i dont even want them in my town but i keep drawing them gOD

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HEY HEY HEY thanks for sendin asks!! there were so many good ones, sorry i could only answer a handful! forgot mobile users cant see the faq. i’ll copypaste it in a post in a sec.

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Guard Part 2

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Part One

“Your wife?!” Jax asked, all the brothers staring at Tig as he casually drank from his cup.
“Yup.” Tig said, picking up his fork and poking at the food on his tray. “Great woman.”
“What the fuck man?” Juice asked, his eye brows raised.
Tig sighed and pushed his tray away, leaning back into his chair.
“I didn’t know she was a guard. We got married in vegas and it was happy ever after for a few months before she left town. I haven’t seen her in years.”
The brothers nodded slowly, taking in the situation and turning their heads to look at you once again.
“Tig, man, this could help us.” Jax spoke lowly. “We need protection, your wife works here. She could help us.”
“No.” Tig said, wiping his mouth with a napkin.
“Brother,” Chibs said but Tig shook his head.
“I haven’t spoken to (y/n) in years, She’s not going to help us.” Tig said, looking at you as you leaned against the wall.
The brothers sighed and huddled together once more.

Your hands didn’t stop rubbing over the bare spot on your finger, where your wedding ring used to sit.
Jack nudged you and you jumped slightly, unaware that he had come up beside you.
“Shit, whats gotten into you?” He asked, chuckling lightly.
“Nothing!” You snapped and glared at him.
Your eyes wandered back to the table and you looked at Tig talking with his friends.
Every now and then you’d catch one of them looking at you and you’d blush and look away, but your eyes kept coming back to that table.
“You know them or something?” Jack asked quietly, his voice hushed.
“What? No of course not.” You said.
He raised an eyebrow and you sighed and fidgeted with your hands.
“The one with the black hair, blue eyes.” You said quietly and looked at your feet as Jack peered at the table.
You sighed again and ran your hand through your hair.
“Hes kinda my husband.” You said quietly.
You looked at Jack and saw his jaw had dropped and his eyes gone wide.
“Your husb-“ His outburst was cut off by your hitting his arm, drawing the attention of a few in mates nearby who snickered.
Shut up!” You hissed, dropping your hands to your sides and scanning the room.
“Your married? To a crim? What the fuck, (y/l/n)!” Jack whispered, disbelief and a hint of amusement in his voice.
“It was a drunken vegas thing.” You whispered. “We got drunk and got married, I was young. We stayed together for a few months and broke up, I haven’t seen him since.”
Your attention suddenly went to Tig, and you watched him stand.
“Uh, I gotta make a phone call.” He yelled across the room.
Jack shoved you forward and you tried to keep a calm face when he yelled “(y/l/n) Will take you.”

The hallway was quiet except for the sound of your footsteps as you walked towards the phones, Tig walking infant of you.
Your heart was beating rapidly and your palms were clammy and you wiped them on your pants nervously.
You reached the phones and gestured towards the first one.
Tig turned and looked at you, his eyes full of guilt.
“(Y/n),” He whispered.
You swallowed. “Youve got three minutes.” Your voice came out shaky and you cursed yourself before moving and leaning against the wall behind him.
“I.. I dont need to use the phone.”Tig said, turning towards you.
You scoffed. Of course.
“What are you doing, Tig?” You asked and crossed your arms over your chest.
“I just wanted to talk to my wife.” He said quietly.
“Im not your wife, Tig, not anymore.” You said quietly.
“I dont remember signing the divorce papers, doll. Last I checked you were still my wife.”
“Im not your wife, Tig, I stopped being your wife years ago.” Your voice went cold.
“Oh you mean when you skipped town? Left me alone in that house?” His voice was angry and you shrunk against the wall.
“I had to leave, Tig!” You said, your voice rising.
“Why? You couldn’t handle the fact that you married a stranger?” He snarled.
“No because I was falling in love with you!” Your hands dropped to your sides and your clenched your fists as you stared at him.
You both stared at each other, your eyes wide.

“You left me because you were falling in love with me?” He whispered.
You groaned and leaned against the wall.
“I didn’t know what to do, Tig. We didn’t even know each other, we only got married cause we were drunk and horny! And then I found myself falling for you and I knew it was all just a fun game to you. I was pregnant, Tig, I didn’t know what to do.”
“You were pregnant?” He asked quietly.
You nodded as a tear rolled down your cheek. “I lost the baby, four months after I left.”
“Baby,” Tig whispered, stepping closer to you.
“No, stop. You don’t get to call me that.” You said, wiping the tears from your face.
“You need to return to the cafeteria, inmate.”
Tig looked at you with sadness in his eyes. He stepped closer, his hands reaching to your hips.
“Inmate, step away.” You said, your voice shaking.
His hands pressed against your hips and he moved so his chest was touching yours.
You could feel his hot breath on your lips and you gulped, your mouth suddenly going dry.
You stepped back and he followed making your back press against the cold wall.
His body pushed against yours and you felt yourself begin to tremble.
“Baby,” He whispered.
You stared into his eyes, bluer than the ocean.
His lips hovered over yours, and you closed your eyes and moved your head forward slowly.

