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Dogs Are Mans Best Friend

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Request - Carlos x Reader where she’s the daughter of Roger and Anita and they meet because they’re both walking their dogs and it’s so cute and fluffy? Thanks
Requested by - Anon
Tags - None
Word Count - 1, 067
Pairing - Carlos x Reader (Daughter of Roger and Anita)
Warnings - I feel like neither of them would swear they seem like those types of kids so just fluff
Summary - basically you the reader, will fall into a bush and meet carlos…i forgot to explain why he was there…shit…He was playing with dude and Rolly but when you came they ran off to the next little open area okay just clearing that up

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I’m Home
[This was previously uploaded in a different tumblr account, but she deactivated (and I miss her soooooo! :( ) so reuploaded it here. I submitted this for a Christmas drabble challenge wherein we right a fic based on a Christmas song. Mine’s Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader ; Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader got sick so Steve decided to put her out of a mission, but reader doesn’t like it and ended up having a fight with his best friend, Steve. Steve asked Bucky to take care of her (bringing all the fluff into the story).Eventually, feelings were revealed. (Whose feelings? You’ll know once you read it ;) )


 Three, Four then Five
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: Sebastian Stan AU, where Sebastian Stan is your childhood friend. You can seem to hide secrets from your best friend even if you try to. You ended up telling him something more than your secret. 

Love and Let Love (Complete)
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 (End)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary:  Steve Rogers AU. You discovered that your boyfriend, Derek (OC), cheated on you with your best friend, Aleesha (OC). You were devastated, helpless and dejected but then you met Steve and then suddenly everything fell into place.

James (Drabble)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  University AU. You’re not really a fan of parties, so you sneak out of the graduation ball, where one of your close friends, Bucky Barnes or James, found you. 

Not All Friendships Are Perfect  (Request)

Pairing: Dick Grayson x Reader

Request:  ‘For the request, maybe something with Dick and the reader where the reader slept over at Wayne Manor (totally in a nonsexual way) and they wake up in the morning and it’s just really fluffy because they woke up next to each other? And the other batboys tease them at breakfast even though they’re happy for the two of them?’

It’s Summer! (Request/ Drabble)

Pairing: Dick Grayson x Reader

Request:   ‘i dont know if your requests are open, but if they’re don’t feel bad about ignoring this honestly!! i was wondering if you could maybe write something about being best mates with dick/mates with all the batboys and being a lesbian?? i love uuu x’ - Anonymous

Objects and Feelings

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Summary:  Chris Evans, has been pretty bummed about the things recently happening in his life. And as much as he loves his work and his fans, losing the people he loves because of it has taken a toll on him. It is your duty as his best friend to comfort him.

Pocket Bestfriend (On-going)

Part 1 - ?

Pairing: Bucky X Reader, Steve Rogers X Reader

Summary:  Modern AU. This series is loosely based from a manga entitled “Dengeki Daisy”. It’s about a girl (the reader) who finds herself comforted by the words of an anonymous message-sender.

Boy Next Door (On-going)
Part 1 - Part 2 (End)

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader

Summary:  You left your keys to your apartment, so you decided to sleep at the hallway. Only to find yourself waking up in a room that looks like your apartment.

so people are already trying to make the gag babadook x pennywise stuff problematic and whatever which is almost as laughable as the actual meme except y’know. not in a good way. i guess the rational goes somewhere along the lines of pennywise being a spooky child eating monster that they dislike but the babadook is a spooky child killing monster that they like? maybe?

of course the actual rational doesn’t matter because it’s more stupid tumblr ideology policing that doesn’t actually mean anything. like gang, its a joke pairing between two horror movie monsters that specifically revolve and prey upon children, this weird morally superior gatekeeping is not really required or warranted. no one should actually believe this is an endorsement of child murder lol.

i dont even feel passionately about babadook x pennywise (as if you even really could) but this is kind of pathetic and needlessly manipulative.


Title - “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right”/A Waste (Jake X Female MC)
Request - None (just for fun)
Prompts - “Dont Think Twice it’s All Right” by Bob Dylan
Pairing - Jake X Female MC
Word Count - 1,330
Art By - Me! @choicesimaginesandmore

Trying something new with the song and art inserts but I hope you like them! Enjoy!

Wherever three “***” are used is an insert of a picture (in order) (I’m only on mobile sorry)❤️

~Well, it ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe. Even you don’t know by now~

He was really leaving. The small moments you had shared, short but everlasting, lingered in your thoughts. You had convinced him to stay a day or two longer than he planned but he was leaving today and you couldn’t bare it…

~And, it ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe. It’ll never do somehow~


You awoke to an otherwise empty bed and as your eyes adjusted to the new rays of sunshine pouring through your windows roughly, gripping the sheets near you for someone who wasn’t there. Your eyes met a small note card sitting by the lamp on your bedside table *** and, though it adjusted slowly, you read out loud, “When you read this I’ll probably be gone. I hope you understand..”


