i dont even want to be rich

like,,,i dont even want to be filthy rich with two mansions and three houses in three different countries and a private plane thats just egocentrical i just want to eat good fresh food, have a small apartment in a lovely city and the stability to travel thats all i want


peridot ties her shoes? periknot

peridot has too many? perilot

peridot wipes her nose? perisnot

peridot runs into the cops? pericaught

peridot gets in a gunfight? perishot

peridot learns? peritaught

peridot isn’t cold? perihot

peridot changes a light bulb? periwatt

peridot goes shopping? peribought

peridot doesn’t want fries? peritot

peridot works out? perisquat

peridot likes to get it on? perithot

peridot can’t remember? periforgot

peridot doesn’t run? peritrot

peridot is made of metal? peribot

peridot gets beat up? perifought

peridot isn’t peridot? perinot

peridot is rich? periyacht

peridot is proved wrong? perithought

peridot get attacked by flies? periswat

peridot plants flowers? peripot

the reasons I WANT to be rich

1) i want to pay off my parents mortgages 

2) i want to give to charity more then i can now

3) i want to spoil the people i love

4) i want to be able to send the ones i love on the vacations they can’t afford

5) i want to help out people i dont even know

6) i want to tip nice waitresses/waiters extra for being nice

i dont want to be rich just for myself, i want to do it for the benefit of everyone around me.

The problem with some young goths and the unintentional erasure of the goth subculture

I’ve complained enough about elitists over the years and to be perfectly honest, elitists arent the only problematic members of the goth subculture. If you were to put goth on a scale it would be be broken up into three major groups.

On one end you would find the elitist group. A group of goths who believe that there is absolutely only one way of being goth and in order to be it you must abide by their strict rules. These are the people who prefer to bully other goths than keep their opinions to themselves. This group is usually on the smaller side because most goths dont like engaging with them because of the drama that they bring. But i’ve already discussed this group many times before.

In the middle of the scale we have a very balanced group of goths. This is also the largest group. This group encompasses thousands of goths around the world of different styles and ages. These goths believe that goth is a subculture and is something that should be respected. These goths are also very aware of where and when goth started and how. This group respects the music and though not everyone in this group listens to goth music, they are still very aware of its importance to the goth subculture. This is the best place to sit on the scale. These goths often feel that goth should not dictate who they are as a person but at the same time these goths feel that the history and the music should be respected.

Now we get to the last group that unfortunately has been growing in numbers over the past few years. This is the group that poses a threat to the preservation of goth as a subculture.

First, i’m going to start with a definition for the word “subculture”

A cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture

This means that a subculture is a smaller culture within a larger one and that there are specific values, beliefs and interests that divide this culture from the larger. So in order to be a part of a subculture you must have these same beliefs, interests, and values. Of course there is a ton of wiggle room when it comes to the goth subculture. Goth does not restrict you to these interests and values, but instead allows you to include your own. You can be goth and have non goth interests. You can be goth and listen to non goth music. Also the values that are often considered more mandatory are simply based on respect. Many will say that you dont have to limit yourself to listening to only goth music but, it is important to respect the music because the subculture, fashion, etc. wouldnt exist without it.

This is where problems arise. In the modern goth subculture, we are seeing more and more goths throwing these values out the window and ditching all respect for the subculture. These people are treating goth as more of a fashion statement than a culture. Goth was never meant to be a superficial concept lacking any depth or substance. Like punk, goth was a strange and amazing phenomenon that occurred at just the right moment in time. Goth was this thing that connected people through a love of dark music and a taste for the darker, stranger side of life. The fashion sort of came after and was mostly influenced by the artists producing these dark genres of music. So no matter how you look at it, goth music is really what kick started the whole thing

But many of these young, new goths dont care about that. They believe that goth is anything they say it is. When this is just not true. You cant walk up to a member of  X subculture and tell him that his values and beliefs dont need to be respected and that X culture is completely subjective. Thats just not how subcultures work. Subcultures are not subjective. Goth as a subculture is not subjective. You can be a goth have your own views on the world. You can have your own interests and beliefs but goth is still a subculture and certain values NEED to be respected. If we dont respect these certain values than we risk losing our subculture.

By ignoring the history and beliefs of a subculture you are leading to its erasure. And if you know anything about today’s social issues, this should sound very familiar. We live in a time where all cultures, not just subcultures, run the risk of being erased due to racism, appropriation, the domination of mainstream cultures as well as other factors. So its important that we keep some of these values and continue to respect the history of goth as a subculture.

Unfortunately this is becoming harder and harder to do, with the rise in popularity of blogging and social media as an outlet for expressing one’s personal views and opinions. Many goth blogs on tumblr are getting popular for very superficial reasons such as fashion and aesthetic purposes. Its very easy for a blog that only posts goth fashion to become popular and though this isnt negative on its own when the person behind the blog starts divulging their opinions about the subculture, they already have a large follower base to listen to them.

