i dont even like er that much

I got tagged!

I was tagged by @erebones :D

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1. cats vs. dogs: CATS

2. tea vs. coffee: TEA so much tea. i used to drink coffee was a teenager but one day i htg just switched and now coffee makes me queasey

3. soda vs. pop: er aren’t they the same thing? soda :P

4. favorite meme?: UM i dont usually keep up with memes i have to admit. they just appear and then disappear and i remain confused. especially the “what in ___nation” one like what even was that.

5. how many pillows do you prefer to sleep with?: two!

6. first otp vs. current otp: UMMM um excluding the cartoons i watched as a child, i would say my first otp was ichigo/toshiro from bleach. currently it’s baze/chirrut from rogue one ‘cause im still having FEELINGS

7. favorite candle smell: lol i have no idea. my sense of smell is Not Great, and for a couple of my teenage years i had no sense of smell at all. none. nothing. (but surgery and medication happened and i could SMELL AGAIN that was a weird weird experience. also i could TASTE AGAIN also weird). this hasn’t really answered the question lol idek er nothing fruity, i’d say. vanilla?

8. your most recent youtube channel subscription: i think it was some let’s play or smth lol

9. star wars or star trek?: NOOO DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE. my love for star wars is very recent, so i supposed i’d HAVE to say star trek :P

10. best hair: rapunzel, merida, or moana?: MOANA WITH HER HAIRBUNS YEAH also merida is a close second goddamn

11. what’s one place you’ve always wanted to go, real or imagined?: HMMM for an imagined place, i’d have to say either hogwarts or golden-era narnia :) for a real place, i’ve always wanted to go to the kakslauttanen hotel in finland because i am PRETTY SURE i stepped into the lobby when i was a very young child (but did not stay there) and i was mesmerised with the location and the country and it just seemed magical to me. stupid right? :PP

my questions:

1. genre of book you will never read?
2. top item on your bucket list.
3. do you want to get married?
4. left or right handed?
5. sugar or sweetner?
6. name one childhood crush.
7. do you drink enough water?
8. earbuds or over the ear headphones?
9. one phobia.
10. do you like going to the cinema?
11. how quickly would you die in a horror film?

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i get so pissed when i see someone shipping half of my otp with someone else like im a big makoharu shipper and whenever i see ri/nharu im like UGH NOO i know youre not supposed to hate on other peoples ships but im just an asshole like that i should change but its like im an ereri shipper but when i see er/mikasa im like NOO ITS BURNING MY SOUL or even worse lev/ipetra i hate that ship so much i ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT SHIP WITH ALL MY FUCKING HEART when it comes to that ship i dont give a fuck if if its someones otp i just cant im breaking the shipping rules but i dont give a fuck ugh end me 

(edit: sorry im not saying FUCK YOU to people who hate on my otps and people who dont ship my otps i just get very defensive over my ships this was just a rant and i know it seems like im sending hate but im not everyone should be able to ship whoever the hell they want in peace oh and i put the slashes in so it wont come in the feeds for the ships idk if it works) 

like i hate the idea that if you cant write paragraphs and paragraphs your ideas dont matter as much or deserve to be sourced. or that if youre not One Of The Big Meta Writers surely you cant be correct like buddy we’re all just people watching the same show! obviously some people know more about tv or canon than others but ill listen to a shitpost by a rando if it makes more sense than an essay written by a huge meta-er