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New Experiences

Just a young couple exploring kinks with each other
Pairings: Tyler Joseph (sadist!Tyler) x Fem!Reader
Warnings: daddy kink and sadistic tendencies like: spanking, choking, sex toys, dirty talk, knife/blood play, scratching, biting, masturbation
Word Count: 4.2k
A/N: it’s 2am and i didn’t proofread this at all. enjoy :-)

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WANNA ONE as your Older Brother [pt.1]

Kang Daniel
- You are that one famous person in neighborhood to be younger sister of Daniel, especially among Daniel’s friends since he is hella friendly.
- He’s the type that gonna bring his friends home, along with some snack, french fries and drinks.
- He and his friends will all scattered in living room, some lying down, some in sofa, focused in their video game (and that random curses scream)
- You actually don’t really care about it all
- Except when you feel sudden hunger and you gotta deal with you covering your hommies shortpants and tanktop just to go to kitchen.
- “(y/n) bring me water along with you.”
- “(y/n)!!!!!!!!! Come downstairs its important!! HELP!!!”
- “WHAT?”
- “cook some food for me.”/giggles/
- and you swear you want to choke him but can’t coz youre way TOO SMOL beside him.
- the type that freely movable around the house SHIRTLESS in summer when the heat turns too hot.
- not really careless, but not really interfering your personal life also.
- I mean sometimes he really sweet to listen to you but he ended up giggling and telling you not to worry cosz everythings gonna be okay

Park Jihoon
- You also become famous in neighborhood to be jihoons younger sister, it all since jihoons wayy tooo handsome and everybody wants to get close to him, through you.
- jihoon is shy and awkward with stranger but actually HE IS NOT.
- he sometimes bragging how you are even single while you have an amazingly-famous-handsome brother like him
- hes the type that order you around
- “(y/n) buy me the choco drink near your school. Pay with your money first, ill pay you back later.”
- and he ended up not paying you back at all.
- you avoid hanging out with him too much since everyones gonna stare at both of you.
- even the supermarket cashier says you two looked good together.
- you laugh awkwardly “thankyou but he is my brother.”

Ha Sungwoon
- with him you gotta win an Worldwide Patience Competition.
- “Wheres my glasses??”
- “Saw it in TV cabinet tho???”
- “Thats why I never let you touch my stuff.”
- “??????????????”
- him being bossy.
- “Where do I put the key?”
- “I dont know.”
- “Find it.”
- “I.dont.even.touch.it.”
- “Or Im not taking you to your course.”
- but with him too everything becomes so easy.
- like you can ask why your laptop isnt working and he will fix it, also like
- “this is easy tho, what do u do if Im not here.”

Lai Guanlin
- Isolated himself in his room with hip hop music turned on out loud
- Not gonna let you enter his room easily /which youre also prefer not to/
- You both not talking too much, unless if its necessary and important things.
- He usually coming home late coz basketball-
- also active in english and many other sport club
- Which makes him extremely famous among gurls in his school, even another school
- have so many fans but he often not giving any dem care about it

Bae Jinyoung
- the shy and quite one among your family
- like you really really rare to fight with him
- since he never mischievous toward you so you like and adore him so much
- actually really caring and loving
- the type that really hyped when it comes to his most favorite things
- “i have new dvd, u want to watch it together?”
- and you both ended up watching movies together in the living room peacefully

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♔ : (Finding the other wearing their clothes) for grimmons. Tbh i cant decide who wearing the others clothes is better.

grif hasn’t been home in three days and he never once thought he’d be happy to see the dirty, peeling entryway of his crummy building in a million years–and yet here we are.

tucker and wash were finally moving in together and what was supposed to be a day of ordering donut around and drinking all the beer had turned into a fiasco of missing cats, broken down u-hauls, and faulty wiring resulting in the smallest of fires it’s fine tucker junior found the fire extinguisher. grif had banned tucker from calling in any more favours for at least a month before turning his phone off and heading home.

now he hauls himself up the stairs, hoping that simmons is home there’s something in the fridge and wondering if he can con one more day off out of sarge in the morning. he can hear puttering in the kitchen and if his heart skips a beat it’s only at the thought of food duh. he turns the corner and spends more minutes then he’ll admit quietly watching his–watching simmons mutter to himself as he watches something on the stovetop. he probably would’ve kept staring like a creep but his stomach chooses that moment to let out a monstrous gurgle that startles simmons into knocking a thankfully empty pan off the counter and spinning around with wide eyes.


“sup dweeb,” he says cooly, sauntering into the kitchen like he hasn’t been lurking like a lunatic–nice alliteration, pipes a voice in his head that sounds annoyingly like donut. 