So if this blogger who only cares about goth fashion, who doesnt respect the subculture starts pontificating on topics they know nothing about or respect, this will subsequently lead to a large number of less educated people to believe in misinformation about the subculture. If a popular blogger starts saying things like, “you dont need to respect or like goth music to be goth,” or, “you dont need to know anything about the history of goth to be goth” their followers will start to believe this, when its just not true.

If this keeps up like it is, eventually we are going to see a lot of young goths who dont care about the subculture. Who only want to be goth because “it looks cool” or “it scares my parents.” Goth will eventually become nothing more than a trend. Something a kid does for attention. This will also divide goths even more. You will start seeing a lot of older goths stop wanting anything to do with the younger generations and their lack of respect for the culture.

Yes goth should be something a person can have fun with but there is more that divides goths from the mainstream than just our look and many of us would like to keep it that way. Goth used to be about music, literature, art, philosophy and more. Goths were mature, refined and intelligent people who liked discussing topics such as philosophy and psychology.  We were a cultured breed who enjoyed history and arts. Goth is not a gimmick. Its not a trend. Its a way of life and its a culture. And many of us are tired of seeing younger people try and ruin that.

And another thing. This is something that is not said enough and its so damn important. You do not need to be goth to like goth things. You dont have to restrict yourself to a label. Its okay to like goth things and not consider yourself goth, in fact i encourage it. If goth really is right for you, you will want to know everything about it naturally. You will feel a passion for learning about its music and history and above all, you will respect it. If not, maybe goth just isnt for you and thats okay. Even if you dont fit the label, you can still follow goth blogs and have goth friends and go to goth events but if you really want to preserve goth, you need to respect it as more than just an image. You need to respect it as a subculture that is rich with history, art and very importantly, music. 

“Simon looks stunning in a grey suit.”

Carry On facts people forget/need to remember more:

-I like seeing cute chubby Simon pics, bc he’s healthy and happy, but do remember that Simon is actually so skinny he looks ill in Carry On yikes

-Also Simon has golden brown/ bronze hair! Not blonde, I dont know where people even get that from

- Penny is chubby and a genius and I love her

- One of Baz’s grandparents are Egyptian

- Simon played a hand in both his parents deaths

- Baz has pretty eyes

- Baz goes to university at the London School of Economics /which is fucking hard to get into/ (trust me I’m doing uni applications now, I didn’t even understand their website ffs)

- Simon is actually pretty rich, and was left a lot of money

- Baz has a Japanese toilet

-Simon more than anything wants to learn how to drive

- Baz wants to teach at Watford when he’s older

-Baz smokes

-Simon is 5ft 10

-Baz is 6ft 1

-Baz plays the violin

-Simon can sword fight like come on

Hi OK, so here’s a real kicker and I’m truly sorry for doing this but I really have no other option. I honestly have no idea how to go about this either but I need your help desperately. My family has never been rich..we’ve always lived paycheck to paycheck and even then it’s been hard sometimes. I remember growing up and us losing our car a couple times or not even having enough to pay for food or the house bill. Bottom line it’s always been tight.

 ANYWAYS im sorry I don’t wanna burden you with a sob story but this past year has been super hard for some reason. Im not sure what it is but we can just not seem to get ahead and I hate seeing my family suffer so much. Seeing my 12 year old sister worry about bills getting paid when she should be worrying about kid stuff. Or her worrying about if the car is going to get taken away. Their only way of transportation is my mothers car atm and we’re behind a few payments. Honestly just one away from losing it. We don’t even have enough for groceries or to pay off the loans we’ve had to get.

Im truly sorry about this post and even asking for help. I really didn’t want to and I know I might get shit for this..Im sorry. But if you could..even if it’s not much donate to my paypal.  Again im so so sorry for this and even if you can’t donate if you could spread this..that would honestly be such a huge help. My paypal is: paypal.me/poolbrop

I need rich E.Asian kids to stop trying to lecture me about Model Minority and do more of standing w/ and helping South Asians and poor Asians and non-cishet Asian and Asian Muslims and mixed Asians and Black Asians and Latinx Asians

Yall the first to speak on Model Minority and the last to talk about how detrimental it was for black and brown kids to be on the other side, and the only AAPI issue yall will talk about is the Model Minority bc its the only thing that really affects yall!!!!!

And even then!!! yall wont talk about the mental health effects of the model minority myth !!! yall stigmatize depression and wont talk about the high rates of suicide within Asian American women!!##

Yall dont give a SHIT about poor Asian people and Asian refugees or even Asian women’s rights and yall most certainly dont even want to ADMIT non-cishet Asian folks exist!!