~When your rooster crows at the break of dawn, Look out your window, and I’ll be gone~

You leapt to your feet and bolted to your balcony, searching for him. Your eyes met his plane and you knew your time was limited. Nonetheless you had to try.

~You’re the reason I’m a-traveling on
But don’t think twice, it’s all right.~

He knew on the surface that it was a fear of commitment. How he could, when faced with what he could only describe as a soulmate or the love of his life, his instinct, the uncontrollable urge inside him, told him to leave. To never look back. Maybe it wasn’t commitment. Maybe deep down his brain warned him of all the unavoidable potential to be hurt that his heart could handle being broken again, and you can’t be heartbroken if you never get attached.

~And it ain’t no use in turning on your light, babe. The light I never knowed~

He had only allowed himself to love a few select times and people and when those left him broken he vowed to himself and all who could hear that he would never let himself be so vulnerable again.

~And it ain’t no use in turning on your light, babe. I’m on the dark side of the road~

You knew vulnerability and commitment scared him but you thought you could change him, help him. It gave your limbs strength, racing down the curve so quickly your legs burned, your feet bare, skipping the time it would take to pull them on. He was worth all the pain in the world and you couldn’t admit to yourself that he didn’t truly feel the same way about you.


~But I wish there was somethin’ you would do or say, To try and make me change my mind and stay~

He secretly wished you could convince him to stay, but his life of lonesome days on a beach, beer in hand, waves crashing against the shore, beckoned him and he couldn’t push it back any longer.

~But we never did too much talking anyway, But don’t think twice, it’s all right.~

You reached the hangar to see it empty and saw his plane moving forward slowly, and taking no hesitation in your actions, you bolted off after it, your toes digging into the sand in the strip, kicking sand up after them, you could feel the momentum under you pushing yourself forward, gaining speed to his plane quickly.

~So it ain’t no use in calling out my name, gal, Like you never done before~

His eyes were set in front of him, his headset on and flipping the blood orange flip to his right under the yoke, shaking his head slightly as if to shake you from his mind and in doing so he caught a glimpse of an arm flailing to his right, as your body emerged in his window view. He did a double take and then froze, eyes wide and forward, debating his next movement.

~And it ain’t no use in calling out my name, gal, I can’t hear you any more~

After thinking over his previous decision he turned again, knowing fully well he shouldn’t have looked at you again, seeing your desperate attempts to get him to stay tugging at his heart strings and his fingers gripped the yoke, debating whether or not he should stop, leaning towards going back and jumping into your arms but he couldn’t bare to confront you now. His fingers gripping tightly around the yoke, he sighed and pushed to take off instead.


~I’m a-thinking and a-wonderin’ walking down the road, I once loved a woman, a child I am told~

Before you could react he went into a deep flashback to the last time he loved anyone and guilt consumed him. It had been a long time since he had really felt either of those two things. He was doing to you what broke his heart when done to him to begin with. He then shook the thought, reminding himself that you’d be better off without him.

~I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul, But don’t think twice, it’s all right.~

He had made up his mind. He had to leave. To save you is what he told himself but in reality he was leaving to save himself. To save himself from having to be vulnerable. To save himself from commitment. To save himself from… Love.

~So long honey, baby, Where I’m bound, I can’t tell~

He didn’t know where he was heading. After staying the few extra days with you he surely couldn’t face his boss yet. He couldn’t afford to slum it back to a run down Costa Rican hotel. He certainly couldn’t set foot in the United States. He was just… Flying. A freeing act he’d come to regret.

You however were reaching other issues of not knowing where you were going. He was the one and you’d never meet anyone like him again. You were helpless. Hopeless. Your heart shattered as your knees hit the ground and his plane took off.


~Goodbye’s too good a word, babe, So I’ll just say fare thee well~

He never even said goodbye. You couldnt believe that he’d do that, to not have the nerve to say something. To tell you to your face but to leave a note and not let you speak.

He knew you were probably thinking that, not knowing his reasons. He wished he could explain but it was far too late. If he would’ve spoken to you he wouldn’t be on this plane and he knew that if he wasn’t it would only hurt you. Nothing could truly convince him otherwise.

As much as you’d like to try.