“what are you doing here? i thought you said you weren’t going to come back til tomorrow morning?” he sounds oddly flustered and grif eyes him as he wanders over to inspect what’s cooking.

“yeah well tucker and wash were being gross and sappy and donut kept making noises about another vegan meal and i refuse to submit myself to that kind of torture.” it’s spaghetti bolognese which is weird because that’s one of simmons’ go-to comfort meals and he doesn’t seem that upset and what the fuck why hasn’t grif heard of this. “what’s wrong with you?”

simmons blinks. “what? nothing, why?”

grif narrows his eyes at him. “you’re making spaghetti bolognese. you never make that unless you’re upset over something and the last time was when they cancelled almost human.”

“it was a good show!” the redhead flushes and something pleased settles in the pit of grif’s stomach. “the network just didn’t give it enough time and they put it in a shitty timeslot anyways–”

“alright, nerd, calm down. my point is that this,” he gestures pointedly at the simmering pot, “is a comfort meal so clearly you need comforting about something so what’s going on?”

simmons’ face goes even redder and he fidgets anxiously. “pft whaaat nothing’s going on. i’m completely fine! what a guy can’t just get a craving every now and then?! i don’t think i like this interrogative attitude you’ve got going on and frankly–”

grif rolls his eyes as he works himself into a heated rant. he glances around to see if he can pick up any clues, but besides the apartment being in a slightly messier state than usual he doesn’t notice–he narrows his eyes. simmons is notorious about chores and grif being out of the house for three days should of had this place looking like a mausoleum. but there’s at least three empty pop cans sitting by the sink and a familiar brightly coloured box that comes from the bakery down the road.

his eyes drift back to simmons who’s now lecturing the boiling spaghetti. his hair is definitely more wild than usual and he’s wearing pyjama pants at four o’clock in the afternoon and–

“what the fuck are you wearing?”

simmons snaps his mouth shut so fast his teeth clack. he stares determinedly at the sauce, refusing to look up even as his flush comes back full force. “what? this? i don’t know i just pulled it out of my laundry.”

bull-fucking-shit. the sweater he’s wearing is far too large in the shoulders for his lanky frame, and is exposing distracting amounts of collarbone. it’s also too short in the arms and doesn’t reach the juts of simmons’ wrists. 

conclusion: it ain’t fucking simmons’ sweater.

“you’re wearing my sweater.”

simmons makes a noise like a delating balloon. “i am not!”

grif couldn’t stop the smirk if you waved a hotdog in front of his face. “you’re wearing my sweater and you’ve been eating those cronuts that i like.”

the redhead folds his arms defensively but it really doesn’t do anything except tug the collar of his–grif’s–sweater further along his shoulder. “so?”

he meeps when grif pushes into his space, crowding him against the counter. there’s something dark and warm curling behind his ribcage and grif wants to keep it. “so just admit it simmons.”

“admit what?” he says weakly, even as his fingers ghost against grif’s hips.

grif arches a brow and grins up at him. “you missed me,” he says cockily.

simmons squawks, “i did not! i loved how quiet it was without your stupid video games, or that i didn’t have to worry about tripping over your fucking shoes all the time–”

“you’re practically pining like a teenage girl–”

“no one using all the hot water–”

“i can smell my shampoo by the way–”

“something other than hot pockets–”

“you might as well just admit it, i missed you too.”

simmons twitches, words stumbling to a halt. he blinks at grif for a moment, then a small smile curls at his lips. “yeah?”

grif chuckles. “yeah,” he says, “no one bitches at me quite like you do.”

simmons sniffs, absurdly pleased and grif can’t help but lean in to kiss the stupid look off his face. simmons curls around him, hands settling firmly on his hips, and grif tries not to laugh at the taste of his cinnamon toothpaste on the redhead’s tongue. he pulls back after a few sweet moments, smug when simmons follows him.

“not that i wouldn’t love to continue this,” he says quietly into the space between them, “but i think your sauce is burning.”

simmons startles and shoves past him with a dismayed wail. grif laughs and laughs as he’s berated and settles into the feeling of home.


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UP10TION Gif Reaction: When you wake up with cute bed hair

I like how you clarified that your bed hair was cute haha, thank you for requesting!!! <3

Also i’ve added a little scenario where they knocked on your door while you were sleeping so you answered the door with (CUTE) bed hair and this is the first time they’ve seen you like this

Jinhoo: *doesnt even say anything, just smiles and admires*

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Kogyeol: *asks you to do the flower pose and then laughs bc uR SO CUTE*

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Bitto: “I thought you’d look ugly but you dont..?”

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Wooshin: *starts talking and fumbles his words bc he’s caught off guard by your looks*

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Sunyoul: ‘you’re even cute when you’ve just woke up..?’