Yeah I know. white people are rude to yall and hire yall less and pay yall less just like the rest of us but guess what!!!! youre still rich and you take up space and youre entitled as fuck!!!!!

Seventeen as things that have been said by my friends

S coups: “pac man is so stressful my heart is beating fast lmfao”

Jeonghan: “Next time you see him.you better tell him his dick is small”

Joshua: “When you’re just chilling on the couch in your pjs and a random boy comes in to walk ur grandpa’s dog”

Jun: “I want to be wearing that when the cops come to tell me that my 3rd rich husband Richard has died of mysterious causes, leaving me with nothing but but his gigantic house and his 300 million dollars”

Hoshi: “I’d put Nutella on anything”

Wonwoo: “Do you know a cool quote for my insta”

Woozi: “I just downed a glass of water and hoped for the best”

Dk: “look at these huge mnms”

Mingyu: “I’m throwing out this DISGUSTING ASS cereal Goodbye”

The8: “Just cause u know my name dont mean u know my game😤😤💯💯💯”

Seungkwan: “u dont even know me bitch”

Vernon: “I’ve been constipated for like 2 days and I just tried to poop… my ass is on fire”

Dino: “I’m drinking Capri sun 😊”

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things like building more factories or stores (which supplies more jobs) or repairing or improving workplaces or workplace incidents etcetc... so wouldn't that mean that technically they could make a billion dollars and only keep 300,000 dollars in income because the rest goes towards bills and the things mentioned before?

so for the first thing: theres a big misconception that socialism means the government gives people money when socialism has little to do with the government and is more about ending the exploitation and domination of the ruling class against the rest of us. its just a system where the proletariat (or 99% or whatever other terms for it people have) is in power/controlling the means of production. the government doesnt have to give anyone money or anything.

also the money capitalists use to build more factories is called capital, its the money they make off the labour of others that they can then transform into more profit for themselves. like the average worker doesnt have capital. if u work somewhere your wage will probably stay the same for a while (the minimum wage in america is $7.25 right now which btw is ridiculous and not a living wage) and shit but capitalists keep making bigger profits for themselves while keeping employees wages fixed. while obviously some money does go to paying bills and stuff like that theres still an amount of profit theyre getting just from exploiting labour of workers. if all the money went to bills then ceos of mcdonalds or other millionaire corporations wouldnt be incredibly wealthy while the average person in mcdonalds makes less than 8 dollars an hour. the only way u can be making thousands of dollars an hour while paying employees low wages is through exploitation, which is what socialists want to stop

also one of the reasons people even have enough money to build a factory/business and begin profiting off stuff is bc they already have a lot of money in the first place, while the average working class or poor person doesnt have capital they can put away to start a business. i say this because ppl often act like if ur tired of being exploited by ur boss or if u dont want to be poor you can start a business yourself but its near impossible for people without money to gain any upward mobility and our political system is also designed to protect the rich. 

also- regarding the thing about improving workplace conditions: capitalists usually will try to have the best way to make profit even if it involves unsafe working conditions or long hours. most reforms or improvements to workplace conditions or safety was won by working class movements. like the 8 hour work day that was won by working class socialists and anarchists, at the expense of some of their own lives (heres a thing on the haymarket martyrs and may day) ending child labour, safer working conditions, stopping sweatshops, higher minimum wage, govt regulations, these are all things that the bosses would never and have never given to workers willingly but had to be fought for. and a lot of these conditions still exist in other countries where companies can exploit people legally where working class movements havent been as successful. 

i hope this explained stuff a bit and shit im sorry this ended up being so long

Heres something I’ve recently come to realize about vanilla relationships, truly if they’re meant to be they will be. In a year, in 5 years, in 20 years, if you’re meant to be with someone you guys will come back together at some point. Thats why Im not worried about sugaring through the majority of my 20s and maybe even into my 30s, I bet that if I move back to my hometown in 15 years my ex will still be there doing the same shit and it will take exactly 2 seconds to get him back. Yeah I miss him and I wish we could just be together but I also want to travel and live this crazy luxury lifestyle, I know it could be forever but it could also just be a killer way to spend my 20s and then I can just go back to my regular life with the satisfaction that I did it. What I would regret would be moving in with my vanilla boo now and being a housewife at 19 for a guy who isn’t even rich, and then lets say 5 years down the line he decides to leave me and I just wasted my prime years on him. Thats what Im afraid of, Im not afraid of being away from him for awhile. I miss him a lot and I dont know if itll ever go away but i know Im spending my youth doing me and experiencing life the way I want to and that shit is awesome and Im so proud of myself. NEVER SETTLE. 

