i dont even totally ship this

Okay so imagine your OTP went to the dog park and when Person A is ready to leave they call their dog, but a totally different dog runs over. Confused Person A calls again only to have Person B walk over with Person A’s dog. And Person B says “I’m assuming this is your dog; well you certainly have good taste in names. Mine’s Person B.”

In Regards to the VLD Recent Age Confirmation

Keith is 18

Lance is 17

Keith and Lance dating? Cool beans bro I totally get it. You know, Klance art is some of the best art I’ve seen.

Keith is 18

Shiro is 25

Keith and Shiro dating? Cool beans bro I totally get it. You know, Sheith art is the fuckin bomb even if there may be less of it.

Any ship ever in Voltron? Cool beans bro I totally get it

Shalladin? Cool beans bro I totally get it

Not shipping anything and caring about other stuff? Cool beans bro I totally get it

Multishipping? Cool beans bro that’s one of the better ways to go about this (other than not getting involved at all).

Party at my place, let’s talk this shit out. we can all choose to ship whatever we want, and not wanting to ship anything is totally cool as well. Let’s chill in a blow up baby pool, eat some pizza, and maybe have a civil exchange. Thank


im gonna draw any shit from any musical u want, nerds

da rules:
• u gotta b following me (im def gonna make sure u are my guy)
• u gotta reblog (likes dont count dude)
• that’s all, bros

I will draw:
• pretty much anything
• your favorite underrated musical that nobody even knows? yeah
• your favorite extremely popular musical that you’re afraid to ask for fanart of because you’ll think you’re being annoying? totally, hmu
• porn? maybe. depends on the ship. also im a minor so if getting that shit from me bothers u don’t ask for it

I wont draw:
• incest
• r***pe
• characters using slurs
• furries (or dolphins guys dont make me ple a s e)

that’s all! I’m gonna pick the winner on June 3rd, 2017!

Unpopular opinion: I honestly never saw the “chemistry” or attraction between s.terek… Like at all….

i really like jarco because usually in a lot of other shows or media, the main guy crushes on some popular, bitchy, or unattainable girl for a long period of time, but they either never end up being a couple or the girl turns out to be mean, etc.

but here, jackie is totally cool and awesome, and they simply just ended up being a nice cute couple, and they’re pretty happy!! simple and sweet. it feels pretty refreshing to me 

Another thing: Star and Jackie get along very nicely, which is usually very rare in these love triangle situations, which is good bc they don’t have a reason to hate each other. They’re just two cool nice gals

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"Standing quietly together in the kitchen" OTP prompt is totally legit re: Huma. I could see it happening at the end of Uma's shift at Ursula's when the place is finally closed. WDYT? Your Huma headcanons got me shipping them TBH! If they don't get together in Descendants 3, I'll be mad as hell.

harry’s probably the only one allowed in the shop after hours bc he comes after her shift all the time if he’s not already there. he helps her clean up without asking and when everything is clean they’ll just stand together with uma leaning against his shoulder. they don’t say anything and he just let’s her relax for a moment. he rests his hand on her head, softly petting her braids or twirling one of them between his fingers. they have moments like that when they’re in the kitchen a lot bc even though affection is frowned upon on the isles, uma doesn’t have any qualms about tender touching when it’s just the two of them. it’s a sort of silent affirmation between the two of them, an i love you without saying it (until they’re off the isles at least).

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"ugly doctor/patient ship" holy shit you haters are disgusting, i wonder why i still use tumblr these days, anything thats not a homo relationship its trouble for tumblr people. i was totally disgusted seeing the amount of questions sent to mercy VA about pharmercy, like lmao sending shipping questions to VA is so pathetic, just fyi people would leave you alone if you could gtfo of gen/cy tag and shit with your hate xthx

im not in the gency tag u fucking moron you wanna talk about pathetic? someone hiding behind the anon feature to send anon hate to someone about pharmercy (TO WHICH I DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT LMAO) bc they don’t like seeing valid criticism of their stale bread straight ship when all they gotta do is ignore it or just go to /tagged/gency, will yall grow up and stop whining and sending me anons to fuel ur pathetic ship war so gency will “ALWAYS BE SUPERIOR uwu”, ur so annoying

aw dangit

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Hi! I heard that you're open for requests. I'm total hamiltrash and for some reason I ship Hamilton and Laurens. Is it ok if you draw them together? Or at least just both of them? It doesn't really matter. And if you don't ship them, it's fine by me. Separate drawings are ok. I just really love your art style ❤️ Salamat! 😉 (And take your time, I'm totally fine with that!

here you go bby ! and ohman i ship these nerds to the moon and back u dont even know. and aaww thank you! i hope u like em C:

Send in Valentine's Day Headcanons!!

So since tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day and I’m single af what better way to spend it than by obsessing over otps?? even tho that’s what we do every day 

I was thinking that for Valentine’s Day (and I totally want to interact with u guys more like pls i dont bite I swear) you could all send in various headcanons about all of our favorite yoi otps (Valentine’s Day related or not) and freak out over them together !!! 

