i dont even take bubble baths

Taking a Break - Shiro x Reader

Requested by Anon: how about an imagine where shiro and his s/o are taking a bubble bath together? no nsfw, just pure fluff (◕‿◕✿) (lmao i dont even like using this kind of emojis but this one just,, fits so well + its fine if you dont want to do it! its your own blog you write whatever you want)

Hopefully you like this, thanks for the request! Shiro definitely needs some tlc every once in a while, I also added in the bit about playing some music since we found out from that quiz in the guidebook thing that music relaxes him :D I hope he doesn’t come off as ooc nearer the end where he gets a bit silly and playful, but I feel like we’ve seen Shiro be goofy occasionally and I like the idea that when he’s with his s/o he let’s his guard down more.


“I’m fine honestly, stop worrying Y/N” Shiro reassured his girlfriend, placing a hand gently on her face and smiling earnestly.

Y/N wasn’t buying it however, the paladins had been involved in a pretty heavy firefight, their lions were looking a bit worse for wear and they were mechanical, so surely Shiro had to have a few bruises of his own.

“Y/N’s right Shiro, you took quite a few hits out there, maybe you should go and spend some time in the cryo pod?” Keith suggested, looking concerned.

“Not you too, honestly Keith I’m OK, besides I’ve got to write up a report for the Blade of Malmora, and then I have to go over Black’s diagnostics…” Shiro continued listing off the numerous tasks he had to get done.

“I’ll come see you when I’ve finished OK Y/N?” Shiro finished placing a quick kiss on Y/N’s lips and squeezing Keith’s shoulder before departing.

“Why is he so damn stubborn?” Y/N asked with a irritated sigh.

“He’s just doing what he thinks is best for the team” Keith replied in a tone that suggested he understood why Shiro acted the way he did, but that he too was frustrated by it.

“Putting himself through all of this stress is not what’s best for the team”

“Note, I said what he thinks is best, doesn’t mean he’s right”

By this time the other paladins had gathered nearby and they too were looking after Shiro with concern.

“We should get Shiro to take a break, Y/N’s right, he needs to relax” Hunk piped up.

“And how are we gonna do that, the only way he’ll take a break is if he’s forced to” Keith replied shrugging.

That gave Y/N an idea.

“Hey Pidge I need a favor” Y/N said grinning mischievously.


20 minutes later and Y/N knocked on Shiro’s door, hoping that her plan had worked out. She was feeling confident though, if anyone could do what she’d asked for it was Pidge. Now all she had to do was convince Shiro to go along with the rest of the plan.

“Come in” Shiro answered, he sounded a little on edge.

Y/N stepped into the room and had to withhold a smile, Shiro was leaning back in his chair in front of a blank computer screen (or what counted as a computer on and Altean ship).

“Hey, I figured you could do with some company to get you through all that boring paper work”

“That’s really lovely of you Y/N but there’s not much paperwork going on unfortunately”

“Why not? What’s the matter?” Y/N asked, pretending to be surprised, hopefully he was fooled.

“I don’t know, one minute I’m typing, the next, the whole thing just shuts down” Shiro explained, gesturing at the computer. “I thought it was some kind of power cut in the castle but the lights are still working”. He pinched the bridge of his nose “I’ll have to get Pidge to take a look, this is the last thing I need, I’m behind as it is”

Y/N felt a wave of guilt, she was trying to make Shiro feel better, not worse.

“I heard Pidge say that she was busy with some kind of project and was very adamant that she didn’t want to be disturbed”

“I’ll go talk to Hunk about it then” Shiro sighed and went to stand up.

“Errr…well he’s asleep, so maybe it’s not the best idea to disturb him”

Shiro groaned and flopped back into his chair looking defeated. Y/N felt bad, she didn’t like lying to him like this; but she reminded herself that this was for his benefit. She walked over and wrapped her arms around Shiro’s neck and kissed the top of his head, Shiro let out a hum of appreciation and closed his eyes.

“You know what you could do…”


“Take a bath, it would really help those sore muscles of yours”

“My muscles are just fin-”


“Ok…Ok, fine I guess a nice hot shower would feel pretty nice”

“I said a bath, not a shower, how are you supposed to relax in a shower?”

“But a shower is faster and more convenient and-”

“Shiro, for me…Please”

Shiro waited for a beat and then turned around to look at Y/N as if he was going to argue, but upon seeing her expression, his face instantly softened with a smile.