The AU no one wants but everyone needs (probably)

In which Eli and Izetta have a Nice Picnic while Alisha Takes over a New Country and Rose Kills a Man

Alternatively, in which Maki and Alisha Bond over being Rich, Fine Discovers Parfaits, and Rose Terrorizes a City

Or, in which Maki has to Live like a Peasant, Eli Drops a Giant Lance on Someone’s Head, and Hanayo Kills Rose for Riding an Alpaca

Notes: This is a crossover between Love Live, Shuumatsu no Izetta, and Tales of Zestiria. All three shows have a blonde princess (Eli’s basically a princess) and a red haired companion. That’s all this au is based on. Knowledge of any of these shows is not required

written with @cheesytoucans. We offer our sincerest apologies


  • They wake up in a space-time bubble. How did they get here? Who knows, who cares. Maybe the universe just really likes to put like things together, and everyone here is basically the same person right
  • They all gain some sense of each other’s worlds cause confusion is boring and we want to have fun here, we can’t have Eli being taken aback by magic for 4 paragraphs because that’s not what we’re here for
  • Blondes get in group together, nod approvingly. Red heads get in group, rose is disdainful towards maki, izetta tries to be a peacekeeper, it doesn’t work very well. Maki just wants to go home, Rose just wants to FIGHT
  • Suddenly the space-time bubble starts to shift and and move and looks like we’re switching worlds now

Fine + Rose -> Japan

Alisha + Maki -> Elystadt

Eli + Izetta -> Hyland

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Reaper76 au where Gabriel is a pirate and Jack is a boy from a rich family. Gabriel takes Jack aboard his ship to be held for ransom but to his surprise Jack is actually grateful. He was being forced to marry some person he didn't even know and now he wants to join Gabriel's crew. Now Gabriel is stuck with a hostage that refuses to even leave his ship. It's alright though because he ends up falling for Jack anyways.

Listen sometimes posts get eaten by my inbox and I just stumbled upon this today

I dont’ know when you sent me this or who you are

but thANK 

jesus i can’t believe–

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FAVORITE COLOR(S): banana yellow, pastel pink, turquoise, emerald green, royal purple, royal blue, light grey…i mean like i like all colors except orange tbh but even like a rich fiery red orange is a good color too

LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK: if i looked good in lipstick 100% but i dont so chapstick

LAST SONG I LISTENED TO:  Shine on You Crazy Diamond (full length)

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: wonder woman

TOP 3 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: ro/han kish/ibe, jos/uke higa/shikata, jean kir/stein

TOP 3 SHIPS: jota/han, josu/han, ere/jean

BOOKS I’M CURRENTLY READING: The Devil in the White City (for book club at work), trying to get through those jjba spinoffs

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im not going to deny that andrew hasnt had a decent-at-most character arc and that he kind of plays a role in the croix thing but even so i dont get why he isn’t a snobby rich girl who bats her eyelashes to get everything she wants. absolutely nothing would change

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I dont know who to ask, so i randomly ask you cause you're my favorite. sorry if my english makes you cringe. I want to try to audition in kpop agencies. I asked so many people. They said your life there will be guaranteed by the agencies. But I see idols like Ten, Bambam, Mark, Tzuyu, Mint (ex Tiny G), etc are from wealthy family. Are the agencies will guarantee my life (like a place to live, food, airplane ticket, etc) or i have to be rich? I really want to audition but i'm afraid

Pursuing an artistic career will always be risky, realistically speaking. However, if that’s what you really want to do and you think it’s the right choice, go for it. No successful artist ever really knew that they were going to be as huge as they were and many aren’t. They’re not failures, though because to me, they did what many can’t and worked for something they believed in. I think you should weigh out your personal pros and cons and make a decision to audition from there. Evaluate your own talent as well. Only after the first step can you really think about other points such as what the company will/will not cover, etc. 

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Why are you shaming sixpenceee for the things her relatives do? I feel no one arguing (it looks to be all middle-class white people) knows the reality of what it's like to live in poverty there.. I do not think it is right, but it's not something she can control? Maybe I missed important information, but..

You missed so much important information I can’t even really be mad at you like I want to.



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am wrong or not. what do you think as a jesiwh individual? or better yet, as a neutral person who was not involved... i later explained to her calmly what i exactly meant and how i dont want to imply she is an outright antisemite. she made it seem like im crazy, and then i replied with "oh" (the last convo was per chat). i'd like all opinions i can get.. thank you. (end)

no ur right and thats definitely antisemitic. even if she meant it as a good thing its still a stereotype that feeds into more really antisemitic conspiracy theories and shit about jewish people. and its definitely not the same as saying “rich white guy” especially if she said “jew” instead of “jewish guy”. im assuming she didnt mean to be antisemitic so im not saying shes like a horrible person but its still a kinda antisemitic thing to say just bc of the history behind that stereotype