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OH! I can't believe I forgot to mention this in my review, I love the small bit of Kim-Marinette interacting and being old friends. I love to hc that they used to hang out, especially since Kim likes to do bunny ears to Marinette in pictures. Thanks for putting that in, I don't see that too often.


YES 10000% THIS

Reflekta was the reason that i started hc them like that too. 

Also Animan. There’s like a fondness in her eyes when she waves at Kim and Max. And she is very much comfortable with them, she even giggles when Kim tries to put an act in front of her. If it wasnt for Alya she would have totally spent her afternooon with them.

Thank you so much you liked it! Tbh Im usually trash of my own headcanons so it’s very likely that, in next works, i will still slide that one into them :D

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Sophie, I dont know what's happening to me, but I cant see Camila and Lauren as a couple anymore. I dont know if it's this t*ren shit or the super straight camila in the guess campaign ... but I cant even read fanfic, I dont know, it's like I think they dont match anymore! Omg! But I do not want to leave the boat after all these years. what do I do? 😥

I don’t know sweets - give it some time maybe. Sometimes I can’t imagine Lauren and Camila together but then the other day with that fake Camila video and Lauren’s laugh in the background I could totally imagine them actually getting back together. It’s also okay if you only ship them for what they used to be because you will always have pictures and videos of that time - but I get that it’s hard to picture them together now when there’s literally nothing except indirects to feed off from

Two Blue Diamonds

 Ok i realize that yes this is totally not haikyuu related but im like obsessed with voltron and haikyuu and i saw this prompt and i couldnt not so sorry my haikyuu followers!! This prompt was written by @fangirliestgirl​ and i loved it and augh. So if you dont want to read northing haikyuu related dont read further. Also i’ll be taking fanfic requests on any haikyuu ships. (Even if i dont ship them) 

Its no surprise after spending hours fighting an alien monster on a nearby planet he team was worn to the bone. Non of them could even make it to their own rooms to change from their gear so there they all stood in the hangers changing room prying off bits of armor with sore arms.Lance finished by pulling of his chest armor. Rubbing his sore muscles and began to lift his shirt up to change into his white and blue one. pulling his shirt above his head and off of his arms a slight chill ran up his back. He looked up to see his team staring at his stomach, or more specifically his navel.

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Hear me out, OiBoKuroDai college au where they all live together; imagine the mess and the complaints from the neighbours 8D (and if you're worried for Iwa-chan and Akaashi, just ship them together and everything's sorted /coughs/)

!! !!! !!


First of all, polyamorous ships are totally my thing oh gosh.
Secondly, that is the greatest idea ever.
Thirdly, I see you’re still trying to put your IwaAka ship everywhere haha I love you. <3

I’m sorry I’m so sorry but I’ve been thinking about it for DAYS oh gosh sorry!! 

I like to think Kuroo was the one to start that mess. Because during his 1st year of university he’ll meet Oikawa in one of his classes and they’ll start to hang out and he’ll really enjoy his time with him but? He’ll feel confused? Because he has a thing for Daichi too? But he also considers Bokuto as his best friend and the person he wants to end his life with (he just doesn’t realise he’s feeling more than friendship for Bokuto yet haha)? He is just super confused by what he’s feeling.

And after a few useless conversations with Kenma (“come on Kuroo don’t ask me, ask them”), he decids to talk about it with the three of them and it’s awkward as hell at first but they still want to try it out? Living together and all of that.

And none of them know how but it works very well and they really like each other so. Yeah. This is basically how they start their relationship during uni.