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Gyujin: “lookin’ good” *gyuwink*     …bye

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Hwanhee: whether you look cute or a mess, he’s probably going to laugh either way 

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Can you think of any examples of when Luke laughs at something that's not very funny?

HA. HAHAHAHHAHAH. HAHAH. HA. CAN I?????????????????????????????????????? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHA YOU BET I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this has been sitting in my inbox for so long bc i could not emotionally handle luke laughing at dumb things and im still not ready to delve into this rabbit hole [so much that i had to stop soon after starting bc it was becoming too much]

anyway, „„ „

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im getting back into xs again i started thinking about what if it wasnt made for kids and i thought, boy, kim, rai, and (maybe not as much) clay would swear hardcore

theyd try not to do it as much when omi’s around but they would slip up every once in a while and omi’s just like “such new colorful words my friends are teaching me” and jack just shows up one day and omi says “jack! you shall fuck off at once or prepare” and he’s cut off because everyone started laughing so hard

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um bitch i dont get why u have to be such a bitch about botdf? they saved my life and dahvie kissed me on the mouth when we met. what kinda band member rlly cares that much about there fans that they would kiss them? anyway i dont even know half these gay ass bands on ur blog and tbh i dont want to and bvb isnt that bad either. stop being such a hater. peace out. p.s P.L.U.R.


Banana fight Michael imagine

Can you make a Mikey imagine where your just really stressed out and it ends really cutely? Thank you :)

Yessss wtf Mikey the adorablest person ever! I wrote this last night so I can do Imagines faster! Here you go! And I woke up early today.. xx


You were so stressed out from work. You had to clean the mess Michael made yesterday. Well at least Luke wasn’t here. He’s the messy one in the band even though he denies it every single time. It was only currently, 9:42. Michael was supposed to come home in like five minutes. You heard the door open and close. 

“I’m home babe!” He yelled. You turned around seeing a smiling Michael. “Michael in his natural habitat,” you laughed. He smiled and kissed your cheek.

“So how was work?” He asked. “It fucking sucked. I was super tired in the morning,” you yawned. “Awwww. Y/N being stressed from work is adorable,” he laughed. “Can you help me clean please? You made a mess yesterday,” you said. “From banging you,” he chuckled. “Michael Gordon Clifford!” You yelled being fake offended and laughing. 

“I’m kidding, yeah I’ll help,” he smiled. “But seriously if I was banging you right here, our house would be a mess,” he chuckled. “Oh shut up. And that wouldn’t be true..” You blushed. “Uh yeah huh! Our clothes would be all over the floor and we be bumping into stuff!" 

"And I would be the one bumping? Into corners and I would yell and you be like yell more please!” you laughed. “Yeah pretty much. It would’ve been funny as hell,” Michael smiled.

“I’m seriously gonna throw this can at you,” you showed him the empty soda can. “I’ll throw this banana at you,” he showed you the one single banana. You threw it at Michael he threw the banana at you. “Ow!” You both yelled in pain.

“Thats what you get for throwing a can at me!” He pouted. “A banana hurts more than a can!” You whined. “No it isnt!” He rolled his eyes. You grabbed the banana and slapped him softly with it. He was whining in pain. 

“Oooowww! Stop beating me up with a banana!” He groaned. “This is sooooo fun Mikey you should try it!” you laughed. He grabbed a banana and you guys began beating eachother softly with the bananas. 

“Now I got red marks! Thanks a lot Y/N!” He dropped his banana and walked away. “Hey! Hey! Don’t you dare walk away from me!” You said and dropped yours. You ran after him.

“C'mon I was just kidding babe!” You frowned. He stopped in his tracks and tackled you on the floor. “No fair!” You whined. “We’re like little kids,” he laughed. “You started it,” you giggled. 

“No you did,” he kissed your nose and you kissed his cheek. “Should we clean the kitchen tomorrow and just cuddle?” He asked. You nodded. “You already made me not stressed out so…” He grabbed your hand and dragged you to the couch. Cuddling. 

He was so adorable. Firstly, having a whiny beating up banana fight, then asked to go cuddle after a long day. You leaned on his chest and he leaned on your head. “Im so glad I have you with me,” you sighed. “I would’ve been totally stressed out already," 

"Well thats why I’m here,” Michael laughed. “I’m so tired.. How was your day?” You asked. “Went okay. We just recorded new songs for the album and stuff," 

You were already sleeping. He groaned from you not listening, but didn’t care. He grabbed you and carried you bridal style up the stairs in the bedroom. 

He laid you down and laid down next to you. He brought you closer to him. "I love you so much, I dont even know why I’m dating you dork,”  

He cuddled you tightly and kissed your forehead. Today was a stressful day, but Michael made it all better. -Kelly :) xx