i dont even think you guys know



I mean, I love you… but holy shit. I never even dreamed of anything like this. 

PLEASE tell me. What can I, as a thankful writer, do for you guys?

guys all i can think about is that first kitchen scene, where even decides fuck it, i’m gonna go for it, and they almost almost almost kiss…like can you imagine the fucking overwhelming amount of emotions they were both feeling??? isak’s not entirely sober and neither is even so they’re both a little fuzzy in the head, but the closer even gets to isak, the sharper his thoughts become until all he can think is why is so close oh my god i can smell him i can feel his breath is - is he about to kiss me? what the fuck is he going to kiss me is he going to kiss me is he  - and isak’s heart is probably beating a million times an hour, and his stomach is probably flopping, and his muscles are all tense bc WHAT THE FUCK!!! and he didn’t realize how badly he wanted this till now but its happening, and oh fuck, is he ready for this?? its sort of terrifying??? and even. he’s just throwing it all out there, he’s liked this guy for so long, and he has a fucking girlfriend, and here he is just putting it out there. saying yes i like you and i want to kiss you. this is the point of no return, and you can BET his stomach is just as bad as isak’s, he’s got just as many butterflies and his heart is racing just as fast but just because he’s also scared that isak doesn’t want him back?? sort of like im gonna get closer - he’s not moving - what if he doesn’t kiss me back and i ruin my 4 year relationship for nothing? what if he doesn’t like me? what if ive been a fool this whole time? what if - but he keeps moving closer and closer and closer and its about to happen, and they’re both about to figure out what exactly their relationship is, they’re about to figure out if they’re gonna go for it or not, they’re both going to -

and then noora gets here.

all of this is packed into such a quiet, stagnant little scene and you probably dont realize how much is in there till you think about it. ahhhhh

Not even trying to sound cocky at all because I dont think im hot shit or anything but there have been a lot of guys since I came out that have been interested in me and it blows because I cant see myself with them at all and it sucks because it would be nice if I could but its not worth pursuing someone just because I can ... why test the waters when you know it wont work out and it will only hurt them?... pretty common with gay people... thats something most straight people dont understand... the sheer low quantity of gay people especially out gay people leads to the impossibility of experimentative dating nevermind relationships... straight people in their late teens and early 20's get the opportunity to go on hundreds of dates in a span of 7 years but gay guys don't have that chance. And the dates they do go on are often because both people are gay and not because of compatibility... which is also why dating in late teen early 20 gay culture is so catty and childish because almost all gay guys didnt have the opportunity to get their toxic and immature relationship phase out of the way in late middle school and all of high school... which leads to an inexperienced mindset when it comes to dating and an overly sexualized set of goals which lessens the chance of an already statistically improbably successful date/relationship opportunity... so even besides the quantity aspect that is hindered by only 7 percent of the population being queer and 2.5 percent total being gay men, we fuck everything up because we didnt go through the norms associated with dating as we grew up... so next time a straight person tells a gay or queer person, "Why aren't you dating anyone? You must not want to because youre so cute its obviously not hard for someone to like you." Think again.

oh my god guys ! 800 followers? this is so crazy ! it might not seem like alot to some people, but to me, holy shit. i dont even think i know 800 people irl. when i started my blog back in april, i didnt think that i would even get 10 followers. now, over 800 people judge me on every post i make,,, oh god. i consider all of you my friends, and i love every one of you i s2g

alright enough with the sappy shit, now onto the follow forever

first, people who i talk to/am friends with ! (in no particular order, or alphabetical order, screw that)

@punkisdead-lee i love you so damn much and you are the best girlfriend ever ever ever, together forever baby.(yes ofc youre first you nerd)
@danaesthetically-milo youre a great dude and i love talking to you and having late night facetimes with you omg (dont forget about our dog babies)
@cluelesslester-shreya omg youre honestly so sweet and amazing and we are shrek buddies and i love talking to you sm
@fiercehowell@angelphannie@lovebirdlester,@becausedodie,@gayeclipse, @sleeplesslester, @lesterp, @nasaphil, @energeticwarrior, @starinorbit, @volcaniclester- i love each and every one of you, you guys are the best friends ever omg, our gc is fire tbh
@vciero666- aj ! you help me through so much and youre so beautiful and one of the first internet friends i ever got, so thank you for being there for me !!
@abeautifultragic- bri omg! youre the sweetest person i have ever met. and even through bad times, youre so positive and youve influenced me sm and taught me to be happy, ily
@have-a-balloon- fellow queen of enid, youre so fuckin positive and happy, and i wanna grow up to be just like you hhahahahah omg, but for real, youre such a great friend, and ilysm, and we gotta meet someday soon so we can die over gerard way n joshler
@theaterdan-journey, youre a fuckface, but i love u anyway. our 3 day relationship was gREaT but for real, youre a fucking awesome friend, and youre always there for me, not to mention youre fuckin hilarious. love u man

