the snowstorm)

(they filmed the christmas adventure on december 24.)

phils drawing for the vday video when he said ‘and you had your hat on, and you lay down in the snow, and looked at the stars. and i lay next to you, and kissed you..’ (notice the similar clothing)

(screenshot from christmas adventure)

‘endless coffee in starbucks, caramel macchiato, and our starbucks sofa…’

dan’s live show he mentions that caramel macchiato is his favorite starbucks drink.

dans live show again mentions that cm is his favorite.

a day in the life of phil and dan when dan gets his caramel macchiato phil calls it ‘the best’ and they both have caramel macchiatos on the sofa. they go to starbucks a lot.

‘the week we spent together in my house was amazing, i think that’s when i properly fell in love with you..’

dans formspring: 

that ‘<’ means that the week he spent with phil was better than anything else he had done that year.

that week was from november 29, 2009 to december 4.

(look how much he spent with dan wtf)

(they got out of bed pretty late….)

their dailybooths were full of love stuff that week. i wonder why..

‘and when we watched wall-e on my sofa, and then cried.’

(and that night the uma thurman thing happened)

‘all the cuddles in bed, and three-hour breakfasts’


‘and lying in my bed, and funny times in my bed (omg so much cherry everywhere)’

lmao. the “cherry" he’s talking about is a flavor of lube. yea.

‘at the halloween gathering when we realized that no other youtubers actually eat, so we went and got some food and then sat on the fountain. at that point, i kind of realized that i didn’t really care about the other youtubers, i just wanted to be spending time with you. and we held hands, and then kissed, and looked at the stars.’

dan and phil at the halloween gathering part 1 

dan and phil at the halloween gathering part 2 (5:07 you can see them sat on the fountain. they show up other times too)

another one 

another one 

‘and when we can’t be together, all the hundreds of hours of skype calls that we’ve had have made me eight million times happier.’

skype calls. 

talked on skype often, but they still posted about missing each other.

dan tweets about phil coming to see him at his parent’s house:

‘we might just want to zzz’ aww

‘and all our manchester days, and watching avatar in 3d, and kissing in 3d glasses..’

‘you are the best person in the world’

and this was posted 2 hours before the tweet:

and thats it. as you can see everything phil mentioned on the video, happened.

if it was a prank why keep it up on phil’s side channel for a year and a half? and why freak out after it had leaked? they went directly to the fans that found it and asked them to keep it quiet, it just made it more obvious. they make everything they can to put down every vday video posted. phil cant act, so how did he manage to pull that love look? why so much work into a simple prank video? why include references that no one would have understood at the time? april fool’s day is on april 1 not on valentine’s day. and you can see the way they make pranks by watching danandphilcrafts.

anonymous asked:

THIS SOUNDS MEAN, I'M SORRY BUT LISTEN TO ME. I know that its hard but you cant put urself down each time someone compliments you. Take the compliment and move on. Dont question it, dont reject it, just take it. If you ever think ur depression allows u to brood and always post on Tumblr about how sad you are, it DOESN'T. Yeah depression sucks, but u bring other people down. When ur in a bad mood, try to think good things. U make ur sadness worse so, u make it better too. We love you, Ally.

I mean I think I have a right to post what I want on my Tumblr. I can easily turn this around and say that just because you give a disclaimer that you might sound mean doesn’t give you a right to say what you want without me getting upset.

I’m aware that I’m hard on myself. I’m aware that I put myself down. I’ve done it all my life.

Writing gives me comfort. Putting my emotions and thoughts into words helps me let go of things. So I post them here because I can’t post them on Facebook and I don’t keep up with journals.

If I bring people down, they can just unfollow me. It’s not that hard. This is my blog, for my thoughts, my writing, my emotions, my life, and I can post what I want.

I’ve lived too much of my life living in consideration other people’s comfort or preference. I’m not doing that to myself in my only safe space.

And if you must know I’ve actually come a long way with compliments. @wreck-it13 can tell you about the time I actually started screaming and cussing at someone for telling me I was pretty at lunch. Now, I just smile and blush then mull over the compliment, wondering how people see things I don’t.

I truly don’t understand where compliments come from for me. And honestly, no one can tell me I’m wrong for it. I’m still learning to love myself, and nobody should tell me I’m doing it wrong or that I’m a bad person for it.

Fuck, if I want to brood, I’m going to fucking brood. Where do you think my stories come from? You think all that pain just magically came to me? That insecurity, that self hatred, that fear of abandonment, that hate and struggle to forgive, that pain it all comes from me and my experiences.

Don’t ever tell me how to run my blog or what I should or shouldn’t post. The unfollow button is right there. I love my followers, my readers, my friends. But I don’t need a follow number to validate my writing and feelings. I will post what I want especially in regards to myself.

If it was something like a ship or a character that made you uncomfortable, like someone once asked me to tag any voltron related things for trigger reasons, then I’d understand that.

But my posts, emotional, self degrading, brooding or whatever the fuck you want to call them- they’re mine. They’re for my sake. For my sanity. If you don’t like it, no one said you had to read them.

I’m done living and doing things for other people. This is for me. This site, this blog is for me.