~I ain’t a-saying you treated me unkind, You could have done better but I don’t mind~

As his plane disappeared into the sky your sadness formed into frustration and anger consumed you though with what you were mad at particularly you could no longer tell.

~You just kinda wasted my precious time,
But don’t think twice, it’s all right.~

As the years passed you came to terms with it. Forgave but never forgot.


The more you thought on it you realized that if given the opportunity to redo it and you knew you couldn’t get the chance to convince him to stay the whole time youd still have him stay the extra few days. You didn’t regret those short extra moments at all.

Maybe you’d see him again some day.

Maybe it wasn’t all a waste.

the reasons i believe kaisoo is real is how they keep doing their thing (touching, being close w/ each other, etc) and rub it on our face. usually, if you are being paired/shipped with someone you don’t like, you’ll be uncomfortable, even a male (ex-)idol from older generation time had said that he didnt like the idea being shipped with other member when his group was still active (he even “ugh”-ing when he mentioned this. and honestly it was more like crack-ship tbh, the fans just shipped them both out of nowhere i think, not hardcore), but not kaisoo, they seem just fine and chill with each other. no awkward “me no likey you, no homo bro” feelings ever linger on them, not a bit.

it’s obvious that they know about all these kaisoo ordeals going on internet; they’re often seeing playing w/ their gadgets (smartphones/ tablets) especially in airport, they had seen some kaisoo banners in concerts (like in mexico) and fanmeets (in china). 

but they often doing this “gay things” when fanservice isnt required, like all the members just chilin and answering the damn questions but they are busy flirting, eyefucking and releasing sexual tension. and when they’re on stage they do things like glancing then biting lips (soo), turning head like an owl to see his other half on the other side of stage (jongin), make sure the other is close (ksoo koala-ing jongin and jongin following soo like a puppy), or those ‘lemme appreciate how pretty your lips are’ moments . those shit aint fanservice because it’s so goddamn subtle to be one, u need at least to be a casual shipper to notice those shit. doing fake kiss or hugging them out of nowhere, that’s fanservice. 

and dont tell me SM trying to sell kaisoo gheiness for money, cuz i aint buying it, first: commonly the company would “sell” their idols w/ “ideal boyfriend/girlfriend material” image. why? it sells more, many horny teenagers prefer oppa is my boyfriend > oppa is another oppa’s boyfriend, second SM doesnt even promote kaisoo in the first place, SM original ship is baeksoo (or the rumor said) and SM pushes taekai more to public, if SM does ship kaisoo, then why the fuck kaisoo wasn’t paired in ‘playboy’ dance? SM is a big company and i guarantee you they know about spazzing and glorifying kaisoo ritual on internet, it should be a gold mine to be exploited (hell kaisoo shippers are so thirsty even the whole pacific ocean couldnt sate them, lots of cash surely would be thrown just for buying kaisoo merch, i guarantee you, even kaisoo shippers had managed to buy a star so they could name it kaisoo good fucking god how rich this fandom is), but SM doesnt do it (they just sometimes pair these two, but it’s so rare, rare as raichu card), as if something would happen if they did, something that would got out of hands.

also ksoo had (or still has?) gay rumors and ofc he blatantly denied them so hard, it makes him become even more suspicious. like, just chill dude, the radio host just asked what kind of men that considered good (i think thats the question, i dont really remember) and he answered “i don’t know i’m not into men” like whatthefuck, even suho answered the question “a man that do this and that is considered a good man”. no need to go panic mode immediately.   so why ksoo doesnt stay the fuck out from jongin cuz them being together screams gay so hard. those rumors should’ve alerted him, buutttt noooo, they keep being joined at the hip. (and he continues to koala-ing at jonginnie)

also, again, there’s this video/gifset about chanyeol said jongin didnt like ksoo, bc ksoo didnt want to look at him when they talked. ksoo claimed his astigmatism caused this. mother-fucking-puh-lease. until this day ksoo still has astigmatism and u know what he does? he stares the fuck out of people/object (mostly MC and monitor screen), but why not with jongin then? if his astigmatism caused him not to look at people then why only jongin? why other members dont complain about this? honestly? plus isnt astigmatism causes your vision to be blurred? fucking blurred. he was supposed to not being able to see jongin clearly bc astig-fucking-matism causing his vision to be blurred. why he chose not to look at jongin instead? hmm? there’s this video saying he had a crush on a friend (mind you, he didnt mention it was a girl, the host did) when he was on his 3rd year of highschool. exo debuted 2012, ksoo joined SM 2010 (he was on his 2nd year of highschool, according to wikipedia, i know wikipedia full of fuckery sometimes but i think this is correct), so it means when he was on 3rd year, it was already 2011 and exo is already formed by that time, meaning the members already being introduced to each other. i bet they were busy preparing their debut and shit, meaning they met a LOT. sure lots of ppl said “woa who’s the lucky girl?” and many would rebut me and my petty delulu argument by saying “ksoo mentioned the “friend” he crushed on was from different class, the crush was from the same school !” or “theres this photo of him with the girl”, mm-hmm, but let me remind you the host mentioned the class thingy first (she asked “is the friend from the same class?” ksoo said “no, from different class”–he could imply something else, maybe class as it means school–different school that certain someone went to) and for the photo, well the photos of him with certain someone (alone, just both of them) appear to be more intimate than he with the girl (and other students). just connect the dots, darling.