now, here are people that have a+ content

@cringe-attacks (okay you replied to one of my asks when i had like, 20 followers and i flipped out so thank u for that)✨ @lesterdans ✨ @dantlers@thiccphil@winkwinkluke@howelldescent@eatglitterglue@princessdan@deadpeej@dansshibe@danisnotonfuego@leedle-leedle-lester@elliearmstrongg@paradisedan@shingekihowell@astronautdan  ✨ @dodie-oddle@yuri-howell@harryslovelylocks@denimnjh@cocacolalester@phanfathers@girlstalkfvesos@buttercupross@cursivehowell@starryhtml@regionalblurryface@kitchensinktoyou@twinkdan@punkedkittens@roughlester@demonphannie@brightphil@lmaohemmo@phanperra@hibernationhowell@omega-dan@lemongrasshowell@philtrashblr@maxsfreckles@sugardan@sugarlipslester@djhowellmemes@rydenpng@blackparadehowell@cliffosaurus@buildgxd@michaelgclifford@transbabyhowell@lukesphatass@accio-shitpost@imdeletingmyinternethistory@phanniephil@fairlylocalpilots@fairylightfluff@miles-the-meme@sunny-lester@ohhowellno ✨ @obsidianhowell ✨ @they-them@halseysource@grlstalkgrls@pastelmikey@nutmeghowell@ryan-ross-monstercock@gladsyoucame ✨ @fringegaps@sgfgluke@ughoakley  ✨ @alienkiddun@goddesslester@sinningforpanic@celestialcalums@falloutfrog@piercethegingerr@moonsbitch@planethowell@whendodie@vyou@writerlester 

again, thank you so fucking much for 800!!!
i love each and everyone of you

(sorry if i annoyed you with tagging you yikes)

Hate post about me, well thanks!

I just saw a hate post about me on a certain website I wont share! (Most people must know this useless website, im so sad for whoever is runing this blog I mean your life must be so sad to spread hate)

If you dont like my cc just dont come on my tumblr, you can even block me and I promise you won’t ear from me ever again!

By the way I’m not leaving! This kind of things dont get to me it actually makes me feel better about myself! I just think some people may be affected by the hate this website is spreading… and thats pretty annoying!

Guys, if you get hates dont be affected! For the one hater you got you have 100 nice people who apreciate you and what you do!

Just keep on doing what you do, if someone doesnt like it well who cares? As long as you are happy, keep it that way!

I wish you all a good day/night!

the argument that the souls games should be more accessible or have a difficulty selector is one ive heard a lot and while its not entirely wrong i know for certain the games would losing something by adding it

hidetaka miyazaki, the director of the series has gone on record saying multiple times that the point of the difficulty was never to make a “hard game for hardcore gamers” but instead as an aspect that draws you into the world

the plot of dark souls 1 in a nutshell is that you’re one of maybe hundreds of faceless nobodies attempting to fulfill a prophecy that most people dont even think is real

the very first guy you talk to laughs in your face when he realizes why you’re here and recommends you just give up like he did, because hes seen so many try and fail to be “the chosen one”

if you got dropped into the first level of dark souls or bloodborne and selected Very Easy when you started the game, you’d be slaughtering everything without breaking a sweat

this clashes so heavily with the oppressive feeling the level design and world is supposed to give off 

i understand that more people want to enjoy this series but to people that truly believe its inaccessible to them i implore you to consider that this is nearly everyone’s initial thought

the difficulty of these games was latched onto by the media circa 2011 and the publisher, namco bandai saw it as a great marketing opportunity, which is where the “prepare to die” slogan comes from

its not half as hard as some would like you to believe its a learning curve, and mastering it feels like not only an accomplishment on a personal level, but like a plot point for the games as well

your character, ____ the knight is supposed to be a shitty idiot, nobody believes in you and getting your shit slapped by Zombie Enemy #2 is appropriate and expected

but when ___ the knight kills the taurus demon, the player should feel as proud as the npcs are shocked

what im getting at is that the difficulty in these games is not a gatekeeper, its an aspect of the storytelling and world, and it sounds pretentious i know but without at least some challenge these games would absolutely lose the kick that made them popular

Last night I got pinned by the enemy Reinhardt and I completely accepted my fate but just as I was about to get squashed, a McCree appeared out of absolutely nowhere, flashbanged the guy, and saved my life.

I didn’t even know we had a McCree, but he came to save me in my time of need and I’m in love with him now.