“A bath it is then”

“Thankyou” Y/N said as she placed another kiss on Shiro’s head before bounding of into the en suite bathroom to run the water into a very generously sized bath, she searched the cabinet and found some nice smelling bubble bath (which, surprise surprise Shiro had never opened) and poured some into the water, by this point Shiro had arrived wearing nothing but a towel tied around his hips.

“You know, I think I can handle it from here, thanks Y/N”

Y/N didn’t turn around and was busy rummaging in the cupboard for towels and dressing gowns when she answered.

“I don’t think you can, I don’t trust you to actually relax, you’ll just be watching the clock and thinking about all the things you need to do, hence why I’m joining you”

Y/N turned around with armful of towels and a pair of dressing gowns, all coloured black (naturally), and dumped them on a nearby chair, before turning back to the wall and fiddling with a nearby panel.

“You know what? That sounds really nice” Shiro said with a smile as he dumped his towel on the floor and slid into the bath with a satisfied moan, that made Y/N smile triumphantly.

“What are you doing? You’d better hurry up before it goes cold” Shiro said splashing some water in her direction with a smirk.

“Just hang on a second, nearly there…Bingo” she said as soft, calming music came through the speakers.

Shiro looked up in surprise as Y/N got undressed and got in the bath opposite him.

“I didn’t even know there were speakers in here”

“See that’s why you need me. You can pilot a giant robotic Lion, but figuring out the speaker system is too difficult” Y/N teased as she splashed Shiro, accidentally hitting him in his face with not just water, but also a generous amount of foam and promptly dissolved into laughter at the sight.

Shiro went to wipe the foam away, but Y/N stopped him. She scooted forwards and began to sculpt the with bubbles into shapes, first a mustache, then a beard and finally a pair of fluffy white eyebrows.

“All done!” She declared proudly.

“How do I look?” Shiro asked, pouting his lips and waggling his eyebrows which, coupled with the fake foam features, made Y/N dissolve into laughter again.

“Like a very sexy Santa” she finally answered with a grin.

“Oh yeah? On a scale of 1-10, just how sexy exactly?” Shiro asked as he flexed his arm muscles.

Y/N pretended to swoon and fanned herself.

“Definitely a 10 right?”

“Oh most definitely, in fact you look so good that I think I might faint” Y/N declared dramatically as she turned herself round and fell backwards into Shiro’s awaiting arms.

Shiro promptly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to his chest before placing a kiss on her forehead.

They lay like that for a while, listening to the music and talking idly whilst Y/N traced patterns on Shiro’s leg and Shiro, in turn, gently ran his fingers up and down Y/N’s arm.

But then, all of sudden, Shiro’s hand stilled, which caused Y/N to crane her neck to look round at him. He was looking at Y/N with a thoughtful expression.

“Hey Y/N, you know how my computer just mysteriously stopped working? Then how you conveniently showed up? And how Hunk and Pidge just so happened to be busy?” Shiro asked suspiciously.

“Um…yeah” Y/N replied not liking where this conversation was going.

“You planned all of this didn’t you?”

“Maybe…” Y/N answered after a moment, nibbling her lip, hoping he wouldn’t be too upset.

But Shiro’s reaction was just the opposite, he smiled at her fondly before nuzzling his face into her neck and kissing her on the jaw.

“Thank you, you were right, this was exactly what I needed”

“Well remember that next time I tell you that you need to relax, deal?”


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Hi! I really like your comic and your style and I was wondering: do you have any tips for people like me who would like to make their own comics? I've tried before but I never seemed to reach the 5th page without giving up.

Hiya! I have a few tips. I’m not trained or anything these are just some of my personal methods. it might not even work for you since everyone is different but it might help? They’re not really in a particular order either haha. 

1.) Like what you’re making. This one is kind of obvious but really if you’re not completely invested in the story you’re making it’ll fall flat due to a lack of interest. Make your comic about things you like! Not like fleeting things like actual things you’ve enjoyed for awhile generally. Like spooky things, or cute things for example.

2.) Make alot of rough drafts. All at once. Flesh out an entire chapter really roughly. I mean real rough. like gesture drawing rough that takes like fifteen minutes or less a page. I’ll make about seventeen rough draft pages at once, simmer about it for a few days, and then go back to add more if im satisfied OR i’ll redo the chapter entirely. If you have a whole chapter roughed out it’ll be easier to work on it later because its already there for you. 

3.)double back to check the pacing. Sometimes its weird in the rough drafts so you gotta throw some panels around or add an extra page. if it feels a bit off leave it and the come back a few hours or days later. youll find it out pretty quick after a break. 