Lightning filled your lips as they met his and you gasped. His tongue licked along your lips slowly and his hands clutched at your shirt.
Your hands gripped his hair, pulling gently at the tight black curls.
Your  lips moved with his, soft and sweet as you both clung desperately to each other.
“Tig.” you whispered against his lips, pulling his head back gently.
He pulled back and looked at you, his eyes filled with hunger.
“I had fallen for you, (y/n). I was so in love with you, I still am.” He whispered.
You pressed your lips against his once more and he kissed you back deeply. You moaned softly at his touch before pushing him away again.
“You love me?” You whispered.
He nodded, his eyes never leaving yours. “Ive tried to get over you, (y/n). Ive tried so hard. But your always on my mind, Always the first thing I think of when I wake up.”
“I love you, Tig. God Ive been in love with you this whole time.” You whispered.
He smiled at you.
“Who woulda thought my wife would fall in love with me?” He laughed and you joined him, blushing slightly.
“What are you in for, Tiggy?” You asked quietly, running your hands over his shoulder.
His mouth opened and he began to speak when the sound of footsteps filled the hallway.
Tig stepped away from you and you smoothed your hands over your shirt.
You could hear the sound of other inmates talking as they began to flow into the corridor.
“My club is in trouble, doll. We need your help.” He said quietly.
You looked at him, with a puzzled expression.
“Theres people that want us dead, (y/n), we need protection.”

hkthyproxy  asked:

Mostly the s/o being the bodyguard, sorry to bother btw.. Plus you have good drawings. QwQ

Original ask:  Headcanons for a bodyguard s/o with Mccree, Hanzo and Zenyatta?

Thank you for messaging me back and clarifying! I wanted to make sure that i got it right! Also, i promise you that you are never a bother! i would not have made this blog if i thought of things that way. Thank you for the compliment on my artwork too! I have been struggling with some bad art block so that helps a lot!


  • This man does not think he needs a bodygaurd. He is a former blackwatch agent for gods sake!
  • Unfortunately for him, the undercover mission requires that he has one
  • he has to play the part of the rich southern gentleman and gain the trust of some very suspicious people
  • part of gaining their trust is acting as if he has no idea how to defend himself
    •  he even has to fake not knowing how to use a gun and miss all of his targets at the shooting range
  • that is where you step in
  • you are acting as his confidant and bodyguard
  • he is really pissy about this, mainly because he would love to play the part of being your knight in shining armor, not have it the other way around
  • the only good thing to come out of this is the fact that you two have to stay near one another nearly 24/7, and you two do enjoy each others company
  • plus he thinks its hot when you punch someone out who tried to hurt him


  • Hanzo is a lot more willing to accept you as a bodyguard than Mccree was, but this does not mean he is happy with it
  • you are not even a official bodyguard, you just dubbed yourself one after you had to pick him up from a bar once and he was a bit too tipsy to finish the fight with the sightly less tipsy guy
  • he knows you mostly mean it as a joke, but he still doesn’t want you to think that you have to protect him
    • he also may have a bit of a hero complex and wants to be the one to swoop in and save you
  • he ends up returning the favor when someone is flanking you and you haven’t noticed them yet.
  • when you do finally notice the person is there  they are on the floor with an arrow in them, allowing you to continue on with the mission directive


  • Genji suggested, after what happened with Mondatta, that the monastery should look into having someone on the grounds for protection
  • you are less of a bodyguard specifically for Zenyatta, and more of a very well trained security officer trying to help the peaceful omnics
  • you dont really get called Zenyattas bodyguard until after an incident in the town near the monastery
    • you were out shopping at a market in order to gather food for the coming week and Zenyatta asked to join you
    • while you were out, someone tried to attack Zen, but wasnt even able to get close to him before you took action
    • after that, no one really bothered Zenyatta or any other omnics that you went out with
  • Zenyatta is very grateful for your presence and help in keeping his brothers and sisters safe
  • He tries to take you out somewhere nice as often as he can as a show of thanks 
  • those outing started out as just ‘thank yous’ and soon turned into regular dates
Pretty long talk about the Shirt Club episode of SU

Doing a “little talk” about the latest episode of Steven Universe because I really feel I need to having in mind I have an extremly distant relationship with my own father, so I had some found feelings on this, also, excuse my english becuase I been told, sometimes is hard read my stuff.

