i dont even remember saving this lol

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8-bit-space  asked:

Honestly kind of mad at chertiz for what they did to saeran in the end

*Spoilers for the V route*

You know, i never even imagined that. ever. maybe in a bad end yes, but a good one ¿? aahh, but it was the V route  and he was one of the antagonist ¿? so…

i just wish saeyoung could have saved him. like…DOES HE EVEN KNOW HIS BROTHER DIED???????? i dont know if you remember but during the route he says he doesnt drink or smoke and then at the party he’s like save me a portion of the drink and i was like WAIT. DOES HE KNOW? WHY IS HE DRINKING NOW? so yeah.

I still have hope we’ll get a route for him, maybe that’s why they are making us suffer lol. This is like secret ending one all over for me :(