4.)dont be afraid to fix mistakes. If something looks weird or clashes with the page when you’re still doing lineart, go back to the roughdraft layer and fix it. zoom in and out of the page and check to make sure the drawing isnt tilted oddly or disproportional. i myself have issues with proportion so im constantly fixing bits and pieces using cntrl+T haha. It’ll save you trouble if you do it early instead of later when all the layers are in the way. 

This next one is a little bit counterproductive to #4 but its for after the page is done.

5.) accept mistakes. You’re making alot of art for one page. you’ll notice looking back on finished pages that theres gonna be a lower quality over it bc of sheer quantity, but you’ll fall into a rhythm and realize you’re making a steady incline in quality overall if you keep moving forward. once you declare that a page is done, leave it.

6.) just do it. Youre gonna be afraid to start, wondering how its going to be received, wondering if its good enough. You have to shove the anxiety down as violently you can and draw it as if you’re your only audience. Do it for yourself, because you know that you’ll improve your skill and even yourself by making it. 

7.) keep your files organized. I label every page for recovery as RECOVERY and then a number–for example, RECOVERY2.17 is for recovery chapter two page seventeen. your files, if placed alphabetically, will all be in a row for an easy browse. keep it all in their own place for easy finding. 

8.) make a palette and references. Consistency is IMPORTANT. I drew Will a few times to get a feel for him before i started the comic, and used the eyedropper tool repeatedly so the colors were consistent in the comic. (I didn’t do the same for the pine twins and it shows if you go through the comic a bit fast lol) The palette doesnt have to be fancy, just make sure you know what everything is for. Also make sure you know your kerning and leading settings so the panels are consistent as well.  (mine is below!) make a checklist if you need to for the math stuff, i use the stickies app on my laptop for a checklist of things to make sure to add before i say im done–like shading, for example, that for some reason i always forget. Also the font type, gen font size, details like tattoos and quirks. 

9.) HAVE FUN. Inject some humor into your drawing to keep yourself entertained when you work–for example, i label my layers in puns and quips. the skin layer is usually called “skiiiiiiiiin” and copies are usually called “___ 2: electric boogaloo”. when i made homestuck drawings id label them with a character quirk instead haha. Also its good to listen to podcasts or music when you work. I listen to music, The Adventure Zone, Welcome to Night Vale, Game Grumps or The Yogscast when i’m working. Audiobooks are also a good idea! Have it in a playlist so you dont have to stop drawing to change it.

10.) Don’t let yourself get distracted, but take breaks when you need them. Food and hydration as well as bathroom breaks are v important. You cant survive to draw if you dont eat, and keep in mind that being dehydrated gives you headaches and messes with workflow. eat that food. dont die. not eating messes with your psyche–youre more likely to be depressed/make it worse/stope working if you dont eat so do that shit. keep some snacks and a waterbottle handy. also lower the caffeine shakes are good for some styles but not others lmfao. 

also: avoid tumblr when working. give yourself a set time/timelimit to work. you’ll realize that once you start its easier to keep rolling but you cant be interrupted or itll be harder to get back to in the middle when scrolling the many delightful distractions of the internet. be brisk in your breaks. 

11.) i have depression so this is especially important–REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR MEDS IF YOU HAVE ANY.  p self explanatory. i go through withdrawals if i dont and get the worst migraines so i mean keep on top of that shit. 

12.)Uh hhhh thats all i got OH WAIT reward yourself for finishing pages. Be it a treat or a nice bubble bath or some videogame time. Whatever you want. just reward yourself for working. even if its work you weren’t entirely satisfied with, have something to look forward to when you finish, and tell yourself you did well because you just did a fuckton of work. BE PROUD <3

(also some people say to tell other people about what youre doing so theyll check up on you to make sure youre working but?? i kind of feel like im being nagged if thats the case so that just depends on you lol. )