I keep seeing people throwing around the ball of blame between Buck and Dewey about who was more jerk about the whole thing.

Is Dewey a bad distant father that doesn’t care for his son’s interests and only on his mayor duties? or is it Buck a selfish teenager that don’t try giving his parent a chance and reflected those feelings on Steven’s relationship with his dad?

You can actually say is a bit of both and also not.

We have already seen that Buck clearly is resentful about his dad don’t putting him enough attention from the episode of “Lars and the cool kids”, so yes, Dewey probably has put certlainly a lot of attention on his mayor career than his relationship with his son and that he probably don’t understand a lot of the things he is interested now as a teenager.

Dewey is a politician and we can see he has great interest in trying to be the best mayor he can, yeah he is awkward, nervious and likely not the very best mayor the city has had, but he honestly try to keep things in orden even if he can’t save face from people noticing he is quite a bumbling mayor.

That’s why this is exactly why I feel he really love Buck but he is just a huge mess that doesn’t know how to express it

Dewey keep a huge box filled with copies of a draw his son made probably around Steven’s age for one of his campaigns.

We don’t know how many times Dewey has been mayor of Beach City, we don’t know if he has been actually re-elected before right now, or if the “Buck Dewey” from “Story For Steven” was Dewey’s father and likely previous mayor of the town, but as Dewey said, this is teh family bussines.

In my opinion, this draw was likely done by Buck before his dad has been mayor or probably after the first time he has been elected, this is something Buck probably made for Dewey after seeing how his dad would put so much efford doing all his own promotional material for his little campaign and then one day Buck goes to him and show him this saying he is sure he can win because he is the best and also the best dad and that’s all it counts right? and what is what does Dewey then?? He make a tons of copies of it and use them for his campaign, in place of trying making more professional posters to use, he use the ones his son made for this, he don’t care if it may make him look dump or silly, his son made this and he is so happy for it.

And as I said, we don’t know if that was Dewey’s first time running for mayor or had already been one, but maybe this does give him a good level of self confidence, his son loves him and believes he can be a good mayor as he is a dad, and if Dewey’s father indeed had been a mayor before (and a GOOD ONE to bother), he probably thinks, why can’t he? so maybe Dewey become mayor and keep running for it and for keep getting re-electing. The only thing Dewey know for sure there is that people trust him to keep them well and he will do just that.

Here is where Buck enter, when he probably was younger and happy because his dad is doing what he has always wanted, but with the time pass, he notice Dewey can’t give him as much attention as he used to, so Buck start growing resentful to both his dad AND his position as mayor, which Buck has said to use on his defense in “Joyride“ because “he is the mayor’s son“, if his dad is gonna be giving all his attantion to that job, then buck is gonna try having some benefits from it even if he hates it.

Dewey as many parents, doesn’t understand why his son’s attitude has changed from before, so he try connecting with him in the only way his own father tried connecting with him, with politics.

“I think it’s swell you’re returning to the family business, son! Wanna help your old man get re-elected again, eh??”
“It’s NOT campaign stuff, dad. Steven and I are making ART.”
“I don’t understand it myself, but a boy’s gotta have interest and ambition.”

Dewey is still the extremly bumbling mayor we have been seen this whole time, he can’t see why re-connecting with his son via politics doesn’t work, and it probably keep making it worse without him knowing why, but he let his son still use whatever he has of material for a personal use even if will have nothing to do with politics, because his son has his mind on a project and he cares for it even if he doesn’t understand it or Buck’t don’t wanna try explain more, so he let him be.

I think is preatty easy understand why Buck then made a a big joke about Steven’s draw and the shirts for Greg’s class, Buck reflects his feelings for his dad’s job on Steven’s situation, because right now Steven may be happily helping his dad on this new bussines, but what about if it started taking all of Greg’s time, then Steven maybe wouldn’t have wanted to help him in first place.

In the end we can see after Steven start shooting the new shirts, Buck being in between his friends laughing about his dad’s shirt and Dewey is still not humiliated by people making fun of him, Dewey is happy of seeing that draw on this shirt, he don’t care for anything else becuase he is just thinking he is connecting again with his son in a way he understand.

Buck can be angry at his dad for not giving him enough attention, that’s normal and good for the situation, but he still loves him, he don’t want people to make fun of him for real and he too wants to connect with him again, he want his dad to be there with him,