  • Oikawa and Bokuto are a little shy together at first because they don’t know each other at all and after Kuroo forces them to spend time together they realise they love each other’s company. AND OIKAWA IS REALLY HAPPY BECAUSE BOKUTO IS ALWAYS EXCITED TO WATCH ALIENS DOCUMENTARIES WITH HIM. He’ll always throw his hands in the air while shouting “ALIENS” when Oikawa talks about them.
  • None of them know how to cook but Daichi is the only one who really doesn’t want to eat junk food every night so he tried to establish a new rule so everybody has to cook at least once in the week but unfortunately he is the one totally failing at this rule because what he cooks is always terrible. Kuroo often tease him about it.
  • Their flat has one living room with a kitchenette, one bathroom an two bedrooms (they can manage to pay the rent because they’re four). They always try to sleep together but sometimes when it’s too hot they can’t stay close (because it’s way too hot) so they just split into two pairs and two of them go to sleep in the other room. But they really don’t like to do that.
  • Usually when two of them has to go to the other bedroom they all start to make out and be noisy so the other pair will feel jealous. It ends as a competition of who is going to make his partner come first. (Kuroo always wins, always)
  • Bokuto is always complaining to be late in class because of Oikawa because he stays in the bathroom for too long but actually it’s his fault because he just spend as much time as Oikawa in front of the mirror fixing his hair.
  • Daichi often feels like he’s the guardian of three children, especially when he comes back to class and he sees them hiding under a pillow fort. But he actually really enjoys that and he often makes plans in his head to build better pillow forts. He just doesn’t say them out loud.
  • Once Bokuto, Oikawa and Daichi tried to put Kuroo’s hair down with gel and it worked for a whole afternoon but it was really strange and they swore to never do that again.
  • Sometimes Daichi is studying in the library and he thinks about his relationship and the fact that he’s sleeping with four men and he starts to freak out like “I can’t believe it’s happening to me?? I am in love with FOUR people?? And we Live together?? what am I doing??” but when he comes home and he sees Kuroo sitting in the couch with the TV remote in one hand and the other in his pants and he hears Bokuto and Oikawa greeting him with a “Captain-chan ~” and a “HEY HEY HEY”, he feels like it’s the best decision he’s ever made.
  • THEY ARE ALWAYS TOO NOISY ABOUT EVERYTHING. When they cook, they often shout at each other (”don’t touch that pan Kuroo I am the one cooking”, “yeah but look you forgot to put -” “I SAID DON’T TOUCH I AM THE ONE COOKING”, “Oi! Bokuto, Kuroo! Stop shouting!”, “BUT HE’S THE ONE WHO STARED IT!”). When they’re watching TV, Oikawa is always screaming if it’s a horror film and Daichi is always laughing too loud when it’s a comedy. 
    But the worst is when they’re having sex. The neighbours still think they’re just playing together but they won’t anymore if they keep groaning and moaning as much as they do.
  • KUROO MAKES THEM ADOPT A KITTEN and they all pick a different name so in front of people that cat is called “cat” but when they’re at home alone they all call the kitten by the name they chose and the goal is to make the cat comes towards them so they always end up at the four corners of the living room shouting “COME HERE HAWKEYE!!!”, “NO COME THIS WAY IWA-CHAN!!” (Oikawa is always cheating because he always hide food in his hands).

about their friends

Not a lot of people know about their real relationship, most only know they live together but:

  • When Kuroo first told Kenma about it Kenma just sighed because oh god Kuroo, how did you manage to get involved with three other people, I can’t believe it. But he totally accepts his choice of course. He doesn’t come to visit often because while he can stand Daichi, Oikawa and Bokuto are too much for him and to stay one hour with them makes him want to crawl in his bed for two weeks to rest.
  • When Daichi told Asahi and Suga, they were together at their favourite ramen place. He was really embarrassed and blushed very hard when he said he was in a relationship with all of them. Asahi almost choked on his food and Suga just laughed very hard. Later that night he received an email from Suga which said “so, how does sex work with four people then?”. He almost died of suffocation because of how hard he face-planted his face in his pillow.
  • Iwa-chan still can’t believe Oikawa is with not one but three people? He often teases Oikawa by saying “I can’t believe you’ve found three guys who can stand your shitty personality and your aliens”.
  • Akaashi just thanks god that Daichi is here because Bokuto with Kuroo and Oikawa? It could only end in a disaster.
  • Iwaizumi and Akaashi often hang with the four of them and they often jokes about them and how they can live together but after a while they exchange their phone numbers so they can complain about their friends. Then they start to talk a lot about them by emails and then they start to meet at parks and restaurants to talk about them and before they know it they go on dates and talk about other things and that’s how they begin to date.
    They are the only people sane there, it was only logical that they end up liking each other.


Damn bruh,
The riverdale fandom has gotten toxic af
Everytime i look at any of the tags its all like:
“This character is the devil incarnate”
“Why is everybody defending this character?”
“I dont care if theyre all supposed to dumbass teenagers. They should be shot”
“I hate this character! And everybody else should too”
“This character fucked up once. They are now totally unredeemable, even if they bring about world peace”
Like can we all just chhhhhhiiiiiiilllll
We all got opinions

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Did you know that Honezuki's 'favorite thing' on his info page is giving or receiving messages?

I did know!!!!! He’s so soft, honestly ;u; was that a pun maybe it was

Anon said: Bleh I’m trying to read the bnha manga on kissmanga but every time I change the chapter It gives me a pop up and I’m reading on mobile so I can’t block it .-. I really don’t think I’m gonna be able to read it

How about you try using mangasee? Or mangareader? Or mangahere? Honestly I really don’t like kissmanga anyway, there’s a lot of better sites around hah

Anon said:  Omg fran every time i see ur notifications i get so happy thx for existing

HHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 thank u

Anon said: The moment you posted that new Bakushima I just HAD to set it as my lock screen. I jump every time you post a picture, I get so excited. And I’m never disappointed. Thank you for all of your content!!


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Me: hey I don’t like bughead because I prefer asexual jughead-


Me: yo you’re totally right, my bad, I meant aroace jughead-


Me: what