i dont even understand u


i made little tata & chimmy pins to put on my bag~
((actually chimmy is for a friend, tata for me~~))

  • someone about my OTP: i don’t like that ship
  • rational me: that’s okay, not everyone ships the same thing
  • me on the inside: (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง •̀_•́)

1) you could have saved three lines and just said no homo instead and 2) you literally called George a sex god stop with this ‘I’m blind to attractive guys’ thing


i just saw a tweet comparing kavinsky to riko/drake and i need to RantTM bc how Wrong can u get lmao. tw suicide and mentall illness lets go

first of all!!! motherfuckers!!!!!!! why do u hate mentally ill people??? secondly!!!! are you aware of this insane notion!!!! that people can make Mistakes? and you dont even gotta forgive them!! you just gotta Understand!! Listen, YOU GOTTA

i know, i know you dont want to!! its easy to write off violent people as abusive, its easy to go against people displaying negative symptoms of mental illness! it’s easier to hate someone but LISTEN its toxic as fuck and you’re feeding a toxic and disturbing ideology. 

kavinsky was a fucking KID, he was a teenager!! do you realize how self destructive he was, do you realize!!! he committed!!! fucking public suicide!! yall singing support for suicidal ppl but villainize the kid who literally had a mental breakdown and set himself on fi r e

i know its fucking hard 4 u to comprehend that ur faves aren’t The Greatest and Purest but guys what!! all ur fucking protagonists, all ur “good guys” were judgemental Assholes to kavinsky :))) gansey literally called him soulless :)) does that remind you of a description of someone else from the aftg series?? ya no it wasn’t drake or riko. it was actually ur precious andrew :)) remember when nicky called him soulless also???? ahahah but naaaah kavinsky is most like riko and drake bc??? hes the antagonist and yall cant grasp nuance and dubious morality ok!!!! idk why yall are under the impression that kavinsky was treated well as a mentally ill character or even that he was written well. i dont even understand how u can compare trc and aftg when literally the only characters who would fit in the atfg world are kavinsky and ronan and adam and trust me, none of them would be the antagonists or compared to riko and drake.

heres the thing. kavinsky never canonically raped anyone so dont compare him to a fucking rapist who preyed on kids. i know i know!!! he said that consent is overrated!!!! guess what!!!!!!!!!!! it makes him a dick but it doesnt make him a rapist. 

kavinsky is manipulative, hes self destructive, god knows he lashes out violently but hey!! HEY!!!! those are symptoms! of! more! than! one! mental! illness!!!! im sorry but you can’t!! you fucking cant cast kavinsky as ur psychotic antagonist if you fail to understand that psychosis is a real life thing. destroy ur idea of the soft cushy mentally ill aesthetic. mentally ill people lash out violently. mentally ill people are irrational, we can be manipulative. i know yall love ignoring the more uncomfortable symptoms of mental illness and you love your “not all mentally ill people are violent!!” rhetoric but guess what!!! some of us are!!!! don’t cast us aside bc its easier to embrace the parts of mental illness that u can grasp

kavinsky was a queer, mentally ill, suicidal teenage boy who lashed out and finally killed himself because the person he was in love with said he wasn’t enough and never would be. you realize that right? that kavinsky killed himself. he took his own life purposely. and when he died, everyone forgot him, he was barely mentioned again, what a great moral to that story

yall keep pulling out made up assumptions out of ur asses but forget that kavinsky put himself out there for ronan, who knows how long he spent teaching ronan how to be a dream thief and he hoped and he wanted ronan to stay with him but ronan said no, ronan said this was never going to happen, after using kavinsky to learn how to control his dreams, he said “it was never going to be you and me.” i love ronan but god that was a dick move

kavinsky was so obviously in love with ronan and yes, his love manifested in manipulative and manic ways but please for the love of GOD stop demonizing this kid. LISTEN if you’re chill with andrew drugging neil without his consent bc andrew’s trauma has made him paranoid but you drag kavinsky, ur a fucking hypocrite. was kavinsky Moral and Good?? god no. does he deserve suicide and being called abusive and a rapist? no!!!! people change, people grow up, people go to rehab!!!!! the fact that kavinsky never even had a fucking chance is the most tragic thing in this entire god forsaken series

in conclusion, fuck all of you who conveniently forget kavinsky saved ronan from the night horror and taught him how to control his dreams and all he got was a fuck you and a dismissal. dont fucking come near me if you’re okay with andrew from atfg but demonize kavinsky bc ur fuckign trash 

this whole endogenic sys things is like

“I have endogenic did and no symptoms of it but if u tell me i dont have it ur gatekeeping!” thats what endo systems are saying, they dont have diagnostic criteria for any system disorder, and they dont have any symptoms, but theyre claiming to have it, thats not gatekeeping if we tell you that you dont have the disorder that you fit NONE of the criteri for, would you do it w any other disorder?? then dont do it w did/osdd!! dont!!

one of the criteria is you MUST have trauma to have a system, trauma could be repressed or forgotten or not considered “enough” by you but it must be present so even if u dont wanna relive it i understand but dont use the term endogenic becaus thats just wrong its incorrect and spreading more lies so


pumpkinquake  asked:

your gifs are always so pretty, i was wondering if you could do a colouring tutorial or had a psd you would be willing to share?

omgosh this is so kind??? <3 thank you ily alot!!! 

usually the way i colour for each gif is completely different but a few of my go to psds are this this this and this and for a less pale colouring i use this sometimes 

if i find a scene is too blue or red etc i use selective colours to even out the tones a bit, and curves to change the contrast. also i find gifs immediately look ten times better at 0.05 (but that’s just my opinion),,,if there’s a specific gifset you like message me and maybe i can be a bit more specific about the colouring!! <3