Witchyfashion beauty tips post

So I like many people have skin so of couse I do things to take care of it. Though pintrest, personal experience, and other knowledge I lernned while helping my mom with her mary kay business. Now most of the products I use are maostly natural, and cruelty free.
-Limit hair washing. Yes this sounds gross but constanly washing your hair isn’t the best for it, and letting the natural oils stat on your hair for a while is good.
-Dry shampoo. Oily hair may be good for your hair but not seen as completely attractive to some.
-I personally use natural shampoo that is hair dye friendly from say yes to, because I do dye my hair of course I also like ogx beauty it just dosent keep my dye in.
-Deep condition your hair often. This is what I do, like I said I dye my hair and I like to treat my hair, it also keeps the fizz away.
-Leave in product. No I dont mean leave in you shampoo, I mean find hair oils and leave in conditioner you like and use them. Now the leave in hair conditioner I use isnt all natural. It is garnier fructis sleek and shine with argan oil from Morocco but I cant stop using it. I also us coconut milk seurum, and argan oil extra pentatrating oil from ogx. I use these product everytime I wash my hair.
- green tea. When a peice of hair goes astray dont you use water to sleek it back. Use green tea instead for a nurtrion boost.
-I use burt bee’s royal jelly face wash, and queen helenas apircot scrub every day.
-When I wash my face afterwards I use estringent. First it was Burt bees, now I use dickinson’s witch hazel. Its cheaper and I get more, plus its gentler on my sensitive skin. After I used about half of the with hazel I added a little apple cider vinager to the bottle because I read that it helps with acne scars.
-Then the soothe I use that wonderful green tea again, just keep some in a spray bottle.
-Last but not least I us mosturizer. I use the daily moisturizer for sensitive skin from Burts bees. I use this day and night, I fing the night one a bit too much. Some of you may think that due to your oily skin you dont need mosturizer, but you do. Mosturizer and face noils a different thing. In fact moisturizer will actually reduce oils that your skin produces.
-Masks. I use multiple kinds. Not all at once. I use masks often but not too much. My favorites are the mint julebee from queen helenas and a charcol mask.
-Makeup remover. I use eye makeup remover, leaving on eye makeup and just contuniusly caking more on is not good. Make up wipes, when I get home and I’m not going back out I wipe my make up off. I still wash it of course, but after sweating and reapplying makeup though out the day I feel its good to get off the grime off and let your skin breathe.
-Scrubs. I use two types, both are ones made by me. One is a coffee scrub, the other is a sugar scrub. Its Important to get dead skin cells off espically when you are about to shave, plus with my sugar scrub I used body oils to make it really mosturizes my legs and makes them less itchy.
-Body oils. for a mosturizing treat.
-Lotion. I like using lotions with sea and coco butter. I lotion up whenever I take a shower/bath. Also no matter how much you like the smell of a lotion If irritates your skin dont use it.
-Baths. They are not just to pamper yourself. Go to pintrest, or google, even tumblr and look up bath secrets. My suggestions are:
Body oils, put a bit in your bath and rub your skin to get it on you.
Epson salt
milk, everaperated or not
oatmeal soothes the skin
green tea pakets
-Scrub those babies, with a prumince stone
-trim the toe nails
-mosturizing foot cream.

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marlons not a fucking artist and its SNAPCHAT lmao. Every time he's drawn even and isak its been exactly like that its definitely them.. And also yes it IS the tub from the smoking lol but i dont think thats relevant.. i think this is a "new" scene possibly???? Or marlon writing evak fanfiction in his head??

marlon, about to take a bath: WOW okay but fic idea where isak makes a nice warm bubble bath for even with candles when hes not feeling his best

I feel so little right now, its driving me insane.

I wanna be scooped up and put into a hot bubble bath. I want someone to wash my hair with fruity shampoo and wipe it from my eyes when it stings. I wanna play with floating toys and splash about.
I want my outfit to be picked out for the day even if i dont like it.
I want to be wrapped in big fluffy blankets surrounded by my favourite stuffed animals and cuddle as we watch a million movies in a day.
I want someone to make me some lunch cos im much too little to do it myself.
I want to lay down and take a long kitty nap.

I dont wanna be an adult anymore.

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FMA is one of the most non-sexist animes ever made tho??? I mean??? The girls aren't sexualized one bit and they all have their own personalities that develop along with the story

YEAH IKR. i mean sure winry had a bath scene and that part where she takes off her shirt for like 0.00000001 seconds but i mean 1. winry deserved that bubble bath after all that time she’d been workin hard and 2. that shirtless scene doesn’t even count because they cut to ed’s face before there could be Hardcore Boob Action. yes ladies and gentlemen, ed’s face was a censoring device, god bless america. what was i talking about again

oh right also the girls in fma are cooler than all the guys, it’s the truth tbh. i cant think of a single girl in fma i dont like, lets be real. MEANWHILE, WITH THE GUYS, I HATE A LOT OF EM, (IM LOOKING AT YOU SHOU TUCKER,)

I left this on while I was taking a bubble bath
The final scene is the best scene
I even have a shirt with leather face on it
I was tagged by @dont-panik she is so cute 💖😍
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I’ll tag
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