Wow you ever pass by someone and you’re actually really startled by them just like in the two seconds you make eye contact cause there was like a super electric feeling out of nowhere and i actually gasped a little and he hesitated and smiled and like i got super butterflies and i dont even know him??
I think i sorta fell in love a little with some random guy, is what im saying

Do you notice the tooth?
You might not believe it, but we Vietnamese think that tooth is super cute. Unlike Westerner, we favor the tooth that is not so neat, as it is a real charm. I dont know why, but I share the same idea, people with that kind of tooth is just incredibly cute once they smile. Even for someone who is hard to please like me, I still feel my heart melt after seeing a smile like that once in a while. My first crush was a guy with a failed tooth like that, and dimple cheek, I shit you not I has a huge crush on him. Even now Im not sure if Im over it yet, but yeah you got the point.

However, only one tooth is cute, if its two then Im not sure lol

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I’m not really sure myself. Vance isn’t that bad of a character…but pple here just dont like him? 

I mean like sure, he’s an asshole. Sure, he’s an overly competitive, violent nuisance. Sure, he doesn’t even show any regret or guilt at how he kills the most innocent and pure boy anyone can ever come across. But that doesn’t make him a bad guy??

He’s just complicated I think. 

The World Can Always Use Small Heroes- Chapter 1: Reaper

This all started cause I accidentally told @white-dragoness I wanted a “Tiny Reaper” instead of writing a “Tiny Gaster” and I started thinking about it too much to let go, so I started this as a joke fic and it just kept going. I never even read a Reaper fic before, what has my life come to.

May or may not continue this, either with Reaper or other members of Overwatch. I don’t know what to think of it haha. Let me know your thoughts and if you think I should continue it.

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Frekt spørsmål - Rude question

Vilde - i hope you dont think This is a rude question, but is it true that you’re gay?

Isak - Where did you get that from?

Vilde - Someone said you and that guy Even from 3.grade hooked up?

Isak - Who said that?

Vilde - Someone in first grade heard it from Emma, who knows his girlfriend.

Sorry If its not true.
But its so cool If you are.
I love gays!

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Every cloud has a silver lining remember that.(if you dont know what that means just search it up :p)

I know what the meaning is and it’s sweet you said that to me.This quote is very helpful. If you guys don’t know what it means, here’s the meaning:

I think we all should keep this in mind if were feeling down or having a hard time, even if it rains there will always be a rainbow in the end.

Why i personally dont want Marco to be trans

Dont even try to argue with me on this smh
At least let me explain
While yeah, it would be interesting, and a huuuge step
I personally think itd be better if Marco not be trans?
Like, look. Do you know how much of a positive force Marco is for boys right now? Hes teaching boys that its okay to be feminine and that insecurities for guys are real, and that there is nothing wrong with feeling that. Turning Marco trans is taking that away from part of the audience. Its a much bigger step to have Marco not be trans.
So yeah, i dont think Marco should be trans. He does so much for the audience in general as is

Everyone is all like “grr Junkrat isn’t a cinnamon roll he is a psychotic criminal” and yeah sure, sure but he is

He is actually a greedy little arsehole that is most likely even self-righteous in his killing but really this lil basket of twats has, in canon quite a few times shown how protective he is of his best (albeit only)friend who he is extremely compassionate and playful towards, plus, though it was for his own benefit, he did show initiative to “go legit”. And, why would, other than maybe that life of crime getting too boring, somebody who’s so much of a murderous uncaring assbut actually wanna give up the crime spree to become a hired mercenary?

Junkrat is a fuckin cinnamon roll who is precious and just isn’t used to having friends plz love him you can be mean to him all you want but don’t think he’s so much of an asshole that he’s not able to be an interesting and flexible character.

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OK, so I am traveling by myself and I forgot my favorite stuffie. How can I forget something like that you say? Because I can be a bit scattered brained and I forgot to check that I had him silly! It happens. Anyway once I figured that I left him I started to freak out and messaged Mister on a desperate attempt for help and he helped me calm down and to find something to use until I got home. You guys he didnt even need to but he did this for me. Do you know how awesome that is? Thank you Mister

we sometimes tend to forget the value of simple words of calm and care… and that we are never alone. 

Many who follow me know exactly why I am here… some just think I’m the perfect daddy with a great voice..some with ulterior motives.. . and others, well I dont really know. Some even see me as untouchable or being in some great ivory tower like I’ll snap from being messaged without permission…..

….thats not the case.

 I get a variety of messages every day. Some interesting, some heart breaking… some just fun. 

But I always do my best to help everyone that I can. to improve their lives. to make them understand the value that is within themselves. Back in the days when I only had about a hundred followers it was easy. I could check out everyones tumblr… I could talk at will to anyone who messaged… I miss those days in a way. 

But no matter how big this thing gets, how many followers come and go… or whatever kind of notoriety I incur… I am going to always do my best to be there for each and every single one of you.