i dont even rmbr

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Viki 😩😩😩😩😩 I work in over the phone customer service and I just hung up the phone ordering pizza by saying "is there anything else I can assist you with today?" I'm crying 😩😩😩

kjsdfklsd iMsorry for laughin but also like,,,,,au where even works as u and isak is ordering a pizza but even does That and isaks like. “???yea not hangin up??” and so he tries to call again but another person picks it upand even overhears the order and he’s runnin to the phone likE “hOLD ON can u just.” and takes the phone and the person is like ……what are u DOIng, and evens like “hey, sorry, im the person that hung up on u i didnt mean to ,fuck” and isaks  like “its…okay, dude. that was just weird” and even laughs nervously “yeh,idk how i did that”then smirks “mustve been ur too distracting sexy voice” and isaks like “um. i dont rmbr callin the sex hotline” and evens like “no i..im.” and isaks like really confused but is tryin so hard not to laugh. then evens like “yeah. do u want any extra toppings?” and isak finally lets out a laugh bc REally?. and evens like “nOT Like THAT” and isaks like “mhm, wouldve loved to see u on top of a pizza though” and evens like “…..do u” and isak frowns, “can u actually do that” and even shrugs then realizes isak cant see him, “never tried. but i would hate to get my clothes messy” and isak snorts, “u’d have to be naked then” and even gASPS ,”i dont rmbr working at a sex hotline” and then its silent, isak is biting his lips with a wide grin. the person next to even is just like dude??finish it. so evens like “so. thats it? ur order. the pizza.” and isak chokes out a yeah then before even could speak he says “no wait. actually….ur number would be nice” and even is goin to fAINT but he tries to play it cool “yeah, okay” and after he gave it to isak ,isaks like “i’ll text u. u cant hang up accidentally that way” and even is about to argue but then he just blows air out his nose and they say their goodbyes,and the first text from isak is a picture of the pizza and isaks saying “wouldve looked better with u on top”