i’m sorry i know as you read this you prob think that this girl is so delulu even the lord and savior cant save her anymore, this thing was supposed to be short but god forbade me and told me to preach the truth (well, not really), 

jokes aside, this is just my kaisoo theory, bc what kaisoo shippers do when there’s no new post on kaisoo tag? they either do fanfic (write/read), fanarts or sputtering nonsense on their blog like kaisoo trash they are /sobs and wailing how do i get off from this ship? HOW?? should i just jump in the ocean of feels?/

btw sorry for grammar mistakes and etc hope my post does make sense, i’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and it bugged me to keep it inside the jar, so i decided to spill the drink here 

i’m sorry again /bow 90°/

and dont attack me /hides under blanket/

Shut the fuck up about Klance

I love Voltron, and its a pretty darn good show. BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO TALK ABOUT THAN SHIPS!!! I’m so fucking done looking up #voltron and first thing I see is Lance riding Keith’s dick. I dont want to see that. I want to see funny screencaps or discussions or (non sexual or stupid ship) head canons.

I know this type of shit happens in every ‘fandom’ but really pretty bad in the Voltron one. I guess when 75% of the characters are male, people on “I’m a Cringey 12 Year Old Girl That Likes Yaoi” Tumblr can’t help but choose who the two hottest guys are even though they have no chemistry and make a bunch of furry butt fucking shit. All of the pairings in the Voltron fandom are just that, they don’t really make sense and are forced and are cringey just stop oh my god.

I just want to see some innocent discussion posts about Voltron, but theres no such thing as not having Klance being every post there is on Tumblr and Twitter.

This sh*t isn't ok

Out of all the popular mlm ships on the internet, I’m still baffled at the enormous popularity of akuroku (Axel/Roxas). Even though Axel is clearly an adult (over 25yrs) and Roxas a minor (15~ yrs.), why are people so adamant about pairing these two? especially when it’s so frequently in a sexual way? This is not okay!

Do these two love and support each other? Absolutely! Are they important and close figures in each other’s lives? Of course! That still doesn’t make shipping them okay. Not in any context, not even aging Roxas up.

Even if you’re a csa victim who uses this ship to cope, sharing and being public about sharing akuroku hurts csa victims who DONT.

As someone who has been in the KH fandom since I was young, seeing so much porn and pda between these two characters at the age of 8 really screwed up perceptions of relationships as a whole.

Please don’t let this continue to be ok. It’s not. Akuroku is not ok. Neither is Axel or any other adult paired with the minors in Kingdom Hearts.

I’m not keeping this out of the tags bc it needs to be addressed and supporters called out.

anonymous asked:

You ship River and Simon? But they're brother and sister, that would be really gross.

okay so let me explain you a thing

1) simon gave up literally everything for river, including his entire life and the rest of his family, and if you dont think thats love i really dont even know what to tell you because holy shit 

2) “ship” is short for “relationship” - which are not solely romantic, so when someone says they ship something that doesn’t automatically mean romantic 

3) love takes many forms

4) you know another pair of siblings who have given and sacrificed everything for each other? SAM AND DEAN!! they love each other so much omf g you cant even try to tell me they dont 

5) it’s never okay to come to someones ask box and try to make them feel like shit for what they ship

6) stop

7) no really stop it

8) ship hate is weak

9) you can have your own opinions and express them to someone who differs in opinion without invalidating or belittling the other person (◡‿◡✿)

10) you do know that im in the spn fandom right? and that one of the biggest two pairings is an incestual pairing? and that i ship that too, yes?

11) WINCEST (◠‿◠✿)

12) just because someone ships something that you don’t that doesn’t mean that they are automatically wrong and you are superior

13) s h i p  h a t e  i s  w e a k (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

14) Everything is always tagged so for future reference, rivon will be my tag for simon x river posts and rivon for ts will be the tag for related posts that are nsfw, the same goes for wincest and wincest for ts.

have a nice day xoxo